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Elliotte Friedman of CBC on the Bruins dominance of the Rangers

May 21, 2013|

Elliotte Friedman joined the show to discuss the Bruins domination of the series thus far. He said that while nothing is certain he cannot see a way in which the Rangers come back and win the series.

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I owed it to the calls here in a few minutes but joining us here in the AT&T hotline. AT&T rethink possible from Hockey Night in Canada it's Elliott Freeman -- it's Kirk and Jerry Boston or you. Very well thank you guys think let me on the sport. Short do you see a scenario in which the Rangers can win. For the next five games to beat the Bruins in the series. I will say this I never thought Boston would win four of the last five and 2011. In the Stanley Cup finals so you should never. Ever ever say no. By I would say it would be pretty high on the unlikely meter. What when needed when you watch these first two games we surprised that a dominant Boston was to -- me -- before the series Elliott. There were spotted an even split on. As experts analysts picking Boston and New York now it seems one team is clearly superior to the other would you agree. I would agree with that I think the thing is is that. The only thing you know I have been like about the Rangers all year is that they don't score time they have they have a lot of trouble scoring. And I doomed the if you're going to win in the Stanley Cup you have -- he the current school -- way to do it at certain at certain points and you know I'm a big fan of the Bruins I'd like their team I know they didn't look. Right for a lack of a better term all year. But when you look up and down the roster. I think they're good group and I think the reason that Ronald view them a lot of trouble was it could be police can't score. They're a team that can give you three or four goals a game. Sometimes five -- absolutely necessary in and I think that was that was a reason they gave the Bruins so much trouble. I just think that if you're gonna beat Boston. You have to have been multiples -- of offensive threats. Because the Bruins in the sand and I I like Boston going in the and the reason was they just didn't think the Rangers were going to be able to score enough to beat them. And barring anything major meltdown that looks like it's going to be true. Related and they didn't score as Washington and -- and every one who picked the Rangers said. Lundqvist Lundqvist Lundqvist but he comes crashing back to earth and the team crashes with them right. He's it is a margin of error on Mac team is so slam. Because they have so much trouble getting goals. And the and I and I think the thing is it's it's like you know everybody's talking -- him after game two. Well Henry -- it was news to your fault you had a bad -- whatever. I just think that would it would back he. Where is -- Lundqvist has even of the mile this stuff off the eighties it's almost impossible for them to win. And I think you just shows how valuable he used to them and how good he is that they've gotten this far playing that way. We talked about it earlier today how Julie goes under the radar Toro doesn't for reasons that are obvious. I guess actually are -- candidate. -- -- answers to the media better. Well -- -- what's -- what's the perception. I guess not just nationally but Agassi -- as well we look at these two guys. If you ask thirty people in the game could have one of these guys the coach who get picked more often. Who bled to great question and you know. Warned that a great question. I think if you asked the media. I think most of us would probably pick clothes. I think if you guys feel like I I think this that would be pretty close and and it's not because I think they're both great coaches. You know -- well it is a guy who. If you -- you know what you -- teach him if you had. A good team and you are actual right away like she if you look at his history. He goes into places. And he makes changes and I'll tell you this if you get through all of craziness with -- -- in dealing with the media. He's a heck of a coach. Quote there's a great coach two and that's why I think it hasn't been announced yet. Because they haven't determined that the content of the NHL players are going to the Olympics but I -- going to be on the Olympic team coaching staff this time. And that shows you the level of respect that there is for him to. God I I hate to give you Koppel would answer. But ultimately I just think he would be a pretty even split because both of those guys are high regard toward relatives all the attention no because of his dealings with the media. What would Colby a candidate for head coach or is that -- -- He'll be assistant items that caught will be the head coach and as far as I understand. And it was one of the things he shot the mayor who was one of the guys last time he's retired -- it's my understanding that you know close gonna replace them. Hey how's things up in Toronto and the they've taken down the black bunting and -- Host city hasn't -- to the grounds I consider that a -- with a major moral victory. Is it I mean I hear you still hear people go can you believe they were down 41. And get or down 42 with a minute and a half left in game seven. It must be even worse up there. Well it was just an amazing thing to watch and and all play we we broadcast the game that night I was in the studio or not there. -- it was 43. We ought to each other and say at the score again. And when it went over time we all looked at each other and said Boston's gonna win this game. And I know -- had to make a huge -- received early on jumper loophole in the overtime but everybody -- -- -- It in Toronto when it comes to games hockey season's. For -- 45 years people here have not been used to them and being well. So they're kind of -- list I think the one thing is that. This year there were no expectations going in and the fact that the team ended the longest playoff drought in the National Hockey League. Even the way that ended people would take it because they guarded and it was exciting. I think if this was a team with high expectations. As you know we might still be underground in the bomb shelters. That's it for even hockey -- -- Elliott thanks a lot. Of stereo Friedman. Joining us in the eighteenth tee. Forgy LT ministered to hear it constantly. People haven't seen a couple weeks ago. Do you leave -- sentiment can you leave them down 414243. He's right at four threes said. So it's happened and here I'm telling you forced to -- -- weird feeling. It felt like ten and a half minutes for forever. You know he just felt. The game high cholesterol and it was. 100% -- when -- went to overtime win I mean that was ago right about -- it's like in game one of the cedars yeah. And you knew they would score that would win and they have that feeling on form right now. Part of that is Rask. The big question was can he beat Tim Thomas we don't know yet hasn't been asked to be but certainly for the for the task of beating. Lundqvist and was being good enough so -- -- -- you -- a couple of this guy now we put them put the word open ably defend rush only wanted to do Rush Limbaugh I well I interviewed Rush -- Steve from Hampton wants to defend the hall of -- bit. -- Anchored in there and what's up. Yeah I do about the different now Russia and -- and an 84. I almost fifty times in -- that -- -- -- few bands. I don't think that probably anybody Ali did you see. About it. Well where you're single -- and they typically see them and in Boston Steve. I can go off the New Hampshire had been -- now Montreal casino might go to New York to -- -- so. With an aerial -- five -- -- but I don't make the trip. Do you do you eat do you does that most he got the singer does he sound as bad as he sounded on the hall of fame induction night. -- -- can be a little bit -- is -- definitely gotten better over time if you look at some of the earlier albums. He does their really high pitched voice what. He got better with -- and in there and avoid category. One of the best at eight players around. But -- wanna go to the end of they've sold 35 million albums I don't know -- federal expert and that's selling platinum and gold album of all time you know the first -- -- The Beatles and Elvis Presley. Yeah this is a good -- Yes. You know this to -- All radicals. You when you go to would you go would you care -- -- this rush mix up the sent us a lot concert. That's that's -- that's a knock Steve that's a big. At at the big knock in a few out smoltz article Russia and -- probably the biggest not that. They have the talent to switch it up but they don't. In -- catalog I disqualify him right there you -- makes it seem fifty times to show. I couldn't even make it through that. Would that play to songs -- to that and not even know what they played this but it doesn't sound. Good -- in other studio band clearly and that. His voice. Is some kind of computer generation thing in studio desk lie course. It sounded like some like Wayne's world type deal. Now this is the studio version right said the woman. He's out in public that you got to put -- -- night that the thing you play -- -- that was awful the SEC Google owns. It was just print and enemies. And it's started with a blah blah blah rate which was not funny. But you know terrible terrible terrible and rush. In the nose of the drama that -- he notes that -- that -- was knows. -- records sold but does not -- and -- -- -- you do that. Believing at least a thousand million albums record. It's a chip from Boston. Break agent. -- -- One more time Jim. Among those in the room. Russian tennis fan they Mario. What's up. That's in -- musician parent though it has murmured I'm no musician ever an 808. Every time you in -- different -- to work like every other bit as. Lou Lou to Iran a one band as a place and so mr. retort I'm. I Bruce Springsteen as. A lot until I -- hit -- great song -- you like you know you like speaking like that song. But don't try to great musician they're anomalies that are out wherever I know -- got a ways to keep her -- eight and I understand that. But they're now the leaders and people are all aimed at -- that twenty years. Yeah well we've done them now we have to listen to you rush fans and yet it's a block of hall of fame. Is this alive got Mario sing along with a yeah. What is it just -- Met. Sell off subjective I don't like a parody. -- sounds like a South Park like. This'll be signaling that we song in -- underwear and danced around like why not just. I. I mean do you any words to -- so Tom -- and -- other territories I'll be there were and I -- in the car it's a song I'll listen to. The comes up to that song what song was that the you know that you spirit of radio spirit of radio -- No I don't that's that was so commitments. Speak Xavier that at it again. That was some words guessing at some were guide to us -- such an instance and want. Thought the whole country vulnerable to find. God knows it. And goes with the sounds -- What this. This was -- like a high school there you go outside for some fresh you know obviously bad to be playing nice course -- that doesn't mean. If you showed they never existed plays -- -- and homeless. Shafted to -- -- a band traveled to like know the words and sing along. Umbrage to that that it's -- on the road with these guys a pilgrimage. Colleges and amid though is that kind of thing they said the guy -- -- and -- other than The Grateful Dead. They have the most devote they do about fall which means people travel around that's right they called on the holy triumvirate right. -- I don't knock it -- for bands they like except for rush that's added you know I liked that lead singer liked him better and one of the rings. When he was precious. It allowed column -- column. Anxious you can wait Bruce Springsteen up in the middle of the night -- -- three minutes race. In the race on -- on Russia's effort how do you even know what that that song because as well Britain does it work. So that's what looks like in Iraq that they right back. And -- and that the and the appeals post to be unbelievable musicians I'm sure they are cares I'm sure you know I went to the symphony I didn't do it on China to forty bird that was -- Atlanta symphony once -- twelve -- wonderful musicians -- right all of them elected Lou you know girl on the symbols and or assembly and a cello they're all good Wright is not the enemy. And I don't like the way it sounds like -- -- -- -- I can't tell you if one cello players that are at the fourteenth cello player in the world vs the second commitment. And I can tell he's Tiger Woods is better than right and extensive. But it's all matter of taste it again isolated sounds then it's good that's music if you don't like the way it's and it's not good to get your proportional mocking you because we don't think it's. But they think it's going into these seeds don't beacon of not linked to GC Kanye West and -- -- up -- these terrific. You did not deny it was unbelievably bad brush center where old dominant element that's -- cup. I'm really do you honestly. It doesn't appeal. But but it's sound I guess you can't understand me the words it's had these we'd be your your parents like it was your parents like the doors. I think so -- drama decorous Roy Orbison I would what's cool so I -- -- deck of -- I've -- on dissent. Conceived Roy -- appealed in Ireland appeal in my -- life race you can almost UNC rushed play at the studio -- counselor. The Kanye West Maurice on Saturday night. Deterrence and that life is incredibly. But I really do feel an average of organ damage due to some like it and play -- that's done I really. Do feel that's just the -- -- that's why you're more Russian -- and wanna get the split deal like Johnny Cash I loved Johnny Cash was big. Thirty years ago and he's big now -- -- great resurgence of greatness are very hip very different bitter -- yes yeah. It. So you understand the appeal Michael about it like Hank Williams cycle country music from and unwilling unwilling -- I -- an agency. I do too but not like it seats a whole different world than Gary Allen. It is some people think it's got to really pick his country's what sort of once the -- are Russia and capture. Market heard about that light. -- -- -- -- Guys good morning you do a long time first time. Huge rush being in fact I. I even need my -- limelight so. I'm just I'm just wondering when you folks became. You music critics. I wanted to congratulate you. Every once in music credit Danny marquee -- sincere critic who like him to be critical. Yeah you think you've got to get him on the very good point but I gotta tell you there's a couple of comments that -- I heard from some of the listeners I've seen them. In the last five years about seven times and every time. Video playlist is different. Odds -- good to talk to welcome. Here. That's great. Are you tell the sentence that's a fair question noises and didn't that this person. Oh Laura activists won last verse of the sound of semen that's my new favorite -- on the census -- Siemens and its. I think it broke my Internet. I overloaded too many rush videos and now I can't play -- guard buzzer beaters next.

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