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Steve Zipay of Newsday on the Rangers

May 21, 2013|

Steve joined the show to discuss the Rangers and their coach John Tortorella. Steve said that the Bruins have been the far better team thus far in the series.

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What's up. Joining McLean yeah. He should just jump. Okay. I guess that's no slam Brooks and he did that's really good I guess I'll and we're doing to us and here and yeah -- sit. Judge Burrell with. -- -- Archer how much I mean that was the little thing that would here. Definitely a talent was so that it -- nobody he was. Not trying to says something memorable than it was the you know obviously the thing about. Agilent stinking -- -- -- that tonight they'll see joining us and. AT&T hotline eighteenth -- four GL TE speeds up to ten times faster. AT&T rethink possible is. As the Rangers for Tuesday Steve's -- Steve it's Kirk and -- Boston -- Good morning this is the second call I've got this morning from Boston you know the person will remark. Someone from -- -- don't office I think the governor assumed the mayor's office saying we should. Everybody -- New York cars over the weekend. Would have to move them because they're planning -- Stanley Cup parade route. Something thought that I missed something or is this series will go up. Well we're not what I think in that they will get by Pittsburgh too easily but they'll play Pittsburg. You disagree Steve. It's gonna be all week up it went four out of I've -- absolutely. To Boston area coaches on the Rangers. -- -- I felt that perhaps the worst power well -- In the modern history of the NHL. I I was gonna ask that because Mike Milbury -- went off. Pregame Sunday and said it's time to blame the coach. He's had a lot of talent a lot of the coach -- you're right absolutely the coach and. Listen if you guys -- up or you watch the game -- I'm not a big -- real. But I think some of the blame at the -- over a little bit not a one man show I mean it is -- Because he's on the air. He's essentially your face in the French aren't you guys know without. Going to say there you know without the GM talk much. -- he gets a lot of the blame and deservedly so. I would and I wasn't impressed by either team in the first round. Clearly not the Rangers who predict we had to get shut out beat. Washington and the brewers could collapse I mean. What it was like fire everybody trade everybody. All of a sudden now. Oh. You get the sense that toros coach and for his job here in the series. No no. Not at all. They're pretty well last year. And we keep their short memory now and the media and sport in the world -- -- -- Power play missed it's a side Steve what is your opinion toward -- coach overall you said he did pretty well -- spent nine years since he won a cup. I think he's eleven games under 500 in the post season. Since then. If he could coach. I'm not a lawyer so I can't really tell I don't know what goes on in the locker room some players like some players don't. I clearly think he could be a better coach you ordered it to the scope by stature and red -- and guys it is a result there's. There's no doubt about it. I think personality can be destructive. Abrasive confrontational. While content -- like that Bill Parcells. You know what other sports I mean it is order order bombarding now. Does the does the style work over the long haul the shot blocking grind them out market in the corners does that take semi out of a team. When it comes time took that to score a goal or two. Sure. Sure I think so I think so I mean I think the team needs to play a little bit more. Free offensively yet they don't worry too much about playing the parents are the other hand you know again -- you guys know each. Playoff series. Is like a mini season. Unto itself. And it really hard to make predictions got -- you know -- order to make predictions at the beginning of the season are probably about 50% if you know I leave the gambling to the professionals but. You know I I can't imagine anyone picked the islanders to get into the playoffs this year that -- I would give such. A hard time to the Bruins you know what what -- injuries they had. So you can never -- but clearly. You -- court also went. This is the independent Rangers win this series and -- Lundqvist turns back in what was -- the next five games. I admit that it would be -- cup I think they would have to win. Two games at all they've been a good home team this year and horrible on the road I think 1012 to during the regular season. The good -- on the road. -- resiliency. You know they've bounced back this year. I haven't had that many long losing -- I mean could have too many it was 48 game season. But. Now going to be really tough on the other hand you can never tell again that well what happened to the lesser. We don't know the answer this but the strategy of Colin out Agilent is tackling the tough guy from your experience Steve and -- united in their own. Is he the type of guy where eat this might light a fire under him this might be a Smart strategy. If you see -- -- Robert you there that you receive the library which half joking. We're missing here is if -- -- now. He was saying it and it even you also said I love the guy great player he's really good rest he's been consistent all year and every other part of his game. Think on the power play. You know and I thank you to tell your great ready that you put your grade on the blog but it Thursday you know 100 years. But you really can't -- This thing. -- the plays the play and forties -- plays on the power play. Media do you do you record album. Item on the power play any -- again I mean grant that was what 4042 seconds yeah you know. They've -- -- and I'll put it all out stakes. While wall what do you see is obviously they get the the home crowd thing at the last change from forty seat changing tonight. His on the -- that type a really shake things up different lines. No no I hear it at the same line. They did put. -- -- And Girardi back on the defensive -- them. Because clearly they'll get the last change and man he's going to something to charter. I think they'll play a lot of minutes I don't know -- play -- like minutes but that they'll play a lot of minutes. I don't think they can be as bad as it was it was as -- the other I'm talking about party specifically. And Michael -- Lotto. -- I'm -- at street player -- and I. There -- better power play at home in the war on the road all year. -- Lundqvist again I think shoulder factor. I don't think so it will certainly. Looking to replace a couple times. I don't know I wouldn't call it hyper extension and again I'm not a doctor but he's in practice today and where. We're reaching our park. On their -- a shot which was about. Apartment left in regulation. -- Steve thanks for your time. Here guys.

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