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May 20, 2013|

Today on the Daily Planet the Bruins have a 2-0 lead over the New york Rangers, the Red Sox are back on the winning sde of things, and the noteable birthdays of the day.

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I'm no coming to new problems doing. He's somewhere around -- -- like -- they've stood there a planet probably a little high fidelity -- them sound with your. Like he had a. Pretty naming nearly. Welcomed evidently plant let's start waited. Boston. You know what I'm about to say you must know. Brad Marchand Milan Lucic scored in the final period of Johnny boy -- -- time the second. On Bruce gave up more than four goals for the first time in a hundred and if he who gates' New York 52 Sunday ticket to nothing lead. In the Eastern Conference semifinal series. -- showed streets cars. Today. Game three is tomorrow night in the Big Apple and -- wants to know which team is gonna show. Jacqueline Heidi is as I mentioned something that's where their team this year generate good season and a little bit that. First round but I know that a lot of teams that said the same thing. When it comes to their team in this shortened. Schedule so I don't think we're any different but hopefully we've turned the page on happened. Can bring Vick could bring back a little bit more consistency in her game as we haven't lost to. Talk about right now hot goaltender one guy who's not lacking in confidence in the playoffs. Is to grow grass you know Michael tells -- there's always. That's just college going to be. As they try to stay calm and even kill you call an ambulance more higher. -- the Boston Red Sox winners of five -- five in a row and the very best road record in baseball or heated seven. Iran is my friends you know gonna believe this but they're on pace to win nine B nine games. John Lackey who went 2011. Got twelve wins despite the armory of six point 41. Had been snake -- this year -- yesterday news dollars six innings of work. For his second win. Appropriate Gooden and play great defense arm amicable superiority of knew we -- -- Boston's Muslims. Does he rate 3.3 one which is a good game anger -- San Antonio. The NBA west is on the line last night or is on the line now and last night the spurs to first blood at home 10583. But don't you dear. Count out the grizzlies just yet. Remember they were down two games to none against the clippers and lost the opener -- Oklahoma City. But here they are Tony Parker leading the way for San Antonio with twenty. Game two tomorrow night. We just didn't play well I mean it's not anything. Specific issues that our defense was really awful but the spurs played well. As the grizzlies coach Lionel owner's name is. -- -- -- meanwhile Miami can. East finals begin Wednesday night -- listen -- -- heat star LeBron James we've all heard about calls himself king James the chosen one. Game to game decade it took exception Sunday -- pacers coach Frank Vogel referring to Miami has quote just the -- he. Not a hundred talking DG. Steady between Indiana and a shot an NBA title malveaux who made the statement during post game a news conference Saturday after the race is close up the knicks in game six of the conference semi. Setting up a rematch with the heat Miami defeated Indiana in the conference Emmys last season. -- James says. We're not just another team. -- understand what he's saying. But we're we're we're we're not just another team that that's not true. He -- just another team. We're a great team. If we were just another team you really don't prepare for just another team. You have to reverence. Miami. A great team. And I'm it. Marks the second straight policies in the heat of pages of engaged in a war of words -- was fine fifteen grand last spring for saying he were quote. The biggest flop -- team in the NB. Greenwich. Connecticut -- And and Jeter has given birth at a Connecticut conservation center prompting officials -- awarded how the hell that happened. Officials at the Leos -- logical conservation center tell the Greenwich time they had. Removed the only male and Dieter from the closure back in August long before the six month gestation period. -- -- -- They feared that that that male named Al. Would kill another baby in the parent that left the mother Armani and yet another young female Alice in the enclosure. We just column warning that little Archie was born April anyway how have that happen. Maybe Alice. Is really named down and they can't figure that crap out. Of you need and -- extreme Dieter. I know the place. Robert Berger. And powerless to force things there will not be able to do with a 590 million dollars had planned on winning over the weekend one by Detroit through properly enforced the US borders three freeh told -- mass Pike River but it river. -- Wren doing every Vegas -- for a month. They call me envious. Even -- doesn't have 590 million dollars. It's -- -- any Sacramento cal Wanda just like the late Harry reams in the movie deep throat. Doctor. It's a California doctor and he's been publicly reprimanded by the State's medical board after he told the nation. Of practice oral sex on her husband. The patient had expressed concerns that her gag reflex would interfere with an upper gastrointestinal. And the endoscopy. According to the CBS affiliate KO BR. A patient an unidentified woman of course complained to the Sacramento based colorectal surgeon told her to -- this oral sex on her husband or twice a week. Prior to the procedure. As a way of relating -- briefly. What is this world coming to. Birthdays. And today I'd share okay -- she goes by the single name. -- have five last names including -- and Allman and you know. She's 67 years old and ever come together during the Busta Rhymes 41. At an old rapper -- Jimmy Stewart did you major Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy to restore would be every 10545. -- -- if if there were -- or where we're picked dead. Joe -- sick Steve Manning. Hockey -- give McCain a former Blackhawks every three years old today Tommy John after whom the surgery was named. Left hander turned seventy today. David Wells is fifty day yesterday just for fun Elam -- turned 56. Archie Manning turned 64. Denny trio from machete. Ever met him on the hallway here patio example hallway here scared the crap out of me great guy. Is a great carries look so damn scary but he's 69 years old. Ferdinand Magellan. A dead yes if he were alive would be 533. Years old so he's wicked dead. Peter Townsend 681. Of the true giants. Andre the Giant bed would be 67. Kevin Garnett today yesterday turned 37 Malcolm -- it's. The African American. -- revolutionary that died bit forward it blog -- died 40s48 years ago. He would have been 88 today but he's been dead since he was born and I you know whose birthday it is whose birthday it was -- who's dead who's not. That is the daily planet brought you by. Look younger feel younger -- your hair back to call 1800. Yet here.

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