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Bruins in complete control of Rangers two games into series

May 20, 2013|

We talk hockey as the Bruins have had little problem taking a 2-0 series lead against the much talk about NY Rangers. Will this continue in games 3 and 4 at MSG? We discuss.

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Last week you said you were fighting yourself you were fighting yourself you're trying to -- to keep from being overconfident. That was just after one game. And overtime winner Wear it in the Bruins. Have some opportunities -- -- some opportunities goes overtime. Bruins went Marchand breaks out of the slot. But I was game one right. And to. Put five goals on Lundqvist. -- Jack Edwards has called it brilliant golds and the best one in the league when he's on his game. And you put five goals in the sky -- Europe to -- be curious if Jack does that again today -- join us at 3 o'clock this afternoon for the entire hour 3 o'clock Jack Edwards with. So do you still I don't send yourself there. This is not going to be a series and -- had gone to the sweep level. He got to that level I'm -- I'm fighting -- like a -- but a funny thing you're going there are you're really fighting how can I. To the Bruins look so much better than the Rangers the -- 120 plus minutes hockey but look better. It looked like a better team -- -- I mean -- and an end and the Rangers look more than anything non threatening. That's what stands out to me they look clicking on the threatening hockey team say what you want about believes and I -- quite a bit about the I was from ever impressed with that team but they did threaten. With speed on the edge with with Cotchery with -- with castle with DVR with blue -- they had guys. It legitimately threatened you put pressure and you just to but it. Our art directors in the same category are not not that they have the speed of a Toronto but you look at some of the guys some big names starting with Lundqvist the biggest name of them all -- -- -- been around for long -- about Rick Nash guy. Always been up part of trade rumors for years and years before finally being moved to New York. Some guys that you -- Callahan got got a really pay attention to some big name players in the league. And the only reason I'm not on your side of the street here only reason I'm not in his very simple. It goes back to the name on the uniform. If they if they were from new York and they work the Rangers. I would say are you kidding me right this thing is over I'm given the respect. Based on superficial things like you're an original six -- I'll play in New York for the regular sort of get you think it's. More than not that I just beaten the Bruins recently OK but reached for. Recently although they don't let a few years they have on the or else I'm giving them waiting for them this snap out of something. And I and the only reason I'm waiting is because it's the Rangers with a New York Rangers are supposed to be. A big deal they're supposed to be a tough match up. Whatever it was they -- -- -- they weren't tough matchup in game one any time goes overtime and Lundqvist has over forty saves got him some props. The game to. -- -- going to be competitive game for a while in the Bruins just ran away with yeah I'm not I'm not gonna give the Rangers credit for being the Rangers that that's not enough for me you -- you don't get my automatic respect because you have that Jersey on. John to order Ella. System coach similar type of a system to what the bruins' run. You -- some of the names Nash especially that that that has breakout power those are the reasons that I am fighting in and trying to. Keep myself in check. But Michael when you watch the two teams played they don't even look like they belong in the same price they don't abroad would look much better than the Rangers you guys can jump aboard here early today 617779793761777979. -- 37. Are you like me are you fighting to keep yourself grounded because when I watch the -- welcome and you watch the the -- line. Dominate the way did you write the -- down below the goal -- cycle and eventually put shots on the goaltender all the while. Dishing out punishment instead of taking it. -- that and look when they are who they can be. This team is yes and we're gonna watch they asked skier aside it's not just that he blocked Chinese make saves. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He plays with suction them and competence and then. We talked about these three young defensive players and especially crew again and and mark how ski which we're gonna do quite a bit of today I know they are the talk of the town -- the host of the town. But when you watch all of that when you all of those things and and you watch the Rangers just getting raided by their head coach looked -- and Bobby Lee rarely got interest we gotta talk about that and we will we got to get to that this release how do you keep from getting too excited. All right this is this is what I don't understand. I'll element I have no idea how this has happened. I was looking for. I was looking for a series. Where you would have -- a series of one goal games I was looking for. A repeat of Washington vs Boston round 12012. Every game seven games decided by one goal. And that's between a team that was a favorite one of the better teams in the conference against a team that was that came out of nowhere. It's a Washington upsetting the -- was in row one that's one kind of close series. But it in this case. You've got 884 C vs sixty. Rangers vs Bruins the Rangers have. Played the Bruins competitively and actually own them for the last couple years expecting this -- -- I don't understand. How Lundqvist can be this good. And look this bad early -- -- them. I know why is that happening this deep do you think -- -- wanna go to the extreme and say that. He's overrated you go where do you wanna say that. That. The Bruins have figured amount that Rask is the better goaltender then then Lundqvist I think if I don't want. How one think it'd be a few things. Can't I mean I'm -- can tell you with a guy that particular -- answer this guy's -- a guy this good in the playoffs and Larry Brooks had had the stat today in his column. That was a pretty impressive. I think he gave up so Lundqvist gave up five goals yesterday. It's the first time. I think he hasn't given up this many in like 35. Post season game -- This is that this is that this is -- all -- this if they're not happened techno. It's happening on the Bruins a team that we have said over and over they -- strong team there -- physical team. But they don't have the firepower. There's some other teams -- so. Why would the Bruins be able to do this to a great goaltender. I I got a couple of potentially it's his but I don't know the answer to the questions so really anybody's guess is just as good as mine or yours Michael but. Eight maybe just off his game I mean -- we've seen we've seen ups and downs and and that happens sometimes goaltender so that's a possibility is he's just been off his game. Part of it is when the Bruins play their game we've said this over and over again they're dominant. When the Bruins play their game they area dominant kind of a team when they beat you up when they. Pound you into submission when they that you -- over and over again when -- each is is barreling in to people. And they've got some guys that I believe are good goal -- now. I'm not sure that explains how tore recruit good. Part I was ski and all the slap shots have got the right I don't know how to explain that. I don't know why is rebound control has been as good -- -- know Girardi had a terrible game yesterday and and that's certainly heard them. His defense had a had a couple let downs once the Bruins got up that you got to start taking chances that allows unit to open up the score maybe it's just a really small sample size where in two games. He has not been himself I don't know what the answer is -- that. I love that I'm not watching a goaltender like Lundqvist do things that I've never seen before mean it's it's it's fun watching him -- It'll now we saw in I'm in game one couple a times this is early early game one. They're shooting at him -- and there's no rebound there is no there it there's there's no. A puck right there in front of the net for somebody to clean up as we got accustomed to seeing with a primer. So. Remember think in there in the second period of game 11 period game when we got a different series here. Now he makes an incredible saves in game one did. -- -- It like a middle of the pack goaltender didn't you like it looked like nothing spelled out and it's -- -- -- similar reasons as primer missile rebounds over and over him and has mishandled some shots that you would think he could he can make nice save on and the reason I'm so amazed by it like I understand. -- goaltenders are gonna have bad games. Especially in the regular season. -- in the playoffs the reason. The Rangers are here. He's been number one reason they're here they needed him most -- down two zip in the previous series to Washington. They needed him most in game six in seven games seven on the road and Washington what does he -- -- Shot some doubt that shot out. So this big quite. It's a great goaltender. The best goaltender in the playoffs. The best goaltender left. And the Bruins have made them look average it's amazing to while and I and I thought the story of the series would be how the young defenseman responded. Note Seidenberg practice today so to read and but those guys not available in the first two games -- groups palace group respond out of bark out to respond and obviously we know the answer now we do know. Coming into the series that they'll be so effective. But that's the story this urgent. Now are you at the point we kind of expected. Volume I think everybody isn't at that point or you know driving around today listen among little woman weigh in and now they're talking about how well when. Seidenberg and and -- -- -- comes back then you know who even needs them I'm not sure that that that's true with Dan Steinberg and the guys still your number two defensive player he's been he's been such a huge part of what they've done for the last few years. But. With -- -- wasn't even on your on your regular lineup until he made it to the playoffs right when he played well enough to Gideon. But it wasn't even in your lineup until the playoffs are its that you feel so married to Wade Redden that you're not gonna leave mark how's your crew in there and in place of -- I don't. I can't imagine anybody to wait -- He was a deadline acquisition right even play much -- in the minor -- well experience almost more recently -- -- -- -- so well. I love what I've seen from the two guys gonna talk a lot about the here and a few minutes but as great as the two have been -- -- -- crew. I'm not sure they could've been so great. Were it not for the help of -- Julian we give him a ton of credit cred I haven't always given him in the past he went ex alcoholic WE. Yeah yeah listen we don't wanna lose two games here no one does. But it is no given the team. If there will be no give in this team and again we need to go winning -- not look anywhere else -- try to win our first home game this yours. I was a lot to say. Like. Valedictorian fifteen seconds for -- Like a valedictorian speech program that was their. That's only Edison while I was a lot of lot more than you used to pay you 1000 dollars I do vastly better. A thousand dollars everyday this week and everyday this week. Your chance to 1000 dollar to 4 o'clock idea how to do it literally listen at 4 o'clock and give you a eight code -- -- at 4 o'clock. And that it. -- -- the text you go to WEEI dot com. -- -- I'll give you -- work. At 4 o'clock yet to 1000 remembered -- -- protects people who who have complained about the texting systems do not need to -- yet to go on line. You don't need to -- -- 4 o'clock so you you've been warned to third. Certainly was there about employees not a little. It's isn't Entercom will contact the winner with -- -- info does that count. Not the senate within dimensions and there comes a little bit BO OK here's a -- would you do with a thousand dollars and. Democratic -- Particularly -- 2000 dollars or your company. Sent -- -- very welcome you start all right so these these three. Hamilton. That you talk army you have. Happened -- -- to. Shore. Would you like babies would you let me Davis appeared in I don't know -- that. Like now. Bill you would not -- you. Really. No couple months that they'll. See how violent anybody -- -- I got -- you know if you show up on your worthy of the sacrament that Corey check. What's going ranked. I think were first is that it's. Seventeen dollars an hour with it if it mean for maybe -- fifteen yet for me and -- go for -- there really needed somebody like what you. I would. -- Last week you that you would do anything for -- for a year of free -- sitting -- now offering over here you know anything to protect these people out there that's not enough to go and Greg I'm a father of that on and off the don't know let me start you want to the next phase of the interview process. The first -- -- -- about you -- not get into -- -- like that kind of house that ruin the baby's room a little bit -- but now it kind of elements all that -- and that the kids talk a little older than my kids so in Arlington national hockey yet so talking about crew talking about -- -- and Hamilton and even maybe a little less so with Hamilton because he was with the team all year. Just think in it and wrote about WEEI dot com that is as much as I have some questions about -- Julian an idea. Questions about his ability to motivate the team it's better. What he's -- what these kids is fantastic. And it comes from a whole bunch of different places it's being consistent it's having a clean simple system that they can follow. Up but also is -- some credit to Peter sure rally for having good -- In in in his organization organizational I mean you always talked about a -- when those guys actually show up that's great. But it also goes to -- for trusting them for allowing them to go out there and not forcing them to be somebody they're not allowing them to be who they are. Yeah at this stage we're in right now this season we're talk about playoffs. For one thing you don't wanna do is is make young defenseman command and be free to play. So you know we've got to be willing to live with the consequences and that the the good part about that is I know they've got some good upside to guess who's willing to live with the consequences of that in the case of -- he would impart them. I said that don't be afraid to make mistakes. You know I don't want him playing on his heels and in other words I told myself don't be afraid to make mistakes called term play your game so that was basically see what I told them. When he first got here and I said you know. I know probably you are know what you can bring to this team just Coulter and do and I think it's important and said that last he wanted to do is. Get those guys to play in her heels are they afraid to make mistakes. For forget their -- the kid comes into the zone any kicks the pass to himself and he goes between his legs and then scores and then he has the other play where we're started on the left point and moved all the way over to the right point the way it was skate I got. He is he's of he's a vicious and -- some thing are there that does this. And and that to go too crazy here got a little crazy and that's not the -- going a little bit crazy here they're up two zip in the playoffs after. Almost being eliminated. Last week last week their season you thought that you saw that vision -- season was over. In your mind for about five for ten or fifteen minute loop so to go from their season being over to being up two zip on the Rangers going to New York. There's a pretty dramatic turnaround someone -- a little crazy here you think the performance of crew where the abilities. A crew and the abilities of our -- there's speed there at their defenseman keep talking about this defenseman who can who can carry the puck. Not only can carry the Arctic and sprint with the puck you think that will cause. Load to slightly tweak what he expects out of -- defenseman in this system when you've got these guys who can do this to me that's got Seidenberg game. That's not that's at the game of that's not -- game far from it as great as it. Not his game no I mean this is this is the long standing search for a puck moving defenseman but she had talked about every year -- haven't in the -- -- in the ballpark how ski Ing crew got in ways DNA puck moving defenseman and one of them is the size of Dustin Pedroia yeah. Okay -- go too far about one -- on a broad strip go back a little bit in Bruins history not too far back. He's still with the organization Don Sweeney out. I was gonna down -- -- when he played he was 585 and I. Some reason and alas Jack maybe -- probably my place to Yzerman and all but the name nor -- to remind you know about the size as a name came up with Greg -- in my mind and another sort of smaller guy and in my memory of them anyway certificate but. You right. There's there's a difference thereby improving defense -- tweak it we don't need to tweak and I think they're they're you can have a system industry are right. When you're on the ice. I don't they're going outside the system I still see them go DD DD DD you know go backwards a lot more than they go forward but then once they get the -- they're often -- and once that that lane has been weird for them. And they've done it with such confidence and that's what I like watching about it the competence with which they sprint up -- -- house up -- or whatever maybe. And you're seeing what would both guys and end. Although crew has been some has stood out more because of a couple of fanciful were moves and some great dexterity park Huskies probably the better example of the great confidence with which he brings the puck up. We saw we saw at it at the very beginning of this series. And I think the coaches see it to me look at the ice time a park house key in the first two games. He looks like he's playing with confidence in me and clearly the -- to see the same things because they keep put them out here now I know they were down. Three defensemen and have. A lot of options. -- I'm like closed is gonna throw guys out there who screwing up. Instead we got no other choices they've they've got other choices and they they feel comfortable with this -- -- -- -- -- -- As as they should buy keep them in their eye I see no reason you c'mon at all leaving a leave and go you one more on this though talks of Red Sox are about ten minutes but. Number we had a conversation a few weeks ago but whether or not this team was as likable as they were. Few years ago -- -- wondered they likable they not likable or they is it in the second time be as good as the first time you won in. How much are we ever reached a conclusion out of -- there's a right or wrong answer to. But I'll say this about watching the right answer is that championship alt chipping championship -- to like everything every single one of them they are if that your team. And they want a championship. You'll like tomorrow if I and I don't think there was ever -- doubt that they were likable but do you follow all of the same way the second time as you do the first time. Right and had been the first time -- so long that the Bruins have won -- couldn't help but fall in love and all the personalities are magnified in everything was -- If nothing else. The additions of crude -- house -- and what they've done for the team has made this team a lot more fun to watch. There's so much easier to identify with because instead of sitting there being frustrated the mile lewd teacher Nathan Horton or army or -- and name your player. Tyler -- isn't doing everything you wanted to do which was a constant complaint of -- Bruins nation yeah I love my alarm to -- -- -- each each Camara. What he'd do it out there your sleep your your your lackadaisical -- there was constant complaint. If nothing else this takes all the focus away from the inconsistency that drove you crazy -- to two guys that have been fun to watch as anyone we've seen -- the defense position here. You know why there may be I love that -- an -- there and they're winning and that -- just keep going back to the winning. I think that that that stands somewhere and anything really -- -- -- you don't you don't focus on the fact -- you've got to completely new players that you never really noticed before becoming just in the nick of time that's fun I think that's incredibly credible but it would be. -- incredible if they get lost in overtime game three to two of course embark koskie playlist play the confidence. They give up late goal. And then we're not talking about how lovable the team does -- got this guy this young guy upper -- -- looked pretty good but I am. Lost game one of -- you know I got to win in order to -- -- and I think your to your point I think bill lovable moment -- can all agree overall this season. Were a number of reasons. A lot of people had. Either some reservations about jumping in to the Bruins and seeing how great saying how great it going to be. I could've been the lock out. It could have been inconsistency. If it could have been. Having a chance to close out Toronto -- fast forwarding to the playoffs -- it's a chance to close them out and then. Having to play game seven I think the lovable moment game. And it's obvious. And 73 period. -- third period and overtime. And we didn't even know. How good our count was at that moment we didn't even know about crew at that moment game seven they come back. And which each does his thing and you can see that -- could read his lips he says that's one let's go ESCO. That rally. Made -- this team. More so than the young defense its interest. What are you what are you loving about the Bruins as you watch him play especially over the last three games is at the close victories. Is it -- come from behind nature that helps them beat Toronto is that the young kids that seemed to have brought a whole new energy guys can jump in their six point seven. 77979. 37 your number. Two to jump aboard those -- Bruins and also talks a Red Sox they win five games in a -- how do you assess them right now. After losing a whole bunch and then winning a whole bunch where our soccer knowledge Iberia. The Jacqueline Heidi is as I mentioned something that's where -- team this year generate -- season and then a little bit that. First round but I know that a lot of teams that said the same thing. When it comes to their team and a shortened. Schedule so I don't think we're any different but hopefully we've turned a page on happened. Could bring back a little bit more consistency in her game as we haven't lost to. -- -- -- Or is that John -- Same thing -- -- -- -- Certainly both teams can tell you the story the Bruins a little bit more game to game the Red Sox a little bit more. Week to week or month to month but after the hot start. And in the disastrous eleven game stretch starting on the road in Texas and end. Continuing throughout the homestand they have -- found themselves. Winning five in a row five of six on the road trip in fact the only loss. Came in the weird walked game with a ball got lost up near the count walk in and of leading to a a two run double that -- helps Tampa beat the Red Sox and that. Their perfect on the road trip so talk about Jekyll and -- they have been every bit as much Jekyll -- as as the Bruins have. And I think in both cases. I find myself believing that they are the good team right now more than the bad. Are there a good team and this holds up one hard thing does not apply. To their top two starters a reason they're going to be good team. The entire year because they've got two guys at the top of the rotation. We're not as good but exceptional group of Jon Lester. Is pitching as -- in the way you expect Jon Lester pitched. And Clay Buchholz the only thing you worry about buckle this is always the same story. I can it can be out there and can he top his career high in innings with an average of what to do -- career highs 174. So any if he if he -- 174. Innings you know. For the most part that -- he'll be undefeated but you'll be pretty good. The thing that is turned around for the Red Sox is starting to feel a little more power. From Dustin Pedroia hit a home run yesterday. Slugging percentage in the four hours. Still below force in his career he's and I forced. And then will metal Brooks. Hi how you felt about -- -- I don't mind saying that I thought this was gonna turn into an ugly stretch. For middle Brooks I thought it was going to be sub 200 average. Striking out a ton of times. And maybe. Maybe they have to look outside the organization and I have to -- him that sent him back to AAA or something to get him straightened out I didn't see. And snapping out of it this quickly yet the huge hit in Tampa at three run double. That. Allowed them to get a win in their -- when that series -- win the series the next night and -- at home run yesterday what do you think he's a good player. I'm not sure I mean we got about it last week is I think he's a I don't know he's a good prospect he hasn't even had fully -- hundred that prime Majorly but do you think he's gonna be good player. I think he's going to be good player I watch him play I see this swing -- see the size the power and I think he's going to be good player I worry a little bit the east to too aggressive. But of that that I think he's going to be good player the defense has certainly been more than but that's but that's that's a different I think that that's a different question -- to get a bigger player. Is he ready to be good player right 'cause I think he's going to be good player because I think he's barely advanced. I was well and to kind of let him fight his way through it without -- and the guy here in the radio. Because I -- I think he's closer to the Dustin Pedroia a thing of hey we think this guy's gonna be really good so let's let them it is with through early in the season and we're gonna be rewarded for demo line also think. Because he had some wrist injuries and and and those of rule for -- when you think about just how hard it is to to turn your -- or how important that is to a batter. It's willing to give him a little bit wider net and then otherwise sell. -- not that's a product that shocked and it and I'm glad to see he's come around but. I've always sort of believed that that was in. Yeah Woodward Dustin Pedroia OK but maybe that's a good comparison because once again you -- know what you had. With the jury that first month of the season. He's really struggling using his average is under 200. An 88 he he'd be working out and buy this time in his rookie year. This time he was -- -- -- really -- the key had a torrid may. And in 2007 and was unbelievable may and June and he turned into a trustworthy player but wouldn't wood metal Brooks I guess I just don't. Have enough of a sample size with him to know what is that I agree with your Vicky is a good a good player potentially good player. There are lots of good prospect. Who are. You know months away or a season or two away from being from realizing their potential. In any event or the Red Sox right now are are realizing some of their potentially for everybody who jumped off the bandwagon we saw the tweet and everybody. Who panicked when they lost a few games last week or the week before -- our C. April was nothing but a joke April was just a fluke he mom this is the real team. I don't know why you thought that eleven games stretch was more meaningful than the thirty games stretcher whatever wants to start the year. What why would that stretch have mattered more. It didn't -- was a good stretch that was longer what was a bad stretch was shorter now we're seeing in other shorter good stretch well all. It's the bad stretch got more playing because it really fed into what people expected. At the beginning of the year. Anybody we we've we've been over many times and not trying to. Trying to embarrass anybody if you felt like the Red Sox -- last place team OK short but a lot of people like the Red Sox were gonna finish in last place. The twenty and -- start was the aberration they thought. While this can't be real. And then when they lost nine of eleven. OK but this is what I -- but after watching them and really thinking about instead of being angry about the last few years when you actually watched them play. And analyzes my Q well did you really think they were bad habit that was acute problem is what you saw why because they use the word analyzed now when you said. Should team manipulated. He would like -- following season and there's so yeah. The worst understanding update on. Exactly what the other would file the -- can live with these people. I'll keep expanding its gains policies and not on now we -- the guardian and information. I bet you -- but you know here's another thing we know we're talking about if he -- if you think about it do when you walk -- when you when you took the team as a whole to wait a minute. Why did everybody picked this team to finish last. Why would anybody think Jon Lester Clay Buchholz were going to be really bad again clearly they're not Ryan Dempster what you some complaints on the he could pitch in the American League at John Lackey now that he's back and not horrible these documents mean six innings of one hit ball every time but he's -- decent pitcher you know that Ortiz is he would. And Pedroia hadn't even started now apple is a good. Mean when you actually watch them play. How could you still think that they were gonna be a last place team like -- I said their World Series contender and I'll stand by that because I think their playoff contender and if you're a contender for the last you make the playoffs you RA World Series contender you've got a shot. To get all the way especially. Winning games one and two of a series you're gonna throw in all likelihood Lester and Buchholz. So yeah I still feel really good about the -- try to get all the way through the losing streak I. I -- pick up for last place I expect him to win ideal stick with 909072. He got a good record and won't get them into the post season total to win and win the division or not -- It's pretty respectable should be able to get him on a wild card but I think the reason. A lot of people had doubts because. Outside of 69 in 93. The -- the strict about it. -- he did have a bad season last year from last year you weren't sure what the status of Ortiz was going to be when you're making me. I -- all that but once you actually saw them. Once you solve them -- to wait a minute it's not like. Jon Lester has been a bad pitchers whole life. Our -- come out and stomach once again you'd say yeah I guess last year is continuing into the issue but that didn't happen. So what you. -- actually saw him why would you continue to sit around saying yeah another gonna come crashing back down to earth that doesn't make sense and to see that now Michael continue to do their thing I think is gratifying and on an -- and join the fact. The these Red Sox team once the bruins' run eventually ends weathered ends. Out with a loss in this round the next round or or or a win or or after the finals or whatever. This is now a team that is going to give us an entertaining summer. The in the they're going to win at all they may or may not but they're good team. The expectation level has been raised in all likelihood they're not going to be dealing the weight places -- -- their Gortat bringing in players -- the deadline. Eric Eric contender now that's a great yet I agree with you think they are they are good team and that sort of expecting expectation level has been rate it has the it has to be -- if the expectation real level early was the date that been in -- even really supposed to compete. Of course the -- the house did a lot well elect have to demand more. Unless unless you think you've still got to go with their people out there are many of them out there who still think this team is never good. So you don't think the team is very good and they lose nine out of eleven. They would say okay we're really out there are still part of the team is very good character I guess I don't see that and I you watch this mean. I could see if you didn't watch them because you were so embittered over the last few years the east now they're just -- get I don't believe they'll ever be good again I can understand -- -- I think it's silly but I can understand the line of thinking. If you watch them play though. They're pretty good team. Oh why why would you why would you wanna admit that. Patrick in Manchester hi -- Are you guys dark Patrick what's going on do great. Art is not that I don't think they're very good I mean I think there's started buying. The bullpen is good but here's the problem and it's going to be a problem all year and it's gonna end up being a -- while -- -- lineup will not hit good -- Well good pitcher would just shut up shut down into -- -- -- -- against top pitcher I mean and -- -- -- -- how many top pitchers. Well -- -- -- that fit into what I've argued that a little while but he could hear a little while a what accurate and. A playoff contender now so that makes them you know he didn't you make the playoffs you got a shot out. I don't think they don't think you have. I liked it and what they won't take it to. Now -- still cast your question here about good pitching. And -- asked another question so -- a good pitcher that's one and then another question for you is what you love you don't like the Red Sox and you know I think they're okay. As their team out there that you say are now that's the gold standard for what a good baseball teams to be in the American. I -- -- a lot better and that's good that's a good choice as a good pitching is what Yu Darvish. I mean I yeah I think about CC. You -- about David -- I think he's doing okay so I hate it but they've done well a bit of a -- -- a portrait and relic is comprised. Why they think they've faced these guys are ready they've had -- David Price got hurt but they've they've faced David Price before when he's been healthy and one. They face CC sabathia before and wants it. I guess yeah. -- got about three -- four guys who were just barely above them and they'll polite and outline so is that they are those guys. I think so yeah since they got up. Well let's look at them we will go to brought it up and have a record outdoors. That's a fair plan I have no idea what metal boxes at that I know what he's got to be out of nobody is right now. I want them at the play I'm saying this team at the end of the day will not. Top pitching we all know what's the opposite. Front the article but it is gonna have a brutal China's. Can we just can we just go over some of the thing is when you look at the Red Sox apps they don't have a whole bunch of guys who were just over the Mendoza -- me David Ortiz is hitting -- -- -- Ortiz hit a 364. Pedroia has -- 343. Car moves in and out of line at 310 find the annual novel is essentially a regular this points to 98 Victor Reno was at 282. Saltalamacchia hit 259 Napoli is also hit 259. With a ton of power seven home runs Ellsbury is it to 46. Where where all the guys who were just above the Mendoza line these guys early. You're short word short or are your shortstop you're right although obviously Steve enters it into 38 and he's hitting my. After a very very slow start so he's actually fairly far above the Mendoza line the only game I'll give -- is will middle Brooks at 213 year right. On the other it -- eight home runs to lead the team. So I I'm I'm not Patrick I don't -- criticized but a -- but make sure the stats are actually right. They're actually hit the ball pretty well if they've hit the ball pretty well as Michael was just saying against fairly good pitchers and that one other part. There aren't that many great pitchers and their are there not many great lineups that hit great pitchers. What what what I thought it -- the play Augusta you're you are you're talking -- -- -- -- -- to -- because they have certain pension and. What's the plans are they also how. Two of the very good pitchers that other lineups have to deal. Like they have enough I'm telling you that lineup it's gonna end up being probably. Back about line up in a big spot how many guys in that lineup are you feel competent in a big other than Ortiz. Well Ortiz of the drive to pretty confident and they both won a World Series and -- -- at October. At a are washing victory knows one World Series and been to two Mike Napoli has been to a World Series with Texas. And hit unbelievably well on the plaster Coby Ellsbury won a World Series with the Red Sox and I'm not sure what else think that but also like to say about. -- -- -- -- Your beard probable or might it might not try to deal hello Patrick what else acts these facts none of these things are over those things all and all those guys -- two World Series in late in the air blowing on what feels right you'll. Well. Just I would point and I bought at let -- struggle get up in -- will. I appreciate the eyeball test your scouting background is coming through -- skill look at what I see see in the numbers the actual facts and Michael -- just did the same thing. You know it was interest -- that was an adventure that was I was kind of like your trip to New York -- all over the place. It just when you think he was ready to zig Patrick is rated -- that's her right. Patrick keep -- accuracy of this team does. Jack -- gonna join us coming up next a lot of Bruins questions for review -- Bruins questions you wanna talk to Jack jump aboard 6177797937. -- -- --

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