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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 05/21/13

May 20, 2013|

We tackle four topics we haven't yet touched upon today. Gronk!, Proms with celebs and athletes and much more.

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And now -- -- and -- -- already roller board or the four. Fun game. -- -- Well we solved. And sports radio and W. Was reading for four. Some controversy all that you hear about this I got -- I heard about this apparently and he stole the show -- He did he was great and -- he's quote was I don't eye socket read. And that it was -- alphabetically any -- applaud him for a second reading but it's a whole standing in front of class and reading things that. Is this similar to standing in front of the class. Yet release 50000 person but -- you would like to view let's be generous discount like doing these. -- a start exaggerating -- example was apparently. Like the announcement making the announcement that school. You're in the principal's office. -- your make your -- announcing it all your friends are listening. To you to listen to we do once a week at least. Yeah after Friday's Friday's on Fridays Indy Reid's port four. It gives I have not against the law I'm really curious to know -- -- fireside chats with -- that was offered now we still have we're stuck with them. -- -- Over the weekend Terrence Williams was arrested in Washington for waving his gun and his girlfriend during an argument what should the Celtics do with Terrence Williams. Easy Cottam simulator forget it don't don't put out the release and say we gonna wait for. Justice to run its course well don't say we stand by parents do we need to investigate war. He's not that good. He does that make that much money. Role players have to understand. That there's there's a double standard if this were Paul Pierce. Rajon Rondo Kevin Garnett Avery Bradley. Then they might get the corporate treatment -- Williams not worth the headache simulator by. The guy -- in your playoff rotational. I know he was ahead of your guy that brilliantly that judge how much work he's got to do yet territorial war out there you over the because of you see what you see what. Raymond Felton did against the Celtics. It's a couple of series or Raymond Felton did against a real. Defensive team in real guards. Including an old perception. In game. Six by the way everybody texting in the workshop. He can't text that it doesn't help you -- -- thousand dollars you gotta go to WEEI dot com slash ash into the workshop there. 2000. They don't listen girls and the if you analysts in the it would. All right so Dwyane Wade went to the problem. When I say that I mean he went to the prom this weekend -- That Nicole moved so pronounce name putting YouTube plea to wade went up surprising her at her prom. When you're in high schools would've been your dream prom date and how would you ask that person. My job and life on other elections Cuba that is. -- Percival on the she's gorgeous Canada and the dinner Kendall Jenner and those other. -- -- -- -- -- It's -- she's also answer she's yeah she's. Okay. Which is like how. She she's not connected to western pressure your mom different. Robert. We know more about art about -- definitely Andy's been keeping up the current event that it promise as a high school I was so when -- -- -- in 96. Think like. Women stood out in the nineteen. From they want him anyway up on the list is also true art collector. Now to Atlanta talks about the outside the -- Maybe you don't think every -- to the game. Yancy Butler ago. It. Ever forget that receiver for the RNC. And -- to have you here would. Quit -- -- A whole bunch of things including me and damn good movie hard target she's slight drop zone. Jews -- day television show called which plated name and man and machine. To middle law that movies and TV shows. Look back at it now in the current browser if you as a high school. Huge crush it might have been the single -- the collector. -- -- -- -- It. Now see that face them our map here. I would have been asking someone to the prom was eighteen or so what would have been asking someone to the one like. Oxygen that they had had -- -- How would've been asking me 37 year old woman to whom I. When I was here and I'm settled ironic that Michael's bed at night I know you and you know that there are a seminary. I was totally obsessed with. She was on the old school to -- NFL today. With the it must -- was doing at the time Muster Irv cross. She is a beauty -- you look at the old pictures and unity I think she's in her sixties now. Look at. 12030. -- -- -- -- you would have shot whether. Of course. It was a dream I dream about it if you if we could have got -- go to the prom with you get. At that point two bombing that was seen as she's 37 maybe he would have been flattered them. Some little kid wanted to wanted to. Or to the prom after if I could just somehow gotten it out of the problem that was shot I don't think she's got bushy eyebrows and yesterday's very well but -- to -- -- Really -- when you go back and look at the photos from the -- -- Republican and right. -- Silence from the -- And he reckons it's like -- -- our rights. We give the answer was. There when he got. Saved by the bill to -- -- -- And I'd huge thing for yet as I mean police but by that time she is okay. Funny from some tables and every time in my approach you about this when Cheryl Ladd. Farrah Fawcett. Told Jessica Simpson -- Milan. So we regret that our politics of the about the Paula Abdul 1990. To an answer -- about Paula Abdul usually futile for. Wish I was -- -- the problem before that I'd gone to the pro -- for targeted heavily with some long. Oral cancer amongst that group but so I have -- According to Adam -- -- Rob Gronkowski is undergoing surgery right now this is fourth surgery is there January that Rocco missed time this season. Of course is worry girl who missed time this season and not just because of the arm we talked about it on Friday quite a bit more because of the back and if the back issue. Is significant. Yeah that's scary. -- It is just the way he plays he puts himself in harm's way quite a bit that's what you love about it but it's also. What makes him a risk and why Michael we had the conversation last week as to whether or not it was safe to continue to build around -- -- of much of a choice he's what's that you apart. And helped make your offensively he's the best weapon Tom Brady has. But yeah it it's nerve -- and something we're gonna keep watching throughout this offseason and worrying about -- -- through the regular season as well. Sybil shepherd how he barely. Zynga Jay Leno. Elle MacPherson. Indicates from the eighties there. Jenna Jamison history month. Not -- take on Clark there's -- like a new take a new take on group -- that I'm not worried about rock. Missing time before the start of the season so in September. They won against buffalo. I expect -- to be out there but I think he will miss time. During the year. And I think it'll handle. With a little bit here and they get the results like he because he doesn't have a full offseason to prepare may be Russians back or whatever. He will miss time as a result -- the apple orchards orchards. A couple of games would suppress what games -- wouldn't be some including I'm gonna call this right now. There's no way I know Bill Belichick always says. We got to prepare for the season. We got to be ready for everything players play on Sunday. If he's healthy going into the final week of the season there is no way he plays and gained sixteen inaudible. What war -- sixteen he's out with a gun that's so he won't play sixty games at least fifteen -- -- -- fourteen. Couple good answers here Winnie Cooper. -- that's a good she's there she looks beautiful about the economic our aunt lives there he -- them a couple of months. Before it's not a low for a policing is Silverstone. About time. -- harassment videos with oh. Like desperately. -- in -- in her because she she feeds made him think it pronounces skewed -- -- -- urgency in her babies now ha. And you'll like this one. Steve suggested products ago here in the last thirty is a better with Gwen Stefani 1996. Doctor or mattered. But I sugar Michael let's just bananas. It's OK guys you don't let him about it. -- here. Tom Brady told Peter King over the weekend that I've never belts and never felt better throwing the football over under Brady will throw 35 touchdowns this season. -- go over a mentally OK great take away the fifty touchdown season from Tom Brady. So -- three top touchdown seasons after that fifty touchdown out liar. 2011. 201020112012. So recently that's what he is Tom Brady is 35 touchdowns plus guy. -- 2012 or two for 342011. And two for 39. I think. If target the patriots are gonna do what you can debate is gonna do Tom Brady is going to be throwing more than 35 touchdown. They -- take the over and it's not just because of a Tom Brady's ability to to throw the ball down field although that's a big part of it it's. What do they rely on in the red -- -- team that has been built just pounded into the red zone first down second down third down and -- kicked a field goal they're not mean Brady -- -- incorporated and is. Or potentially one of these two new kids one of whom tops and it looks big enough to handle himself in the red zone. It just seems like a more effective way of getting the ball into the -- touchdowns lousy stat. Quarterback I don't think it accurately reflects who they are really. Because if you get the quarterback throws from 95 yards on the drive and and you run it in at the end what the quarterback didn't have a good drive. I just I look at completion percentage because it reflects accuracy looking yardage over a minute there's a lot of other things I would look at before I would look at. What does on third downs so much more important than touchdowns. But Brady seems to find a way to it is to score a lot of them. Partially because that's their preferred method of getting into the end zone in the producers felt lousy stat. Really degree into touchdowns at least for for quarterback that's accurate indicator of pretty good I think it's good for an office. I'd like to see how many touchdowns and often scores sort of go for an office in the quarterback juice. The -- -- -- in the office but if the quarterback lead -- down in the knew him the ball off because you got a great short yardage back does that mean your quarterbacks -- good. No it doesn't talk but over the course of me that that may happen every now that's gotten -- lady. Where you set up. It a couple of years ago he stood up BenJarvus green Ellis were exactly that situation right now. And Jarvis had eleven or twelve touchdowns but. Even with that even with the short yardage guy getting a lot of touchdowns look at Tom Brady's numbers. And the numbers are still pretty good they always are -- and I think it. I don't think it's a -- -- it's fine it's fine to look at touchdown I just don't think it's a very good indicator. Of -- quarterback Tom Brady's gonna have a good year even if he only has thirty touchdowns but he -- -- all of those other numbers look great accountant. 2229. Touchdowns Steve Nichols had a bad year if the patriots scored just as many points you know but -- 28 touchdowns and still pretty good numbers. Right right don't put -- difference between 28 and 38 may not be that big difference for how many points the patriots actually put up an army and and if it's not a big difference and that means that you've got a lot of out of the greatly improve ringing. And in the Gary blocks. Close to the goal line. If that happens the natural but I I'm sure this. How dare we have here we forget the great. Mrs. Jackson. Janet Jackson. How could how could not LaToya. Janet outlook toy forget -- on all of its. Is outrageous what an outrageous almost a mission. -- -- -- -- rhythm nation that I am by I don't buy them from any. Editors in a blue numbers. That is today's four at four.

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