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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question 05/21/13

May 20, 2013|

....uhhhh.....a bunch of bombs over there....

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And you won't be. An analyst negativity that's in this town sucks it's my job. -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. And they sitting room and now my job to wake -- the -- really -- -- of maybe don't really know us we solve -- holly. Carmike dot -- about eighteen. And she WEEI live available on your iPhone or android device brought -- by ADT official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins almost four G coverage. In New England answer the question jerk course will follow this that we need your questions that's them. Any question right now 379370. -- about some good we will. Answer as many as we can right after my -- annually -- So currently in the process of looking forward you -- all that in about a -- two days Smartphone. Battle for me. But is paying you go tomorrow. Not the same amount of money to pay very -- but recently people talked about this growing disparity between rich. In the middle class but look at what the average jerk is spending his or her money on her cellphone that's like a carpet. It's all part of a mortgage payment I would imagine my dog you know. That it figures from the sport letter that's it that's a lot of -- Eighty bucks a month for the -- what Angry Birds. It makes seven figures seven figures -- our job nice city eighty bucks that's achieved. That's pretty well. It's pretty important. On the Smartphone on you all the time a new function I couldn't function that's he's -- -- and the countries opened up the competition connection yet. Prices cheaper than. We've we could also -- the competition here we just let every company merchant there's only two. So what's the cheapest -- that would super speedway where there are. There are techniques out there to use the lesser carriers would give phones you know get a rifle war forest fifty. While. You know you don't. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah getting here. Spybot calls and misses it I'm. -- because he's not feeling good. And the united happy and I think that anybody back in the but they live and they. Don't ever see it click again. And that. Which is so sad about that -- is more fun in a row right or why she's just so focused on the Red Sox. How to how do you know anything about the Yankees when you're always watching the Red Sox -- And I got that in New York. But that's -- clip that you could tell it what I'm are wanna quit. And message. Doing got to like that -- -- edit -- or are you more there are few for assortment that's our. One of them you. Amtrak accident between the outcome but yes on Friday. I've gotten -- very. Ticket fly another plane go overhead and about twenty -- didn't hear me out with a friend spoke. -- -- -- And our first of all. It's not that much more so it's about the same price the flyers or to take the train and are slightly more expensive to fly. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- 30% four point 5% more to block him but something cool about taken which I like taken the train and you know depending on where your friends live these directors and station. So you fly to New York where that you're going to JFK and LaGuardia. And I got to deal with is getting the inner city there can the -- higher open which. Very few people do war you take -- cab. That's even more money to knowing. He gave me a few traffic. We definitely get if you flew he did Eric around what 7:38 o'clock -- -- -- -- I am very happy taking a strained out the problem was that I got onto the wrong train and then had to get off a -- I couldn't get back onto my actual trail. Sure it's a forty minute flight but factor in the two -- it to be at the airport that's -- flight it's not much what it -- it's it's it does not make much more sense to fly -- the -- -- don't like comfortable on the -- you can use the Internet you can use your phone if you need to you can eat. The much better electricity spending your money where you think yeah thank you. You know -- call you got something but let anybody what did. You let them watch -- I thought. Thankfully have a complete jackass and this message you. Police -- others you start off saying if somebody's got to watch my kids. I -- have a complete background check I wanna know everything about that I -- while after about six months you're so desperate to get out of the house you're like hey she showed up. Good they will live -- to start four hours. It pretty cool that -- but it is all about school. You guys we -- All of the best -- Harris has to. Agree. She's pretty old arms and it's. -- to back to school. You. High school I was the senior high school in 1996 about it in the ideal time game -- of the prom which seventies. When did when did -- make them -- that -- 97 and ninety ground yet. I didn't really know who she -- yes what she was doing all right Jacqui. Prom date would have been that girl from the warrant cherry -- video I think her name was Bobby Brown was a smoke back in the day probably looks like ten miles of bad road. She got married. Two lead singer of warranty anyway. You know a lot got information well I know a lot of want. My middle school please do read it had been at the end of every dance Eagles this most of that song anymore. Every middle school play stairway to heaven at the end of every dance the night. If you're doing way you definitely take an ugly girl indeed if they meet the parents before him to the father say be home by midnight. Why Agassi showed up right. Well I think what you got to do -- the -- does say be home by midnight. Just that's that's it's easier for you you get you your putter in a car you say okay simulator. You see that you just cannot. It can't be any game in that situation. Can still can't believe it -- problem. -- it goes to -- with -- -- leading man. My question is the incredible voice you know the moisture -- book. She should. Opt out of his -- While. Dwyane -- but a couple of more. Acute took it from probably. Days. She had a -- -- right yeah. He surprised her bra that's known to us now right. So the guy he's going to the prime. Don't forget about the surprised to win. Let's just planned this out. She's there with her date yet another eighteen year old Q okay eighteen year old kid that you're back girl -- and strike date somebody -- -- -- went ahead -- -- I don't care he's the most popular -- school I don't -- he was the captain of the baseball football and basketball team. Dwyane Wade shows up at his prom for his date sales. -- what you do after that can't be it. Scarred for life. Did Jack Edwards has a loving cup. Book -- what he does that cup all I do know is that I don't wanna drink out. They're all called law and that's like the name of that type of it like that chalice bridesmaid a metal that's exactly like if she was sure who. Creative video of this bureau within the MacBook Air and but yes we hear a bit it costs because Patrick and the crowd out what their data. But does little boom that these guys. It is news of that is perhaps the worst as it cuts him off the worst that Carlos she starts off okay. Well it's. -- Yeah. Moms and -- he. -- there was. Do you need a -- -- a man. Movie -- Who brought us it's. Wow. And then and in. Abusive when two bombs in the relentless news. It's a. Well. -- You know look at. She was on the news and LA. -- -- -- The worst. We'll see. Okay. The united. This. We'll we'll. -- While. Justin no words to -- very very terrorism that's been. And. OK okay. Terrible throw off a poor girl as a manipulative -- does that happen now. I still can't believe I know what's worse that. Or to wait wait so I got but the problem that is worse every -- shown over the -- ruining his and his role in the night for the setup with a date with a guy. He ruined that guys he -- their guys high school career. Look on the -- maybe like I wasn't -- again in the prom anyway and that was at least got a good excuse about it and side didn't hit any golf it's about. Enjoying the night. With a good looking young woman he can. -- he gonna do is -- them to get to that. That was Mike up our play Italian to English a wireless provider of the Boston bruins' most -- coverage in New England element to the question. Yeah and you. It's time for answers the question generic answer the question which -- and how is the big question. So -- -- be years not answering any thing and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question yeah. Brought you by ARS restoration specialists -- your property your facilities manager or insurance broke call heiress to injury have a disaster restoration game plan in place. Call 8774611111. Or they are as served dot com -- Adams here. -- this is well I might cash payout might cream shout out but I've got a what -- along our. House you know if you -- treat me like an accurate answer any questions usually talk like that we're -- very adhere to any any literally communion and remove the he's usually lasting effects -- of my creams. Underrated about it my -- and its language that you think cream -- groceries the very best notice and to -- on Ian W. Now -- like -- -- 46 corporate studios it. After Mike Adams. First fifteen minutes last time -- is a good mood. -- The game today are active surveillance are here and get right into it -- -- -- Bazooka or double bowl. -- And he's got them. He's good for like a second -- your job does not hurdles both lose their flavor -- probable signature of the English is true. Have a tops when you buy the Paula -- -- I -- that extra cards Korean doctors say it's like doing car and he there was a reality show recently -- some -- opened up some cars from the seventies -- -- as a joke -- as. It. Which athlete has the coolest name. -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm world thanks very well at all changed it to -- that -- -- -- -- -- -- mystery politically wrong trickle. Just on what last week avenue in part to be a -- close -- that put kids. You know the next question we'll show one. Silky silk a question for you vehicle -- better this series for the Bruins Bergeron creature that looks pretty choose between those trees. Go Bergeron I think Bergeron does more all around preaching has that line that. They they played so well around two what's the difference both pairs well you know the crowd I don't know but the question please if you -- -- silky and -- it's still. -- are you've been awarded an NFL expansion team in what city do you place your team and what you call it. And if everyone is available expansion draft treaty that first. Well gotta take what you gotta take you got to take Los Angeles is available number two mark and from Austin or some like that know the whole LA. The money there's a reason LA hasn't worked. -- girly man that they're had a nice not having an NFL they don't really want one of our Key West. Come on them Hemingway's marker readers. -- like I would go somewhere like Austin who's available. But it gives everybody an -- -- draft to beat that number one a ticket gridlock. We wouldn't be an expansion draft well they're saying everyone is available OK -- the entire league is available who do you want to protect -- Aaron -- the next question Aaron Rodgers LA good. Thanks. It was pretty good life as next question. -- -- -- Jason or Michael Myers who wins the battle right now. We're talking about here treaty that's what Friday the thirteenth pinhead is hell raiser. Jason. Wolf Freddie was. Nightmare on elm street primary dumpster right Michael Myers. An -- sort of metaphysical -- -- probably him. While I think it's just from the Freddy and Jason just the matter. I believe Jason actually won. I'm not like to have your your dreams had come up. I think. Next question -- -- Thought you looked like Jimmy Kimmel all. That are -- to IKEA today I saw my dad that's who looks like my -- Arm and a whole episode on -- the other day. -- -- -- This is an underground. -- now homicide. Was in homicide in the streets I think that is -- I think that's my father in the move US Obama talked to you those yes. I'm coming to call my mom after the show him on this time it really. Okay. What's going on his most recent work. And certainly -- a certain age he's -- many things sanction. It's not that Jimmy Walker well the question. -- are you excited about the treacherous. Some people are shorter Brandon Bass. About that pressure and complexion. -- it. Really is too long. It's been too long like they can't. Standards are so -- and now has it reached cults that people built it up -- their head to be the perfect comedy but it kind of laws. It's about as good as an issue that's ever been on. I don't know -- and and they're not doing exactly true reform -- is each episode is gonna have all the characters and -- start blowing your expectations now. We know much consider these circumstances. Changed the rule it feels good. Bitterness our voice Mikey come up here where you're gonna bonus from the -- bonus from the other side MFK. Lindsay lo and Britney Spears Miley Cyrus. Case is definitely shows us. -- -- -- just have to you have to be honest. And everything else on the luxury for me as anything else that you guys -- -- -- Lindsay Lohan shot anyway at five years ago. You killed my race courses and now all. I agree -- and half attractive girl that people holed up there is -- standard of yes Lindsay Lohan. Miley Cyrus is a thick mustache and -- Adam's. Yeah. This is my candidate got to Flip Saunders had a product that. We do look a little like Flip Saunders. That's a pretty -- -- -- -- -- -- them look like more than -- guys from the good from good perfect -- That eloquent Mikey yet for now -- notes that Chicago schedules yes indeed and don't forget daily planet the most. Important ten minutes and radio Red Sox coming up trying to win their sixth in a row after Mikey stick around for that will be back tomorrow. We got Barry Melrose on the show. -- I think 3 o'clock 3 o'clock plus maybe another special guests as well so -- to join us tomorrow starting Tuesday.

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