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Shawn Thornton on the Bruins game 2 win

May 20, 2013|

Shawn joined the show to discuss the teams great performance in game two against the Rangers. Shawn said that he wouldn't mind playing for John Tortorella because he seems like a funny guy.

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The final hour Dennis and Callahan on the morning after the 52 Bruins win the Rangers which puts the -- up two games tonight and joining us as he does every day after yet game. The next day after the game -- AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE Shawn -- good morning shot how aria. I told Doug Barry Petersen about an hour ago I -- -- the prediction business because I thought the Rangers would raise their game. And their intensity in game two I don't think they did I but Lundqvist would be better and he wasn't that you -- those two things surprise you John. I think they had their chances true that the the second period. Because what either way we're fortunate in would believe. Not competitive game to pick instead of us had -- the second period itself. I think that. 01 period was kind of back for a second I think they've got a better must believe I would take it on the third. The other thing I thought I knew was that the three rookie defenseman would play as well in game two as they did in game one and they did I was wrong about that are you impressed as well. Yeah those. There's -- playing unbelievable. -- group obviously not but mystical -- that -- that -- great what is but the others who plays he made. That Polyone unnoticed certainly game and that may paralyze this forward. -- the audience here suburbia that the -- as the Soviet. Please and it looked -- -- -- really plays special financial -- Well what's it like in the in the dressing room on the practice -- in a hotel bus. We're talking about what happens you know when the veterans when Seidenberg and parents and -- come back. You guys must be talking about it thinking about it as well. -- pop up so much it back -- it would imply -- just as it as a team. Yeah I don't know what the spotlight as those guys. Picture called out decisions may want wants several healthy. Not. Sure but. Decisions they have that many options are. -- oracle dot did you find out what auto. And you're confident that if a veteran. Gets squeezed out here by a rookie that it won't be a big deal. Not our locker room. And I've been a veteran guys we go lineup before playoffs -- it's also waiting his time here there's no. No time for any -- personal feelings or -- although the team and we don't get much guys that are available wherever. They guys -- doctor in the years other teams guys and other teams. Did just like toward irrelevant and did you play for a guy like this would you wanna play for a guy like us. I don't know about. I I don't know and operators really over -- employers -- I think he's pretty funny -- that has its -- vomit lucky. He demands the most of -- players and I think to show up to work every and he was a problem with -- because I'd be all right Tucker assuming. But what you were talking about view in front of the national media when he would say you stink on the power play instead -- six times. Public that's that was Shawn Thornton. I don't think I'd ever get -- power play is so difficult to separate -- I'm -- -- and xenophobia and just so that the stick of outplay people stick periods so. The output despite. Hey speaking of of coaching personalities and bigger -- for practice we can't keep it to longer this morning. Had a practice like this morning will float emphasize. All the positive stuff that he saw yesterday or more and more emphasis on the negatives like the turnovers in the odd man rushes. -- Little sparkle Maria the turnovers. About Circuit City or obviously -- -- through all the policies of the but a negative stuff. And also some positive a workable for a workable. In practice. -- and we -- so our first fight the playoffs and Greg Euro line -- Greg Campbell took on Derek Dorsett outdoor set challenged him -- Campbell accepted the challenge can you just answer me this why -- challenge Campbell and not Borden. Our I don't know if they're probably more. Softly answered on out there in the group apart on him. We class as opposed. Immediate help guys he's a competitor. And those could be. To beat all the games ago. The -- force as a player activities helped out on many occasions in those instances so. Good job -- to decorate Kayla obviously got a camel jacket because -- -- You did a so it but could Campbell. Not. If he didn't wanna accepted -- guys are in the lead to get all the momentum there's really no it doesn't serve the Bruins brought him the fighting tough guy like -- said. Could you just said that no thanks Derrick not today. I -- it you know -- The fore check at six to execute. Kyra her arms -- There -- more or not backing down but he I mean -- could signal -- but since all the he in public standing up to -- at that moment was the right thing to do and obviously I'll never criticize anyone for that -- they're quote often but I appreciate double on whether or. Final question how how pivotal and how difficult is it to respond and in. Rebound when something -- what happened early in the hockey game -- -- it went in on the break in hold down Obama Quaid. Turnaround -- the other -- crew with a great goal made one nothing is that is that difficult as the Rangers to to take when you almost had one but the other guys get one. That happens all the time series here let it be popular -- -- -- off post it goes back of the way in some respects but. Yeah usher and not. Of the best. For -- -- -- -- if it was up bright just just pocket it and move on this time here. It would blow up things for two boxes. Ship strike about. There we here in basketball more and and football -- it's a tough place to play that's a tough place to go in environment to go into and win. Is New York is a Madison Square Garden is that a tough place to play. Yes definitely it's. As a former player and all the history and a walk and what is that. I don't know records -- their lost little bit but it all he would be close hard fought games it is sure. John appreciate the time got off to practice and no we watch -- tomorrow night. John Portman dancing talent on the AT&T AT&T forgy LTE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T. Re going on overdue Greg Campbell I would never find Derek and other communities and -- credit. And nobody else it wouldn't fight Shawn Thornton a most of the guys some guests in the -- many other guys would say no thanks we're women we don't need this you're bad ass I will always love. And the egos bullied and into the into the penalty Kelly who kinda start with them early yesterday in that regard don't do that exactly exactly and less like the caller IQ.

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