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Things you would never do

May 20, 2013|

John, Gerry and Kirk give their things that they would never do, listeners joined on the WEEI yakoff app with their thoughts.

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-- back doesn't tell landfall has opened 6777979837. To work our way to the top of the hour or so ago about were friends at NASA and invite you to join us on the FM side 937 because that's where -- -- Port Angeles at 905. -- off time. -- -- Yes and I guess the question we. Ash is what is the one thing you wouldn't you I guess under any circumstances around -- -- put the gun your head -- said. You know threatens to kill your family did -- to anything I celebrated so we're real life situations that -- just wouldn't. One night you wouldn't do one thing about one vote. Like I came up with money in. -- like a constituent own Hun an -- that a -- winter sweetheart right it's I would never tell your wife -- -- art sure -- ever ever never ever ever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know just go -- look at -- things -- I think there's a limit of one main thing in the chain in North Shore as a city look at like shares that are antiques. In jail -- can't do it. Up nicely yard sales and I feel like NC people that run across busy streets and feeling just clipped him because you know there in the yard sale people the world would miss -- my daughter apple it's. I've never done -- balcony and those spots and it no interest -- the one thing and Tillman like you you're -- -- put out there and just the laws and I want I would never under any circumstances. Where to -- Think about it it's it's a path that wants -- to not know I don't know -- -- reiterated. That the way it's a we'll meet you. -- think about the bass backwardness of that thought process. You think you're golden ball go -- water receding Ireland like some people. And you say rule I I I looked kind of silly don't look attractive. So what -- do. The silliest stupidest thing under head like a -- and debit. From a also -- -- -- and everybody looks set to go boy you moron like you say it to you wouldn't if you had one when you put some -- and it's that the ones look the worst with a black -- and it means a lot more room -- -- they think we don't know. To adopt the belt. Does that they'll we know the nosy that's a Little Rock girl -- he -- -- -- -- -- it was a that obviously the Burt Reynolds wipes the big deal yeah he spent a lot of money what is. It's like tripled from goodfellas with the gory glory glory -- what exactly. Where children in the woods on -- scrapbook that's a good scrap. Although you've never tried Nevin and that's not even know guys that's that's true and it's. And and I think we have -- and she would do. Mean would do any of these things for you know. Megan Fox News Jeannie from -- to DirecTV. -- -- Mick Kelly -- -- -- you'd go in Tiki you've got to show what the supreme once movement like when that was cool and -- I was that. It's torture but you know I -- blow off conference what irked some files. I would never go to trucks sport for. How's that because we've. I would I would never call. Lundqvist the best goaltender in the world never never -- an LA publicist you go to realistic. Place like lemmings -- capital -- In order fascia or chicken now see people to chicken meal -- would you if you want -- wonderful piece of beef I have practice. That's just shouldn't do over my family Chinese -- the other night. Looked I'm never you're not gonna happen believe -- what the fried rice is not gonna happen -- openly saying goes happy. Some some one he looks sickly skinny. So -- -- on some of low maintenance. Jungles. And I would never have I would never ever. Under any circumstances have -- masters. You know -- the public of -- girl I would. I would. I'd be you know what I say about John Howard happier you know would definitely I definitely don't like that. And it's not that they're nice and I'm that you and I would think it sound like a good idea until it came time to get -- under anesthesia is that the you know you might die in an ego he gets there you know it's that you know I mean if it is screwed for their mental -- here. There's your confidence they we'll get the job it's like -- the two -- bull and he thinks he's a loser gets to play and he feels better style points like a lot I could never imagine putting them on the people have to pay state actually think they're doing themselves faced some of them literally and some it's just doesn't seem like I say it's like it's like tickets like T shirt that says. I am ot idiot now I tell you what it's like wearing an I would never do this I guess after a certain age you can't and shouldn't do -- -- on the stage where dangers the actual game -- guy that's you know it's sad disease. Mean you see who's fifty what's sad to see dead wearing it skids of the -- not -- Yeah what's going on I would never Wear flip flops to work. Even if we were -- dressed casual via. Yet but it won't be I was in January it grows that fashions thorough -- -- feet. And constitutes -- -- beat it wanna look nobody's I would never go to -- Dice-K pitched baseball. That's true yeah on camera on that one we do -- painful. I'm telling you it's that's a prominent level baseball someone has to be the commissioner of all base element to MLB yeah everywhere Bruce's. The pace voice that times are we can call that's my job pace car coach my team coach yesterday morning -- Daniel all of them run off run on you know move them goal. -- -- It was two and a half -- game seven innings one month ago and it makes it fifteen year old kids by choice I would not signal water. Don't accordance. I don't feel sick and I got the Russians never given them any file. Lately not anymore. Bets like. Like. Luckily -- percentage -- you think water it's less of 1% I was I say 2% at night I go under. My buddy's parents and college two years ago along next your water and -- black light your -- sleep -- night I never understood it. Apple would go to bed wanted to sleep and yeah I would never do it never designated day as. Flowered day and go to the play I. A you would do that no but it's a chaotic -- -- -- depictions -- -- features a good night to get to see the arrangement. And host of the bathrooms there is an obvious. Some people away and taking some people's yards I'd rather do that -- I've -- -- business units in every week and I'm not a mind program but the same people often on the crazy. And the goal is to get a deal. Yeah so they don't need you know it's generally some and let it get there early. Oh yeah you pick in public before -- exactly what was that -- good eraser on Saturday. In the starts at nine people don't like Obama on Friday night and they just take a look. She's setting up my grandmother were taken me when I was little all the time she was one of these people that you give me -- quarter NCU of every one and one can keep it. -- -- And outlook -- the flea market it -- -- -- -- are not enough that they're big down in Florida but here's the best one came -- and I never do this I've never done it. -- that big big big big this week at -- lottery ticket I'll add that wait in line. To buy lottery ticket wait in -- usually hours some of these -- people waited in line three hours. To buy a lottery ticket for you know lottery they know they're not gonna win line. And yet they wait in line to -- this somebody's gonna -- Gerri well the way -- felt that you of the same chance of winning with the buy a ticket on not so why the bottom. Line. Outs we were -- -- and yeah do you get do you. Lottery ticket I've never bought lottery do you buy lottery ticket I have idol. Did you buy one for the star no you know that person as a person while the Smart -- signal and a broker when you're gonna want to drama from Brit yes I am often not that it's all good and I'm Lucas. Adds that I would -- David Ortiz for Flintstones vitamins. The drug this one. 7% are low building racing expect it. To a commercial light -- reloading my shirt is talking about dental surgery your man love for doctor -- and Johnson. And I'll never listen they're Kirkland dancing into them again Maria. Try again Lowell spinners July 8 -- doing. -- is on makes a man that Hillary Rodham Clinton is the one thing I would never do. -- and -- get a few items are right the fourth and final hour Dennis and Callahan joining us on the offense side 937 are nests and friends and on what to get back.

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