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Mike Petraglia, WEEI.com, calls in after the Bruins impressive game two win

May 20, 2013|

Petraglia was at the game and in the locker room hearing reaction after the win. He discusses the state of the Bruins going into game three at Madison Square Garden and the reaction of Ranger’s coach John Tortorella.

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Yeah well it's. It's important. To get contributions from everybody and in depth you really have to realize you've got the playoffs and as you. You know I guess going back two years ago when the had a good run. You really had to rely on everybody and you even saw last year -- power and how successful they were and how they use four lines and sixteen. Everybody really comes in the play so. Different games there's there's different guys that step up. I guess. It's our responsibility as a fourth line provide energy and be responsible and and I'll change my game sometimes -- to chip in offensively is is a huge. On bonus for our linemen and helps -- the guys there. Relied upon you at night and. Gregory Campbell all big day for him bruins' second goal get a fight. He who's got the ice for a lot of energy as he talked about the Bruins win five to two. I'm not a bring in everybody might try you can find him on Twitter at tracks. TRE GSU tunnels and find -- WEEI dot com and go out there right now. You'll find Mike's article that he just wrote that says -- and show how good they can be with a five to two win over the ranges -- -- right now hello Michael. And I don't well. So you -- Yeah you were very impressed to this win today and I found it interesting that. You wrote that article but also covered -- -- press conference because. Was to Motorola not impressed it was he just kind of sticking up for his team hadn't back to New York. He I wrote him in the column which I think he was trying to give is any reason to hold. Reason to hope that. There are twelve to fifteen minutes of very good in the second period will carry over to game number three and they can do against. The -- what they were able accomplish against capital not come back from a two nothing deficit in a series whether. Arab. Home game victories in games three and four but I also found it very insisting that Hendrick Lundqvist. That it's going to be a lot harder against the Bruins to do what we did against the capitals because there are much better team. He also interesting you say that because let's look at Lundqvist quotes after game one he came out and said I can't score which raised some eyebrows but his team -- well I mean is vezina trophy -- this guy. With cash day. So this a -- -- can say things like that and I don't think there was a -- after that happened and then today I wasn't there Bartoli a dangerous to read a quote not know the context. One of these things he said is. We gave it to them again is that him China backed up his team 'cause when I read that to -- got that potential bulletin board material for the -- sports. Well an item or in you know -- in the process of actually writing about about right now. You know and blocking that. Our -- blog site and that is. Hendrick Lundqvist it really is. The temperature gauge if you will the New York Rangers -- Allen back -- is running hot they are very frustrated. They haven't been able to do against the Bruins I think frankly what they thought they would be able to do it that is. Children -- and some scenes from goaltender. On out to their defense I mean that's what they're a Rangers team. Is pretty. -- when it comes to -- allowing opportunities. And the better goaltender BJP it is writing tonight. In this series has to correct no question about that better defensive -- despite the fact that the Bruins are playing three rookie. -- -- The Boston Bruins knocked in New York Rangers and I think. But that's really frustrating. The Rangers quite a bit and -- will play one more thing John sort of Ramos said on goals -- or that would be -- checked go ahead. Were shot. And the job first or third period are shown that you have the march on call the repeat if you fail ramadi in an overtime where. I'm those two defensive breakdowns and we can cover those much better and we app that's sort of well. Putting it not unlike -- but I on the shoulders of his defense of or and is forward to get back -- -- -- -- -- -- let me play. -- might try it WEEI dot com and you find him on Twitter at tracks -- -- -- devil's advocate or. I'm no pun intended Rangers advocate if you will. Bomb against your story this shows how good the Bruins can be I'm arranges fair and I'm saying wait -- -- The series doesn't start till home team loses a game and that hasn't happened the Rangers out shot the Bruins today 37 to 32. Couple the goals -- through a screen one was by a rookie. Mean I'm not so worried about the Rangers from Rangers -- I would -- because. The active. You have Pedro and -- down three defensemen and you're up against three work keep current and in the second round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs. You've got. A Bruins team that has had sporadic scoring. And you're supposed to have one of the very top goaltenders in the world and he just gave up five goals in a playoff game. If I don't know if I'm the Rangers. I know there growing like art and what Julian said as much in the post game press conference. That they can play better by. The point of my column was. This is how could the Bruins can be. And they're not even quite firing on every cylinder but the other parts of their game are so balanced. That just makes them a cup contender. Let me go back here. -- talk about Tuukka only go back to your comment about you know the best Coulter in the world just gave up five goals. You made me think of a line from a movie miracle. When they played the Russians in Madison square garden and gave up ten goals and Kurt Russell said to you know Jim Craig. Our herb Brooks at the Jim Craig said that's my -- goes it's everybody's that right now Jim. I -- the target line. Yeah -- and that that's the way it you know it it's got to be a Rangers. You know everybody's got to have accountability. Of the back and their defense and right now I'd -- and I am Margaret that's the other day. I said Erik Lundqvist. Is talking like a guy like -- goaltender who knows he can only do so much. And the Bruins received on that opportunity I get ruined all marks. Finding ways creative ways to get the Lundqvist how they'd done that they've shot in game one number one they -- shooting from bad angles trying to. Create rebounds. On Lundqvist and in the last. Ayman Al herself using the Bruins. Why downsides. On the way. And senate to pass at the last moment and it's worked several times including producing two big goals from our shot. -- ask you about Tuukka it was a legitimate story coming into this playoffs about quote whether they can win a cup. With Tuukka as a net -- legitimate for several reasons one he did win a playoff series first army ever play but he also was the goalie when they lost. To the flyers I think a lot of Tuukka fans rationalize that by saying. While the Bruins team was the same team that went up. You know three games to one against the flyers and they lost it four games to three I don't buy that and I'll tell you why because it comes with the territory. A goalie gets credit or blame from winner and a loser in this series it just goes with that you feel that way to coach Mike. I do and that my eyes were first opened. In the a particular best playoff. He's in way. EP -- police and that first overtime game of that -- also of the first round not flat but took it showed the most -- That he could possibly show and that is when I thought well I think two is coming into his talent he didn't panic. It looked very calm cool collected and gave the bruins' chance to win which eventually they -- in overtime. Our second moment second huge moment I think apt to be in that twelve minute period that referenced earlier when the Rangers were throwing everything. On net against the against abroad they outshot the bruins' sixteen bit. I think it was sixteen to seven mr. in the died in that second period. And took it was series and they hung in the air helped to -- -- until. Four truck to -- -- the lead for good and that -- and made reference to a much after the game. Saying that took it was great not good but great and he has been -- took his biggest critic -- -- -- during the regular season. And he is buried. Deliberate he's giving ever giving him praise the night. Julian made no mistake about it. Number on a committee turnover after turnover. One of which could lead to a goal. In it ritual which led to a goal. Goals and took it was aerobic trying to stop the bleeding and let the Bruins -- Their balance -- well. I think the two words that come to -- to mind for me -- steady. And spectacular when needed. With with -- in these playoffs he's played three overtime games the Bruins have won all three. He won a seven game series and I was looking up yesterday did an afternoon show and it was curious to me. I looked up the numbers you know everybody rightfully so gives Tim Thomas credit for winning the cup. And took his legacy like Thomas is we made on what happens from Mike going forward Mike we all know that -- mean. Tim Thomas gave up eight goals and a Stanley Cup final seven game series and was down three games to two and pitched two shutout in game six at home. To force a game seven and one game set so. Duke has got a long way to go but I found this interstate heading in to today's game. Going back to the Stanley Cup run the -- and Tim Thomas had identical stats. Five and three. They've given up twenty goals 2.3 six goals against average who could actually -- six more shots they're save percentage was identical 926. And Tim Thomas had five more saves perform more CA's back here. So to the point about the cop ran. Two has done everything that Tim Thomas did up to this point let's not forget by the time they get to the next playoff round to Thomas gave up ten goals in the first two games of that. Against against Tampa Bay so. I guess what what on my point is these. Two -- doing a hell of a job he's got a long way to goal when he I don't. Shouldn't be here in any stories anymore about whether he can win a cup or not at this point. Well I think part of that which is because he doesn't have quietly he is. I very -- Personality in that dressing room and you talk to him after the game tonight it's just like talking to them after. 52 regular season loss to you know the Pampers on a bad night February that's what makes -- to perhaps the ideal. -- for the Bruins right now is because that the Bruins after the blowing gamer they lose that 31 lead and found themselves aren't with the Maple Leafs. He didn't panic -- is you know those spots. Don't get into his -- they don't snowball like obviously Alberta Longo clearly it snowballs political. Goaltender like that it doesn't do that with -- and I think that's because. Number one strike there's a the other -- I think Tuukka has been. He's he doesn't do a lot of flopping in dancing in the decrease any warm yet they've won other criticisms. Of him only on news you know and you will not consistent in the crease. But certainly now he is very steady back -- she doesn't. Yeah and so out of position that march whatsoever -- -- the use of state and didn't get himself. Out of position but he was so athletic. But he was able to do you know talks about it and -- group. But took is is that -- said he sometimes spectacular sometimes it's unspectacular. But a spectacle -- center. Mike let's finish with a couple thoughts about the young defenseman. In game one -- crew played seventeen minutes scored a gold part koskie played 27 minutes. Hamilton played 21 tonight. Hamilton played fifteen -- koskie played 21 group played thirteen and had a goal and an assist. I mean they're playing great it was two home games the go to the road now what would you do. What do you think close gonna do what is the injury situation. Problem -- is probably the closest right. No question Bravo Redmond Seidenberg votes skated this morning. But I think it's pretty obvious and clear. In talking. With close before the game today that. Redden is closest it's. Believe that -- has some type of upper body injury and he's been able skate that he would probably be able to come back the fastest and and and the quickest. Whereas. With. Also written does have a foot injury but I was Seidenberg. It's a lower body injury I think he's going to be slower to come back in with parents. It's very unlikely I think he's going to be packed this series that's just the next -- GAAP. But I think the rookie defenseman. That will stay on the ice. The most is probably. -- Campbell sent. But Matt our count is gonna give them a run for his money because he has been proven himself to be so steady. Where is Duffy Hamilton and -- group are very much offensive weapons or what to the Bruins really need right now I think they need. Some type and include Julian will be the first sign that they need some defensive consistency at the Blue Line. And the ability to control the Blue Line will go a long ways in determining their ability to or closed operators. So -- If he is healthy to play Tuesday night in game three in New York probably plays in -- probably sets. I think that's you know BJP and and I were talking about this after the game and ask me pretty -- is the first of the bench. I said at first I said part calcium and he said now bark out he is. A very consistent player -- -- is you know definitely an offensive defenseman -- and and I bought BJ's point I think he's right I think. Crude is the one guy probably do without even of these. Number one -- weapon at the Blue Line right now on the power play I think I think our count these days and -- goes. It'll be interesting because you will have some fans you'll say what is syndicated scored two goals and two games. You know and but I don't -- Bobby Sweeney was on the foreign. He mentioned a comparison degrade our good -- -- came up and gave the Bruins a similar type guy smaller offensive defenseman. Com you know -- -- I agree with you -- if it was my decision I've probably seen them though even though we did score two goals. And you leave you with that much almost two hours after the game tonight there's they've lone player skating on the ice all by himself. Doing some drills and shooting the puck into an empty net. It was -- -- -- yarder two hours after the game I'm up on the ninth floor finishing up my column. And joggers out there are spending about 20/20 five minutes on the ice just working on -- skating. And other drills keep himself -- he only played twelve minutes I went close Julian says says he has an intense competitor. Most competitive guy one of the most he's ever seen that's an example of what it was what he's talking about. Might try it WEEI dot com you can read his columns -- there is getting Goodman of their right now after the Bruins win Bruins show how good they can be. I mean DJ being cover on the Bruins like a blanket. I can also find a -- attract TRE GS at drags on Twitter Mike good stuff is always take care. Shoot shoot bank I'd might try -- WEEI. Dot com we got to take a break. Will come back can we get another hour and a half to go for a phone calls thoughts from you. But the Bruins but the Red Sox about the week that was and the -- -- is its sports Sunday night on WB.

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