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Former Bruin Bob Sweeney joins Butch Stearns to talk about today’s win

May 19, 2013|

Sweeney explains how the Bruins’ rookie defensemen are feeling playing increased minutes due to injury. He shares how he felt when he debuted and a Bruins legend gave him a confidence boost.

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And welcome back into sports Sunday night here on WBI your phone calls are welcome your thoughts are welcome. We're talking Boston Bruins you know what it's like to be a fan watching these games imagine what it's like to be. Player playing in these games are former player watching these games. Or someone its in the Bruins organized -- right now watching these games well our next guest is one of us because he grew up here. Try to box -- also went to Boston College. Also. Is one of them. And because he was a former player and he's still in the Bruins organization. As the director of development for the Boston Bruins foundation. Bobbie -- on the phone -- Bobby Dario. Doing well. Well I mean I could not be doing well with a tuneup and lead of five to win it was pretty impressive it was. The way to start it was exactly what is it walkers are probably. The way to Rangers thought it would. You know it changes so much Jerry -- game. Where. The Rangers try to pair -- for her all her old or older but a better. The better one. That with the result. Fully commit some great saves at -- -- power play opportunities. Close -- but that's what you need to. Now. -- -- the better team won initially nitpick -- phrase for a second because -- -- -- and all the post game. And John toward -- I know he's the coach of the Rangers I know they've lost two games on the road so he's got to prepare them to win at home in. Courses that old cliche that a series doesn't start until. A road team wins a game -- a home team loses a game but he didn't seem to think the Bruins were the better team today was that just him trying to pump -- team up after the game. I. I played Gerard -- off -- assistant coach. -- guy. Coach. But I think we're. Really. I expect. Look at all the battle. For your real. The waiting needed to compete stealing game I don't think he did. I think the bird. You know did more. Anxious to hear. Her. Where where -- -- company it. Bobby is a former player. I remember you heard what 2324. When you get your first taste of playoff hockey with the Bruins right. You -- 78. Whatever that was right around that time. And so as a former player while we look at the story lines. Coming into these playoffs you know whether to group can win a cup the -- look at this here's the three rookie defenseman. Yarder being moved up and say can be moved down the players. Think about I mean is it do we make more of a ten players do are they thinking about the same things that we're talking about. Saint. All the fans and everybody thinks more of -- media obviously fortunate -- Not everybody has. Player they don't -- can't obviously shared it was too much training camp that you know that guy. Well that are capable. Of NHL level. -- right opportunity and I thank you look at the guy. They they played great girls are good that it should. Look at her look at her credit -- -- -- IE -- We. Are. Right. EE play well -- -- -- -- All -- off such. A setup is also. Altria the suspect here. A late great. -- true. I. Help out there and just play your game and treated the other day I think -- You know I think just give us some really interesting insight going back to training camp because. While we -- crew come up parents say well I haven't seen him play. All year while Gradkowski comes in and we know a little bit about it was a steady defense and of course Doug Hamilton -- any -- all year. At training camp I mean T to your point as a player. You know the guys that are in the organization they're not strangers to you when they come up right. Late -- well. No I don't look at eight -- -- -- pressure. What are you get up there. And that's why you're all here I watched it as simple -- And you know LeBron. Fortunate that they have a lot of -- and it sure our this year. Why. Can you share any experiences when you run either end. In other words when you came up in the late eighties obviously his team had Bork in nearly. And those guys in and I'm sure you must have been nervous. And in the playoffs and then on the other side I heard -- Boy chuck and Thornton among others after the game today. Were all asked about the young defenseman and they all said the same thing in different ways we talked to them. We told them just play your game you're here for a reason you're good players. I mean it works both ways doesn't. It. All our hiker might hurt. I sat factory or. The first set me. -- air. Play your game which agent that. Everything else picture and tell us -- anybody ever made. And it made field called ball and I think that's. You know injuries are or herb but what aired yet. I've got weight or. Eat. A terrible. -- -- that true or are you. -- -- is a lot out there constable -- it's it's tough situation. Especially why not be cracked the -- You know you want to make sure that these guys -- have. York -- She's alluded to earlier the guys -- it is. Bobby let me ask you talking to Bobby Sweeney some of the Boston Bruins foundation of course former Bruin. Local guy just a great guy I'm Bobby thanks for joining us I really appreciated by the way. I wanna ask you about Sagan and yarder. Obviously linked in a lot of ways. Sagan had a star in the making was just scratched the surface of his career yarder. At the end of his career and switched on lines in the first in the third and I'm definitely not asking it to second guess clone but even though yarder. The and one shot today and probably are robbed of -- goal. As he had an effect on the first line is he a big part. Of the reason that Bergeron. And marsh on have come to life or not and what about -- going down this sort what are your thoughts about those two and what's going. All all is all well right now whether you know yeah tiger plays well we're sure straight plays the -- -- I I think you gotta look a whole big picture here. You know the third line. Perceive all years as has struggled a secret. You wanna try to get out scoring. They are -- it felt all right. -- great. The Greg Campbell the -- So you meet -- path for all of -- always in the plan out there. In the -- successful. 2011. Whether yeah I honestly don't lie or say at -- -- -- You know I don't really think it matters the ball going to be -- all play I think they're just trying to find the right now. And. What do you think about yarder at this point in his career he'll be the first to tell he's not the same player but yet been able to watch him on an everyday basis now in the playoffs. We get to see some of the flashes of how great he really was right. You don't want. Lying down ostensibly. -- still. Saints -- all. Well obviously. As quickly as a player but. He's still very hard to -- off. -- after that ball players will attempt. And I think that's. Added value especially all play at all I think C he's as valuable player. There's two questions that have been texted in to ask you about him and ask them in the order they came and want to say butch asked Bob if the Bruins can win at all. With three rookie defenseman. GMA. Life you know what. Look what should take it by gains era -- these kids there. They're gaining confidence as -- change the law and that's what you want. More importantly as measured the water playoffs. Meet at depths of the broad shortly after death. Let's let's let's -- about this. Foolish not to say he would walk at all that aside. Her back lineup but guys. Prove it warriors and petrol all the battles there. What it gets to the nitty gritty you. Get deeper and deeper and go play eight. You know his fans. Remember going back to the cup run and it was game two in the next round against Tampa. Where Sagan had been. Spot playing up to that point Portman got hurt if we remember he got his chance scored two goals he had an assist they won that game 65. In overtime and there was no looking back I'm curious when -- player. On the team and you know you have a young guy west talent that he Hamilton's that guy this year. I mean do you feel more comfortable with when when the coaches make that choice I know it's not your decision. Would you feel more comfortable with the veteran guy. Or do you eat you know do you know that you might need talent of the younger guys how do you rationalize. That decision as a player in the locker room. When a team whose whose fortunes are resting in the balance. Won't want it she. You know as far as defense goes I think it's real important -- Have a guy that they're playing -- right right position and it. Yeah right and the defense Marat is playing right side but actually really important and I think that's why don't work or any. Every game the first round because they wanted to make sure. They'd they'd matched up with left and Seidenberg. C. I think that. You know -- I ELO. I just think everybody needs to be ready to play every game. And you can see eagle school play out. You'd need everybody not just six GUE eight. And I think we're seeing there. It's great great time for the future for the -- -- you know. We didn't play the game most of us at the level that you did Bobby and others in. Me personally would mean I would tend to -- favor the veteran despite all the talent and we got to this point in the season. I want to shore thing I want a guy nor can count on that may not make a great play but he's not make the big mistake and I just the way I would. Yeah I think you know all. Probably as a coach I think they'd they'd probably walked a guy at this stage big old Iranian air out. But then again when you when you get guys that are common and it. And plan like these guys are her ticket itself to take. Take a model lineup but you gotta root structure like a Seidenberg disparage you know. What you get sorted out pretty sure they're ready to go there and. It's engaged in debate and I'm sure we'll have it's -- more Arafat the Bruins had to New York in these guys perform well again -- remember. -- Bill Parcells famous saying about rookies and young guys they don't know what they don't know yet. And actually work for them at times you know. That in. Glory glory lies and I think what you you know these -- -- Right -- -- they're playing hockey. And then -- what they're what they're told to do but more importantly their general. Well what. Would hate to -- These guys say anything to see if you look at Tim -- Did their best -- -- All out of -- it -- a great skating it. At brings a different elements of the game so. They've got a great job there. There it's all system. It was in his -- Sunday night and WEEI I'm -- Stearns the talk -- Bob Sweeney. Longtime rolling in the current director of development of the Boston Bruins. Foundation -- the other question it was text it in for you. Why has Marchand got going and what can Sagan due to follow suit that's a question. Well you know what. This -- all about -- It. If you look at the first I think your role here. I had some great great opportunities to score for -- look at the you know EE worked his butt -- all part article that goal. Iggy able. The order basically. All you have to make birdie if not score you're doing all the little things and it looks like. The last few games Brad as a couple stepped ethical and it adds a little. Well I'll step short feet I think -- -- if it all you know Rick Nash -- All -- so. Are -- skating. -- Now scoring I think you know strategy get this -- order. -- Last couple things Barbie let's talk about to go a little bit I mean. It was a legitimate story coming into the playoffs can they win the cup with Tuukka. I don't think this story even belong to right now because whatever happens with the Bruins from here. That's story doesn't even exist right now doesn't he played phenomenal hasn't. And Portland. It's. I think that people that it and it and it mindset. You know he's. He was ready to embrace and so he's got such. You know for a goal least that's it's -- presence back there are present. Early -- huge saves today. Needed. These agencies states throughout the old clips of all year all -- you know I don't think this. -- many voters. And chair of the -- -- -- they're going to be happy with two. Oh -- your quietly passed. What does he do that impresses you when you've seen some great goaltenders you played with. Morgan my Amylin and others and what what does he do to. Let us make -- see the -- may mean that her. And then it'll. Want Hawaii's big cities that. You know maybe maybe you should know that some -- I think if you look back get. All the team that -- shortly -- -- black church where it is outstanding. A chimney was outstanding. Yeah goalie have to be well. Cabrera to fortunate that I have a guy like to think he's he's so tall order I will be all -- walker. Bobby before you go tell us the latest -- up with the Bruins foundation and what you guys have going on. Well we. Channel. In Children's Hospital pediatric -- Trombley had a men's hockey term that. How are Berle yeah racial retreat without. All political culture or Ike that was a great offense. You know obviously we got a lot with the one on here. We had torn between cars -- -- for the marathon. You know that result touched it's that close was. Actually been drawn a lot of -- fundraising and pat. And you know we're -- we just keep plugging away it is -- well all -- shirt well so. You know the latest and right ally this little bit -- ready to achieve here. Election. You know you have to be would be proud of the fact that you're first or something right now first in chino. Money raised the world 67000. Scoring are all of those people that you don't want which is great. Maybe we'll let you push through. I initiated into his forty's so I got a good start we'll see what happens and then of course to some will be here before we know hopefully a little longer. Then we want how can people find out about -- you guys do you golf tournaments you do so many things that I know emotional. Little web site you can just go to the web site click -- Patient currently at all. All sorts of different. Activities that we do a lot of grapples with tickets should change. You know right now we got to -- football contrary to regain. Gore and all the gains that the proposal why. Sort of great opportunity. A lot. But we always great to catch up when you're talking hockey and everything else please say a load your brother. For us of course are you brother lost his wife and 9/11 years ago we always our hearts our thoughts and prayers are out to him and his family I know he's doing great now to her. You know I appreciate that Portugal from the -- from hand. You know easy Orwell is less and -- Foxborough where we all started miles south so these are good as kids don't get. I appreciate. It's like. One of us Bobby new Englander so we always love B good my friend. All right Bobby Sweeney of the Bruins. Again check out what the Boston Bruins foundation does when this run is all over. Mean people always tell you hockey players in the best. Go to go to the golf tournament. Go there -- Bobby or sit there and you'll you'll be dropped judge you'll go to Bobby you'll see ya okay so sinner. And next thing you know they'll sign every autograph to the end of it -- -- is all of them to start with Bob because his body and as everybody else and and Bobby Sweeney's is one of them to and it's just. -- the greatest guys in the world. So Bobby screening -- joining us here tonight on sports and in. Our quick break we're back with your calls and more it is a sports on in -- -- gonna join us talk about the Bruins the Red Sox and more. After this -- which.

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