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John Lackey postgame guest after the last game of the Minnesota series

May 19, 2013|

Joe Castiglione talked with John Lackey after he picked up the W against the Twins. Lackey threw seven innings, and retired the 1st twelve batters of the game.

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I thank John Lackey congratulations that was really an outstanding performance you were just about perfect. I held about it felt pretty good guys play really good defense but I've got some. Balls are hit pretty hard out we -- -- -- though there's some of those guys that's team went. Why are you glad. Retired everybody to the blue W right you did not -- RC we saw the replay he caught the caught. -- really good division I don't know yeah. This -- event where she came right back here and that despite throwing your head out of that jam. You really looked like you -- you the ball around well he had a good breaking balls close location in your fastball. Yeah felt pretty good located fastball a break or. That last couple times out of felt pretty good just -- -- look the bottom. And the -- during the rain delay. I'll watch a little bit we've lost to Sam -- who aren't in the club south and it's of up yesterday and that's about it. -- out of that game. I'm pretty much by the time the recently went a little while. As it is just about a half hour rule -- I was stand ready for about a half hour then what's your best that -- -- -- -- So thank you could relax a little bit although the worst of anxious moments in the NHL but that -- with power in -- Koji we are. -- out of it obviously dollars they you know great hitter and you know I've got to it's seriously. And with his average you know you -- some kind of lived sources favorable -- -- this goes out there. Josh congratulations great job -- do you -- Chicago all right thanks.

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