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Mustard and Johnson on the NBA vs the NHL

May 19, 2013|

It's playoff time for 2 of the major sports and Craig and Larry get into the popularity of the NBA vs the NHL and what the ratings will show as the playoffs for both leagues develop and roll on. Craig is more of an NBA guy while LJ likes to watch it all!

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All of those are sweet sounds outside of that the -- Meaning that I -- you try to get this out the door as quickly as possible is that what it is don't want the screen door -- On the way out here's your hat what's your -- today gives some inside information. You've been doing for the last two days why stop now -- Obama and John Dennis I know we -- Jerry listen and support to show. There -- no coffee cops make sure -- partner proper -- morning in -- there's something wrong with his computer it has to make sure it -- your printer does get on this early. -- that there's a -- somewhere I don't know someone as a hiding spot somewhere is that a team player what about a -- what you gonna complement. On he has a musical choices is apparently John Dennis as we continue to open the back curtain here. Apparently John Dennis is complemented our producer map -- for his musical styling so nobody else it was a nervous because he thinks he left his survey in here. I Somalia talking about you -- why you don't it's all of the papers checked -- at -- secret. By the way you gracious the globe did it tomorrow that by the way earlier I think someone ingests. You were discussing the possible. Conspiracy. Are there other horses and jockeys colluding I'll -- that all I had now against. Or who is the conduct now are repaid if you watch it is I do because I love it ever really do pretty if you were watching it. -- said the tendency to chart -- jockeys had gotten together and had a meeting but the overall consensus was that the because -- was on the rail -- that you were not gonna give him an opening. He had a little one but not a big -- horses if they don't like running in traffic like that they need the need to get into the outside of it is not decreased to your freedom to get through. He was trapped the Iranian and up for a barrel when it protects him for Winfrey says wrong again area like that especially like I guess he's. Wrong again I think Larry Collins that -- hiding behind a text when you draw the one hole and that's what -- guy you get what you get so I understand that but as you go back to march and again what's the replay that's what they said I'm just complementing commentary moment they set. -- don't hide behind attacks -- texts that are in the 240 which I have no idea where that -- for a way. Mary that's just a cell phone exchange the eighty's game we're talking a little bit about the comparison between today's game. As it stands in the glory days of these -- lakers in the sixers in the south of course pistons later on. The eighty's game and its players were superiors says this text there intensity of the game. The team wrinkles the quality of play of of five set over the game the players it's veteran ninety's -- I just think there's so many talented players the infuse. The infusion I should say of the Europeans. And I just think it's and. People -- I do but I don't think the big man in terms of -- definitely there's no one thinks it is amazing to me because I really thought they were gonna have problems in the NFL. With who aren't the most glory to positions quarterback and our same man you know. Aren't that many great quarterbacks coming out tomorrow on the draft -- and -- locked in IG three came out in the like I said wow. They continue to manage to stock the shelves to have great talent in that area because you know and I know. I'm in that that's an amazing. Marketing tool that the NFL has that. You can watch any game and have a great time right watching it we -- you can't really say that about audio C I -- but I will say this and Tom. I believe. I tuned in last night of the knicks and the pacers I could easily watch. Any NBA playoff. And I said I I think regular season games I probably and I think play like I think the Memphis. San Antonio series is going to be great job by Georgia like granddaughter and Gasol in the middle. By the way if you're ABC heat and yes he had. You can't be particularly grow older and let's see San Antonio in Memphis now there's some big markets right there I mean I think the NBA's overtime because game's going to be played on so right well it's only -- central -- not. That was until 9 o'clock are all like you're in bed at 830 tonight are you -- they play the NBA finals at 9 o'clock no matter what teams are involved that's just the way it works as a -- early games they played -- -- for a long long time and I -- what was I don't know what -- watching what was the last time they played for the finals any -- before 9 o'clock they play the finals mostly at 9 o'clock -- repeat -- a -- 9 o'clock o'clock o'clock in the birdie there late CBS had those gains and remember the first bird year 81. Those gains on tape the last -- we announced that obviously they have to go have to play to the left called so right can't started too -- back east I understand that I just thought it was -- so you are fascinated by San Antonio and Memphis. I think Libya I'd like now Gasol and I like Zach Randolph how he has a reemerged because he was a dark for awhile. Do you agree with Mike's assessment that as strong is both those two teams are one from that standpoint. Obviously Memphis and younger team. Indiana and up and coming young team without a star you any of those teams throw up any kind of road -- at all for -- -- It's interesting -- Hibbert is certainly a 772. Presence in the middle Miami doesn't have anybody to match up against sap by. I I think a lot whether to end don't forget Miami's got so many weapons to an Allen. They were join -- say about a bright man it is nice to have him and Betty on the outside dropping in threes if you can -- you know. They want to clog up the middle -- can clog up the middle because Miami has people who Pinter who can shoot from outside if. You missed it earlier Mike from camp. Once again once he got through praising his yankees in an area -- -- which he does and every call. Proclaimed. Hardly going out on your proverbial limb and that the Miami Heat would win not one but two but three before. It's gonna be a cakewalk. Although I'll say this. Since game six last year against the Celtics when they were down 32 LeBron put the 45 spot up. On the Celtics on the parquet they're thirteen and two in the post season. It doesn't seem is Ziff. They do belong in the city with because everybody -- -- -- cut above at this point. But I don't think it's going to be -- more interest in the hockey of the MBA well it's hard right now where from a point via -- nationally on -- of course is the Serbia via joint interest in the National Hockey League nationally. I don't know maybe -- -- be getting better ratings. Better ratings locally yeah yeah out locally I know and there's no contest I want your code you're remember the outside eight games that they had they were here on out that's for hockey. Number swimming haven't they already like -- yeah yeah we played that Fenway Park yeah that's one game on January 1 -- the -- -- a cut to a three of an issue I guess is that. The in this is and I've seen the ratings recently ABC which has the NBA games we ill probably triple. The or more -- -- probably. Quadrupled to quintupled the ratings -- -- -- that -- biscuits are saying you thought that most of the MBA it was blowing and I didn't say how you did you said that you use that you don't think there's that much interest -- do you find much interest in the San Antonio. Oklahoma series I just say -- just asked me that. I asked you with the -- I DU. I -- -- otherwise that or Chicago and Detroit. In the hockey. I watch I'd rather watch a bomber watching a neutral game that does not involve the home team right. I'd much rather watch an NBA playoff game although as much I love original six hockey you know how can you turn your back -- Detroit and Chicago or the Bruins or arrange -- you can't. And I and I understand that Stanley Cup playoff action are -- scratch it off on -- beatable. But in general rock calling the play by play and it is not calling it amazing don't get me wrong I'm not claiming. That Stanley Cup playoff action isn't spectacular because it is but in general as a basketball fan. I love watching NBA playoff. Are you pressing matter who went with you and I am a ratings NC thoughts going to be quadruple to -- -- compassionate to our audience molecule are we right so let's find out it's just based in history when I said let's find out -- is wrong with that would dramatically changed I think it might. It of people might be buoyed as you know win in certain non serious I don't like the well you just you know what you trip over yourself and you keep -- it and -- I happen to agree with coming your assessment. -- you that you -- now -- the that networks are enthralled about. Some a matchup to run out and I agree with it but since I still say the fact that the lakers and the Celtics I know we it'd be fun. And -- this'll be interest. That the best case and I think you have a case for this I will concede this point oh thank you the Bruins and Rangers -- 'cause there two top ten markets number one and numbers six and number -- he's the number ninety -- market Boston you're gonna get NBC has that. And you're gonna get a huge. Boston audience and you get a good New York -- -- You know you may be right about this once you might be right about the Boston New York match up. -- Bruins and Rangers today for NBC it's their best shot. At being competitive this look at the two markets. They're playing you're right in the NBA Memphis and San Antonio so you have a very good point -- as you said if you are real. Like Joey from the north and he's the real path to abroad -- gay -- stuff pay him with the editor RD out game will be a dropping obviously if you just what you the markets Boston and New York is going to kill Memphis and San Antonio in sheer numbers. But the rest of contrary to rest of the country as much more likely to watch San Antonio. In Memphis than they are gonna watch the Bruins and the ranges as the regional sport where -- the way it works. 61777979837. We go to Mike. Who's in the car -- Mike. I -- and I cried a little while ago what you saw the bullet and reluctant but it quarterbacks are now. -- is on the football coach and cheered. Straightaway in the Bible that we currently out you know what -- reading coverages out aggression. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- With the Internet you know hundred radio coaches clinic it would have to Alter it. Right so you're saying you think that the athletes in the players are better today than they were a generation ago. -- you know more sophisticated. That. And I think also via apple -- schism. I think -- IG three. That if -- these running quarterbacks have added another dimension and but it's not just a running here very the F fundamentally sound and throwing. Let our guard Larry doubt if -- to a record that in the seventies he wouldn't virtual machine. -- -- -- -- If that's what they did dated and -- African American quarterbacks in those days that was a highly racist blossom Jefferson street Gilliam -- and with the guy for Denver. -- Moral him what a magician Briscoe marlin Briscoe took off thank you wide receiver became a quarterback. That they are few and far between that day and age thankfully. That racist philosophy has changed. Well that set. We took care of business we've taken care -- business for today and let's see if the Bruins can do likewise game number two meanwhile Red Sox going for there. Fifth in a -- lot Minnesota that Joseph and David and -- him I might see how Lackey comes back he wasn't that bad before and he had that terrible row. It out the opened the floodgates so let's see how he does writes there will be checking on Jon Farrell's pitch count. Growing I don't wanna see John Lackey out their -- 127. Pitches and not left out they situations and I'm not a speaking of -- C thanks the -- over on the other side of the glass seated next hour at nine and I.

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