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Mustard and Johnson on a Sunday -- Taking a Look at the Boston Sports Scene

May 19, 2013|

Craig and Larry are in on Sports Sunday and take a general look at the Boston sports scene. They talk Bruins/Rangers and Game 2, discuss the Red Sox victory over the Twins as well as John Farrell's decision to leave Dempster in the game yesterday - LJ did not agree, and even talk a little Pats football with the Gronk injury situation.

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Ainsley good five in a row this afternoon way John Lackey on the hill. Portable socks -- stay in one game behind the Yankees. In the AL east meanwhile speaking in New York team is the Rangers. Will try to even their series with the Bruins. -- afternoon at the Boston Garden over on causeway. 3 o'clock is the face off and of course we spent most of yesterday's show. Discussing the bruins' chances in game two -- this series and in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. In general I'm looking at Steven Harris -- piece today Larry. In the Boston Globe and a lot of what we said yesterday just because of dale one. DJ talked about this morning just because the Bruins managed to beat the Rangers in game one in overtime. It's not necessarily mean the series is gonna be a cakewalk and any it's any sense of work. Well we learned as you pointed out yesterday from the Toronto series that. One team does not. Mean a play off a series sweep or win so. It RV -- -- -- Daylon DJ. A great hockey Geist our marquee guys they've they've coveted from. From nine to twelve I don't know what is -- knew that we can add to -- it but we will. Discuss the Bruins because it's the game it's on today at 3 o'clock of -- also open up to get other other things going on the knicks lost. The Red Sox won by Diana I'm critical of Ferrell. I'm critical of fair share a year and mighty man crush -- and he's perfectly validation wing games these -- nine inning up. No I really I mean. How can you be critical of apparel but I am I I I thought that I can't I -- of other pitching problems that average closes and a rating of one thing that to have the parties that I steady and consistent. Are your style is so to have Ryan Dempster re -- ago for a two thirds innings eight hits five runs. Yet even that -- like I deliberate. But he leaves him in the front 127 pitches and I guess it Afro went out to government -- the spark demand to. Leaving him out the year and he says I start at some gas in the tank and I can understand all that it. -- you know -- competitive. Athletes do not wanna come out of the game they're convinced that they can they can go out DA you can look at it boxing. -- pitcher for the Red Sox in game seven in all three who did wanna be taken out the -- -- Pedro Martinez. No he was ready actually he was the amount that great little he convinced. Even -- leave the game. What is warmup jacket on evil and the right -- that was in the seventh and that was after completing the seventh then yeah once he was out there. You got a pair got to compare -- but -- has the right and dumps where we are looking for now I'm Carly in the browse all of my breakdown -- powerful specs aren't should be planted in the crease though I should probably as they went all the problems that yet having. And with pitching nowadays and guys going out in the -- hand -- handed alien low light it. I just don't think it's a good time to -- pitches tell -- -- I think I can throw another ten pitches on the other democratic it was really just saying. -- -- The bullpen being shredded by injury are trying to get as much out of your starting pitching as you can 12700. That is that is stretching its John Ferrell has flaws after all they also bring back -- -- I aim it and I take this very arrest SARS right now to me in my opinion is. Opera -- is winning and carrying the team -- his glove and Ortiz is carrying the team with his bat today -- -- -- terrible bring Tom Kelly back. -- -- a bases loaded situation yesterday and they screwed that ups though. Bad not that I was watching -- dramas like right now you're ashamed to say you're watching the games but I mean -- Minnesota recessed. Well fall but -- you don't listen Ortiz is getting it done. The -- situation as you pointed out yesterday and I think it's I think it's a great point too. Discuss for a few minutes is the one thing may be the Rangers went into this game in the AD even though they knew they were gonna have three young defensemen back via. Maybe they didn't anticipate that these guys would be that effective in terms of bridging the puck out of their own and well now that you know that -- had a couple of days to deal with that thought in since nobody of the injured three. Appear to be coming back the veteran defensive. And I am players that they have that they will still have to go to three young defenseman. And it'll be interesting to see if how to Rangers changed that -- -- gonna have to report -- impress more a part in making it more different count for these guys to get to park rather own hand -- I just don't think and we talked about that Ronald series and we think about the last ten minutes -- the furious comeback and on the flip side the worst collapse probably any single game in. Stanley Cup playoff history. And the Bruins started off that series wave back in game one almost two weeks ago. With a very impressive almost routine. Portal one thrashing of two Ronald. It looked as if the Bruins had complete control they were vastly superior to the maple leaves what happened Ronald won game -- -- Ported to a Sunday night a series of adjustments to market about. That yesterday is a matter of fact -- should have coaches are what makes a great coach of white sport. Is the most different cult sport to coach -- manage. In all of them at some point you have. Adjustments and decisions and after may be HL I filed a guy about before we shoots and job. So I'd make a line change in football before the game is even played you have to make a decision -- and do you want to kick off for. It gives you the advantage clay Iran so. Decisions have to be made all the time so that's what will be interesting to see. As you know the arranges a gonna have to adjust. And now him in -- had Larry Brooks on yesterday or thought it was it was frightening -- our proxy card as the team and he said. Power play is just -- In that the the rangers' power yeah well usually it's usually most LYO Jewish over the growing I told you in the overtime against the -- that was the best power play I can remember in I don't know how long but they didn't score on the power they didn't score but you know what you're wearing people out right. Eventually they did score and they won that game in overtime but. Fascinating speaking -- Larry Brooks he's had quite a conflict to a relationship -- -- the abrasive coach of the New York Rangers who has made it a cottage industry almost. Ought to hate. The media in -- I doubt now. Can't stay and it's nice to be in the locker room and and in this one of the reasons why I know this is an. Terribly interesting necessarily. -- hockey nation out there because they're not in the locker -- they don't have to deal with these coaches like DJ being in. And -- and people around the hockey scene in a much more regular basis and we are. But -- stands out. In a sport which is kind congenial -- realist gracious. You couldn't find nicer more down to earth salt of the earth peoples' coaching the -- right -- He is he is the one odd ball in a very gracious sport. You think about the Canadian personality. Dominates that sport. We as we talk about Bobby York for one of the greatest athletes in the history of any sport is one of the nicest guys of all time right. Because he's Canadian all the players even if you're not an eight National Hockey League the Canadian personality. Dominate that sport. -- have this guy John toward -- From nearby Concord Massachusetts and Boston Globe Larry has an article John powers -- you know John in a long time Olympic writer. John writes apiece. About toward guerrillas upbringing. In Concord Massachusetts. And not surprisingly he was a baseball player a hockey player a coach on the field a coach on the ice. And I'm paraphrasing here but is. His baseball coach -- he could never ever. B a coach why as a result he's fighting off the and only result in dad's. He was so over the top we were asking me yet in his intensity. -- simplify he has such a give and take him mostly give. With the New York media and all hockey media I think is uninteresting character he's a great bill one opera ticket would you like Robin Valentine. This guy -- much more effective and Bobby Valentine -- -- on time. It's of the way he. Liked when Valentine answers the question is tricky set their -- scratching your head as -- just don't know. What he's talking about most of the time I didn't. Bobby I don't think was as calculating. And cold and as manipulative as this guy. -- Bobby just incompetent this guy is no question about it. Are really affect. Nice inning will the only thing I don't like about it is. Coaches are in a position to counterpunch. Right so if you ask so what did you think of the game today what they they can either. Really give you an analytical answer. It gives you information and right while I thought well he did say though we disagree gets bank today. Or if they want to they can make any questions seem like the stupidest question ever grass and we gets affected -- Yeah so I think they are in. A position. To control. You know how they want the the question perceived right you answer this guy is EU's so passable so irritable. All the other coaches and players mostly 99.9. Percent the National Hockey League. Even if they give you a non answer they'd do it in such a gracious you wanna I wanna little sizzle while I want a little age I -- I don't think boring boring is just not good I think the reason people liked. Rex Ryan is because he was a little bit of a loose cannon did -- know what you're gonna get. Now I don't -- whole -- followed that but that sure it matched the sport recovering so you liked this guy. I like I want I I take its appointment. When the games Obama. It's no coincidence that they went to his press conference after the game pacing he's more interest in the clos. -- different but what I like about say -- -- -- now but when I do like about him is he does not shy eight. -- -- From our criticizing his own players RP -- our particular line didn't play that well lauded show opera. He needs him more out of sake it he comes out and he says that of what I love about that with him is. He's not going down with the ship. If he's coaxed them and cautioned them. In prepared them properly and then -- out on the ice in a mail -- in. He's not going down with the ship in I like. -- doesn't have the disease wanna Stanley Cup. I hope you don't look at I don't from you data loss to Toronto there would have been a lot of people around you looking for married back there were people at this very radio station name named Bob Mike -- on the assault and -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- A dismissal if they lost that Iran. So -- if you think I don't think that would happen I don't think you can dismiss someone in who aren't sure rallied did make a very. Interesting comment about that he -- well as long as I'm here he's my coach right. And he's sure rally and -- Odom a pretty tight relationship that not unlike the relationship. With -- -- shock and got doc. And in and you know what -- and Tom and Larry Lucchino would round -- You know what that's refreshing because as we talked about yesterday how many coaches went through that turns that a coaching turnstile over there are causeway street when Harry was in charge carried like a coach. Fired up there's a long line of cultures -- winner of the Bruins graveyard of couldn't even get through a season. -- lasted one season maybe two seasons next coach up. At least you have stability and I think that's important and I think that quote has proven himself very different kind of personality obviously than John zarrella. He's exactly what the Bruins and do you think two coaches should be as it managers should be assessed. More by decisions that they make inning game or more by the -- team is playing. -- I don't you see this we had this discussion yesterday and I think you fall into the same trap most fans do. I certainly understand how are -- he's putting -- listeners out there it's going to Europe demagogue basically lived there your finger -- great scares me that you stick your finger up. And then you figure out which way the wind is blowing you go that direction. Now I'm just saying that it's easy for the average span -- think that the and I agree mostly with the head coach of football has much more about. Determining factor. In who wins and who loses or your wife go to tarter where new government -- -- but but I I think that in the long haul the other sports particularly the two motions sports. You have to be very good psychology you have to do the same baseball as well. And you'll have to be able how how do you maintain. And I do this to a certain extent in school but we see these guys. Individual classes once a day for sixty minutes but I do over the course of ten months. How do you have a relationship and intense relationship. With a group of young players like these coaches do. Over months and months and months and it's not just making decisions inside again it. It's you know how to press the right buttons how to motivate how to say the right thing when you know. -- the regular primetime in the Rhode Island me it's it's about I went to my son's basketball high school practice a couple of times. And this car coach Douglas was demanding and suicides. And are just kept them on the floor for ever running and drill up that drove up to drop. I'm sitting here and I'm saying to myself. How does -- get these kids to to Lewis. A -- a light went on in on how how because they won because they want to make the team because they want to play for the team. But the problem at these coaches and managers have today is. You've got these guys making you know a twenty million dollar contract. Making twenty million a year. You have to appeal to their pride that they care enough to go off the air in and want to. Win in it's interesting because even when you -- you get that trophy and while we're champions and you have the ring in -- market but there's a -- today were John have a -- Auctioned off some things his sixth at one of his rings and got a million dollars over the -- -- did the same thing I don't blame them I gimme my -- from living if you wanna take -- your family or your kids the grandkids. You know just a bunch of items up in my closet someplace is -- gonna do you any good but the point I'm making is. There has stood the like you said it -- the psychology yet there has to be a motivating factor. The -- bought -- goal while beyond beyond get the money because let's face it the championship she is now elected tip. Compared through here. Yearly salaries so how do you how do you get a -- do you get a little chicks -- really -- the -- like the moving your feet around an everyday and just. How do you do it. But that's his job and that's one when people say well I can't go up there -- skate form I can't go out there and shoot threes form. But that's your job your being paid a very -- seven figure salary to do. Just that how you do that over the long hall I think separates. The average coaches from the very special this. -- to different to let's face a group Belichick can operate more out of fear. Because you know you get paid that the bonus. -- if they wanna cut you because your diabetes is how to control over about or -- or if they if you don't wanna pay for what they wanna play you. Belichick has the back of -- -- he's not worried about being allowed -- are developing a guaranteed contracts is almost like a college he's right about being feared right you have the ability at least that you could do some of that -- in baseball like what are you supposed to do what for guys decide decides to target up and he's got a four year deal left on the books for twenty million a year. What do you suppose to show. But John Ferrell a established very early on what Bobby Valentine obviously miserably failed that last year he a established a certain -- or a certain system. Certain structure. In training camp and spring training that is extended to the regular season it's not an accident the Red Sox are playing much better John Ferrell. Is it vastly superior manager then again so are you from Bobby Valentine itself. It does matter people -- I think people we had this discussion yesterday people underestimate. How important communication. Psychology. Our relationships. Are I at this level it's not just about making decisions in the game yet. It's almost more important because you could argue the point that these guys have been playing the right they -- -- lives I know the -- right they have nobody you know yeah yeah yeah you know -- to steal a base out of but they know while that are ready. But it's motivating them to to get the most out of them right so when you look at a -- had com. You know. I -- native forests I wasn't wild about him but that was more of the body language in the in the matches that's what we're supposed to be selling insurance that's what most people are there more you've got to know I don't see -- does it got. Bob Novak -- so I don't act now what really did for me is because I like. What he says. After the game I like no I'm serious I like the fact that he's not afraid to criticize his play is not a freight car of tomorrow. But let's face it before the Stanley Cup. You know he -- you say that time he's got Brady you said that about bird when you win early right. When you have a different. Look people did not respect load because he didn't look the part he looks like the Pillsbury the behind the -- any any soft spoken he's not fiery. Obviously he's effective because everywhere he's gone he's he's -- winning teams. So you you're right you base -- on presentation and appearances I did people I really did yeah. In an actuality. How often do you get I've how often do you get a hockey coach to. Clock after the game at NASA does a great job with -- for the miles spot you what to Belichick's press comments and dark as Ryan. In Farrell has wind I don't remember really really paying much attention. To a hockey coaches is comments after game until recently. Well because of expanded television coverage in obviously you're -- see a lot more clothing you would previous coaches are you getting get a more animated. Play by play today like do you think any of the. Comments and complaints that the game was cut off -- was called Thursday and -- I -- you don't care about it but. -- do you think any of that information got back to. Down to the announcing crew now I did not see the red wing Blackhawk game yesterday one unassuming -- camera did that game. Item I don't know you know -- emirate did the game that you most of them the red wings Blackhawks came right okay so there there are signing their number one team. That showdown that original six showed that as opposed I want you -- airports. Well jacket which -- -- work at the network NBC has it's -- you're going to be stuck with the way that. Yeah Jack Carmel and -- giving the play by play during the game where we're gonna take a break we've been talking a lot of hockey you wanna open up talk a little baseball Red Sox have won Gradkowski is a major story that people are not talking about yet but they have ballot as a backup but that's not. If -- they're going get back surgery that's a major major story you broach that at the end of the show yes yes I can expand. On that little bit but we only half an hour to go to 125 Red Sox baseball so as a former a colleague of mine once and load up 617. I was seven I form where is 7937. Well they I'm happy you know about wearing that -- man.

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