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John Farrell pregame before the last game of the Minnesota series

May 19, 2013|

Dave O'Brien talked to John Farrell before the end of the Twins series. The Sox skipper said that Big Papi's success is no surprise given his work ethic.

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Okay John thank you very much Red Sox going for a suite with John Ferrell John so far outstanding road trip at four and one going for the three games here against the twins. It would be great way to finish -- three game set here in Minnesota and coming off the last night -- the way we swung the bat the way it was on about against Hernandez over and Fenway the last time we faced them. We've got a couple of guys that we've been able to move in and out of lineup to give some guys -- a down day off their feet and I think would set up nice -- Chicago if we can finish today is of them first two games. Always nice when you have David Ortiz and the other guy doesn't -- -- -- numbers in this ballpark just off the charts six RBIs last night. Whether it's just coming back and -- -- Minnesota you know sometimes you see players that a starter with an organization originally and they come back I don't wanna say haunt them but perform well against them. David performed well against every -- space but to see what he's doing in this time back in 2013. After the eight months off that was talked about it's been remarkable but. When you look at the work ethic you look at the routine that he has it's not a it's not by coincidence that the performance is there any CD's injected such a huge Batman or order. Away and it's good to see some of the guys started Kumble for Donovan in middle Brooks and drew and and other guys to contribute in that way. Let's talk about Dustin Pedroia a little bit I know is when your favorite subjects in for very good reason but big poppy was on star of the game show last night he said at times it's like there were three. Dustin Pedroia is on the field the same time in this series it's feeling that way. He he's impacted the game and he doesn't seemingly every night it in one form or fashion you know last night's you in on the play makes down right field winery catches the ball almost with a back home plate he spins throws a strike to home plate that the cut down. A would be. Ron. And then you look at the base running play that you know when Ortiz -- -- one hopper reform on which is a tough read for a guy at second base. There's no hesitation on his part he takes the extra base it -- four months -- forward Bobble the ball a little bit. But it sets up that -- the fact that he's got he puts himself in position for a sacrifice fly and another run scored but. I hit his instincts it's almost like you know that the great players whatever sport you talk about. They seemingly look at the game from above and looked down and are able to make decisions in sided with such precision. And PD is that guy for us. -- when an MVP he seems to be off to a similar start this season and a power hasn't yet come he's only hit the one home runs so for. Well I think what's happened to. But he takes his -- it's the other way I mean it's not that it's not a secret or an accident that he's hitting 335340. But he's taken what the opposition gives them and that's touches on the outside part of played them going the other way what so. -- you know a lot has been written of late they talk about how how well his brilliant. Maybe we take it for granted because we don't see this being any different than what Pedroia has given us over the the five to seven years and he's been here with and it's it's great to be able to write his name on the lineup every day. Go go go back to the fifth inning and Ryan Dempster is on -- obviously scuffling six walks in the contest. You left them in the ballgame to trying to get through that it was obvious you wanted him. To get a win but let's go to the conversation what was the conversation between you and damp on the mound at that point well. He did his best and then obviously taught me how to take him -- of the game right there but you know leading up to that we had mortenson -- and what are really didn't wanna do is is. Put Morton's and in the situation where he's got a commitment faced an -- And morneau. With potentially the go ahead run at home plate and unfortunately go to the mound and and you wanna get a veteran guy threw. The fifth inning obviously with a four run lead at the time. But I walked to the mound and he goes you can't take me out right here. And I said well I I I can. It is my decision be able to do that but. I just had to you know and I never like to ask a pitcher house aren't as assistant hey -- your legs feeling goes -- strong I can get through this. I said OK that's it you've got one hitter make it happen or else we've got to make a move right here and and back I went and it's one of those times where you kind of manage with your heart rather than your head. But felt like with a veteran guy who we weren't putting in harm's way from a physical standpoint wanted to give -- opportunity get the win unfortunate didn't work out he -- last night as you mentioned. Battled with -- command all night long and you know 127 pitches over 42 thirds. And that's not the norm. Certainly not I thought at the time if he's 2526. Years old relatively new and his Major League career. He probably doesn't get that opportunity to have that discussion with you right. No not at all and we wouldn't send a young pitcher in the early part of us for up to the mound for him what would be in third consecutive inning of nearly thirty pitches that those of those that type innings -- really start. You know load up on the guy and and can have some lingering effects don't forward but. As strong as Ryan is and how well he takes care of himself we feel in five days to be ready to go again against Cleveland. John thanks good like today thanks -- -- Our question with the manager was brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz. Dealers and the new 2014. He class. Visit MB USA dot com today. John.

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