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Dale and DJ Continue Their Preview of Bruins/Rangers and Discuss the Power Play on Sports Sunday

May 19, 2013|

Dale and DJ roll on with their puck talk and chat some more about the goalie matchup in this series, as well as the lack of a quality power play for both of these teams. In fact, DJ says the Rangers are even worse on the PP than the B’s! The guys also get into the resurgence of Milan Lucic and his deceptive speed and grit. Dale and DJ talk about the similar styles of play for these teams and look forward to Game 2.

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Third and final hour sports Sunday Sports Radio WEEI normally were until 1 o'clock but DJ and I've got to get over to the garden. For the 3 o'clock face off by the way out cheap plug once again 2 o'clock full sixty minute pregame show will be on nests and plus today. On myself Barry Petersen Jack Edwards in the Brinkley now go for my alma -- text all. I I -- it's -- -- crew and I defy you to find better local coverage than what to get on -- and plus today a full sixty minute pregame show. And then a full post game show as soon as the game goes off the air the minute the final horn sounds. We jump writing beautiful post game show was well all of that on -- and plus today. -- during the break I took the opportunity. Just look up the numbers just -- so I knew what I was talking about god forbid we should do that. -- Julian -- lifetime playoff record as head coach in the national hockey. Is 45. And thirty -- Okay 45 and 37. John -- Rollins lifetime playoff record as head coach in the National Hockey League is 42 and forty. Both of one -- right one cup each. Toward a realist playoff record is one game below 500 upload Julian when I say -- eight -- up 545. And 37. So help me out here those of you who have the courage to not be a -- and tell like it is. -- -- -- -- -- -- Right because that was what started this whole thing a eight Baxter took me to task. For saying that you know what I'm when I was talking to John and -- this week and we went through. They said nobody gives the advantage to forward Tyson boss yeah -- and -- New York right and -- was with three guys jags you know what exactly yeah might change. I said goaltending for me was a wash. Island new York and and I didn't because I think took its had a better year than Hendrick Lundqvist that as hat and then coaching I said the Bruins had the advantage now. Text to wanted to take me to task for that so help me out year. Remember that down the stretch. When this -- team was in freefall big -- to get themselves back in it late in the season and yet the ended the ended up. Getting getting the six -- here but did that he was in free fall and at the time at the trade deadline. The time that they moved divert. There are serious questions about whether or not they'd even make the post season which for a team that going into the season was believed to be the like the cream of the crop in the Eastern Conference up. They had quite the fall from grace and people were talking boat toward -- and keep his job. Mean every year it seems that if if one thing goes wrong people say is is clothing inspired now but there religion there's legitimate talk in New York as to whether or not. This guy I was gonna keep his job. I don't think code is the greatest coach in the history of hockey I don't think that. -- -- the imagination. He's the best coach in the Saudi. This is by no means a situation where John to order l.s gonna come in here and people ask logs only in socks -- right exactly and -- coach Claude Julien. Actresses did you wanted to trade boy chuck for Corey Perry yeah. At one point or title what would it take a -- exactly what what was the -- this was a long time or type about and this was when. You know you didn't know whether they're going to be able to keep everybody they were handing out the contracts in the big money contracts and the question became you know -- they have to trade a guy like Corey Perry. And I said you know the package that it would take to land a guy like Perry would start with a guy like boy chuck and it would it would include up a top line forward. And I said yeah I absolutely do great. Would I trade boy chuck is part of a package for -- while assuming the package to include Patrice Bergeron and Tuukka Rask yes. Right I mean I love Johnny boy track. Yeah this is in its. It went by Corey Perry -- yes I would I would do that it's all accuracy out that you wanted counted all by -- -- make it what if they take them even out. I'd absolutely look -- -- right I'm I'm saying that with tongue firmly in cheek right it would cost to allot more than boy chuck right exactly what -- yeah I'd like to give McCall and ago. Coppola took third straight up. 6177797. I can talk about how surely. That went -- -- yes surely didn't it was hallmark yeah. John's on the cell hey John I don't. A year or very well thank you -- -- I tried to be realistic at the trade deadline and the Bruins picked up earlier but arguably the second best. And they'll play it would you give betrayed or so but -- I'm concerned about -- -- you've got the number I think but it I think close to twenty games. Regular season and playoffs and exactly goal one of which would not escape a mom and it'll be used in the slot for the re edit are you guys know about it. He he does some things that I think are great and and I do think. Even though the numbers aren't yet showing as much production as I'd like I think he's made dramatic difference in the bruins' power play. And and and if he did nothing other than work on the power play here I'd have made the deal. He has he has frustrating at times because of his refusal to give up the -- despite the fact that he's got three guys around him. He is yet -- by his own admission he's 41 years old -- right you know he's not he's not 21 he's not twice he's up 31. He's slow it wasn't fast when he was 21 in I had always even slower in -- The comparison with Iginla isn't fair just because obviously the the age difference and also at this point in their career. Doctor wasn't expected I know that when he first came in we we heard the need younger and we probably got the style chicken all excited that this was a guy who's gonna come in the NB. The first slide and right wing for you. In reality that's -- saw what he is anymore. Which -- get a lot that's something that would have been a lot more feasible he probably would have -- a new top line. You'd be talking boat Nathan Horton is a potential third line guy here is the second line guy than moving -- out of third line. There would have been more that domino effect to really make your team a lot deeper and stronger and more offensively potent had a broad Jarome Iginla. The army or younger doesn't have that same impact so. You can't look at it as. Instead it big they couldn't get it again -- so they'd be -- younger do the same thing because joggers and people doing the same thing at least at this point in his career. Would you expect that that either he handle port would be back next year. I would expect younger -- no idea I'm not sure -- will be right and I wouldn't. I didn't think effort going into the season I thought that port may be at. I mean here's a question mark -- given the concussion stuff you thought maybe if he misses time does he come back on a short one year deal -- -- amid this this analogy before. It might end up being what you thought it was gonna be with Michael Ryder where you think can you bring him back for short money but with the way that he's going right now. Nathan -- in the way that he's producing in the post season which. He's a -- in the post season twice in his living up both times so he's helping his case right now I think he might be O pricing himself. From the Bruins if they were planning on trying to bring him back salary cap going down next year right got a side to get a big money. Ference who knows what's happening I doubt that he'll be back I don't think of the back as well I think that. Another thing of -- we're talking vote. How with the play of these young defensemen bodes for the future. I think the map Archos you -- I was given the Bruins enough confidence to think that if Ference is -- back it's up in the world. -- call thanks. Texture from the for a once as -- Rask better than Lundqvist that's -- Keebler -- while I appreciate the shout out there. All those that are season that's what I said right I said to Rask has had a better year than Henrik Lundqvist this year. And I'm sorry he had it's now you wanna talk about lifetime achievement Hendrick Lundqvist gets the gets -- not. Tuukka Rask has been better this year than Henrik Lundqvist that's all set by the way the numbers all backed out -- Rite -- Keep in mind we're talking to vote. Two of the best I mean on arguably what. Top two of the best five goalies in the league to the best six goalies -- league so. It's not like we're saying that one is significantly better than the other like we're -- and Tom -- open is right exactly Lundqvist no matter what -- if I could have either one of these guys starting game premium go -- Hendrick Lundqvist a million times out of a million just because he's Hendrick Lundqvist in the body of work is there. Tuukka -- has -- certainly. That not only is he is starting goaltender but he's borderline elite goaltender. And and the only point I've made was that this year this year Tuukka Rask has had a better year than Hendrick Lundqvist and and I am sorry you can't look at any of the numbers and come to any other conclusion. And and every single category Tuukka Rask gets the not so I. I understand lifetime achievement you know what lifetime achievement -- Brodeur is better than any right not as good. Now right. Yeah I mean. Width of the performances of of both -- in Lundqvist in game one neither one were. It wasn't vintage raskin nor was it. Vintage Lundqvist until late in the game I think that as the series goes on. And it's why MR the kind of second guessing my prediction I think I took that the Rangers in six. This will be a very close series if for nothing else I mean did the two teams played very similar styles we've talked about that but if for nothing else then. They both have phenomenal goaltenders schools keep these games low scoring. And New York has struggled offensively. This post season. Some of the Bruins guys have struggle offense with post season namely. Number 63 and number nineteen. So goals are gonna be hard to come by in the series either way I think we're kind of splitting hairs and we discussed. Rask vs Lundqvist. I would take -- every time more importantly -- says DJ anybody ever tell you. You got a 64 Beatles Steve -- thing going on while -- call you have longer hair. I I got to -- growth and once -- end. As far as The Beatles thing goes 64 that was hard day's night that was more when they had kind of a turnip tops so no I've never gotten that. -- dale your voice sounds aggressive calm down it's aggressive it's passionate. Passion I mean -- guys know I'm I'm passionate about the sport in the game in the and the playoffs and that's what that's what -- hearing nonaggression necessarily I think that from now on we should. Only read via the personal texts that are. That are sent to us like we're we're we're getting one's complaining about things that were saying and everything but I like the ones that are just the vote how we'd look at how we sound. There's also one that just says no one. Pretty much covers and TK as an RI KTK you know. Detailed. Good to talk with you indeed yeah look at something I wanted to get your thoughts on her much through the seasons so. All gay bishop in the context of the Dutch uncle growing up who happened to -- teach me a lot about sports and about life and Kia. Tepid at the a doctor and was he positioned for. NHL team and then for an NHL team for a couple of years but. He's committed to think that must differentiate hockey players were speed. And desire or their skating skills and desire one you could see one you couldn't. So are. We can make two points about the Bruins -- -- your thoughts and so DJ talked about flipping the switch. So what what a pleasure it is to see with you on -- each play his game again. I mean just just unbelievable. With that kind of speed and perseverance and persistence. He says it all the time that he. If you ever asking about the way he's play either if he's struggling is is the same thing every time in even he's sick of city which is if I keep my feet moving. Then I'll be fine. It with power forwards I don't know it's not it's not specific. -- on the teach you see you with guys even just with bigger bodies throughout the league -- and Nathan Horton. You see it with James and -- thank you see it with all sorts of guys. If they're moving which meal on the teaches never you're never gonna watch the Bruins game and say while that number seventeen guys flying he's really fast but. If he's wearing guys down like he can then he's eggs as exhausting a player to play against as there is in this league. When he Horton are both going at the same time which they -- they seem to feed off each other. Pages where did they -- opposing top lines down so in addition to the offensive impact that they have. They're just -- -- an exhausting land play against. So staying at that point that permit. You know I think Rudy have a player that has the honesty Dellucci has to Hewitt and keep -- you're pointing out he was saying that during the season I mean he came out like. How to fire for the first ten games and Bennett went away full that he has plundered from bill that. -- other -- strictly at the cabinet -- Brady Isis making a lot of money in your twenties I need to. You know when he was acknowledging it or where did it -- Well I'll say this -- in and look this was a little different regular season and any other regular season you're gonna play 48 games in in a hundred days basically. You were basically gonna play every other day I don't like any player in the national hockey could play the way -- -- has played. In the in the playoffs so far every game of the regular season you can't do you physically can't do that kind of game. Look I'm not even sure eaten to a during an entire playoff run although we hope that he can keep -- up. It's just impossible from a physical point of -- to keep doing at every single night. You. All right here we -- leading in my second point I'll make it quick and it's something that I've tried to track here. Comments about Zdeno -- through -- and so I'm a guy that just think that you guys are saying and on unbelievable defense of player. It equally as impressive to watch when he -- the game but for me. I'm if this is that a subtle thing but -- would be more so 10% of -- -- time. Even that even at the pace -- -- that -- gains would see out one minute for a period and I would. An idea yeah you you can't afford to do that you can't -- on TK you can't afford to do that with three rookie defenseman on the line right you'll have to ask more of Chara to his credit he's giving you more he's giving you back to back games. A 35 plus minutes and you don't have any choice right now right now in a perfect world you start to get Seidenberg back in May be -- today although I don't think so and eventually may be parents I don't know. And then you can ratchet back that Zdeno Chara -- minutes you can't do that with three rookie defenseman. Right I mean did that the -- sixteen minutes is a lot for -- recruit to begin with right now think that if -- putting toward -- game when one guy's injured. Then that's fine as I was saying before you can chain ID him which the which means when seeing that he was filling in for -- early in that -- -- run where they'll play him. Three minutes and essentially go with five defenseman. They can't do that right now they're asking more of everybody and you're not gonna you're not gonna put -- crew got there proceed -- five minutes a night so those extra minutes. Do go to your veterans they go to you your Johnny boy trucks. When he's healthy enough to be on the ice instituted the Chara who as you said dale has played more than half. Of the last two games 76 minute. Game game one he played 38 minute right I can do the math. I -- he was out there every other minute of the game. And you won in overtime. You might not win at all if he doesn't do that right in dots why winning that game was so much bigger for the Bruins then. Or that that would have been such a big win for the Rangers because by the Bruins winning eight they have two days to get these guys back to wait for them to get help the but also they have two days for Zdeno Chara who had to been gassed by the end of that team. -- recover and it's. -- bounces back probably very quickly because he's an absolute physical freak who keeps himself in the utmost. Physical shape. But he's had two days now to kind of catch his breath in -- that should be good for him. 61777979370. AT&T text line is 37937. Hop on board and -- some hockey with a -- till noon. We will make quick I think regular coming in -- take up to a lot of Red Sox baseball here on Sports Radio WE yeah well yeah. To make adjustments not a serious. Two series but also game to game. You know there are certain things even know I thought we played pretty solid team. I know they're gonna make some adjustments and they're gonna brings something else to make little harder on us and we have to be ready for that so that's a book in anticipation of some changes and be ready for that but also. Parts of her game that we think. Has got to be better moving forward here we wanted to continue to win. That's close Julian talking about the anticipation of what the Rangers will do today -- Gregor superb hockey reporter. -- TSN has tweeted out that he doesn't expect that Wade Redden is gonna play today and that the Bruins will be back to the three rookie defenseman again we sort of been saying that. And right -- I mean given that the yesterday. -- Johnson basically did the way to tell somebody isn't in of the bruins' top six mix right now. In practice is to see if their pared their Johnson. Because -- Johnson unfortunately for him who would have gotten into games the last round certainly with that -- teams need for a left shot defenseman. Since he hasn't played since March. The Bruins had some issues with just that the CB not allowing for them to send him down the province to get in games without. Having to put him through waivers. Johnson socket a play no matter what pretty much that's what it called -- so we're Wade Redden is. -- fortunately they can't send Johnson -- at right Providence to play in the in the Calder cup playoff right. Though would be the ideal situation caused by the way provinces undermanned on defense right now right as to -- -- rights opener here exactly so. So with the guys paired with Johnson it -- they're probably not gonna play and that's what. That's where -- was yesterday and speaking of Johnson. I have yet to feel terrible -- back I mean you never feel. Terrible for a professional athlete because they're getting paid. The -- sport they love but. It's been such a weird situation for Johnson and that he realizes that the circumstances. Won't allow for him to get the games that I talked to briefly in Toronto but it went. Guys are dropping like flies and they were all left shots and just. Go up to MB of like so. You have to know there's no way you're gonna get in this game but they could -- surgery. Dexter says are you guys gonna even mention the Red Sox today. -- -- were only here to -- I mean I give us your Craig Larry well. Afternoon so stay tuned 12 o'clock -- -- you to -- in the final half hour to talk about the horse racing twos so there's just no time for our our way. Breads and New Hampshire paper and I don't. Morning guys morning. Brought in the target and matinee game slows and my question you guys what do you think we can they can do to it too. Get out of that funk you know some -- At a red start the other night yacht in and and not necessarily with with on the -- any point they are actually better this year and -- knees then. They had been in previous seasons but. And I you know some games that you -- up talking matinee game but not. To their house post pattern just regular. God I'm so I'm saying on bad days I know that it in past seasons it seemed everytime they had a Saturday big gamer Sunday day game. It always seemed eight to grass was in goal in beat the team Cuba flat. Ask. Pleasant work quite amusing like -- 1 o'clock game -- year old wanna that a quarter one when their plane took on period even get into the game and today. It would what I think it is start the fourth line people that before my court feet on the fourth line let him play action shifts in the first period. -- boy they play a lot they play a lot more than most forthright now. Well -- an estimate that that you know as in the seventh game of the ankle that. This series. He felt the port -- they were read their role in the first 11. Period a lot more than any other and that's that game and second don't. That's a great point Fred I I always make a point whenever whenever it comes time to appraise the -- -- because people always forget about that that. Yeah the Bruins won that team in. And in my onto and that the Stanley Cup obviously but. The conducts came out were skating circles around the the Bruins in game seven. And it wasn't until quote put the fourth line out there that they had sustained pressure in the offensive zone so it's a that's a good point by U. You know the only aspect and -- wish for is that. Some idiot like -- tried to run over Lucci and get some don't because if that's indeed. He's also he's a bright spot so in the that now. I know you've been playing great. But these matinee -- we can. Fred Fred you're getting too caught up in the matinee is DJ Carty told to that wasn't the case this year and I think that. Also just with the Rangers general quickly with a -- to teach thing. I'll say it. There's nothing more incorrect then a mad and angry Lucci ages ago -- teach. We've seen a lot of control right we've seen how many stupid penalties he's taken league games we've seen him clock Victor Hedman. In the head at the end of game one against lightning we saw him punch Freddy Meyer in the temple when it seemed that everything was breaking up in that. He had against the other alerted that in that penalty by -- for not right whichever level was saying what do bad called out was that Lucic can't do that. On that situation right as much as I'd like to see him lay out -- and up right -- he he's easy to kind of get off his game in that respect so I would disagree. With. Boyle goes and takes a run at Lucic that'll be good thing for the Bruins he can be committed without being angry exactly he's been. Physically committed this entire playoff run. The you know he's he's been. Initiating contact -- -- receiving contact he's been ball and guys all over like he is he as one of the few guys in the NHL who I think. Physically intimidates the other team yes you're gonna play in the NHL you got a certain you know confidence level and encourage level to begin with. He's a guy who has defenseman always looking over their shoulder right and I had a and I mean no disrespect. The Patrice Bergeron who's a great player or David crate she was a great player. -- on my god where where is right is it when you're gone back to play the puck -- year old men with Lucic are gone well. Exactly institute -- other point to vote will Bruins come out fired up. This is a complete guess on my part in game one was it was a a at the tightly checked game but. Something just tells me that they took the Maple Leafs lately some guys have admitted to it and some guys. Don't -- touch that with a ten foot -- something. Did they seem to take the Maple -- slightly especially early on they came out in game one played their best game of the season. And thought things were fine eased up in game two and they -- awful right. They'll look at me please come back in that series when they had a 321 series lead something tells me that when they look at this Rangers team and yet the Rangers team that. Under achieved in kind of just barely got into the playoffs even though they ended up is is a six seed. Something tells me that. When they face the Rangers in the post season. They know that they have to elevate their game and I think that they're taking the series a lot more serious and it sounds crazy to say because you we're talking -- the playoffs but I think they're taking this a lot more serious and they took the the Maple Leafs halt in Westfield pay Paul I don't. All we're -- yeah well are you act declaration for you on this if we had discussed -- the other shall. The argument that came -- they want to figure out how the ruling -- scores so quickly right in the final minute of the game. In it was a two part combination. He's adrenaline and the players that we thought were done. That would grow of one of the host said that. We put a giant slayer in front of the score. Crept in court the other back I want to know that what the condition. So my question is what was the condition created on the ice out of an adrenaline. -- win it back quickly. Well I think it was two parts I think that the Bruins certainly upped. There -- aggression dramatically and quite frankly adding Toronto turtle right I think it's I think it's actually I think it's more the latter in the former. And Claude Julian went out of his way you right away to be like K. Elect Jeff Ford guy that you guys rag on all year for the terrible power play -- guess who drew ball the six on five scenarios so. Do we surely put it was. They were determined. But and definitely more aggressive on the puck but they were focused indeed the -- the -- that they had drawn up in the excused them well. On the other hand like I said before. Two minutes left to go even if you can even if you know even if you're just an ice it or take a shot at the empty net. Even if it ends up being -- and you know you can lose the faceoff in the offensive zone because it's going to be Patrice Bergeron taken -- face -- gonna win -- 7% of fuel -- to spend when the game's on the line of the seasons on the line. It doesn't take much to motivate Patrice Bergeron he's gonna win that faceoff as long as you get the puck at any point you can get it out of the zone. In the -- police were capable of doing that so that that -- That the that that's Timmy is a team to kind of forgot where they were and it lost track of fact they were seconds away literally from from goat -- around. A momentary lapse in defense and combined with that -- this surge. Not necessarily a momentary lapse because those it was line after right exactly but it -- that the Maple Leafs going into the that that series up ought to be very quick series -- going to be quick series even though the Bruins that kind of under achieved through the regular season. I just thought that if the that Bruins got multiple lines going. All of Toronto had defensively was the foot of -- and pairing and I thought that once you get past that which foot off. In my mind out on you feel dale is not necessarily like a top pairing defensemen. At least anymore as good as they have right he's as good as they have and that's their top that's their top in really only pairing I thought. Jay Gardner stepped up dramatically for them into the ended up bringing more to the table defensively that I thought but. In the final minutes of that game as you said dale it wasn't just. One wide one pairing falling asleep at the wheel it was an entire team. With a team that had James and dreams Lakewood on this against the Bruins before. Forgetting where they were forgetting how close they were too. Pulling off an upset that nobody expected. Ya ya hectic and it went Patrice Bergeron guys that was joke would Europe step about how. Here's -- programmer to make a decision. If the angry bands that are angry about everything they hit a bad idea like hamburgers and what do we do look -- birch run -- to -- One what a mistake that was our. I don't think Patrice Bergeron is anywhere plea -- thinking of Tom Bergeron the Hollywood Squares countries Bergeron is not old at all. What was the cost are we got everyone not -- was or younger younger. Yeah I didn't -- get the winning goal and innocent and. No that was Patrice Bergeron. -- -- Younger has worked. Sub splendidly I would say he he he has dramatically improved the power play in my opinion -- well the numbers don't show yet. It looks better right looks more productive it looks like a unit that is a threat to score. And and I think he has helped. Solidified right in it sounds crazy for for -- to -- -- because like look what's the measure of a good power play power play -- and it's got to -- but at this point. In considering as I said before you're going up against the team that isn't gonna score power play Eagles either. If there's a power play in this series. Where you're getting 4567. Scoring opportunities. Maybe the best thing that you see in the series' look the way the power play west for much of the season you'll take it on the power play doesn't prove to be an energy sucking hole. From the entire team because at times this year -- right -- get the power play and do nothing with that and you lose all momentum you -- is all. You know drive anywhere -- god whereas the other night even though they didn't get a thing out of -- Baylor and a loss like gates they open mean to beat the big got to recruit there the Rangers and it was it turned into the Boston Bruins against Henrik Lundqvist. And how long was the -- the last 6177797937. The AT&T text minus 37937. Dale Arnold DJ being. Here until noon Sports Radio WE yeah. 6177797937. AT&T tax line 37937. We get back to the calls tea -- says I really liked the idea that Tyler actually listened to a guy like Shawn Thornton I like that dynamite team talked -- form. I do -- if children's -- -- scary man rate if your kid in sharp -- says something do you account for hours to cater to come we're and am by the way. They've got a lot of guys like Sean put who were willing to do just that right now more I think is. Probably better rather than anybody else because he is that in -- have that intimidation factor. But what it was basically saying was look I can't do which you can -- rent we need you to do exactly -- do now right -- and -- for Tyler say now. Beauty produced doing it that he wants with a game winning goal now right but I think he's. He's played better than the numbers would indicate that was the point we're making in our number one. Yeah in the same way will middle Brooks told -- yelled at. He his slump really ended a couple of weeks ago reckless putting the bat on the ball was hit it hard but he wasn't getting the production to two personal that that was the case. In the that's -- Thornton. I mean this is the first -- season. And it's actually now that I -- considers the first season. For -- ordinance is HL career that he's made a million dollars but it isn't because. Because lockout. Next season will be the first season which she makes a million dollars but Shawn Thornton. Is worth so much more. That what he gets paid because -- he can't yet the -- season a couple of years ago which was great and -- Aires at the same time but. He's not dare to score a million goals for you and as you said and as he said he doesn't have the offensive skill set is Tyler -- but. You can get to a galaxy and and remember those two have -- have. A bit more of a connection because. He was the one that was scratched when Sagan had to stay in the line up -- Patrice Bergeron got healthy 2011. And Horton. Was fine with the board knew he'd won a cup. In Anaheim not playing and if it was gonna happen again that he was fine with that obviously he ended up making an impact once Nathan Horton went down but. He's. You cannot measure Shawn Thornton's value by booking discount that our -- And made him Mike. Hey guys -- I wanted to say. I've always like Q. By I listen you guys are are you when Michael heard years from -- to him and that. I missed that -- blanket -- Yeah. So I I'm a I've always watch the -- pileup on I really don't know the game. Bite my fourteen grow so. What I wanna ask is what you'd bank -- and I'm doing is could he could be the next. Crosby are it is he is he's never done it at all. -- because -- is that he's not Sidney Crosby ever. I mean got a lot -- wouldn't we all be thrilled that was the case right Sidney Crosby's the best player on the planet Tyler -- doesn't have that. You're gonna hate to hear this but. And I'm I'm just thinking of this now so maybe I've put enough thought to it but. When you talk about sealing -- what you really hope to get noticed how to Sagan you know we're pretty good comparable us. People are gonna throw open their browser right now. At a -- Phil Kessel. If you hit him get a 36 school season out of him next year which. I mean this year he's kind of stopped and started at that point certainly. Going into the post season but he's a guy who. I say it all the time he's the fastest guy on the ice -- you lose every race into the corner for a pocket because he doesn't want that physical contact. That's fine that's the way he is he's a goal scorer he's talented he's fast he has the skill set but. He's not an NHL senators certainly. And that's something I've wondered about him since the day he got drafted we ultimately got drafted was drafted as a senator and that draft it was Taylor Tyler yet to take your pick between the highly skilled senator or the kind of bruising. Power forward type. In Taylor Hall who gets his ass kicked every game it bounces right back and of course score you some goals. Sagan was rated higher than Taylor Hall by central scouting which. The folks in. In Windsor were furious about. But Sagan has that skill set the issue is he's not going to be a physical player he's gonna shy away from contact in that respect who does that remind you of Phil Kessel. And by the way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They want Buddy Guy and and nobody's gonna make a suggestion well you know they should've taken -- nation have gotten so once now -- This one. I mean I'm not take any way from Peter surely when I say this this was a pretty easy. Oh yeah that was the that was. -- that was. At the time of the lottery it seemed like Paul would actually be the guy that you got it through the Bruins and looking at that him looking at their depth chart and look at their salary cap situation going forward with guys that were gonna be up. It seemed like you would rather have to have left wing than than a setter remember at that point Marc Savard was the on the picture. Sagan has since kind of cemented himself. As the as a right Winger and it seems that's what you will be going forward. There was the very short experiment with him at -- this year win shopper's drug efforts went down and quote pulled the plug on that after the game and half. I think that long term he's a right wing and if he ends up deciding to it added to his account it was game. Not necessarily go out their beepers -- because that's not what he is he's out there to score goals to be the most help again on the ice. There's more that he can do from a physical standpoint like not letting up which he does. Way too much edit points he's maddening to watch as a result Jason Providence KJ. How to -- and dealt with you as always getting I'd like him more than any yank is -- you do pick -- So laden. I want double what the PowerPoint. It was very strange watching that game the other night and having the Rangers have a wart power player of the Berlin state which is brutal to watch the power play. That -- that that that's what they are the -- it has been that way all year right in going into. We're talking but the match ups that. That the writers do at the beginning of every. -- were writers and media types do at the beginning of every series for this area who's got the edge and for a defense goaltending special teams go down the list. When you get to special teams at this point. It's kind of easy I I pretty much like have a attempt late that automatically gives the edge to the other team. 'cause as long as the other team has even decent killing penalties. They'll be an overall better special teams squad that. Then the Bruins but. The Bruins actually have the edge in special teams in the series because. The Rangers were just that bad. In the regular season on the the power play in down this the stretch into the playoffs in the first round game against the the capitals. I think this should not stop practice the blocking shots and it -- and Apollo play a little bit. And the other thing I got it. It's kind of an anomaly if you watch an NHL -- you know college or wherever like how. The players are like left and -- does that seem odd in the scheme of things with all of you know all the right handed dominance which is it is a very odd thing that I -- It's been that way for years though. Yeah I just try to think well why it's the Atlanta has kind of not. You I got to politically talk about our jobs to be in a left and China written but you know you look on the ice and everything seems like left and it's majority left and it. Another wee bit now that you mention the whole shots thing and we're talking voted on a defense autopsies you just mentioned. Another one of the draws with with Tyler -- it was that he was right handed center like now like those things are. Did the rarest breeds of the world as long as you have a right handed setter you're fine. I mean maybe not so much right -- -- these -- right hander right wing that's fine. I I -- I don't have any issues with the fact that that he may ultimately play -- right wing with a new place and I'm OK with that -- right. I still Iceland also mine and he may ultimately end up at center. Even though the the experiment didn't go very well this year I still think ultimately but you look at the -- as a father as far as it yeah. Is he going to be your third line center because I think great team Bergeron going to be had a right exact so was already want to silence Kagan is your third line center. Right or your second line right -- once they made the decision that -- she was going to be around for a long time which I think they made a lot earlier than a lot of the spot out I thought that we we -- kind of Butte -- she's a question mark is the entered the final year of his deal -- can be restricted freeagent. -- when they locked him up that beat the writing was on the wall as he said -- that. Say it's gonna have to be right -- for the time being and I think that's where he's better suited because there are a lot of defense of responsibilities that come with being. A center include Julian system at -- -- better in now with that he was. When he came in here is a two way player. He's definitely not -- and will be a top six senator I had fun talking hockey with the help we do it again this was great tale spun. I -- Larry coming up next were headed for the garden game three Bruins and the Rangers and then you've got Red Sox baseball here. As they wrap up their series in Minnesota against the twins on Sports Radio WEE.

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