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Dale Arnold and DJ Bean Discuss Claude vs Tortorella, Tyler Seguin and more About Bruins/Rangers

May 19, 2013|

Dale and DJ get into the two coaches and their polar opposite styles and demeanor. Both teams play a similar style, but the coaches certainly convey their messages in a different way. Dale isn't buying the Tortorella hype and thinks he's a little overrated. DJ thinks he's a good coach, but isn't a fan of anti-media stance. The guys also talk about Jagr and how he has not lived up to the hype. They weren't expecting him to light it up or be the savior, but DJ says he wasn't prepared for just how slow the aging veteran is. Another big topic for B's fans this season is the play of Tyler Seguin and why he has yet to become the superstar everyone anticipates he will be. This leads to Claude Julien's style and if he does actually have something against the younger players. That Iginla trade shows its ugly head again as well.

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Our number two sport Sunday Sports Radio WEEI. My name's Dale Arnold Vijay being WEEI dot com is seated across the table from me as we're talking Stanley Cup Playoffs. Game 2 Eastern Conference semifinals today at TD garden ruins and the New York Rangers. Just parenthetically here because you know it's obviously a big deal as the playoffs go forward. A bit surprising. It Jason Spezza is making his return apparently to the Ottawa senators' lineup for game three of their series against the yet the Pittsburgh Penguins now. I guess they're looking for a bit of a miracle here because they kind of look a little overmatched in this series I think overall. And -- Jason Spezza is going to be able to make that big a difference. He's probably gonna give them more than -- lot -- who we will replace right on the roster he'll give them more than that. But I'm not sure how much you can expect. Jason Spezza as great as he has when healthy amateur I last played January 20. Sat right it's been awhile does -- come in and make that immediate impact the point where you're overcoming. Sidney Crosby hat tricks and things of that nature added to your point. Earlier dale is just a case of the penguins now they've figured out everything between the pipes which. They didn't necessarily have throughout the season now the -- who the guy. They seem as sure of themselves and I mean. Better prepared than any other team perhaps. To make a deep run in this post season and I still don't think anyone gets passed them -- east my guess is that Craig Anderson will certainly play better than needed in the last. Amy got replaced I think as much as a mercy replacement writing Els has not like there's Noah Paul Maclean could be angry at Craig Anderson -- that are he's brought to -- right. It's like look this is not your night months and down get a get a few extra minutes -- -- and a guy who would probably be talking Beaufort -- had a -- year at had he played more. It was the odds on favorite when he -- when he got hurt. He was the odds on favorite and I think should've won the best -- of the way he was playing -- -- he kept up some semblance of that so Anderson will go back in nets. I think Pittsburgh is a wagon I just read I just. If whoever comes out of this series whether it's the Bruins or the Rangers. They're going to be decided underdogs to the Pittsburgh Penguins and should be right Pittsburgh Scott a loaded roster. And they were loaded before. Before -- season and one by one they're adding guys in their -- guys and capping it off after getting morrow capping it off. Which Iginla. -- obviously I mean we all lived through the city of Boston thinking it had Jarome Iginla added leadership rally there really off. Which should mean we we could we could probably do three more hours just to vote that in. What a mess that was from from -- sent -- The penguins are. As deep as top heavy as whatever you wanna call it I mean that their top heavy and deep at the same time. You know their their star studded. They've they've got one of the better offensive defenseman in the game. They've got everything out to like think their unbeatable -- they are beatable. That your auto can be the could could the winner of the Rangers Bruins series beat Pittsburgh in a best of seven of course. They'll help you beat Pittsburg and best of seven series right to go when they were even close to being as good hockey team. Right -- he used the term miracle it wouldn't take quite a miracle for the Bruins or Rangers beat the penguins but you have to consider that. For whatever reason this Bruins team isn't. The Bruins of two years ago it is and although. To be fair at the Bruins have two years ago -- the Bruins have two years ago until until all of a sudden an -- righted until the Eastern Conference finals when suddenly. While that this isn't just of a fluke that that. This team beat terrible flyers team. And and these -- cover its final so. Maybe the Bruins hit their stride and they can hang with the penguins. This Bruins team isn't the most dominant I've seen and this penguins team is on paper and in person. That is as good as it yet maybe they have their their most severe test already from the islanders right who which you saw that can I give them all the credit in the world. Pushed that further than anybody could have expected write the they weren't even close to being -- -- -- right. Good for them for for pushed exactly of of the teams that really challenged for for upsets in the first round. Had -- not ended the way it ended for the Maple Leafs I would say this team should should. Wacko with their heads high and feel great about the -- they gave the Bruins but. As much as we wanna use the word come back. When. You have a three goal lead with just over eleven minutes ago when you can hold onto it. When you have a two goal lead with under two minutes ago and you can't get the -- -- Euro zone that was as big. A single game collapse as you'll probably ever seen professional sports so police. Probably shouldn't feels good about themselves and say the islanders should who. The islanders no one gave them a shot in that series for good reason because they were clearly overmatched. To show they could hang with with Pittsburgh and had they got some calls there way into what was it game three overtime. The gold and the call that that set up the game winner. Had they got some bounces had they not gotten. A call at Pittsburgh's favor. Maybe they could of pulled off something of a miracle back to the calls we go at 6177797937. Chris on the cellphone sacred site on. I got more Korea good moral. Majority -- I'm 100 a couple of comments on the Bruins and our question if you don't much. Interpret comments I day. I am a big supporter quote but I think this CG. -- got to put our. I can actually -- it was her ordeal one expert with the commentators are. Person. When they're -- yards were sold that well and I page. What you're gonna get out -- is a power play so debris. You -- -- if you wanna try to make some other. -- all round number out there but on every ship every game you wanted to repeat that or corporate people are we eat -- to eat. Well let's not let's not let's -- crazy here he he shift he flip the tool them for a game and a half self right. And game and a half it looked like. I don't I think I'm not sure that I mean he makes start that way I mean you did win the last game why would you. Why would you -- intentionally go and switch but I'm not going to be surprised to DC Tyler -- back with Bergeron and Marchand as soon as today. Yeah I mean what else I think we need hand it to go a lot other. Avocado would be shares. But I mean -- teach your point about -- that's also -- Sega and that's not just on on code it's it's not like I Sega needs to do right -- is -- and canned produce if you if you stuck Stephen stamp coasts on on Tampa Bay's third line. But Stephen stand -- would still be able to score -- is expect to have that sort of is expect to have that sort of impact. On the Bruins that was the trajectory that he seemed to be on after last season and certainly he did put a stamp -- numbers but the numbers that he put up. We're probably as good as you can get out of a guy in the system for the -- she was he can produce on his own. It's not just where he's put in the lineup so I don't. Think that it's. Because a lot of our guys much -- they act out. And it talks stretched her upper right -- and Brooke are -- -- -- the first round. Part of these clothes are what are with a -- age and the other founder and blue -- characters through indicated -- -- different people weren't people saying that a problem with quote was he was sticking too long with Tyler Sagan and and Brad Marchand with. With Patrice Bergeron when they weren't doing anything and then all of a suddenly switches that now he's making a mistake because he switched it. Our real quick to credit -- -- would be. I think what are depressed -- get LTD strategy -- -- your -- I don't -- it means that Greg like I mentioned earlier but I think that the kids -- The playing argue it's a probable on the -- Into terms. Let me ask you this -- let's assume for the sake of our argument. That parents Seidenberg and -- are all healthy. Which of those three veteran defensemen are -- setting to play Matt mark cow ski. I I think you have to -- I agree. I think you don't and I think as you guys come back if it's their party you know taking. I think you know crook is -- the first one to just sit and then. Campbell of the accident and I got to keep our house the other guys sit right. I'll have had has has Matt -- cow ski show you more. As a Boston Roland -- Doug Lee Hamilton has. -- shortly 26 and I are what you were phenomenal game. In -- funny six minutes that they didn't really have a lot of choice on and he did look great and I'm not believe me I'm the last -- take anything away from a Michael ideas. Hasn't Hamilton showing you more as a Boston Bruins defenseman and mark -- he has this year. It was epic that future -- -- and it is great I agree or a member of the brewers play out brought. You know genes that are -- for a spot watch from up above you got you gotta stop calling him seeking to drive me crazy. Tyler -- Very. You know optimal Bobbitt thank Allah knows that experience ever your -- and what else. Hill and a whole lot down the stretch and if if I'm putting Bartow ski and it's simply because. It's easier to sit redden a left shot left Darko ski and I don't we talked about earlier dale. I'm just afraid of putting handle whatever once healthy I'm afraid of putting Hamilton and in -- SE that's all I messed our I come back from that might I guess my point is and I love what mark -- brought to the table the other night as well. I don't wanna make this guy suddenly better than Doug Hamilton because I don't think he is or will be. A couple hundred years ago but. Are -- BP a lot of effort on him or watch out out -- This he have a shot at crack the lineup where -- -- -- I wouldn't. Do what no. Yeah not not yet Chris I think that soderbergh's kind of entered in. It's certainly unique situation. In that he was coming from a new leak are differently a different country finally coming to the NHL. He came in the week of the Boston Marathon bombings. Spent one of his first days getting ready I think for his first game in lock down -- yeah right in been in lockdown. And -- of getting in there what 34 games during the regular season. And and and weird situation renting not his fault at all right different lines the I think the third line was still kind ever revolving door at that point so. He never in I I know that we'd we'd say this all the time but you can't underestimated. The the different size of of the ice coming from the bigger European sheets. To the NHL surface there's so many moving parts there in -- silly things he would figure out in such a small amount it's a small period of time. And also not just him figuring out this league. -- the Bruins figure out whether or not he's good enough to be out there. Playing big minutes and he's I think he's going to be an NHL player I really do I like his deal I die like that. He's in dollar this year it's a million dollar a year rights -- like yeah after what three years and million counting this year he got a million this -- read or write down abbreviated season yeah and and he gets a million that's like a million. 83000. -- right -- the next two years so no problem that right so if you factor is -- even if he's flying right BI unit is a fourth line guy even if he's an extra forward. You could do much worse than to be paying that guy a little over a million dollars civilians being a third line guy in your paying him less than one point one million dollars a year. And he's -- -- we let -- not now we as. Warts and you meet everybody. We have a tendency to look at the last game and make that you know career right and and I love what -- crew brought to the table and I. I I I love how park housekeeper played in Hamilton played. I sure as heck don't wanna have to make a habit of playing with three rookie defenseman in this series right the last time the Bruins played with three rookie defenseman and a playoff series -- 1985. And again because of injuries they had to they didn't have any options and it was bull mom. And down and tell lean and I forget who the third one -- and they lost to the Montreal Canadians three games to two. Back when it was a five game series in the first round. I wouldn't wanna have to go forward. From the bruins' perspective and expect to win. With those three guys in the -- I don't think he can win long term -- can you win a game -- -- I think that's what drove John toward a -- crazy the other. He's looking at that bruins' roster he's looking at those three rookie defenseman. Any saying we didn't make life tougher on them than than that he's looking he's looking at at -- Five foot nine -- I'm doing the biggest air quotes in the world right now five foot nine. -- -- killing penalties for the Bruins and that team can't take advantage I mean. My take away and it was the column that I wrote after the game was at the Rangers will -- that later in the series the Rangers will rue the day that they didn't. Capitalize on the opportunities are on the opportunity. It was given to them in game one the Bruins gave them a couple of goals and off of turn overs. And they're playing without Dennis Seidenberg without Andrew Ference the red and thing is kind of a wash because like I said I would go -- -- this point anyway but. Leader in the series whether the Bruins are up three to weather even if it's tied 22 in the Rangers could have been in position to have a 31 series lead. This was one that the Rangers on the road had to have it was gift wrapped for them and they didn't take it. 6177797937. This telephone number the AT&T text line is 37937. -- you can reach out either of us on Twitter -- BJ being at dale. Bruins and Rangers 3 o'clock face off today at TD garden we're talking about that and the Stanley Cup Playoffs here on Sports Radio WE yeah. It's his State's chick came into the it's now harder to score his hardest to school for me and it's hard to score for anybody else. Thomas he's the best player in the world were you he does America gonna for a second run on turned. Our Mary jogger. Talking about like the playoffs first of all it's always starters score. You're playing against a pretty good defensive team and a great goaltender so of course it's harder to score he's right all of the things he said. Are exactly right and yet the Bruins are in a position. They do what they're supposed -- today on home ice -- a ticket to nothing series lead to Madison Square Garden for games on Tuesday and Thursday. Yeah I -- until until a road team wins the game it done. Right exactly. End. With younger we we keep going back Ted. Why hasn't he kind of made the the the big impact that was expected of him. Guys made an impact on the power play one thing that we really haven't talked about enough with him. Is. I mean I didn't watch and I I watched him in Philly I didn't watch him much with Dallas. I you have been very surprised by -- I know that he's older he's up there and agent. He'll tell you as as long as he'll listen that he is not the guy he was -- 51015. Years ago. That he is nets' superstar player anymore. Man oh man I did not expect him to be the slow. I didn't expect him I didn't expect the taint to have sold limit as far as shifts go to the point where. After state twenty to 45 seconds he's -- I talked to somebody in the flyers organization who told me that that it was glaring -- obvious to them in the playoffs last year. At that issue was was huge the stamina and the stamina and the speed. And that you know it it and I think that probably frankly one of the issues skating with Bergeron and -- and he can't keep up. Right he's always got -- trailed the play because he can't keep up with them which is why I think ultimately -- will be back up with those guys maybe -- as early as today. Now. On the power play. You get possession in the offensive zone and he is still built like a Buick from the -- well absolutely and still has the ability to hold you'll often controlled the -- And as I said if he did nothing other -- then joined this team in and help the power play it was a good move as far as speed issue rally was concerned and I applaud. I don't know that I wanna see him out there as the regular second line right -- Right in this is the team that mean we were tied -- before it's kind of struggle that -- that throughout the season has struggled to. Boast that -- On which it is prided itself or for going on three years now it doesn't have that depth at this point. Does he eventually figured out on the -- but I think that were both in agreement that he's destined to it. End up on back and -- line with. -- and are relieved that could play with a guy like properly. -- is a heck of a lot faster than you are -- -- so into I mean we saw what he was when he first started off. On the second line which at the time was Sagan between younger in -- and that. -- -- Hugest almost take himself out of the played just by setting passes waste so far ahead of these guys because he just assumed. That he could even hang with them so that's troubling that the speed things. I get I get frustrated watching Tyler Sagan because he's the fastest guy on the ice. He loses every recent quarter and and tries to beat four guys with the puck on his right hand and won't -- but with yarder. You can even get frustrated when you lose the race to the puck even when there was a play on -- it was late in the Toronto series where. He was like inches away from the puck and still lost a race to a guy whom he had maybe like 1015 feet on. Text her and the AT&T text line at 37937. Says croak it's much more talented and you're giving him credit for why Utah airing the kid down. I'm tearing -- at all I think yeah I thought what he gave you the other night was remarkable. I just I'm not ready. In the Stanley Cup Playoffs. To hand the keys to the cart to a a young kid who came up from Providence and did a remarkable job. Of the three rookie defenseman though who played the other night. As soon as I get a veteran defenseman back available may be -- today although I don't think it will be he would be the first one of the three that I would sit down. Always to write that I would do so feeling very good a boat the depth of my defense is I don't mean. Yeah of going forward next year but even right now -- include Julian. -- he didn't want to find out whether or not -- Archos ski or -- -- even Doug Hamilton. Could handle the pressure of playing in the playoffs but by being forced to by being forced to play recruit for what seventeen minutes the other night remember when. They had five healthy and met -- -- he played 26 minutes right exactly when that in game five when they -- to throw Barco ski in there. Or. Four who is it tiger went down 37 seconds in some way you you only had the five defenseman right so. When they had to play -- tells you that first game the -- six minutes the much -- -- -- the played him as little as they could. Going forward but when the injury stack up. -- playing not -- ski for 26 minutes in shocker he can handle it tore recruit for seventeen minutes he can handle it. He scores power play goal if not include Julie and I'm thrilled to learn this about these young guys and is a quick aside. This read this like kind of Big Three of young defensemen for the Bruins. They're fascinating with just and it's a term that's overused in sports these days but the swagger that they have -- crew is as confident that kid. As you'll come across a park coast he was saying there is no way he's gonna stepping -- and have any sorts of nerves and he was absolutely right so. If if these guys get help the assuming crew does come out. It's something has to happen again down the road. You know that toward crew can't step in and handle 10151617. Minutes that's a big thing for the Bruins but. By no means should the Bruins think. All right we're set now on defense status you know take an extra week or two just to make sure you're good because we've got to recruit. Text or the 978 on the yeah AT&T to explain who should have quit while he or she was ahead says close replacing Sagan on the -- he line is quote once again dissing a skill guy. Same thing he did with castle. You know you you got to stop being brainwashed by people who don't know the game OK right. The castle was a fine offensive performer here 3540 goal scorer here right he wasn't dissed by cold at all. The reason he's not here had nothing to do with quote not liking a skill guys had to do with the fact that -- Cassel didn't want to play here right. What's gonna be restricted free agent was not going to re signed here yes he didn't wanna be a member of the Boston broke right that's the reason the trade -- -- if he probably would have changed his tune. Had the money changed. We are talking mobile 40 you're surely is very Smart with how we handles guys in their contracts. The Bruins were about to overpay. For Phil -- which. Yet now Phil Kessel -- -- Toronto looks good but at the time that was huge money for that guy end. Julie no matter what Julian will never live this down for one reason or another nobody will ever once people make up their mind that include Julian. It's the younger players he never gives them a chance. You don't start as Tyler Sagan started the Tony -- eleven season on the third line great start on the third -- with. With Michael Ryder and I want say Blake Wheeler you know who started on the fourth line that season. Brad -- and and he's the younger guy in by January. Suddenly this number 63 guy is on the second line. Could -- early because Claude Julien moved him to the -- Claude Julien gives you the opportunity to make a name for yourself and to succeed. Sagan played. A lot of games before he was healthy scratch for the first time as a rookie. -- -- It code didn't give Sagan the keys to the kingdom right away and say here you go kid. You were on the power play and Nathan I know we just got to an earlier established NHL player why don't you jumped on third -- we're gonna put this rookie this eighteen year old kid. On the top line. Look Julian was interest in winning a Stanley Cup that year in as it is this year right -- is next year is right so. Don't blame Sagan for not being. And established superstar right now don't blame quote for mistreating. Sagan which isn't doing. Let these things run their course let's say can develop. Which clos and play better right didn't he hasn't played as well as he should -- he deserved the demotion yes and and. By -- by byways of his effort and byways of Yonkers in my opinion and ability to help with that second line probably go back to the second line right may -- today. Don't be shocked if that happens -- says to rally should thank god the -- how -- trade failed what -- was he thinking. Let's not go crazy okay. What happened wise sparked how -- was part of a package that was being dealt to the Calgary Flames for Jerome again. Right. The Calgary Flames allow -- in -- to decide where he wanted to play. Right now the Calgary Flames wished they had still kept that deal and wished they had -- count right. But let's not go crazy yet if it if my choice was to have mark how ski. Or again like in the lineup I take again. -- -- itself so let's not do this you know what the hell wish a rally thing right here I'd like Matt art house -- and highlight what he brings to the table. If you're telling me to operate a potential run at a Stanley Cup my choices are can have -- -- cow ski on the team. Or -- again on the team I'll take again olds like it at the time I was high -- -- -- I thought that up but I was also Ohio Blake Wheeler so I guess site. I I had an affinity for these these big forward to people complain didn't use their bodies enough but. At the time I thought man. Joseph -- that's that's a pretty big piece to give up for Thomas Cabral -- -- you know what. Peters decided that this is a team worth investing in in making this push for the season so I can't knock whatever package he gives up short of giving up. Like a taxation himself right right yeah. So you can't knock him for that. Where you look at the Bruins being of smarter beneficial throughout this whole the whole trade deadline. Was the fact that Wendy talked to Dallas and who knows maybe Peters said here's this package we are gonna give. Calgary let's tweak it in giving you. The stars wanted. The star reportedly McDermott instead. It looks pretty good for surely right now that he didn't turn and give that package it was gonna go to Calgary the package included -- -- ski that he didn't give that. To the stars in exchange for your arm or younger because although -- McDermott scored and I think his first two games before getting hurt in that that be great story if you had the -- from -- there. The group -- Hold on to -- ski and still. Get one of those two guys. For their policies -- on -- -- -- who texts it's Claude not to gloat. Know that to that I respond. In -- Smart enough because it is close. Sorry but that's the pronunciation. 6177797937. Rookies in -- -- Ricky I don't. An idea of the value -- -- do great things. I watched the Washington. New York Rangers series as well as the borrowers Toronto series very very carefully and I thought the Rangers are really really outplayed. Walking in the last few games and Erik Lundqvist stood on his head. And I was. Very shocked. -- watched that first game. I thought the ranges. Would beat them growing in this series but after watching that first game do you think the only way that. New York -- can win this series is that Erik Lundqvist is probably gonna happen still -- to gain because the -- looked pretty impressive the other night. I thought I thought these two teams were pretty evenly matched going in I picked the Bruins in seven because they've got home ice. I still and I still think they're evenly matched the fact that the Bruins won game one. In overtime doesn't indicate to me at all while they're obvious right out game I mean they want one of those periods realistically. Not I understand that but I still thought they kind of dominated that game. White dominated overtime -- -- they dominated over that's the period that I that I'm referring to. Throughout the game who was that the that the the shots on goal were what 2120 after two. Very close I wanna say like. Maybe two shots on goal difference after regulation. And that over time as you said dale they dominated them and as a portal that they spank them. However you want to -- that I was a close game until the end when the Bruins opened it up but. I didn't see anything in that series I mean I I I disagree Hendrick Lundqvist has the steal a series. Erik Lundqvist you know -- great east at -- listen to this he faced 48 shots nine shots were blocked right. About the numbers involved here you know. 48 shots 29 blocked so 77. Shots turned in the direction of the Rangers before from the Blue Line to -- with all the bodies there in front of the net trying to block those shots. Who knows how many of them got a great look at. So he he was fine he wasn't. Have we seen Hendrick Lundqvist played better now because we've seen him alone -- I have time to time and apparently he overtime. Yeah I don't know how he could play a whole lot better than me in the overtime and that's where as I said that speaks more to the Rangers that it does that Hendrick Lundqvist that. In that game at least the way things were going in overtime the Rangers needed Hendrick Lundqvist did. You ungodly things if they were gonna stay in that game 6177797937. As the telephone over the AT&T text line 37937. It's it's dale and DJ and I'm a sports Sunday Bruins and Rangers -- at three at the garden Sports Radio WE yeah. No I think they're very similar styles I think you to talk to their coach I think -- the same. We've gone and -- and has put that we have -- -- very good game there. It's going to be it if it you know especially keep -- Bonior is -- to place sixty days to win the Stanley Cup we're just start. And it -- but it it starts to become -- -- are -- -- injuries from the -- series. Body being banged up but you will want to have to do it again against different people out of a matchup. If it's a mindset Cha and as far as if you keep on going deep this year. He always cheerful. Always pleasant always cooperative. Jon -- -- texture says by the way just because. Why why would yeah well I'm. When it went -- when it would appear his stated purpose is just to be antagonistic. Right so so why why allow him to play the game right. -- I would I was thinking was like asking him like some trivia questions and in a press conference a Celtics it's now the oath I'm gonna read this text word for word okay. From the 603. Quote. Younger doing next to nothing for Bruins while again left it in perfectly for the pants -- rally didn't do his homework. And in the process made their toughest potential opponent ever better. Text -- from the 603 I want you to tip which -- little bombs to work here. And tell me what she rallied to -- his homework would have done to make this deal happen. I'm gonna I'm gonna repeat that for about the 75. Time. The deal was done. They had -- Up player didn't wanna come here right. The deal was done there was no halt work surely could have done. There was no package he could've offered the Calgary Flames that would have required. Jerome again let us all okay all right Greg -- back callous of tweets they're gonna give up. Not Brcko ski and cocoa and a first round pick you know -- and Malcolm Sudan. That really does seem like Smeal rot so clearly seem likes me -- and out. Although Peter Shirley was working off the information that was being given to them. The issue was the information was being given to them by somebody who trust who we trusted. But who was making the wrong calls in the wrong order. When. When he told giraffes he told you -- only done you've got the player you know we should have told first. -- told Don Meehan but the deal was done first because he said. It Don -- as the agent third Jarome Iginla. Once he decided that was the package that. They liked best and when you look at what the penguins gave up which wasn't much. You can see why and when you suit -- he's doing you can see why he preferred severance package. He should've said. We like this package this is the deal we wanna make let me talk to the players know -- -- -- take it even further right he should've said to Don Meehan before he started the process. Are you sure there here's the list of teams he'll go to right if I want you to put in writing. Okay put it in writing Don that he'll go to any one of those five teams give me a piece of paper that tells me if I make a trade any one of these five teams. Jarome Iginla will accept it but you know what it was it would have been the same as as the Bruins when they were dealing with ray -- thank them. He's been here for forever we love him right when I asked him to put it in writing we trust them. And they trust that. -- And they are wrong right in that that. Win here held that press conference which I will forever respect Peter surely for holding that press conference the next state to basically come out and say. Meet the broke -- after that deal -- part Shirley held a press covers the next day with the media which was basically. A man who had just been. Embarrassed had the wool pulled over his -- whatever you wanna say. He came boat in tried to explain the situation the best he could end the question that I asked probably in. A few different wording is and never quite. Got to. A hard answer on was. When you found out that you were on this list did you know that it was an ordered list. And surely is answered about was. No not necessarily who ordered that impression but these things happen all the time where that the player chooses a different team and everything. The Bruins were operating under the assumption that. It was what the penguins the kings the Bruins and the Blackhawks right it was those four teams. The Bruins were told by the flames that this was a sweepstakes. If -- was your friends all right give us the best thought in it's it seemed as simple as that end. I mean. Maybe you can conduct -- -- for either changing his mind or deceiving these teams but. If that were to happen if that if his mind work to be changed. That need to be hat that needed to happen on the Calgary side in Calgary need to find that out before they told the Bruins that you know what. It actually is and give us your best offer and we'll see if the penguins will give us that an offer it's. This guy's going to the pen with the matter one. I'd texture says dale gave the Bruins the coaching edge in the series dale based on one. -- over rated. I I think he's overrated as a head coach in the national park and asking me -- questions aware too complicated. That was. He's he's had a few moments. I'm not even talking about that's right and I'm not just talking about. He won a cup but for him on a cup with with Tampa Bay -- with a couple of yea solidly and and I get -- credit world. Like John coral has coaching edge over. Were close Julian and you and and I mean your -- I mean in the -- line. I think Julian that a very good job coaching writing you'll talk a boat you're talking about a coach who doesn't get enough. -- of a lead offensive talent like a million dollar guy on the fourth line people are killing Claude -- every day for not getting it. Patrick sort of Tyler -- every night even though David -- she is pulling out of his mind. And with the Rangers are working with right now the working with Brad Richards on their fourth line there working with Rick Nash having done really nothing. Offensively this post season the Rick -- is less than his offensive abilities right Rick Nash is that the most entertaining play involving Rick Nash so far this post season. Came in game one. When Matt are co ski when -- Matt -- -- capsule lit him up in the neutral zone so. Talk about a coach that doesn't get. Enough out of the lead offensive talent. It's not the Bruins guy. And look there are those who I think like the and also that power play and also they don't score the partly mean they don't scored general. I am. I think their fans who get a kick out of the entertainment value of John to order Allah they like -- -- you know lights -- people like UN and other members of the media. Like when he. When he spice the an antagonistic and that's fine I mean it it if that's where your entertainment value comes from that's fine. He's done from a coaching perspective. It gives him the coaching it did not mean you mean the tax -- Probably right back might think Toro has coaching it with the Rangers do. Better than the Bruins do. It gives you an indication that -- -- a better coach Claude Julian Wright. Mean there are those who will tell you that he's got you know the best goaltender in the world. Right yeah because he's he's Smart enough to rightfully. -- Lundqvist. As much as he does instead of going with that the tandem that he'd used in. In in Tampa. Because see he gets players had died in -- -- shots and and look for him which I mean and and and that's an old coach -- -- as I could ever get -- to dive in front of Zdeno Chara slap shot or -- anyway we wouldn't do it but I mean good for him I mean the Bruins blocked shots -- I'd Johnny boy chuck might be the toughest human being on the planet right and throws himself in front of everything you know it's funny here we are saying the other day. How funny would it be in this is just -- -- conspiracy theory if it reality Johnny boy chuck just had a really low. Tolerance for pain and so does this little -- -- are hiding are at these things -- keep that when he's down on the ice in the -- out there the next shift. What do it's just because that didn't really hurt and judge a book I mean. Had -- -- not come back at the start of that Chara penalty. The other day that would be enough fascinating. Celtic -- for the Bruins because it right out of Quaid in the kids and -- he can himself. It would -- Quaid. Doug Hamilton -- -- scheme to our crew back there -- talked about oh how kind of comical it is the -- group that it. Kill penalties to begin with but. Mean Johnny boy tech is as big gamers there is you're talking earlier about payment -- in the kind of guys who. -- into it and it will leave the -- for anything that's not able to agree there hockey players are -- then then you're in opera and the rest of the -- chalked up for the most hockey right I mean that's how far I've put him out there on the on the pain threshold spectrum. 88 -- like once again they should yeah meal on his helmet so that the traders can pick up by the -- and -- him off the ice because about once a game. Something happens where he's headed down the runway -- out here ideas here it comes. It's. On the runway and -- -- is -- he is the toughest castill be out there. And and in that regard I loved everything about what he brings to the table is Ian is -- the best depends on the team or right. I you know he's a perfect pairing for -- Alex that it Chara. Where he is out there and sell himself out now does Claude Julian get credit for for Johnny boy -- playing that way because apparently. Yes John -- -- its credit for the Rangers play -- actually really good point does he get credit for. Remember Dennis Seidenberg couldn't find a job not too long though in note Dan Steinberg it is. One of the more valuable as a defenseman right yeah on a very good defensive team and he was your best defenseman arguably in the postseason last year. Actor says Julian -- cup with a goalie who was on a once in a lifetime run otherwise record has been -- All right -- back and look at the record right you need to go back in law he gets into the playoffs every year. And when he got in the playoffs initially it was a team that was expect to go to the playoffs. On 2000 rice 677797937. With telephone number the AT&T text -- 37937. We've got an hour ago Vijay being yours truly Dale Arnold in here until -- Sports Radio W -- things. No I don't know why I wish I could find wonderful player -- -- -- these things.

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