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It's a Black and Gold Sports Sunday -- Dale Arnold and DJ Bean Preview Game 2 of the Bruins/Rangers Series

May 19, 2013|

WEEI.com's DJ Bean joins Dale in studio for Sports Sunday to discuss the Bruins playoff run. Game 2 is later today and the guys discuss the results of the first game of the series. They get into the construction of the lines for the B's and if they would make any changes. DJ has a few ideas for the lines today. The boys also discuss the two goalies - Tuukka vs Henrik Lundqvist and wonder why people automatically think the Rangers have the edge at goalie. Finally, they get into the legacy and the decisions of Claude Julien and Peter Chiarelli.

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Let's get the -- this out of the way right off the bat okay. The only reason I'm sitting here talking to you this morning the only reason you're sitting there listening to me this morning. It because the powerball winners and more. Let's be honest OK let's just be honest about it I wouldn't be here if I had the ticket. You wouldn't be listening to me when that you they'll be -- if you have the winning ticket so we met with. -- have been more professional about bill that would give in and -- my two -- notice I would have done today maybe tomorrow. And go from there. -- that's it you're young you don't know I would have been I would have been -- like it. I doubt I would -- even called -- told -- wants to come and I just wouldn't have shown up and and unfortunately the powerball winners and Florida I'm sure they'll handle real well right -- them down -- on the I just I I don't I just picture this guy like out of the dynasty. Living in psalms one Shaq. Now has the powerball winning ticket you know use every dime of the milk and -- money that the family had bought the ticket and now is is try to figure out what's the most up swamp buggy available command that he can purchase. Just what I picture I didn't like brutality like if you like. Had won 900 dollars that would have been huge deal effectively have an idea it would just by the expenditure of the water exactly. Hubble welcomed at this port Sunday Sports Radio WEP I'm -- Dale Arnold normally it would be robbed Brad Bird but we owed him out as we have more ports that are about. And I didn't. When I heard that open I was actually was going to be game time decision as to whether and I should proceed with the rob Bradford depression and try to make it already got I don't have one I would guys so good I would just values like crack in -- -- every four minutes though and that would. I'm just an Italian. We're gonna be here from now until noon and we are going to be talking hot out if you can't deal with -- there are other radio alternatives in the universe you can go find them. But I'm just telling you right now. That between now and -- we're gonna talk hockey Bruins and the New York Rangers like game 2 of the Eastern Conference semi finals this afternoon TD garden read a clock face off who -- -- -- -- -- plus interest that -- doubled to sixty minute pregame show on -- last it will include myself. Thousand it will include everybody. BJP. But BJP is here -- and aren't all joking it's. One brief shining moment not get back to -- I can finally get out of the building I get my car and I hear you talking to John -- like 1129. The last thing you wanted to be if you really want it -- your column that point which you do what anyway we do you know with a smiling face and I never get cock -- you. It's on Letterman now today's my team. -- likewise they'll mean you mentioned that I -- AM a relatively. Young guys guys I grew up listening to you would have long admired your work so. When I found out be doing the show is definitely I was deeply appreciative of whatever the string of errors where that led -- itself. We're gonna talk hockey between now and noon now normally we would be on until woman but frankly we got a heck out of here we got another job to go to so we're gonna leave new -- -- with a trap and get to the garden is as I said I'm on the area. 2 o'clock today -- -- -- BJ's got to get to work as well we got a lot of stuff. Talked about a lot of a lot of things that we've actually been doing the show before the show which normally I don't like to do normally I like to save it all until my own them on the we've been kind of doing the Schobel with a show here and as we've been sitting here let's get a a couple things off our -- okay. Let's start Tyler state. There are some folks out there and you know who they are you probably talk I talk them on Twitter not so much on radio. They aren't they are the ones who say it got -- Tyler taken down. You've got to sit him down OK let's let's run that Norman OK let's let him down. So I assume you want either -- is document's. A place Tyler -- conceded some of which when you want we'll go at some logic Greg there mean this is the team member bill that. Couldn't play Aaron Johnson was okay when he played during the regular season couldn't play him because that he hadn't been in the lineup in so long period. It's called -- crew put him in there -- granted you've got a lot of to recruit and I'm sure that we'll talk about that. A -- at some point today but. Not to put somebody that's situation where. Some might get a little bit too much credit too soon I think he's going to be great player I don't think he's there in all aspects of the game yet. With that being said in a series in which both teams are going to be really at a stretch and get some offense the idea of not having say you know there is an apple -- I know what it what what the he -- east -- yet they say -- sit him down game. You get buyer -- high up in -- -- and you -- arguments are and all along that -- one. Right yeah I don't wanna -- it exactly and and -- Or some folks out there and I was reading Twitter -- game was going on the other night we were thing going with lying to. They won't use the fourth line pretty actively and they do -- that shot of energy. What they do better than any other one that got a fortune. -- -- -- Possession of the -- -- -- -- and he than a 180 feet from the that you're trying to do right and he -- a million shots on -- shot Orton doesn't ball low eighties that ski jump Orton when it comes the hockey is as it goes -- he does his job he exited the -- percent and he doesn't -- He doesn't focus on a thing else that he doesn't notice stats aren't everything in a lot of nights he'll actually -- use price that you hear this one dated. He's up there in shots on goal in the on a lot of nights he'll pitch a game with like five or six shots on goal and they got and remember him getting many shots on goal but. That's that line does get to that zone -- it gets in the offensive zone and put pressure on the opposing goaltender now if we're gonna criticize anybody for how they're treating their fourth line you can also talked about the guy who has -- freaking Richards. Skating on on what has lied on his fourth one at twelve million a year or. That's the guy who is prime example day of the offseason by going there -- only down by him out the offseason right. Think about this in game 6 of the Eastern Conference quarterfinals in New York Rangers had a five on three power play they have by forwards on the on the five on three power play and twelve million dollar Brad Richards wasn't one of the spot at some believe -- Andy around these parts specially when the whole amnesty bio -- was included in the the CBA. You know you go through the rosters you go on cap. -- dot com and you you look at. Who's making Wyden who might be. A good candidate. The first data came in my mind when. When they have they're gonna have those amnesty -- was really good column and I was going through like I was terribly and other the well for Russia in the world can. -- -- -- -- I mean I I was going through two different rosters in when I got to the Bruins legitimately I couldn't find anybody that would even be candidate and I think because they handle their roster right exactly leaders early spends money. Very well and very wisely people might say that some guys have certainly under perform given their -- rich parent really has but what baffled me was there in the regular season when meal on the teacher was in really had an -- -- farm that. -- since emerged from it at right exactly people to people you know on Twitter and readers via email and everything they would they would say so is me on the -- going to be candidate -- amnesty bio. -- -- now -- maybe not so good right. On the AT&T text line 37937. From the 978 he says not only should they can play should go back on the verge on the Bergeron line jogger cannot -- With a perky and marshy being being being being not only was taken flight remaining. I would. Yarder in Sagan back. Now now those -- to say -- -- At least Marchand partly scored a goal Sagan has done anything they are the same people who said doctor couldn't score because he was playing with Kelly at Beverly right. And at least a second with Kelly in Beverly and -- shock that he elevenths or. I I I like. Yeah I was nation of -- goodwill by Peter your rally at -- did not help but like power play it would be a good move by the huge rally he's made the power play look dramatic. -- -- I would put them back. Right I thought -- position of of -- was spying given the circumstances. Surely obviously -- the bounce back from a -- confusing and embarrassing ordeal with. With the -- -- give and as you said if nothing else he helps the power play with that being said the issue with younger is not only does he -- while he used to playing with new players it takes new players awhile to get used to playing a great point. One end. Chris Kelly and rich Beverley -- a -- to get used to the idea of you know remember that whole having the puck thing -- that's not really gonna be part of your game anymore because sixty -- can have and for that reason I kind of thought that the Bruins were a bit handcuffed to that line just because it seemed Kelly and probably would be the closest thing you get. Two guys. Being comfortable with playing with younger so. Even though I certainly dot Sagan was underperforming I mean we we saw him play we saw -- numbers these W as a producing. I still would like that move of of switching. -- and yarder for the reason that you outline which is. -- Housing unit just. Two new -- meets again and you could say -- yet success with -- nearly I'm not really no he didn't I mean in the goal that he got in that first game. Came off of him -- -- way ahead of martian and yet to catch up to and just kind of throw it on -- Try to get anything and it went off his foot and in so. I think that. Hey you don't wanna put -- that situation where you might not be. In a position to succeed. And then with younger I know that we were talking before that he didn't hold up quite as much when you skating on the Bergeron line but we know why that is. And and I I truly believe. He has more respect. Bergeron. And maybe march on the mature but definitely version. The things that he said about Bergeron the other day about you know he reminds of of Ron grant writers who the whole main player. I I think that that you are -- yarder not only knows Patrice Bergeron but he respects his game and respect him you know as as an overall player. I'm tree at the same way about alien -- Right -- I mean it was like it in NN Toronto series got a would have the puck in the corner right -- police would just say look let's just sent three guys ready as he's not gonna give it up to simple math problem if there are three blue shirts around me. There's a white church somewhere with automobile and Barak I don't really know they are pharma got -- right yeah and I mean that the the longer you hold that -- It's it's simple but the longer you -- the -- more prone he has to turnovers and that's why you saw quite a bit of them in that Toronto series though. I mean if if I'm Julie and I hope for the best that put him back with Kelly in Beverly and hope that some sort of meet. I wanna -- team. Why did a year they kind of took steps in the right direction and although he didn't get really big production out without replying yes what can get production of that. I heard like this in tiger year and you still find yourself in the position succeed right now and grid that's the difference there are one of the biggest differences in my mind. Between this team in the team that won it two years ago which was. If the top two lines are going which thankfully for the Bruins the -- -- -- been going at all times if top two lines are going you had -- and you had Michael -- to kind of bail you out in they could single handedly win you games right now the Bruins are and just do that it. If yarder in Beverly Kelly can get something going then maybe they well I I think you have to put an and I think ultimately -- was always planning on putting things back Renny yeah I think that was his plan all along. I would mind started this afternoon. Flowed doesn't always make you know rash judgments or snap judgments he kinda like I think these things through. I actually -- against the playing better anyway and it I was telling you the example I was listening to you but Dave and Joseph doing the Red Sox game. And they were talking about will middle brook who has started to kind of get some reduction in Europe -- Middle Brooks told them the other night PLP Islam had been over two weeks before that Eddie L. Matter you know he wasn't getting the results. But he was he was swinging better he was he was putting the bat on the ball better and he thought that Islam was over two weeks before the production started the ball. I think take it from playing better for a wild. An end and this is not a knock on the guy who scored the overtime game winner in game one. I've had a better than Marchand this entire playoff run from right -- Boettcher shows me talking about this at bit. Where the show as well that it's Sagan he's gonna have all the attention for one reason or another one down there. Right now -- overall evil what he's not playing particularly well. If he gets demoted or if he doesn't go on the power play anything. All anyone's talking about is how could -- do this -- Tyler Sagan and now what people kind of get wind of votes they get as a play particularly well. Suddenly it's like he's the worst -- that we got to get -- are we sit him down for a couple of games. Right so likewise -- feast or famine from the from. The fans and definitely media standpoint of why can't he just had a few bad games and eventually get his game back he admitted in this this was pretty big of him he admitted I wanna -- -- or the other Rangers series started someone asked him a -- well you have you still have a lot of shots on goal and he said something to the effect of -- yeah I was just -- on -- on that for the sake of having shots on goal so -- That's not the most telling him in the world. I think it. Him being back with Bergeron which I think eventually we'll have in. Perhaps today. Will be a good thing for him in on the whole -- Sagan thing. I honestly don't think that code wakes up every day in things. What I do what they grew -- -- -- -- today. -- could have messed with this kid's mind he's legitimately trying to put the best lineup out there as possible and I think of -- really has anything riding on that I mean I love that. You know what just trying to -- Yeah I eat eat and having riding on success right right like iCloud doesn't want to when he just want to mess with the league wants the he just wants -- -- -- and and and show that he's in control you stop with this stuff right I don't want to win any try to line -- out there that. Gives them the best opportunity to win now. -- game and a half that meant moving Sagan down on the third line in moving yarder up. Now Phil yeah I think that we've seen. Enough from from yarder to note that. You might not be -- definitely a major contributor on the power play and someone who'll change for the better. By the way quick -- but yeah quick side note special teams in this series. Is just going to be. Ugly to watch concludes this is the Rangers team as well that has been brutal on the power play so even if the Bruins don't score million power play goals the series is definitely going to be decided. With five on five play -- gave credit to one taxpayer from the 978 I'll give it is actually the exact same -- so I'll I'll probably go back give him. Crap here -- -- per game and put Soderbergh on the third line. I'm Marty set I I like jogger in the lineup just for what he brings to the power play. And I think -- Point -- Soderbergh will probably be pretty good player at the NHL level I don't think it's right I don't keep ready for this outlook I'm not even sure he was ready to make it jump from Europe. The NHL. Without a training camp ran out of regular season if you -- -- -- we're gonna want to down into it. It wasn't his ball that he arrived at the worst time in Boston sports history. You know the events of -- -- fifteen. And you know he suddenly arrives and in games are getting canceled you -- like six games in nine nights and all of those things that went around it. When you went to be -- it. -- Right based on what will. This is dog back. Bill or months to win people's -- started hearing about the possibility. Of Karl Soderbergh was finally come over when I heard the -- Soderbergh was instant finally coming DHL. My reaction was this. Cool -- goodly trip. Good good for him we'll we'll see how he fits in. I wrote the time when that when they got them was. We're still not sure exactly where he's gonna fit into this lineup if at all so it's not it's not enormously surprising that he doesn't have. A spot right now. And the idea of throwing him in especially for an established veteran like younger. Is is ridiculous I think that. It's very much to wait and see process. With with -- Soderbergh it's like I I compared to getting. -- ball player from Japan -- differently or so meetings yes that it used to sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't I don't think that was at times Biden has some great things let's open the lines bring you guys. On board here at 6177797937. I told about the AT&T 137937. And your hat to them where you jump on -- You can also reach out either of us highway winner at the playoff hockey with -- as the -- -- -- -- -- of mutual as the Bruins play the Rangers today in game 2 of the Eastern Conference semifinals rate clock I -- the -- I've read it would you have that radio W yeah. I'm sure they gonna come on Hart came out in the last time these have to be ready for that. -- play hard and hard game. Analog to lot of pucks and then you're played solid defense. You know I saw it -- great game came on and you know we've but then again you know and when you play. Came to -- is any better so we have to us the confidence of. -- goaltender Tuukka Rask who I. I think has been very steady drop the course of these playoffs it's funny James driver with a couple. Playing to arrest in the first round. In this series. That's as bad as you'll ever see Henrik Lundqvist. And the plan would give up one that go buy a house and they haven't allowed one bad goal one bad. That's all I I end and by the way the the knuckle puck that. Chara scored right changed directions about four different times and it was a bad call. One was like great wrath played better in -- kind of peaks to the way to the Rangers have. -- -- Under the bad way they've been in the road this season where if Hendrick Lundqvist allowed one bad -- you're talking about really in the game in jeopardy so that speaks more of the Rangers and expand on with what I'd like. Point out that and in every body. -- -- -- with a series and forwards mark -- -- and I do a great job with that title you do check my. I I don't think I've gotten a single one rate in years prior to this series goaltending everybody automatically check mark on the rangers' side. And I think that's based on the number one was the last year not this year I I I've always said that sometimes it takes or expand a little while to catch up to reality yet. One was the year ago with the best goaltender on the. No he did he's a finalist because he's -- one. I mean I I'd be fascinated to see general managers. Ballots for for the -- Because. I'm assuming that. Pretty much airborne had brought me I'm assuming that Niemi got a lot of attention. And I think the third guy was probably either grass or Lundqvist and this year should have been this out so here. That's all the -- the award and they don't write about a year running average year it's this season. Rask has played better than -- on right and I gave IE. I I'm guilty of what you were just saying with the given that yet edged Lundqvist and I gave it to them. Based on his career certainly does because once you get the post season you wanna have the better goalie it's like having Martin Brodeur for example and maybe he didn't put together as the greatest regular season but if you have Martin Brodeur and the oil -- it if you're playing the the doubled -- playoffs -- your instinctive well load -- the devils have the advantage -- And -- it right they would and it or not it's not a career you know I've. Martin Brodeur is the greatest goaltender who ever lived I've I I've said that for years now I'm willing to go with that. Rest sabbatical and right now the Martin Brodeur. Right to grasp right now is the means statistically. Late in the season. I was thinking of write this column that he had a couple of not so great game soda and being a moot point I was gonna say. I was gonna right. Is this. With this the most under the radar does no winner. Earth like major trophy winner in the history of Boston's port because nobody was talking -- to grass all year he was still on the top. 234. -- in. In goals against average and save percentage and in Boston is actually kind of take that for granted because you say oh he's playing again he's playing behind a great defense and he playing behind Zdeno Chara and Dennis Seidenberg. This wasn't the Bruins great STL season I didn't -- this wasn't charted this season by any stretch of the imagination and Zdeno Chara did not deserve to be in -- -- right finalists this year isn't. And since they drop. The first game of the playoffs he looks like not only in Norris trophy candidate looks like the north -- he went right. And we like the best defenseman in the NHL right well -- I guess that goes back to the previous point without Lundqvist. And in the -- I did not give the you know I I have -- votes for the Norris trophy and I didn't give char one of them I didn't think about giving. -- one of them. You know -- the best parents in the NHL in my mind if it. It's a good thing I'm not -- -- -- if if I'm if I'm skating in the offensive zone -- fight to go up against any defenseman 101 on one or try to get around a defenseman Zdeno Chara be the last guy out there. You ask any -- Any opposing forward vote Zdeno Chara and the shape that he. So I think it gets kind of back to that where. He didn't have the best regular season but he still the best to what he does and that's kind of how I view -- quiz where it is quickly and now granted too good didn't necessarily pass BI test because I didn't make but Jillian. Incredible saves as we've seen from Tim Thomas over the years but then again they're two different goalies it's. Prefer to have Lundqvist and -- And I just I and and I understand that in in the long term my point was simply who's. Played -- And in my mind to Rask has played better than Henrik Lundqvist now techsters says the -- crew goal was a good goal really. It was bad goal all. Right I mean he comes in from the point by the time we shoot he's -- top of the circle right. A great pass from Doug Hamilton -- I I -- -- -- -- -- I thought I thought we gave up one bad goal right is it that because tour. -- scored the goal that it that the Dexter isn't fond of it or from work with sampling. I you know I don't know the answer. I look I I. I think that. What I loved about who -- -- and what I've always loved is this why back to talk to him he's very laid back -- yeah he's very you know. -- he Paul he's as tentative as as Johnny boy oh absolutely editor of his Zdeno Chara. He he's got a I hear inside. And he's got a competence. -- be lied by his demeanor writes this guy who set out it. Also when your view yeah and and equipment and -- and then at the end of the year you're gonna pay me like a number one Bolton right and he was right. Yeah he not only did he signed a one year deal eat -- and and he has he has earned himself a big money contract which you'll get in this offseason. Six a lot of guts to do that yet and I'm still interested to see where those negotiations go and how how long they go on because. Yes -- and then that's where things can get ugly because both sides. Probably knew at the time of that. Signing. This was going to be shortened season so maybe the Bruins are trying to. Negotiations can take awhile I was. I was pretty sure that that they would try to get that deal done during the regular season and the fact they didn't means that maybe this can take awhile but Rask will get paid. Eventually like a number one goalie. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Doing what he does in the playoffs which is in for all the talk about players can't just flip a switch teams can't just flip -- switch. They have and he horror right out like I have had people who said that watched sports before it a people do it regularly. And guys like Nathan Horton guys who for whatever reason -- struggle with motivation to -- their entire career even going back to his Florida days when he admitted that he would take shifts off. As the guy who performs in the post season and now maybe he's kind of Michael Ryder himself. Getting to the point where are going from a guy who you'd think would. Signed a low money deal in the off season after kind of under performing per couple years and obviously. Borden was. Injured the previous season in this post season but he's gone from a guy who was probably looking at taking a smaller contract. Who now. If he keeps this up and it's actually playing on the -- line where. Points are gonna come regardless of what you're doing you can play with the creche here right now and he probably. He probably boosted his stock enough that you might be tougher sides of the Bruins will have money this and one way or another obviously to distribute and therefore prior to this. To the Dexter who says Peter surely over pays everybody need to get veteran which now take a -- -- -- a natural like Heatley and take a look at some of the contract out there now the general managers are desperately trying to get out from under right he doesn't sign it died in the seven years seven million dollar a year contract right you know he has not -- Over now what he has done it right some -- it's very patriot -- You've received over pay. The bottom two lines you know -- given too much money to Chris Kelly yeah that the rich Beverley you know that that you're given too much money -- -- on port whoever. Or or to -- bottom. Or depends. Makes read their money out -- in in much like patriot. He doesn't have one of those oh my god what -- Dubai. This contract right now one if if you -- teach it not her. Well teams lining up trying to make a deal that. That -- -- that contract and take that. A player you would have been able to rate him tomorrow right will mean going back to so so it's it's. Three years and it at six million annually -- I think right on on the cheek. So at a six million dollar cap the premiere on the -- all the talk of billions during that slump when he had won gold at what point five games or something. Are all that -- Of potential amnesty bio Lucic were to -- free agency having scored like. Or goals all season. You would have -- need an even bigger contract the one that you. Currently set to make so if that's the worst contract the Bruins have their pretty good standing -- like you said you can make the argument that. Surely does overpay for. -- six guys. Like rich Arab -- but when rich are released on in -- Through three penalties the other night we've seen the beverage Beverly. The most part season but we're probably the guy who potentially can play first -- minutes for you so his value to this team is worth the three million or whatever it is that he's making what you believe in the time I thought that's cool that's that's a bit high. Are you today. Well thank. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'll -- out I think they're in now in -- -- and and then what you are. Or anything have them back later on it he. -- -- I don't think there's any doubt -- will be ready to play reasonably soon right I don't think it will be today I really don't but but I think you know maybe Tuesday he he might erratic. And at this point in beat the good thing is. You've seen things you probably didn't expect to CEO these young guys -- mean. Our coast he has been a revelation. In my mind tease us so much so that he's that -- the point that. When all these guys are healthy I'm sitting we'd written down and I'm playing met Archos ski in -- then he's been forced to kind of jump into the situation we've. Six minutes in the in game five of the Toronto series now you're seeing him with what. 26 minutes the other night third in the -- he's stepped in to this role and for a guy who in past seasons clearly clearly struggled with confidence and -- -- their -- -- mistakes. Skating with puck he's doing everything that he's kind of as advertised now he's the guy that they talked about her. The past couple years of having the skills that we're finally seeing it. I think that this point -- you played himself into that top six equation. From the standpoint beyond -- past Doug Hamilton. Definitely definitely and the left shot and hope it's right I know that a lot of people say. This should be a no brainer what when when Ference was -- when Redd was out. During the Toronto series quick side note it's interesting that. Only games that they've won with an injured defenseman. The post season have been the two that all three had been injured anyway when -- would be hurt her game referred to be here regain their -- of the discussion of you go with our coast -- Hamilton. And in my mind. Our -- he was the easy answer -- because. You don't have to shake things up as drastically as it. By putting a lefty and replace a lefty as opposed to putting a radiant -- moving guys -- and I do think sometimes and and it I've heard this discussion like it if you keep talking tree and what difference does it make you give you my left guard -- right guard and yet you ask an offensive -- they'll say it's. It's totally the right position. It's completely there. And sometimes in a -- civil what difference does -- make you my left and to right. Dennis Seidenberg is a shadow of his former self when he -- to my left to us right. Like easy to the same guy -- left -- right. That the game come to you -- late you mean you're you're you're turning -- you're playing differently -- shooting differently year receiving. Making passes differently. And that's why you know what went left defenseman went down. It made much more sense as you said the slide -- how ski and there was a left shooting defenseman of one pairing weaker and leave everybody else -- exactly and I mean right you have what pairing weaker and as opposed to shaking everything up and you mentioned Seidenberg which is kind of a number one point here. Yeah the Bruins can get by without the Chara Seidenberg tired that's what they do every regular season verified without it at Seidenberg on the right side is just. Make such a greater impact and as you said. He's lost the points -- be taken him off that pairing and it's not 'cause. Dennis Seidenberg can't play without today you know -- he does and all the time -- Just stronger on the right side which were left shot is -- kind of rare that he he plays the writes I'd better but he just does so you're better off not messing with that. Other people who say well why not to have Hamilton. Plea. But the left side haven't tried that he didn't do an -- in the regular season they're probably not -- -- having him do it by 6177797937. -- telephone number the AT&T tag line always available via a 37937. Or you can -- recap either of us on Twitter -- -- -- Dale. Iraq -- called the view and Sports Radio W -- 6177797937. Is the telephone number the AT&T tag line is 37. 937. We're talking a lot of Bruins hockey today DJ being from WEEI dot com. One of it not be best young Bruins beat guy in the it's in the city is sitting alongside an effort and so. So it's not like we are what we would. Knowing he'd be sit there and I'll buy and sell. Watching the guys. And he wouldn't really be locked in he wouldn't be you know can -- each in the conversation. He needs to -- still brings that character. Program yeah that's a classic rob Bradford player data to that -- -- 'cause a DJ -- you're talking about playoffs which continue this afternoon TD garden game. To Eastern Conference semifinals. Ruins and the Rangers. End and remember how close the Rangers were on. Many people remember what the regular season with like the Rangers. And and look I I thought game one when about what I the idea these two teams are kind of mirror images at right up there since they did their roster make over the trade deadline. Maybe we'll deal who probably -- -- in this series right maybe we'll deal with San Jose then made the gap. A deal to Columbus and really remade their window washer -- -- ever deal now what do winner for them and now they look. -- -- Sort of deal like the Bruins do I don't white is big and strong right especially on the be parents but. Mirror image of yeah -- The point where I mean IE I've watched Odyssey every Bruins game all year and -- last many years and kind of gotten used to their style of play and seeing what they do and everything the point where game one the first period was like almost sickening to see like so much of that. Owed on the ice at the same time in a lot of people a lot of people the press box after that first period bureau kind of look NH other real like. Is this going to be the entire series. Of just like kind of of what -- this sort of stalemate at the coaches had their way way right absolutely. This -- like. What the -- -- it in and grow on -- -- -- with the team for that it really opened up. And the one the Bruins won an overtime that was a great game but I imagined as as what you know as the we'll let you losing his mind right now if he doesn't like games though and like that he wants the Bruins to be in control and you want that to be clear. So and that's kind of what they're the Rangers have gone I have Little John order all of bell in the overtime the other not -- -- to win when the Bruins put eight shots on goal on the power where. And it low right and I don't mean eight shot from the Blue Line right onscreen I mean eight and that's when Lundqvist looked like. And -- and right of the year ago he was spectacular. They have eleven shots in the overtime Nate Nate. Dominate as as -- sort of relish that Rangers got its bank -- -- -- -- had who are to driven -- absolutely and I mean getting back -- -- That's where. Let Larry Brooks. Was on yesterday with with general oil and he was saying that once the Bruins are putting that pressure out of luck -- at -- -- -- -- -- -- committed that's kind of when the time restarted -- that the countdown until the Bruins won that game is you're the only one keeping them -- it at that point in. We give the Bruins credit -- what they've won. All three of their overtime games this post season which we saw it. Two years ago that. A bit about what can change a whole lot in. Probably two inches with a -- still here right yeah seriously Nathan Horton doesn't score in overtime of game seven of Montreal SpinRite somebody -- coaching this team. Yeah now US mean what went on the air the Bruins have lost in the may Lee in game seven we will be gone and I say no. I I I think what Peter to rally hold salt and holly on this radio station I think he I think it was true. As long as I'm here -- got a job. Now maybe if they have lost to the Maple -- in the first round. Him -- and Jeremy -- would have made wholesale changes -- to rally and then -- would have -- but I don't believe that's true I think -- -- -- really good job right I mean that the biggest one for me going to that game seven got people -- conversations what's gonna happen with -- news game -- surely got involved and I mean I I defend -- law and I -- -- I would have thought it would have been the wrong -- If they had moved -- from him is because I -- it if some say the Bruins have lost that lead to a loss at -- one and future look like right which I mean we were all wee girl -- -- not I had my game's story written which I took a screen grab of going -- overall -- -- -- right yeah so yeah so so when they win that the cup in in it in a few weeks so we'll have that story of a at this point in that -- Befall the Bruins. It. Had a -- like import one in fire load my tape was. Why because he couldn't get anything out of power Sagan and Brad marsh and in all of these guys were dogs in the in the first round. Why why is it could include -- and all that these guys in on a team that. His under achieved all year continue to do so I think -- more on the players but as far as surely goes I mean. That would have in ends. I would have been lunacy on top of lunacy we get rid of truly does because guy doesn't draft particularly well when he doesn't have a top ten pick. Thanks to the Maple -- he's got himself in that situation couple times and has been able to hit on it but. And some of the deals that he's made some of the what we. Kind of scoff at times some of these low profile deals when they called us back to the gardener that Maple Leafs game a couple years ago when we thought they were trading for two with cab -- and Peter comes -- announces he's got Chris Kelly for a second round pick. We were honestly afterwards that this portrait you're saying why do you do a second round pick for the I whatever. I like your round pick means anything. Look like -- -- -- -- would have made a big difference in Chris Kelly. Mann what's his space went to that post. About show from Scott Gomez and once that what that he came on. You as a major player for them in the post season obviously last year had a career year in this the guy with the time we thought great typical surely move he goes and gets a guy kill penalties -- Who averaged probably usher him to death same exact. -- thing and they were two impact players. Indy you've acquired them. -- fraction of what he gave up to get the big name promus cab relate now thankfully a -- right thankfully for the Bruins it looks like Joseph Colborn. Isn't on -- restaurant a super stardom which are there were questions obviously. Since he was drafted as to whether he was just a big body your -- -- the a big help in this league but they -- -- the first round pick. The yeah I think another conditional pick in that deal. And -- It's small field. -- -- -- Chris Kelly it's. It's Mark Stuart we've lost his job already in Blake Wheeler who kind of fallen out of favor here member family member how much to reach in there was right it is. -- surely we've wired. Wade Redden trading deadline yeah and now it's like. Right left the game one again against the Maple Leafs like. -- read in the suddenly the greatest player in the world. Things happen differently than you land and many occasions and I also love the -- there's a story line out there and I'm pretty -- I love this story. On the in the summer in which Peter surely mean. On draft. The Bruins trade Andrew ray dropped the -- may lead to Iraq terrible deal. But bite but Peter should rally had. Now they do with because he wasn't here I could technically unique data today he never. The Bruins sign as free agents Zdeno Chara from. The Ottawa Senators. And Marc -- What it was -- all Peter surely came on board -- Jeff Gordon gets credit for those. -- Jeff Gordon Deal both are. -- -- rally deal because. Yeah he didn't have anything and -- well no I mean obviously that not only were they coming from the same organization trillion charter clothes and that there is on and on out of that had nothing do with Jeff Gordon Jeff Gordon did all that now. Surely didn't work here that. He doesn't get credit for signing the Dana -- Marc Savard that was Jeff Gordon right. Fantasy land do you live -- if you actually believe that that Jeff Orton is it. Is quietly going along making all these right franchise should change your opening them before we get rid of you were gonna give you the power to it's it's essentially like. In baseball when the manager goes out says -- While this guy in the we're taking. You know Jeff Gordon knew he was -- it is Leo. It's not like they keep him the power to. All right here's all -- here's here's all of our money this is the year we're gonna make huge splashes in free agency and you're the guy before surely you're the guy you really got to do it all or our I've heard this too. Jeff Gordon didn't even do owner did. Jeremy Jacobs and here we -- and. The first time in his life Jeremy. -- -- If things were as in flux as that would suggest. That GM doesn't do anything viewers making. Signings who -- happening -- think that a guy is Smart Zdeno Chara would say I'm up I'm I'm on board. FX 177797937. As the telephone number the AT&T -- line -- re 7937. This is Sports Radio WE yeah.

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