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John Farrell postgame press conference

May 19, 2013|

John Farrell postgame press conference

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-- -- Might have been our best offensive night of the year you know we work deep counts -- we drove a baseball a big night by David again. Daniel -- once again continues to. To drive the ball with some authority. But we had good at bats of Donald on a ball like tonight and and as it turns out we needed every run. You know the middle innings kind of got a little Dicey for strident. Get Ryan through that fifth inning with with every available pitch but we've got a point had to make a move there -- -- -- -- Well just comment. You know I had a hard time repeating his fastball down in the strike zone is has put that away from -- times but. You're in the fifth inning even despite the inconsistencies with them but he found a way to navigate through some things a big strike out there in the second inning in my power. -- still worked around a number of base runners but and this -- just got me ran out of gas and for us. Well you can't talk -- Grant Thornton in whom hindsight probably should make a move at the time. But there's still it's a veteran guy who was fine physically and to engines has Armand in Philly thing but trying to get in the last on the fifth can attest you don't. Unless you want to. Did. Didn't see it but look what has it right in the. I don't know anything is really surprised them in certain performances -- you're gonna finally -- but. This is -- it's been a long history of a lot of production he hit ball left his right is using him tonight. And it's the consistency in which he goes about his work -- a definite plan everyday and the par. Lagos was VP if it's no coincidence. That he has the performance of the dozen races he's a very good hitter and has the ability to combine both average and power. Same time and for me. Yeah at the time a big play Russell comes any he's got a bases loaded situation Pedroia makes a heck of have a basket catch them right field line and turns and throws -- strike in and fortunately. Ryan holes on the ball after getting run over the place so. Gonna give us a little energy in the dugout and again and and we responded in the good way. -- Popular. In the same dugout across the field he's always you you see a high level of of defense. In a number of different ways weather's turned the double play that. Them to play you make some back and last night mountain ranges from the line tonight. He's he's a very good player that's stating the obvious. He did throw -- him. You know 127 pitches that's a lot and it even if you go eight or nine innings -- through four and two thirds and that's probably. A little more taxing than you otherwise like to see. You know it's hard as he works there I know we'll be prepared for. His next start when we get back on the road trip so. At this point on it has been motivated. Well. One hour talking about it the fact that I make it for the amount normally a pitching change that's a rarity. So. You know you wanna give a guy every opportunity to two record to win but at that point the game was in jeopardy as woes behind -- purposes so. It's a delicate balance but at some point. That this is happening. Some. -- -- You know we're probably not gonna run a twenty year old out there for three consecutive -- personally thirty pitches an inning that's a lot of work.

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