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David Ortiz after the second game in Minnesota

May 19, 2013|

Joe Castiglione and Dave O'Brien talked to David Ortiz after the Red Sox beat the Twins 12-5. Big Papi said that team chemistry is great, that the new guys see the Sox way of doing things.

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I welcome back. To have. Target field and they've heard Jesus -- is -- you really like targets here you nineteen for 38505. Homers sixteen RBIs to. What is it about this place. I don't know I mean. In two get it done everywhere we go. You know and I happen to -- that though he's got a people battling. Good yeah. David that that lasted men and you're never gonna come out of the strike zone but it looked like you wanted to do some serious damage maybe for the third home run was it in your mind at all. Maybe good fielder -- the had it. -- it's funny how the award. So that we -- very large you know you get evidence in the one good thing though. I'm not a bad I really wanna. The ball hard somewhere and ended and it just would have. How about that play by Pedroia with a game was. In in the balance there in. On the line with the the -- open right field that he throws them -- for double play. SP. I mean being the -- they're they're Tuberville is out there you know it blame it. That's -- up on everything and it's really fun to watch. David -- I disagree special like chemistry with this team that. Watching you guys watch each other play in the way you you really support each other it's a little different then than a lot of other teams is that a a decent read on it I. Think. All the new. And they see you know. We do things around here you know they and executed. Years before. Wednesday the the to letting him and the business here. Everybody go quite -- bit here. They gave him respect to walking through that group that's that's that's the game so -- it and myself that story mr. Ball goes. All the guys thought the they feel how we we we've we've got to sort of back. And when you're -- and you and you live in the new world. I think that the best thing that we didn't you know just make it just -- and artwork into the open and just -- It's very well said David used to get a kick out of getting big hits against the twins your -- team even though every other players gone from your days here. Yeah I think maybe. My -- then now morneau. There -- there wonder we're gonna come into the system when when I was there to feel. And there was little hope we so. I'm very proud -- -- to what do well we'll sort through kid that did that -- players. -- people and they're fun to watch too. David your your a lot of on -- watched him a man and congratulations and a big big nights in. Looks like that swing is in perfect working order don't change a thing you're an actor.

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