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John Farrell pregame before the middle game of the Minnesota series

May 18, 2013|

Joe Castiglione talked to John Farrell before the second game against the Twins. The manager said that the Sox can win with small-ball or with big-ball.

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This is there Herb Chambers Saudi pregame show I'm John Ryder Red Sox vs the twins tonight in Minnesota announced -- -- for Red Sox manager. John -- all the managers reported sponsored by Harvard pilgrim Harvard Pilgrim Health Care count as CN here's Jokester Leo. But John -- -- -- different way to win last night that a lot of frustration early with men on base and then they were -- -- -- in manufacturing Iran. You know Joseph I think that the most important thing -- the bottom line is we win so we're fine in different ways to do it. And as many as many guys we left -- based on the first eight or nine innings. You know we've come back in that situation we're okay we're creating them but still not been able to get that big two out hit. But we manufactured -- run the key of that inning to me was. You will little books get to sacrifice down something he doesn't typically called upon to do what he executed -- perfectly and I Johnny Gomes a clue what the sacrifice fly in and the bullpen was just really really strong force last night. And you've had this to go a little longer with somebody your bullpen people love with the usage and where's the injury did -- of late and they responded well. Yeah they have been I think the one of the guys has really stepped up. You know in his last you know probably six to eight appearances has been Andrew -- in the way he's on the ball and in particular last couple outings last night -- didn't. It is sharpened as powerful and consistent as has been all year. A lot has to do with how the lineup is constructed that we're facing and the left handers that he was in there and I knew that he that order was. No not only -- -- Garcia and guys just went about wolf on the left side of the plate so he did a great job and you know Alex Wilson comes in. -- to purchase gets its first career Major -- win so. A good night particularly with -- you are stepping up and closing things out. And that was OK after taking a foul ball off the -- crazy thing you know you stand up as he said don't get a piece of chewing gum. In his back home plate and ricochet catches among the forehead but no he was fine even going into the game last night. How chain victory know is that in the lineup tonight. No he's not he's improved over yesterday. But still we feel like another day we'll do animal -- a good don't wanna set this back any further than the stiffness and then. Soreness that he's feeling across the lower back area and it's not one specific spot but. It's start to free up he's starting they'll take some might swings today to get back in the swing of things no pun intended but. We're a people who get on the field tomorrow is that like to get Jacoby a date to of rest as well as restarted rotate everybody through -- -- game stretch. And you get some good news today and David -- yeah I just talking with -- this morning feels like he starts in the starting to turn the corner he'll be reevaluated in Boston on Monday. You so in -- tumble also start to get that exertion test going whether it's on -- treadmill or or on stationary bike to see if those symptoms are being reproduced. But just that told of his voice and the words used I mean he's encouraged. So it'll be good to get him back into some baseball activity getting close rejoining us. The watching Dustin Pedroia for seven or eight years you never ceases to amaze the had a tough night the first board that he makes two great plays. And then starts the winning rally in scores are. You know I think hopefully people vote taken for granted that just because the expectation is what it is and he's such a good player but. He gives you everything he's got -- every single play he makes a couple of key defensive plays that. On a first inning at first run at first base runner at first there was -- you know he gets the ball squarely up the middle -- makes -- -- back and play and it just gives -- a chance to get that first out on -- start to settle into the game but. I know he was frustrated particularly in that I wanna say it was -- eighth inning where. The only person burden and one out 32 count we get from our motion on the ground ball double play and the threat. But we'll be holding comes up and attempt to start things off and it was just a good way to finish out with him being right in middle. Tonight it's got diamond and Dempster in diamond was very good seven scoreless innings against the Red Sox up at Fenway what made him so special that night. Well he's a -- and that's got some natural cut to his fastball and when he throws the ball on the outer part of the plate or away from all of from right handed hitters sometimes -- right handers can give up an apple come backing and catch the edge and that's what he didn't Fenway he stayed out of the middle of the plate. He lived on the edge and you know we threw a lot of strikes this is as pitching staff that we know is going to attack the strike zone against us. So were our MO has been -- grind pitchers and look to take your base on balls. That projects to be a little bit different particulate diamond was a good strike -- tonight so. When we do get pitches on a little later on the plate it is it's gonna be our job to square them up in those situations and right said he is a slider started deserted him last time. Yeah I just think it was a start where Ryan didn't have his best fastball command he misses a number of pitches up to the arm side and against a good fastball hitting team in Toronto that made him pay for. And even -- when you look at Bonifacio home run it was a slider that kind of stayed a little plate and didn't get down and in where he was intending to go with what we've got a one way you. Matched up with him tonight and we're looking for Ryan -- back to the production he's been given us all year. -- Mercedes-Benz manages questions -- last night that beautiful bunt but will middle Brooks at what is your thinking on sacrifices. And the theory about them. Well there's there's a few things are going to a Joseph a lot has to do with the game situation. You know certainly last and get a first and second. Extra innings we're we're looking to advance ninety feet and -- it's gonna. Put the onus back on the opposition to make decisions obviously last night with an intentional walk and -- to the sacrifice fly but. I'm not that is so big on the sacrificed. This sacrifice bunt because you're basically giving an hour away just for the ability to advance ninety feet I'd like to think that we've got hitters at a proficient enough -- our lineup. -- we'll let them swing and build an -- but there are going to be situations that doubled used to look to employ it and that was one last night. -- like tonight Jack thanks Joseph. Our question with a manager was brought to you by your local Mercedes-Benz dealers and the dude 2014. -- class -- is -- MD USA dot com today. John thanks. And John Farrell his -- to you by AT&T AT&T offers the most forgy coverage in New England. Coming up next we -- the starting lineups -- the first pitch it's the Red Sox vs the twins on the W he Ira Sachs radio network.

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