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Jen Royle is joined by Jerry Crasnick from ESPN

May 18, 2013|

Jen Royle is joined by ESPN MLB columnist, Jerry Crasnick. Jen and Jerry discuss the state of Redsox nation including the closing pitcher situation, the lack of scoring and the starting rotation.

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You know -- we -- we understand that's sort of where it comes down to. He got injured -- and can't be comfortable that for anybody much less left editor and you know he when he excuse for everything he's he's really good. This goes over the royals in attendance I don't think there was. They are the reason won't. Won't let that happen right but it's. You know there's process and never very will fall across us and and just confidence and that's what happens. Clay Buchholz talking about last night's extra inning win against the Minnesota Twins. And I could DVR it did a tremendous job. I shutting down Minnesota in the bottom of the tenth Clay Buchholz with another solid outing tech is second straight no decision. -- baptists who runs it was us. Two run shot to. He drove flora mine shortstop for the twins. And still pretty disgusted -- the Red Sox are. Even giving to giving Minnesota like. I think Amy this is a joke between there are horrible ballclub they're eighteen and when he sitting at the bottom of the American League central. Became the filming part took three out of four. And the Clay Buchholz on the mountain offense could not do anything leading -- again in scoring position. Three out of that the ten innings and you know doing miss against the Minnesota Twins with this lineup. Is is just completely unacceptable and it kind of doubly bad for clean about -- he's doing his job he's done it twice in a row he's gotten a run support. So I don't know the Red Sox date they have to. I doubt what they need to do bite you know they won last night with the small ball maybe. Take a little bit of pressure off guys lineup trying to hit home runs a little more patient at the plea. I'm Mike Napoli with a night off last night he'll have some fresh lakes tonight Minnesota and again going into the Chicago series maybe the day off was perfect for him. But I -- it's it it's kind of funny and not and a half pilots laugh out loud kind of way that the one guy. -- -- -- -- -- Is doing the most or has done the most over the past couple of gains and this is a guy who says her impressions he. Because he's dealing with that rib injury. And so. Now on AT&T -- glamour in every Jerry -- neck and I'll be right for espn.com. Boston University graduates and he's got Boston tie this year. -- -- -- -- The fired up I am not military spotty when -- at the -- in meetings. I -- and what you say it's me you really need to pony down on Twitter. No I like the way you've got into it on Twitter -- thought that that. People at Baltimore you give -- the game pretty well I'll listen they did get pretty heated. Baltimore got on -- nice and I'm the first person to say I did not handle things. Correctly all the time. But it's and you start here Abbas and and haters actually make me laugh she -- I think it's because -- from here. I'm back in my element exactly. Jerry -- that tiny -- -- -- -- Red Sox team Clay Buchholz -- -- dismantlement another no decision last night this time in Minnesota. Listening on the pitching and defense wins games I don't think it does that Pete -- championship. I he got to score runs you know what are you seeing from this Red Sox offense and how much they need to give everybody else besides those two guys more run support. Well and ideally are the which you would like that to be indicate that you know I think when I went into the ease and looked at that scene. I thought it was going to be more of a pitching. Defense kind of seen that wasn't really year old. Red -- that some over the head type squad you know they they got a lot of these that mean Pedroia is that -- you know one of the more. Quality second base but it -- followed obviously David Ortiz. Is a real president. And Mike Napoli you know issue on the eve a guy who can have a lot of power. You know felt very had been hit but that that the mine itself far our middle Brooks says -- -- and he kept 45. Strike out and the rocks spell you know and he's pitched in with some extra base hit and and done and -- pretty good kid that kind of hard that. Depend on him and you know the many other guys that go home and Victor Reno went through I mean they're probably. I don't know what they're more complementary type of player but you know there. They're not your middle of the order stalwart and a guy that you're gonna. Depend not like I think the Red Sox did in years past so I think that this would -- it's gonna happen that what was runners in scoring position. You know manufactured some runs and that sort of thing and rely on it starting pitching and the other back into the bullpen and because of the injuries that made that have to go. Yeah exactly. Tuchman Gary -- it from espn.com speaking of the apple and wire on the topic is your thoughts. I nap on Andrew Bailey listen I said before I'm a big into Bailey and do you think he can get the job done here in Boston. I think he can't eat healthy you know with that that they'll be up with the injury to seemed to have a lot of things. Go wrong physically and you know sometimes guys have been -- for three of four years and they get these reputation. Being injury prone and and they get -- -- -- but he still have to work past bad -- You know I don't think there's any question about it it's -- that. Frame of mind you know depicted the back into the bullpen. Or stop -- -- you know he needs to show that he can stay out there you know for 65 -- -- -- and without going on the disabled list to -- Also. -- we are with an incredible performance last night in the bottom of the -- close out Minnesota's. Retired the side all three batters started off with a strike. Out what are seeing from -- mean this is a guy who when he's on he's on he's not he's way off. You know it's funny with him because in the -- these in a couple years ago she. Thought about getting in trouble on Twitter I think. He's one of these guys to his numbers are just amazing I mean -- 23 strikeout and three walks. You know he's an incredible picture. But he's prone to give up a long ball a couple of years ago it seemed like every TD came up with a home run a lot of the home runs. Well in bad situations and I kind of poke fun of a couple times -- -- and got people up that it may you know he's. One of those guys who for whatever reason. Doesn't give up a long ball here at mayor he's given up three this year and in sixteen inning but I. He's the guy who Sony got the stuff to release most threw -- out and definitely strikes sir I mean is that pick -- the block -- -- it's pretty incredible. Terry you know how sensitive these belt and art pilot look at it's not an -- Let's hear as -- many yankees right now Andy -- the thirteenth Yankee eagle on the disabled list yet they're sitting atop the American League east. Who we talked to didn't do it can't last week and he said the one thing the Yankees have his money. How are they -- is -- it's it's it's borderline incredible. Yeah I mean I think Kevin long the hitting coach he got to give him he's the best obviously appeared. Unlock -- -- -- guys like Vernon Wells and Travis Hafner and Lyle Overbay didn't. You know I do think though the character guys here -- the who are there in those positions. For the whole fees and eventually they're gonna get overexposed. And that quite probably good thing that Curtis Granderson back off the alum Mark Teixeira is gonna come back at some -- and you know Jeter I mean they're gonna give them their regulars back as the evening goes on but you know at the different kind of Yankee teammate who kept the ball. -- starting pitching has been very good Kuroda. Is at all. You know he beat sabathia is still pretty tough and you know the back into the bullpen obviously over the Rivera is very formidable -- It's a different kind of Yankee team and it's weird if they feel pretty scrappy yankees and -- Normal and they have embraced the identity here now and the other thing I think we got the point out is that the division. Is the world's top Serbian you know Paronto. Isn't it seemed everybody thought they were going to be tip. You know -- got hurt you get the -- But that team and you know Baltimore. To me look like the -- the division but now with that making a pit spell. If there's really no dominant club. In the American League -- There really isn't talk sanitary crashed at an eighteen T hotline MLB writer for espn.com. Jerry you mentioned Toronto. I think a lot of people took to run on to win the division and giving and how much money Alex and populist and you look at the two guys that are injured right now in Los Angeles -- arms are not injured that are struggling Albert close. And of course Josh Hamilton and it's a great discussion and in you look at Carl -- -- eat drink and palaces and the money thrown around to these big athletes. Is it too much I mean. It is just free agent market gonna change next season where in the near future in terms of giving guys -- ton of money for six or seven years. Well one thing we've seen yet and I think seemed that hesitant to give it. To their own guys you know we've seen it with Felix Hernandez. Or with Justin Verlander like quality teams that are. Locking up their own guys in the free agent market earnings and as many big name on it but what I have to think when you look at. Wolf than Hamilton you know the money they got the production they've given and the way they just seem to be breaking down I mean a lot these guys. We're free agents -- 1293031. And I don't wanna they they're on the back into their careers but anarchy in the seven or eight year contract. By the end of that contract they're going to be you know. Pretty good they're gonna have some injuries and and the model itself. I didn't think seemed. Really should get a wake up call with this than I you know I went in that money they need to spend a lot of I think they suspended the -- by the fifth day. Well maybe it be noted ego and they really can't seem to help them self. -- I totally green nearly I would dueling each other in the offseason I'm against any contracts over five years for the record -- You're you really good story and read this morning actually comparing. And Terry Francona to Charlie Manuel Odyssey Terry Francona hero here in Boston -- who will Ceres and now turning at Cleveland Indians around. You're saying. John Farrell. Has has kind of taken over in terms of turning this ball club around after the disaster of Bobby Valentine to see that -- fact there. While I'm not just like -- say about you know gift from what I've heard and the dynamic I mean I think a lot of time. Players. It's like getting -- lot of work to -- and if you don't like you bought the new economy and you're kind of grumpy and you know your production gonna offer and I think that the atmosphere in the club house is not good. Which I don't think it was in Boston. Players are gonna invest a lot of energy in the probably. Hitting the manager and grumbling about the coaching staff and complaining about that than that night. I didn't think that the big part of manager's job -- -- I -- a lot of times people focus on and you know that tactic you know about the strategy. And you know the pitching changes -- You know bottom thing here that kind of thing but people are part of baseball -- but I -- I think the manager's job 80% of it just. Communicating with players. Made him a positive atmosphere in the clubhouse and I could be with Francona when. Indians -- in Philadelphia I mean he was in the club -- and players are raving about them and I think John -- was that kind of guy and he has the positive personality. He seems pretty even keel is good with the media I mean I think he'd go to the it can go to Bobby Valentine and like I respect. Bobby Valentine and what he's done but there was obviously a bad sit there and they needed to go on a different direction and then it appears there. You know. Achieve the goal that they wanted to achieve. Gary crass and Karen eighteenth -- outline and I'll be ready for espn.com. I've Jerry you know we talked about you know those big contracts and -- and political deals area earlier with the way he's playing now -- -- you mentioned his stats and a little bit of his struggles. What is he look at that next year if he keeps continuing to play this play especially Scott Boras has an agent. You know that they're testing them in general Michael born with a guy who. When and at what a lot of people were talking about that. Seven year 10010. Million dollar contract. -- would he get four and 48 you know he got that in February. I think -- -- the better player than Michael -- I mean at least offensively. You know he says more pool. He's got more power he has brought more of guilt that that the value but he's gonna have to pick it up and you know there's a lot of it is Scott Boras guy typically. Do well when their free agent -- year. I think -- Ellsbury will pick it up and get hot. But we're a quarter of the way through the season and -- and underworld of barked out. He's definitely hurting the market I mean he's not looking at that -- hundred million dollar contract that's for sure and you know -- -- that. He is perhaps picking up and produce better numbers to get you know the kind of deal that he would Scott Boras in our under the best circumstances. We look at. For an ad that highlights Scott Boras we'll still try to get him -- hundred million. If you -- to be true president. -- -- -- -- that in. Exactly. Jerry transit and I'll be ready for espn.com. Check out as America is a great Colin up there right now comparing Terry Francona to Charlie Manuel. They keep your time tearing up to season. Are right -- Texas. That was your phone calls here on WEEI six point 77797937. We'll take your phone calls after this break.

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