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Scott Lauber, Boston Herald, Joins Mustard and Johnson to Talk Red Sox

May 18, 2013|

Our old pal Scott Lauber from the Boston Herald calls Craig and Larry to give his take on the Red Sox and if they have finally righted the ship. He discusses Lester's amazing pitching performance so far this year, the injury situation, and the Sox bullpen issues. He also discusses his opinion on the value of Jacoby Ellsbury and his poor play in a contract year.

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Mustard and Johnson Sports Radio WEEI with the Bruins. Flying after their miraculous comeback on Monday night winning game one most of the attention. Pretty much over on causeway street and flying under that proverbial radar somewhat. Are the Boston Red Sox but they've won three in a row and now firmly entrenched. In second place a game behind the Yankees in the AL east and here. To assess all things Bo Sox is scout law -- the Boston Herald good morning Scott. I think you have the wrong line I do the wrong line I guess I cannot thank you very much. You think judge Douglas did you hear us. Person -- security buttons at the right as I was saying I'm Scott robber is here from the Boston Herald in good mornings got. I was evidence. Good you know we were talking about this earlier back in the day when the Bruins and Celtics had a long runs in the post season Red Sox got very little attention. Until the two winner teams playoff runs ended. -- get a little missed out -- for those late eighties early ninety's -- Red Sox pretty much. Playing in obscurity these days they're -- paying attention the Bruins. Yet they are in north wrote the other night after the art -- to come back when that they haven't yet but yeah. You know probably their biggest win of the season under their -- strike will milk production -- -- slopes this week slump comes up. And that clears the bases with a double and it happened all at 1030 at night just a few minutes before -- mark aren't at the winning goal for the Bruins -- sort of spot. But we saw that right look we saw that to happen. Well it's like Clemens -- got it I don't know if you're around back in the day Clemens that is twenty strikeout game in 86. A long time ago the night the SL to put away the hawks one of the great third quarter runs. On their way to an NBA championship and barely anybody was at Fenway Park that night barely anybody was watching TV when he Clemens then it. Beaten the most impressive one hitter nobody ever saw which -- expected pro in no -- two years ago direct approach on the copy any governor in Tampa. And and again that it was in the infield hit and remember talked to a few of the writer's that -- thinking. -- that's -- fault but had you know it is if that was not that was. He's got all the fuel bitten that was not a hit oh my god -- -- at a perfect game. The same -- Bruins won a cup or so yeah. You're you're right -- that's really clearly flying under the radar here and play pretty good baseball overall after that let -- stretch which states. -- Scott all the little bit went to win side that we started to wonder. You know are things beginning to crack a little bit here that it come back try to nicely against the rays in and now the twins who even knows -- Scott what's been the biggest. Surprise so far this year for you with the rats -- You know I think overall it's been pitching. We we went into the season -- without that you wouldn't hold -- there was a question about each and every one of these guys. Including Procter and Buchholz the repeat questions back to their names and then the pitching has been really really good. Overall notes it's it's still early and that's still a matter of will hold up. But. You know appearing almost every game they play because the pitching and good they're in -- where. The opposite struggled and there are going to be nights like that I think that this lineup is built. The way it's built. They're gonna at night where they go quiet for six or seven -- no wonder they can score enough runs to win the game. But they're pitching included up to keep the minute and I think that's really been surprised -- meet those. I wonder like everybody else what candidate he really had enough pitching to content and so -- they've shown that the deal. Well certainly the top of the order has been spectacular. Is it just barrel returning to the organization that is turned around. And only just the years but the careers of Clay Buchholz and Jon Lester. Yeah that's certainly be easy -- explanations for it and it's it's funny I had pocketbook Lester and Buchholz about that. Did a couple of story couple weeks ago I am on that -- yeah and and one of the things that Jon Lester made clear to me was that. Won the have a lot to do with this and and they had a lot of pitching coaches in the last three years since chuck -- first time. Are they thought they were from curtain on the problem or any minute they don't want any efforts and and Lester told me that the other parts things. Very much the same way that John Farrell -- since the start spring training in terms. That's it goes very very regimented. You know I think yum. And the -- -- -- treat these guys like veteran pitchers have been around the block and give them a little bit more freedom. And he's -- to not respond well that and the ever came back in. And they wanna spring training he said all right guys at 815 we're going to be out here on bulk and -- watch it grow old asphalt. Tomorrow will mix in this in the next to a mix -- that it was a very -- very regimented schedule that routine that. These guys were familiar with from the several years and they responded well -- that so I think you know. Lester -- saying. You know sometimes that's the sort of thing you need especially when you're a veteran pitcher you've been around a few years. If you give it a little too much freedom maybe take a little bit more than you should and and the -- came in Britain and very tight ship. And reminded a lot of these guys the waste barrel that things. I think obviously responded well -- that fact and that it responded well to it now so terrible a lot to do with it it's certainly his program but the emphasis. As sort of -- and it is is there aren't themselves. And gotten back to doing what these guys deep well when they were -- And if that's the sort of answered my followup question. We talked to John about this after was hired in December. And he's been a manager before obviously up in Toronto but. Has it been difficult for him to separate himself. From that responsibility. Obviously will be easier with the -- there was. -- working from the same program and same philosophy. But is he is has he completely separated. And as he emerged now as a full flown. Manager of the Red Sox not just the pitching coach to a little -- of of the of the degree. I think -- has spent and that was a question that I -- myself we'll get hired in October well gee you know. Guys know responsible for -- -- lobster guy who's 25 I couldn't make a lineup for the dual position players. We've got to deal with pictures. You know it is that Sheryl stack if you will on electorate but also. And and some of these other guys in this overblown because you know he's not to be out here watching their all parents sections in. And in dealing with them between starts in scrutinizing them in going over video experiment. And and he hasn't been hit the park and -- more possibilities than that but. But yet this is being kind of sighed as really sort of picked up off arm are a lot in The Herald well and and certainly hadn't barrels here it's sort of laid the foundation for that as. -- but I didn't think he's really trying to you know a lot of that responsibility do you have a city services is clearly the pitching coach. Ferrell grew the manager I don't think that any of the pictures are under any yeah. Any illusions that fit that otherwise access. You know Clay Buchholz told me what it is is there something that I need to work. If I have a question about something I don't have to worry about hurting -- -- -- going around him and asking John patted because that notre longer never to. Is pretty sensitive to the fact that these guys have a relationship with -- And that you know -- if they feel like -- out and help them directly go straight to and so I think the overall. So far it's been a pretty good working relationship -- -- and it would you know separate himself just -- but not completely. Chicago the perfect guy to ask. There's two also what is the biggest. Aside from Farrell obviously his presence about where do you detect is the biggest difference with his team. This year in and not on -- under Valentine last year. Well I think settled that are really good job at the very start of -- spring training putting the focus back on the players you know poppy Z it was always about -- the and that everything sort of came back to back then and -- kind of deflects a lot of that he is he. He wanted to have a lot of credit for for turning him around he'll -- -- credit -- that and players for doing. For doing what you need to do so. You know I think he put the focus back where it belongs in and I think it -- the way it was built. You know we -- of the tropical that -- companies you know -- range. A free agent that the kind of wondered what are -- doing very kind of shopping in the in the you know in the long in the long titles here to -- you looking at Josh Hamilton instead of Johnny Gomes and I think it would -- it was it brought a lot of quality people -- like poems and and and Napoli in the -- and you are even you know coach you are two really good team -- -- -- I think that the team -- like one another and that's not something I'm. Certainly could upset about the scene -- in the year before and I think of some of these guys to better players than we give them credit force so. -- just think it's also as described don't you think it's also great that the the person who were running -- last year arrests of Mazen and running all over the place and challenging the manager in the light. This year. -- system up to that situation in a heartbeat and it's been resolved. What kind of affected do you think that have on the players. I think it has some effect although it was probably easy decision and -- won't -- what looked like he'd been lights out and and on the ground in support in the clubhouse in the immediate seeking to send him down he was pitching or -- -- and there so they get -- the long reliever so I know he's a little political poison -- in the -- and I don't think he was the one hour thing last year -- the year. Four I think that that. That it was robbing from the complex here in and I think that that that it's gonna -- down everyone's so certain barrel aspect that he passed. Spring training -- the Secret Service challenged him with that. Very hot light BP where you can throw the ball as hard as they wanted to Q and Carol all the -- and pop elements. The situation was resolved and and the weight -- it'll be at the box not that the -- fuel topic and Bobby that -- exploded into accused. There were out there are other things to you know what would -- console -- -- barrel set decisively like closer. Whenever you went there -- In -- -- -- -- closer. The shortstop situation -- great it was great for the first week of the season and -- never wavered he that was Stephen Drew comes back. -- -- -- The people who opted to isn't it. The situation is that you know although I got all the certainly at shortstop controversy in I think Ferrell and accept that -- And then the rest of the clubhouse and all that line in the and the right personnel this year all of lightly that sort. So they they're for the long -- up. -- seek and I think it depends on whether the pitching also happened so far so good on that front when -- when Jon Lester plate buckle. -- and a combined. You know if if if that type thing continued throughout the summer how could that possibly go away. Well you know it's funny Scott spice guy we're retirement this last week and brought it up this week 2002. Pedro won twenty low one point in that team missed the playoffs by about six or seven games and get a wild card so I can happen. We can have two guys top of the rotation winning a lot of games on expect either one of these guys that went -- -- they could doesn't happen very often two teams to two pitchers on the same staff winning twenty but it did happen to know to. And they didn't make the play does have pretty talented team. Yes you know without back in the standings and -- yankees won the division wrote to it and that was part of it. Juggernaut. Pardon and so I don't know that there Specter they're knocking at the point they'll be helping doctors. So I don't know that anyone can run and -- from everywhere else in the that it in the Yankees. York yankees the Yankees look where they are given all their injuries so they can only. They can only get better like yeah that's what they're calvary comes back in the Orioles are off to a good start better than people thought it might be so. There -- the team in the division but there's not a prominent team that's gonna go and and then pull away from everybody else so I think it's the Red Sox in and around the continued -- kind of -- -- It took about offense and more and Arctic can take over public I think -- make an interest in the summer I think they'll be within. Within striking distance of something whether it's well part of -- because it. And doubt I guess that's really coming up last year on the Internet or that it's an exciting summer there. Scott last question from me do you anticipate. The pressure mounting on -- Barry if the numbers don't get better in this is supposed to be his big unit cash in the chips. Request and the request and then I'm sure it probably will aren't sure probably already -- -- yesterday two guys. Who went through this last year on their own inspector Reno and Mike Napoli in both of them sent to -- to going to be here it yourself. Just another year. Try to put that pre empting out your mind and that's what it says. You do the best and at that and still have been. Scored on the phone and saying I have a -- year -- of -- this week he and your money that year and all the sudden it's in your year end and -- can't ignore it. That was it 227 last year the Reno with its it was distracted or you're treated in midseason. He wondered where it was going to be -- the -- here is career. I don't know if that's happening yet we -- -- he'd never -- Natick. And certainly you know victory hopefully next on city hasn't really. Detected it yet. With with -- they'll bury that he's not -- to the start that he wanted to get off to. That's for sure we all know yet what the expectations are for him in the offseason that he could work. Seek there -- two million dollar contract yet. The cult proper kind of contract with Scott sport driving that train on her in his mind. He's about to start you want to about two and the longer it goes this way. Up along the work that we talked about it like you know Jacoby Ellsbury that -- those 2011 -- so I am sure it didn't mind. Some degree and you know look we -- went into the year thinking. No problem with your region next year they'll be all the motivation needs a huge year. If -- works against him and that so far it looks like that indicate so all -- the clothes are on the obviously that. But you know you're right he's not up to start their little party you up to an -- hurt him as far as that when he hit the market next winter. All right Scott good stuff as always we'll -- -- down the line. OK OK Scott thanks a lot all right Scott clobber the Boston Harold -- on Sports Radio WE yeah.

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