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Sports Saturday with Mustard and Johnson: The Bruins Escape from the Leafs Series, Take Game 1 from the Rangers...Puckheads Rejoice!!

May 18, 2013|

Craig and Larry address all the issues with the Black and Gold team giving their reaction to the amazing comeback victory over Toronto in Game 7, the resurgence of Lucic, Tuukka's goaltending, and Coach Claude's overall approach and strategy. Craig is much more leery of the Rangers than LJ, who is more concerned with lack of excitement and style of play in the series.

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And welcome to the mustard Johnson showed it Saturday. Absolutely a must be mustered in Johnson where -- 1 o'clock 617. 77979. -- 3737. 937. Is the AAT. And T. Tax line and Larry Johnson. Is eating his proverbial heart out even as we speak. And that's of the -- I wouldn't have won laughed at at UB gobbling it down very quickly because you sir seem to be very angry. At the schedule -- is over there and NBC. And the NHL. For allowing so much time will be three days in between Bruins game one against the Rangers. Game two tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock you wish they were playing tonight -- brawl if you don't have dark emirate doing the games it's not worth it don't and you say don't drive -- said he. Not -- they eat anything. The Celtics they carried ESPN. Does this thing with it would be carrying a playoff games but they also allow but the most popular local entry to do that. I I've said it all along people are finally starting to get it it Jack Edwards is one of the best -- I think now he is if you hear him and in India's side kick -- a combination of the tour. Not afraid to criticize when things aren't going well but Maine and do they capture what -- doing with the hand -- just. Right awful bright you're conducting government are. A cup of hockey -- yeah. Nobody I'm Tanya because I yards ago by a study on Thursday night's all right -- the games are to become a little late night catcher from the beginning. And I couldn't help but I had a peek into what the score was in Moscow was -- nothing says that about -- play out the rest of it now catch the beginning of the game after Woodson. Man I'm telling you could -- the states. Who's to us there you are you claiming the game where they know I NBC coverage I game ball and I think that the. You know you and -- Geiger display perform about fighting and I know you don't like fighting. But I you know I like fighting and I also just like a physical tough team in I know there was some hits and they -- -- I thought to Toronto after I know it's just one game but I thought their Toronto. Series I think you'd need at least wanted to. Superstars like that you can rarely in I don't care you can -- castle are you want but when every he was on the ice it was electric this guy. Had about five years great shots I mean here we. I -- Toronto series obvious obviously for the Bruins to come back from -- we have not talked since then the most one of the most amazing. Comebacks I have ever seen our remember the the -- so come back. Com are remember that was it Frank Rich that buffalo coming up -- -- -- -- -- -- and you're like oh great thing but in hockey it is so difficult to do that in. It it was just an amazing. The Internet. Bergeron. Passed to my shot and it was just. Yeah I remember right after to a cut to and after the game so -- some sit there with all these scenarios with the Bruins -- -- And then come back when they gay are you like newspapers do you have separate headlines in separate editions are waiting to go. -- I do have. I have scenarios like if they win I'll do this if they don't win I'll do that I'm fascinated to know what would you have done if as everybody thought in many people turn off their television sets at -- one I went ahead of -- coincidental that it -- barks a giant -- product. Or -- very evocative yeah a couple of flies coming out at but I tell you. Can always go over this -- -- -- guys and like Howard at that time tonight I mean how much can your press on the panel but. The Bruins won the game in the end to me this character -- many I'm. Facets to this day not this game but this series questions. Too -- discuss I think -- I. Used to complain about a -- a pass and are gonna -- 69 and that physical and it just doesn't wield enough punishment for me. The guy has been amazing the guy is Superman on skates. 38 minutes in two seconds worth of ice time. He is absolutely unbelievable. But the big story to me and you talk about. You know having hope for the future. Is how can you bring up three. Young. Rookie defenseman. Mean Hamilton. You've had before but to get crew -- -- house speaker. Yeah I always like that kid across key everytime I turn around -- worth watching game I would hear his name being mentioned this sets a good sign in terms of him. He handling the park but what's interesting is I know we have parents threaten and Seidenberg coming back and that's -- to get the experience and step -- -- You can certainly debate -- some not Steinberg which he certainly can debate to a small degree. That these young kids. They can skate and they bring the park out of their own end and that doesn't make a big difference from an offensive standpoint and I also think. It allows you to play with a little more confidence and cocky in his. Because even if you do make a mistake to -- -- park all of a lot of these guys have the speed to get back. Well be interest in his -- and we certainly saw with Toronto in game two if the Rangers will make that adjustment you know Jack was talking about yesterday you might hurt it on the replay. But I half hour ago. These Stanley Cup Playoffs are all about adjustments Toronto came back and I took control of game two if you remember at the garden that was way backing game to its about a week and a half ago. I would be -- I would be surprised if the Rangers made that adjustment in made life difficult for those. Three young blue liners to get the puck out of Iran and I would be not be surprised. To see that at all when I was surprised that. That I did not think. That the Rangers I thought they were gonna come in and actually take it to the Bruins given the fact that they dominated game seven. Of the capitals series. One what four zip Bruins obviously. With them a miraculous comeback. I thought the Bruins I'm looking at maybe from Bruins point of view as well. -- Bruins who have that natural letdown when you make that kind of a comeback. It is so easy in the next game the next series game one of the next series you were fighting. For your play off life. You are ten minutes away from elimination and round -- a traffic jam and right -- Irish capsule leaving early long before the game was over you finally. -- it out and overtime. Very very fortunate. To come away with that win so is almost a natural sense -- all we have -- do was show up. On Thursday night. No opponent no we haven't faced them and forty years since the Stanley Cup championship way back in 72 I remember that series very well. -- remember the first bruins' championship in the your air remember that well was won by the Bruins in six game -- I was that the game -- -- -- a couple of again yes and edged up command and Djokovic was the goaltender got a businessman and a lot -- -- -- -- about it -- I remembered the hotel about one of the games. A young man came up from Providence defenseman globally tell stories -- late. Billy spears. Of the game of his life he had ten. Hits I'm your Agassi one hit a game and you say why we lady about. This guy had hair and around ten hits he was laying. Rangers out -- were sitting up there in the in the press part Syria was up and in a coordinate with the gallery gods and I'm -- it was. It in the in the old guy -- even there was no smoking -- is certainly knew you felt somebody was smoking something. By it was -- it was great. I'd like it when you say ranges Bruins like you said the original six to forty years the policy is -- -- -- believe I don't know I don't know if that hey Jim what that may and like yankees Red Sox rivalry even Celtics now. Stuff there that you patriots jets now see on the other hand NBC is why he's and they put your complaining about -- off the year -- -- I don't know if you mentioned and on the -- -- -- obviously are you know I mean -- Jack is terrific -- has been terrific over the years. I like the got -- used to work ESPN's Gary -- yeah -- to specialize in baseball but an excellent hockey play by play guys well but obviously I think most people by contreras takes -- and oh yes -- what you don't like -- -- very much -- wasn't exactly it was George -- yeah really now -- in -- just as a certain -- he brings a certain ever are exciting and that -- yeah that's -- -- -- electric -- aren't -- he is is -- I've said this before. Not only is he the best hockey announcer in network's sports war in any sport for that matter. I mean -- any level I think he's the best play by play announcer. Period of all the team sports that I am exposed to a regular basis I think he's that good I think it's a hard game to call. The command television you have to Belichick can't call too much yet know what to highlight what to let the viewer see on his own or her own what's. Interesting though is in this is what's different about football. They rotate announces. A lot so it's not like you have like. It -- radio Santos and have a bloody year. So every week like what you're not used to one set of announces your hometown announces calling the gains -- of the networks yeah yeah up in -- that project happen -- solid from patriots have a local. Station something carrying eight games its nationals the national announces and they come in different every week. So you we criticize football announces further. You know put their color commentary and analyzing and breaking down the game in this case were talking more about the emotional. Energy that you bring to match. The game what do you think about as well I'm -- Stanley Cup hockey very few penalties are called the analyst's job is not nearly as essential as the play by play guys job. In -- Stanley Cup playoff game particularly when the referees and we see this many times in the past. As swallow their whistles so that play by play guy really needs to capture the ebb and the flow the excitement of the game -- does -- very well Jack does it well. Dale that it well I know you can give me the big -- -- out right now I don't know very different sales report to -- people I've known longer atomic -- -- to all sports. Well I'll tell you up to a guy that you're going to be surprised that. The best radio play by play hockey guy I've ever heard or great. Whenever to play by play for pocket as he did he -- for awhile I've ever heard I never -- -- Atlanta like fertilizer and fellow with a blanket you know accurate and fifty disguise always associated with basketball. But Marv Albert was -- rate materially unbelievable. That the Rangers for many many years on radio. And I'll tell you what no one captured. The sport of hockey on the radio and Bob Wilson has is admirers -- RIA but I'll tell you what -- -- every week via the Rangers hockey and that really well years before did television I wouldn't get him -- -- -- television series the play by play announcer he's not at all the -- you know your goal -- odd mix and that was a while back a long time ago that a while back and I'll take a lot. Back the last time the Bruins Rangers play yeah in the Stanley Cup Playoffs he did them on radio he did them on radio when he was. Really really coming. Playoff hockey in again I think I -- you need -- -- impose you'd need a McCain even the a couple of guys out there say that says this is what we're throwing out to you to -- tart red charged based Barbara -- anything you want today it's one of those days. We never try to pretend we're fixing the sauce is behind the curtain we come right out tomorrow at a mixed metaphor this is one of all of this -- of -- other car had you -- -- that. It's one of those days where you can go either way we ball while marquis we follow hockey for a long time. And but I think there a couple of things that you can talk I do think that national broadcast what they have the when the analysts write down. Yeah McGuire yeah that's great I mean he really gave you in the analysis of Jagger saying look that guy is socket -- he can't go more than them. Thirty seconds or so at a time outdated and need to shorten his shift out. That's a debate it people can weigh in on -- what do you do about him do you. Use him sparingly you yeah tiger right now he's Italian he's is long series for him. I don't know how much akin to can debate the changing some of the defenseman I mean it's not. Are you gotta do -- seven of these young guys go out there and make a mistake and then all of a sudden everybody's a phenomenon is said to have the kids out there but. I do you like the speed I do light. If they get to park out of your own and Agile guy right now I guarantee you they get the puck once in their own like I have capitalized operator of the all of colonial now know that now I you know -- my only. Complaint would vote right now is I I I want him to be a little more creative I want him to not be afraid to make some changes in he's been trying to do that. I'm trying to remember -- -- they had out on the power play on Thursday night but I've never seen a Bruins power play like that they were pummeling. Wearing quickest in the it was a quick not the Rangers could not get the puck out of their end that was a great well it was -- -- -- nominal. Power play -- -- the mystery to me and I'm not gonna jump on him a golf shoes is Sagan. He's got number he's seen it to me what these guys tell me he has unbelievable ability he's got great speed. He's probably different than than most of the players that they have. But maybe he's Thomas Tapeh it may be you're so paranoid I gotta get back on defense I can't take too many chances and I don't know what he would be like of Claude would take their Raines offered him and just let him go just let him fly. Obviously widget again I know we've had a lot of bad Lackey he has not been able to put the market the back of the net and I understand that but it. Man and he when he gets going he can fly -- you wonder. I -- -- I met -- the analysis that I would give me the comparison is Bradley the Celtics. Yet the -- out about the offense and the defense and I think it affected him. Although I think the town levels -- different well liked what I did I as a second. -- overall doubt already hurting right what do you -- problem. I think that yeah he's probably a little bit hamstrung by the fact that quote is a guy in this is obviously -- worked out because they wanna Stanley Cup in their. There's surviving improbably into round two of this year Stanley Cup Playoffs. When you think those first two lines in particular what you think about you think about guys who can score. Guys were personal who can play at both ends of the hockey ring is to is -- improved. He's a defensive. Hockey player not an -- Jack not I don't think he's trying to do is Tressel is Kessel C that -- it is I'm glad you brought that up thank you as you well now. If Ronald and don't what they should note that game away what he's saying right now. That trade to Toronto for Nokia go bang you know we say yeah right I don't know what. It would have been. On the phone right now those Bruins fans the pocket would have been really upset about that deal in all worked out in the wash it all came out. Just fine at least temporarily. But you have to admit. We your eyes open about the castle in that seven games here off he was meditating -- -- But I don't care I you know Avi -- want -- -- so when but I couldn't take my eyes up against a lot of fun I wanna stand because I want McCain I want a guy who can just. It in match play he made do with the with a shot on on goalie up on the goalie big -- grass because he knew with a rebound would come back out and. It was magnificent right magnificent and you know if Toronto had dealt -- they should have gone Monday night in one that hockey game. There have been a lot of people questioning that deal. In retrospect are easy easy in hindsight -- -- that's lead to ragweed to that light we do that with everything by everybody and I don't want to hindsight and most people bought a Monday night somewhere in the middle of the third period -- we be doing this afternoon in this morning here on sports radio and all weeklong it didn't happen that way. Where are the Bruins right now are they capable I guess the question would be now that they. Survived by the hair of their Cheney each and shares in the got a lot of hair on their Cheney changed in these days. There in round two against the Rangers is this team. Capable of doing what they did a mere two years ago I tell you one thing they have -- they have capture of the fans lament and -- back and may and the ratings -- through the roof and out -- like a fourteen and sometimes it's crazy spectacular rating on Monday night now here's the question a week ago. We're sitting in these very seats mere seven days ago and the Bruins had just fell. To the just on to the Maple Leafs 21 that was the game. Where if you remember the Bruins at all kinds of opportunities in that game. They just couldn't get the puck into the net I think that Monday night was a repeat of the Friday night scenario that they could capitalize. Now we tried to talk cocky a week ago remember what happened. Not one Paul not one single solitary. Call where all the warns fans are what we did. Is we switch gears we talked about poppy vs Shaughnessy we had nothing but -- lines we are wondering after that show. The brewers are still in control of the series at least it appeared that way they were still up three to two going in. To Sunday's game. Up in Toronto without that one game lead in the series it just wasn't that much reaction to the Bruins losing that game on Friday night. And and and and maple is nearing the series to read it so I'm wondering now after Monday night after they won on Thursday night maybe they're more bandwagon jumpers. Everything our I think the problem at this series is the rain where and when the when when the coaches to star of the of the game. Riches Perella. A picnic -- it did not talking about Nash they're not talking about Callahan it's like. Right now they tell us they might come back in punched the Bruins right in the mouth tomorrow I don't know that an -- which format. I just don't find them that exciting Toronto right I thought was terrific a horrific series of the year didn't think that in the first. -- two games. When the Bruins well today the reds in game one you weren't sent. After a lot like again I think -- hockey that's the difference between you and I argue about volatile reason Alec a couple of good fights out there and elevates it brings the crowd in. If you want the Olympic style type hockey up and down the ice frantic pace and shot say juicy rebound and all of that. -- you got to have a plays with the ability to wanna play that way and that's always been my complaint. I loved the up and down action and I got some of the game the Toronto series were terrific. I don't know if this particular match up is gonna give you that I think Pittsburgh. We Crosby had a hat trick last night Malkin and stuff frightening. I think -- number I'm just telling you I think you know indeed at least a couple of sympathize. With the Bruins Sampras does she Arab. But Eagles about it a different way acting powers Iran and and I think -- can be one last point and you gotta go to break I keep saying -- every game I watch -- nine of us say it has got to get this out. Keep reliance on fallen. He's had some great chances not only is he is a year great fighter and I love him now off the ice just as much he's a really great terrific human being. He has some great offensive chances he keep an eye on him he really is upped his game. I'm in terms of contributing and not just being a -- out there. 6177797. -- 937. AT&T text line 37937. Mustard and Johnson continues after this. Well you have to make adjustments not a serious. Two series were also game to game. You know there are certain things even know I thought we played pretty solid team. I know they're gonna make some adjustments and they're gonna brings something else to make little harder on us and we have to be ready for that so that's a book in anticipation of some changes and be ready for that but also. Parts of her game that we think. It's got to be better moving forward here we wanted to continue when. Load in the blacking -- that there remote Joseph work in on Monday night continued Thursday night the overtime win against the Rangers but as we were talking about -- and nobody else knows it. John zarrella will have his adjustments ready and expect today. Better performance from the Broadway blue shirts and gained through tomorrow afternoon news or write the overtime period to permit at sixteen shots against the Rangers -- like these communities that we got spent. Again it's. Well foreign -- is a fiery character. And as much as I know you question. I'm close approach it time and let's face it if he had not won a Stanley Cup a couple of years ago we would not have any credibility in this panel you -- question right up until they. We know that lord Stanley's shall we we do that we do would Belichick we dueled with. I guess I -- you'll pretty have -- -- what I -- about cutting a guy because he's diabetic and I am -- of integral -- -- that -- his charity is probably died from that it cuts that guy here's the difference -- knowing Welker are. In gronkowski is out -- and doing body slams the way you GoDaddy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Graham -- the extended. -- -- the I think -- -- got nothing on Larry Johnson but they want they at least you know I was breeding. I think in that. Next I thought I do it and you -- it would it would -- -- accent. The NBC sports network age 65 in my local Comcast. -- you know I wanna hear Larry Johnson and that I would -- Jack Edwards backed out of that guy on but I -- Jack I always did -- -- more people criticizing him I can't think I was -- war for why he writes some interest -- shall -- about finding out today one that he rode out -- Montreal about a minute -- -- -- -- -- -- up and that was a bit much but other -- that. Little six -- seven sentence after 7937. Let's -- -- move -- quickly now. Bill out there and hockey country the hall while the whalers well used to be home and the whalers Connecticut your next -- Sports Radio. Good morning guys -- Elijah. Do a great -- while -- talked about couple that really. Jack get word. Years ago in China all of our sport -- and -- -- him. And that type -- -- it out and check that out there. The excitement Ottawa while his own sword. Is big. The idea. Stricker detonate you know -- that you bring up for great point. Is like Jack. Gets almost as excited -- to Ronald scores and really and truly yet Patrick you want you want a guy who's just. Without -- he really has. Well that's a really good jobs as a wing and a prop up. I would say that until I think he has gone from I think he had a stigma of being too much of a homer. Where he has captured the emotion on both sides of the ice I give credit that. Yeah I think. A number eight. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It might. Get it in a way yeah that's a good break up like. -- in the Arctic and no one able to get an. You wonder years. He needs. Don't forget he's he's still young he's a kid Britain and you wanted to go if he needs some upper body work though because as you said that he does have the park. Take it away from him very east when he -- like he's got that part taken away from her very easily. In any -- wins. So what you can do is gonna get to go to the middle and apple like it in stride and by the defense and big and that great is that. I won't watch. Well I think if your hockey fan if you can take off you are a blacking goaltending glasses and just recognize. Great speed are great offensive talent and Phil -- your guy. How could you not be even even the most died in the wool Bruins fan group called bill. Asked to appreciate what Phil Kessel did and as I said earlier. If the bay police had survived. That third period or even one in the overtime a lot of people would be complaining about that trade. I mean I can tune in or read other's game don't know the score any. App from the press the button and lines -- round on the first -- pretty immune know. That things aren't going well. Can tell by the tone right the things tonight going well and I I -- -- I I want. While some different you can make the complex. Hook -- cut costs and let's get back to a news release something -- this is we love Joseph Joseph -- into practice to add a quantity and accompanied. Joey and I and I went nine Craig got a guy courted card wasn't what I tell them. -- and I. We have some common interest so to speak nick in the car you're next on Sports Radio WEEI. Neck and neck how -- yeah. I don't talk about you are yarder you know. Gone sport -- really concerned you would agree to achieve what nature it corpsman never a consolation prize the inland. Everybody who ruin statement guy which you see him out there and he -- that are eager readers so he's doing -- point second ship. -- up up up up up up a. You know it's instant -- you know he's gonna bring that -- going forward. And you know I was wondering I've heard anyone talk about it it made such a big deal about it and are also Herbert you know it at this stage. He played collapse leaked to YouTube and and then I heard anything from you think you would yield eight units and you'd been its portability. Onto one of those line. But today one thing again and I tried to get somebody opted from Pittsburgh but he's got he's got ten points in the playoffs right now he's he's. None before him and Jared are tied for four and I mean -- You understand that we anger you understand he's older I love watching him try to control the puck and stuff but then evil when he throws the most creative passes on the world they don't know what to do with the. While he's an old school players Harvey you can say that. When it yardage -- it's old school when he -- you find like yesterday was eighteen years old play the Bruins in that Eastern Conference final in 91. He's a 41 year old who likes to carry the clock is in the passer of the game is played differently today. I would be surprised however if when all is said and on the smoke clears and before of this series is over I'm sure the yard Miro or we used to call Marriott junior in the anagram that anagram if you actually. You jumbled. You are -- it's actually -- junior it's actually Malario. Junior this is good stuff as good as. Yeah -- and they've been really the second -- actually it was eight -- young -- there you are where man number challenge and I'll call him guy are acting I certainly -- that at any other issue out if Mac jumped at that certain area amateur British spelling it out yet I just went out a couple of things. Clark you can explain it will be but it was come -- it's about 1 o'clock they would -- the inimitable. -- -- you've got it correct all right watch out Matt and Jen together forever right here in this very studio some states and at 1 o'clock -- -- keep them together all boy. There are rumors that six -- why stop now sentiment and hides out there and I -- the reason why let truth and accuracy get in the way of very good -- so mark can reveal the tax cuts which radio WB I -- -- -- -- Not much. Call cycle the early. Watched -- and Thursday and a couple -- Asian Cup. Actually shut be clear you need. Mean one of the look at once. That -- -- -- Better that it be. Not. On the net more want to open it. More co -- -- unfortunately. A lot. And interrogators. Now it -- -- -- all the particles. Trapped in the post when. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- They either admit that they either -- than that of -- issue right at the goalie. In -- money were talking a five holes just. Right at the logo. -- Jesus is just a product of watching the Bruins more than the other teams and rooting for every shot that goes off on television to back and all but to look for opportunities. And you say how many opportunities and they haven't -- Sagan is at -- I'm selling -- have been shooting ball for 35. He's at 35 shots on net. And with Lebanon and or Portland down on. What do you think of when you white Sagan. Developing. That meant but talent. -- -- people -- it. -- could go up. But I hope that he didn't bat junior right. But I don't eat eat -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well -- like -- years old Mike you make great point lest we forget Larry have that conversation with a caller before the break became angry collars bolt. I got to remember he's what I have sensors are about Hamilton that he's nineteen young he's playing which -- The other guy who RO man I I just love the way they put it the credibility -- Look -- will hold. That wind yeah you gotta give widely read from the it was Cedric Maxwell and the what with the lakers waimanalo buyback boy you will write them. -- chick is is is to be one of the most unique players. In hockey because when he wants to. Physically. Do it he does not have an equal. I've never seen it. Who people get like a guy like there are writing style that the guy and they checked him into the boards and they get the worst of it yet you know what's funny is physically structural aren't on his skates. In -- he wants to. Years were a record player I mean it would too when you're combining all of the skills. Apart but the thing is it sometimes CE get it and sometimes you don't write. He doesn't play a 100%. Three periods. He did wake up in. The third period Monday night he almost single handedly for some reason. Down three goals -- La -- each finally woke up in the Bruins -- that's what is the point. 617779. That midnight it was everything -- -- a car. And it's. -- you know we're gonna take a break anyway well let's say it's. Because there's not look to break you know I like the pioneer personalities and smacked around by the producer for Hollywood knows what were supposedly brought limelight while you're kidding me we're reminded all the time -- fires that we're making its laws yet to occur like I got to say something about that logic and I don't know margin rate and save. I like coming up next hour. He's an analysis of the aisle seat so when I can't wait -- Know what I like about Butler checked out the other night yeah it is a great clip the debt that somebody got on him. And they were talking about who's motivated now we carried that team in the east as well you know he says they're really. Came upon him that he -- looking around the dressing room when he realized if they lost the game that's been a lot of the guys his teammates were gone. That's true well great motivation I don't want like -- you have that mindset. When can -- running game you're not worried about losing people in game one that's the problem and that's why as much as you say well the Rangers don't look like they can match up with the Bruins and two looks like it's superior team. You base -- on the last ball -- -- are always play in our market demagogues are France then -- the -- I'm Italian man at. As I don't think people will appreciate it. That was in Toronto is a young and coming team they will be back idol I just like the job they did that's -- I don't know about the Rangers yet I just found my impression of game one is. They just. I got democratic nominee would some rock them sock come physical type hockey. Yeah I really did all right now I want a brawl on -- am I know you do I go do you remember. And that's economy a much of the bearish year. But you remember game one of the Maple Leafs series at all was only ten days ago. Yeah I do remember the game Bruins were in complete command I believe was a war one final. And no one walked out of that of the Boston Garden to turn off -- TV sets whole lot let me finish let me finish. Don't want walked away from that game thinking all the Maple Leafs there there tells me out. He here's where you're -- my little friend. Even in losing. You can still appreciate a skill level of a team right they might not win you reason my kept believing these juicy rebounds. No I'm serious so even -- the team loses you can still see. I castle the beauty of a castle tour instills seat. Mike got there in some of these other guys weapon -- you can sing even though they get beat. And I acknowledged abroad for the -- team. Which is still saying even in losing you can see they have some players at a Wendy's Nash -- -- remember a big deal if every player I know about but that's the problem with me. It is every there aren't. And I kinda I don't know. I want to give me some even give me some great skating all right I'll give me some great hitting one of the -- -- ball. I can of throwing a few fights. All right let's speaking of appreciating sheer beauty this guy encapsulates that -- and most Angelo whatever you're next on Sports Radio. Guys I you don't like -- -- a -- booted in very good we good thank you. I have a -- point about the broad. It but the -- for -- to going to be successful going forward is consistency this sixty minute I'll -- and the right of course it like that every team. I don't want to thank him arguing a company would be about that Jacqueline yeah and India at this team -- not. And -- lie in the playoffs okay you almost lost to Toronto. Okay what you think what you're -- to school and gonna debate -- it's not gonna happen the competition. Is gonna -- top. And Claude Julien in the Jacqueline I -- I'm sorry they don't -- significant that -- able to help in this. Okay great about Britain now you're getting some place he river down and analyze it break it down but why -- that 'cause that's in the complaint but this team to me for a long time. Eighteen tries to play sixty minutes of consistent hockey and it's difficult to do that it can't be that simplistic. What Angelo. We're excited to -- -- -- -- this team is young they're built to win this game should not be filing bound for a wind. And -- duplicates which are really go to school -- goal. Not gonna fly would you like it better go -- and even -- by the Rangers would be honest. If that's not. Well well certainly if you're looking ahead the three teams the Bruins would have the face of the on the rangers' most likely the penguins the kings. War of the Blackhawks in all three of those teams would be very difficult to turn on off switch I would agree. But but but it's not just guitar sang it about literature you know the you just get -- saying that he's very erratic this you have to assessing their call angeles' what you have to -- in I asked this question very go. Is this he was not a question of playing everybody wants it's the gold every team is the place sixty consecutive minutes of hockey. Are they talented enough are they deep enough to hang with the likes of the penguins the Blackhawks or the K okay that I give. Much of the New -- for example about -- -- we talked about the -- big the game the other night to power play. -- unbelievable. Wouldn't -- -- right well. Yeah why can't that. Right into carried over right candy it it. I can't carry over you got to get the same people he had on the IDs and Mike can't carry over well that is the question and I'm sure will be asked a lot. I I think you're resisted these T be very careful you got to be very careful while overlooking the Rangers I would I'm not overlooking them I just sort. Now really I don't know don't know that obviously -- where they -- for a reason and I don't like PS Iowa's much so far I have to these Iowa you know I want -- How points not print out action are suddenly hitting and end up in a fueled fights now and then you know I think Larry patent erupted but I think it's time to take a break it 617 yet he's -- territory's 793 you know if you I -- -- -- for us Campbell -- --

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