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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 05/17/13

May 17, 2013|

Sounds like a prostate exam to me!

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And you won't -- Analysts negativity that's in this town sucks it's my job. -- -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. Nice sitting -- and now my job to wake up until Monday you know obviously isn't -- -- -- -- really we solve -- holly. I like job every day 545 or so brought you by AT&T WEEI lines available on your iPhone or android device brought you by AT&T official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. But the most four G coverage in New England -- when we got. You want some German so here we go is that hook up this week goes to show. If you want to know what that means that they -- the end by. Sentenced me to believe -- -- shows -- Really really bad. Appreciate the Germans -- it's nice to have listeners in Germany. You know the effect is very good. -- god knows what Larry get a bit back and general Eric. And then my back is Harry and Harry Java -- said that over and over definitely better since. I did some of the laser but it doesn't it doesn't completely alleviate the problem now is that is that rare. Yeah how about back that is so -- that the laser don't fix it gets them. -- toll there in Iraq and you got three years for pork they were they were impressed volatile areas a lot of information that is what you breakdown like that -- Oscars are you broke -- down like that for me I wish you had which you don't thinks you don't think that that's a scary Kamal. Religion injured -- yes. But when an athlete is is injured. It has a back injury that one of those things that raises your eyebrows but when you see that a woman with little respect stress that's very positive thing you know from a well. Okay yeah particular right -- last night. Did you buy your harder than out -- made a drink and a game in overtime goal and a little luck wherever you can go on your house. Michael was taken care of he had popcorn galore on the 93 hours now I think what they can do this is an improvement a suggestion. I think they have the right idea popcorn tonight with they should do is just pocket. Just had a green in the back to bring in the bag through the back I wish I hadn't seen that. Because we don't see the bad business guessed that it might be pressured not sure -- that you are sure that's the great thing about the friendly press box freshly -- it could answer that question. That way or. Ultimately if they'd always press box article topic is some of the best in the city got a -- on -- is it might make Kevin over -- takes care less than one -- and about gonna be serious about popcorn you have got two popular not serious about on the ninth -- -- it has been bringing it back -- I acted like such a little -- last night. I -- little plea for a little bolt for myself. That had -- Eminem's. Reese's pieces. A couple gummy bears -- chocolate covered pretzels. I fell -- is a salon he meant for dinner it. I hope that perfectly but who knows what's going to pay. I mean it's got great talked about the -- war when I left. It's really really fascinating. And message don't feel like they're sorry they're like -- we will hit your lofty standards mr. negative -- opponents are sorry -- listen to come about tickets on a Monday. We'll talk about are we -- so we'll talk about my trip to New York. Page paper today bike and -- -- -- And right today. And so like that the council sinister to keep it from I think he did you. Go again. They don't Betty yeah if -- -- you. 101000 dollars. Go to bed because it's a problem but right now we can do it. Now and is now 101000 dollars up parking spot is worth its weight in gold silk daddy. That's not bad it's like. You know to do the -- Mean it would take a lot of partners to go -- to -- -- but I go there a lot to be you know. On the -- fairly often angry it is a lot of Havoc for the rest of my life. What's that it's like Atlantis nobody really knows that even really exists. I'm quite -- gonna go back this morning surgery. I just -- cooperated at quarterback and that always that yeah. -- except that's our for an insurance and can't -- -- Court was dynamite. That Mike and Connecticut. Right. By him you know here to respect and it's gonna. I'm just checked it and see what condition gronkowski whose condition is it. It got so everybody -- to 8 o'clock that night sky. I want to put us over the past several class -- coffee let's bring -- I didn't put I don't know we didn't okay. And that message and spend little time at the hospital on. I consider myself the most interest in the work. I don't often lose hockey games but when I do you prefer to have my aspect we expect him to stay bluntness in France. Like all agree on there. What kind of noise didn't make it go forward -- -- -- Natalie -- -- hands Atlantic article. That now the last somebody had a problem stated. And I helplessly doing a completely different left. Let -- -- reported that protocol that the announcer. -- -- We'll be right there is. -- -- -- -- -- Okay. Is Evan has brought this exams and expect that that is Mike de powered by AT&T official wireless provider the Boston bruins' most four G coverage is -- and -- -- to the question here. It's. Time for answers the question generic answer the question which sunk -- how this is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. And it's the question Jericho is brought to -- -- restoration specialist if you're a property your facilities manager or insurance pro call they are asked to injury having disaster restoration game plan in place call 8774611111. Or a dot com Mikey adams' with a I was -- -- sorrow and have a question how are you guys said the funniest thing about who that's who don't say everybody was green and it just that the people who have the funniest. Lying about my Kia might have been Greg Murphy an answer or Tobago I don't I don't remember. I was drinking you don't remember when it was what was ahead and I'll get you guys had dvd of the whole event the picture which is sure to be a best seller. You should run violence and an issue at some point. You know -- look at their common theme to the jokes made about you. Not really let's talk about that literally I would compare me to -- weak guy in goodfellas you know stuff like that I have my -- naturally growing here -- -- exile I don't take offense that that I can I say something yes and I said you know this has been bothered me that probably -- -- this we'll probably be -- -- By Jason wolf for saying this guy has seen this a lot. Commissioner. -- says. Mark -- sucks. We need to whiner line. I thought. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's like god only knows that Jose nautical does that all my -- job done on the -- -- a different game that's very. Craig if they think they would just a call for Weiner lied okay and he's -- better. This kind of thing it's the same premise I have I have ripped open the curtain I have given you access backstage. Attention that man behind the curtain well. I feel so much better to answer that question jerks pro or con dining Al fresco. Better than that outsiders donate it. Is it big -- outside like this happens and you tell announced it was is just a rip off I've told you that's just that's just -- little plates that add up to big money dining naked when you're -- naked that's sounds awful injury are especially the amount of back here at eastern district probably die in the dining outside this. Yes the conservatives who knows -- -- guys -- out. Of this obviously -- next question. Jerks who and one shampoo and conditioner or separate ball just. -- thinking about this lot recently had absolutely I don't even separate bottles but I also believe this. I think conditioners kind of rip off. I think they've been I think -- kind of they admitted they succeeded in convincing us that we need conditioner and I'm not entirely can. -- that it's not a whole bunch of BS for chicks here's what I've been dale. -- -- every day. Conditioner every couple of it back. I -- you know everybody does not need conditioner when you do that it -- it's these -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Next question jerks -- wild cards are involved wood five of a kind -- royal flush. Them. Now now -- what was his wild cards -- I don't know. I weigh in regular guy. You can do it what are the chances that a five of the kind and a royal flush with both occur in the same him seems pretty low total crap to me that question please. For the married to men that would be off the realist do you rule your household or does your partner and -- come on don't rule it is important or is low. More important stuff every guy knows every candidate you know guys rules guys guys say publicly that they do we don't know we don't. We don't just admitted to don't take it if you think you do. You'll like this -- she's making you feel like you have the power which he's actually controlling. Yeah. What is that a ruling house anyway you know don't -- -- -- taken issue now what I say goes right under right. Well crown jewel of the question please. Every food off the floor. Sure today. Never today that's -- -- wood off the floor did you pick it up first created a bit slower aussies are we explore on market value before -- -- food off the floor today which we -- would you eat food off the floor at an arena and know how -- a -- studio and had no idea you know we can juices juices thorough policy. Just fine. It. The bubble but what is pity your next question answers. Nursing home ports that they talk about in the mornings like you it's like -- that they like I was in the car this morning I'm not usually driving around in the morning it was this morning. I would say in a 45 minute drive I heard my name nineteen or twenty times. I think it's just funny how do you interpret their love you I think that it's I think that it's love I think it's admiration. And I think maybe it's -- babies secret parts of their jealous of the they're torn who's jealous maybe all the hand I wanna. -- Likely is an in -- -- why you like woody -- them. I don't like -- -- and I don't I don't dislike him. Well executive it was just fold rapper you know he's one of those guys -- he was that I was playing at the house of blues where Fenway Park right. And we consult people lining up hours ahead of the concert to see and hear that he. Like you know I'm impressed with that he not the rapper I'm impressed with the guy with whoever his real name is like 600000 followers. No not that I'm impressed that he went to school. I'm so -- nice education with the University of Pennsylvania Penn Ivy League work for Google for a while. Oracle won over its equipment to I don't know today it's. Went when his when his rap career is over Andy thinks it's over now when his rap career is over. Sylvia will be a pretty good shape -- -- it to us about it a -- for the week and one for the week it would. Do you miss then today what is -- you liked most about band. Well today that a slide away as we like mr. Palin's have been number been writing about himself texting us from -- eight in the memory yes it stands. Tool spears -- -- we miss been alive now we're desperate for you that where he's come back. We're down Mikey yeah not to put a lot more questions -- -- bonus question from yesterday and more. Which you have to rather have a woman who has Oprah's face and beyoncé -- body. Or -- space in Oprah's -- Oprah's wallet and I keeps careless about it I thought how I would need -- -- -- Cedric Maxwell the question I have an eight hour period. Mexicans the base last. Michigan it's going to be beautiful peace now still take -- his body you know after -- didn't -- body balls don't last long. I don't know that means to speak is always the guy who is that. Parents -- is that the -- -- -- -- I think Jared -- we think beyond these trees and Oprah's -- weeks old yet he did. I've got to do for us this we are loners and don't take. Mike he's coming up next offset have a great weekend that we will be back on Monday Jack Edwards in the 3 o'clock hour on Monday reacting to the Bruins game on Sunday afternoon until you -- NC over the weekend. The line. Braves did good the. Okay.

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