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An hour with Jack: Breaking down the Bruins OT win over the Rangers with NESN's Jack Edwards

May 17, 2013|

We talk all things game one with Jack Edwards of NESN, and get to hear a little from Jack's Finnish protege as well.

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We have -- got Jack Jack Jack have you. Yummy carriers are now beautiful it's amazing you flip a switch and everything works it's beautiful is our -- Jack. It. It's not my -- -- I I'll never take responsibility. Nor should you nobody asks you to be. And and by the way by the way -- we stop dissing the Toronto Maple -- that's a pretty good hockey club and and by the way patrol -- police finished and the Rangers. In the regulars and maybe things are okay. They're okay I'm up I didn't believe you from the beginning Jack I'm still not on -- percent there okay they're gonna be good going forward but the -- -- and outside as dawson's stakes is hyperbole. Like James driver. There's there. There are very few goalies in the NHL that are really really good look at early sixty jobs in the world like that. OK so so it's not use the words I think I mean I'm not comparing him to like somebody whose plane and rec league images comparing him to the other playoff goalies I thought he was an impressive long quiz. As as as much as I respect him. I thought he kind of an off night last night -- welcome for a you know that your Russia. Let's not forget that the puck was on edge and the guys capable of shooting of a 108 point eight miles an hour so you gotta figure there was not only a lot of velocity -- -- the -- probably moved quite a bit DeLeon. I'm not saying that it wasn't goalie you'd like to have back -- -- jam packed but. Wasn't the most routine chances face. Hard to tell me about tell me about the Rangers here we but we haven't a disagreement on who they are and how good they are I think they're an excellent team. And they're very similar to the Bruins and I I have no reason to think that. This won't be anything but a seven game series what do you think about directors. Let's go back to the game one game two gap in the Toronto series where everybody felt so good about the pros because they've won game one here we are in the emotional rollercoaster again. And everybody's presuming that the pros are gonna have. Maybe not an easy time of it that they are definitely going to get past the Rangers the Rangers are gonna get a lot better between games one in games two and game two if you if you look at the history. Of contentious playoff series and I believe this is going to be a contentious playoff series. The team's ten to go closer together rather than farther park. There are no signs that the Rangers are about to break apart and now have the Philadelphia thing happen to them that happened the flyers in 2011. And I think we're looking at a long series it wouldn't surprise me at all. If it goes back to New York one game apiece and then comes back to Boston for game five at two games apiece with the teams splitting on each other's home -- You know it's funny you heading into the series Jack as I was very very worried from bruins' perspective and and thinking about Lundqvist and thinking about you know whether the Bruins team could be. Consistent enough in just the problems they've had with New York in the past -- record against them so great. And then I watched them last time and I know being too caught up in one game so I I'm aware of this. How the Rangers just looks so on explosive out there you just wonder how they're ever gonna score enough to hang with the world. Yeah well that's a very valid point and Brad Richards. You know on and off the bloom is off the rose or if he's just in a prolonged slump. Or what but to between Richardson -- they kind of looked like two guys were on the wrong side of the hill last night both. Had their moments where it looked as if there are about to do something and then it sort of went test but the Rangers. -- lines one through four. Do not have the dynamic capabilities that the Bruins lines have one through four and that's mostly because Claude Julian. Has done such. A careful job of creating lines that can play well in all results the Rangers have players that are good one -- two zone players. On several of their lines but when you stack their lines. Up against Boston's lines line for line. The Bruins if their forwards are playing the way they should. Should have an advantage there and we saw that play out last night. Terrell of the tape Lundqvist verses Rask you know it's it's much more complicated nap but this is focused on these two guys. How does Rask to measure up to Lundqvist. Well Lundqvist is is that the top of his game he's the best going on the planet period because he not only. Plays incredibly deep in his goal he is. As equal and of that that battery in baseball and white -- the back line of the of the batter's box -- we can have an extra hundredths of a second on the fastball. And then uses that extra hundredths of a second put the ball the upper deck instead of fouling it off. So he's he's that guy. His rebound controls extraordinary. His ability to read the game is at the very highest level. If if those ratings of Lundqvist or somewhere around nine or ten. Rask is a good solid eight or nine in those categories. That said in the course of the game and depending on the circumstances and depending how well your defensemen are playing in front of you. There's no reason that Rask can't prevail in a series against Lundqvist and by the way -- being a significantly younger player. He is there's no reason his future can't. Can't be what Lundqvist is right now Henrik Lundqvist is is at the very top of his game he's never gonna get better than he's been in the last year and a half. Tuukka Rask is going to continue to get better as his career goes along because he still in his twenties in fact in his mid twenties and and he's. He still at a point where he's gathering experience that Lundqvist already has gathered. I -- you walking around last night looking for a game to broadcast. It was and it it was sad I was sad Jack what are you watch the game and -- do you think. Do you think the Bruins did anything different with their approach but to Lundqvist that at times they looked exceptional even when they didn't come away with -- goals they really did a good job. Of of just keep in the puck in the zone and is going Adam just peppering him with shots. You know I think what it was Michael is the the other gear that -- been talking about since late January early for -- that we finally saw in desperation of desperation times. In game seven against Toronto and in the overtime the Bruins. Have have found a way to. To impose their will on opponents at times if they can play the way they played. In the third period late and also in the overtime. Against the Rangers more often than not. Because you can't possibly sustain that for sixty minutes but -- they can play that way more often than not. Than they are gonna win this series you figure -- crew was gonna Google last America. You know he's yeah he's really talented player -- came up. What do when he came up he got people's attention because a he's got a pretty good skill set on him and -- he is tremendously confident not. Not cocky but he knows what he can do and he didn't try to go outside that. None of the three young guys last night tried to do something that they're not capable of doing they played the simple game they knew what they can do. Spark how's he especially was impressive because every time the Rangers gave him ice he took it. He took the space carried the puck up the ice -- with -- -- confidence with his head up and made the right pass almost every single time I was I was really really pleased. With with the way the three young defensemen play by you. Couldn't help but notice spark -- Michael I spent quite a bit of time talking about it and I like his comments we played them earlier. That they play a similar system in Providence of that when you go down for awhile and I'm sure the same is true for -- and then you come back up there's no change you've already been practicing in it. And then and you probably understand this much better than I would Jack just how much closed system allows those defenseman to. Plagued team that is easy and not have to think too much. -- while they're there is a lot of thinking. In it but once you understand the concepts at least is what the defenseman tell me. Once you understand the concepts and you can sort out the situations. It is. Simple system to play that said it's also an effort based system and if you do not fill the jug with effort. You're gonna look bad because you have to you have to fill. 100% of your requirement in order for the system to work if you do that the goal gets good looks. You know Tim Thomas and Tuukka Rask leading the NHL in save percentage year after year after year. And you're also going to be in a situation where you're protecting the most dangerous part of the IC put yourself in good position to clear rebounds and and as that's that's closed system and you gotta. You know I got a ticker skeptical agility and and he is -- guy who has designed a system that absolutely works if they're putting in the effort -- I kept hearing your voice in my head the whole night Jack. -- DD DD DD a Bruins going DD DD did the especially in the first period -- almost nothing happened -- was the voice I kept hearing it's Jack Edwards with a saw this -- brought to buy bread and smoke shop precision fitness equipment and by the city of Boston credit union is it possible that Jack has a -- has -- -- a tutor now -- with somebody teach a Minty. Jack are you mentoring somebody in Finland that through on trying to. Because when you hear this sound all you'll think is that Jack has been teaching this guy how to do platelet level played -- -- -- assault Hollywood Jack Edwards WE. It took the ice well both the crew can part -- -- would seem that a lot and know Doug he's following in the footsteps as well but there's no doubt our transition team last night was good. Whether it was because of them or whether it was because of our team but. They did exactly what they had to do and that's why I commend them for such a great job they didn't sit on their heels in just. Freeze and trying to move the puck standing still they carried it when they had the ice and. Those -- -- talking about his young defenseman we have jacket or two with -- us all this hour wanna give you Bruins tickets here in just a moment thank you to everybody. Who's accused Sox tickets now Bruce tickets at 430 thank -- everybody who's so kindly wrote in tell me the word I was looking -- -- protege. And when I say kindly I mean not kindly at all yes that is the word I was looking or who -- -- -- protege. Here in just a second in his first free ticket Friday be the ninth caller right now. At 6179310937. Listen carefully it's not the regular -- 617. 931. 0937. When a pair tickets to see Boston take on Cleveland at that wait may 24 plus. A twenty dollar gift card to -- go to Mexican grill WEEI we'll have three chances for you to win Boston baseball to get every Friday all season long or 6179310937. Right now to win. Brought you by Q -- a Mexican grill town fair -- Ninety Nine restaurants in your home for F here at them from Boston baseball Sports Radio. 93 point seven W yeah. Did you hear this guy Jack I haven't -- Jack. Jack I think you haven't heard him but you know because I think you tutored him at. They who I am I am of Scandinavian descent are very well this is the Bergeron goal this is the fourth goal the other night that tied things up against Iran against him. -- -- Well -- I love says. -- -- Okay. -- -- care to translate I love it does a tremendous call. We think there's a video of him on YouTube snapping an imaginary. Although -- know that's just jumping up and down that's at two goals that the goal -- that's jumping the stabbing comes later I suppose the time that you any of the biggest winners do you have winner hey -- -- come in Brooklyn. He had them. Hope all of my John. White got. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- proposing Jack you know the jobs which Jack you know I'm telling yourself that right now net net and I say this in all seriousness because my my mentor of the guy I've followed. Most closely was Bob Wilson the legendary voice of the Boston brought Adam who called the games when I was in college I actually -- transcribe. I would recorded and transcribed. His play by play and then try to decipher the code and figure out how he can get so much information and as such. A short amount of time. But in addition to that Wilson more than any other broadcaster I ever heard. Until this guy no I don't need it no but seriously seriously he used his voice -- a musical instrument so that you could understand the urgency in the importance and the location of the -- even. Without him having to verbalize that. With with syllables he would duel with tone and with urgency in his voice. And I used to say that you could. Understand even if you didn't understand English you can understand how urgent the situation wasn't there I mean there I can't speak one more of finished. But I totally got it there didn't you know I -- Ellis that was sensational I've felt the emotion -- that guy's voice it was great as a great call. No -- was either existed Tuukka thing. The interest in Finland well does that -- -- the Tuukka let's let's put this way the Bruin too weak to recover the British Open. In this city in this country in you know in the summertime. Of course we do it hockey's rather large in Finland you know no -- -- I understand that I'm thinking that that was for the first round of the playoffs you -- the first round of the playoffs Bruins Toronto the British Open. That that's not affair that's not a fair comparison the British Open is one of the meaningless to me. But no but you -- I didn't know like a British Open -- it would be the conference on conference finals yet. I don't know maybe visit to think maybe it is to be connection but. If you can sell you got a product right. Yeah. I would listen to this guy. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Not just about the the guys they would -- the game to they who they want this to be your broadcast partner to get -- guys and our third man and you know brick and that guy. But they bring up one says you find do you find me the minute hand of that broadcast you can you find yourself. At a situation last night were NBC had -- games and her from a number of people. We have been really miss you and brick last night. In that situation do you find you'd find yourself like looking brown. Board alone. Talking to yourself what what happens. Definitely not port. IE I sometimes. Find myself lapsing into. Server play by play monologue in my own head. But more than that. And and I say this. In in all sincerity I Imus I am a student of -- brick today he he has taught me more about the game. Than anybody that I've ever encountered. And and I try to look at the game the way he looks at it and if you listened to the way we call game on -- and you'll hear often -- will correct me on on stock that's infinitesimal like a tipping in that nobody sees but he'll see. And I try to watch the game. In the way I imagine that he sees. Because he came. He can peel back the layers of the onion so well and explain it's so while the people. Soul when I watch again that I'm not calling that's what I try to do and I also take a lot of notes but. I am definitely not bored -- I'm definitely not -- Jack cut close saying today that Seidenberg Ference and Wade Redden are all still potential. Potentially available for game two and beyond. You expect any of those guys to play sooner rather than later and do you want them to play after watching the kids playing game more. Well yes I I want them to play if there -- available and they can help the team. The problem with. Injuries as opposed to playing hurt playing with an injury in the playoffs. Is two fold one. Are you potentially subjecting this -- a permanent damage which you probably are he's playing injured brother and playing hurt. And and what is the extent of that and now the second thing is our you're putting yourself in a position where. If this thing. Goes from him being ambulatory at the beginning of the game to him being. Useless to you two ships into the game. Now you really put yourself behind the eight ball because you probably only dressed six defenseman total including its injured guy. That said if they can go. If the medical staff says that there durable enough to make it through sixty. Minutes of normal playoff hockey which is of brutal. Amount of work that I would want all three of those guys back if there -- available and it doesn't take anything away from the good job the young players did but. As reported out in. In seven of the drama series. Talking about guys who have a hundred playoff games of experience they've been through -- been around the block they know what it takes. And at some point the lack of experience on -- -- recruit on a -- Hamilton and and also on a -- park house he is going to show up in this playoff series if they have to go all 56 or seven games or however long last you all say this I want Dennis Seidenberg back as soon as humanly possible and I'd just a much better team when he's healthy. But after watching mark -- -- played the last couple games it's hard to imagine that even if all three of those guys were healthy again that he wouldn't be one of your top six defenseman right now. He's playing pretty well as -- and that's the benefit of having been through the playoffs in the HL. Coming fresh off of that. Up to the Bruins and having that. That compete factor where you're so. Tuned in to winning the pocket and and doing the right thing in being responsible and and taking advantage of the very few opportunities you get to game. He's he's looked really really good and no matter what happens. He's got to be. In the plans for next year because this is quality I mean this this kid's playing with with real quality right now. Jack your business opportunity for you a lot of our -- say they want you to call them during the game and then you just give the play by play and -- -- gives up a conference call make -- listen you called the game from the ninth floor or or from Madison Square Garden that's one but two and in all seriousness. Architecture brings up and at some point I noticed that last night maybe. It's a big deal maybe -- but Texas is wasn't to cut out of the net more than usual last night did you notice that. He was out of the net more than. Average but he plays very aggressively and is a lot more reliable with a stick -- a guy who preceded him. Who you know. Tim Thomas was brilliant at stopping the clock but -- he make in an adventure when he would come out. Rask is much more reliable and several times there was that old man's land play where. And the puck was going to die before it got. In close to the crease and Rask had a c'mon play -- he's on that very constantly he's good at making those decisions he knows when he's got to go the things the does better than Thomas without a doubt used to read that kind of situation. Where Tom. Thomas would start and it stopped -- decide -- -- better -- And there could be a -- collision are really close call or something crazy -- Thomas have swept the puck into his defenseman legs and it would bounce right past the pollster Celtic. You know that's and that's just part of it. Analysts is part of it that Tim Thomas aura that's okay we can accept that nobody's perfect and and that might have been his. Achilles heel as a goalie but on a -- Rask. Did it as it as a game plan type of thing I think it was just a matter at the situations situations presenting themselves. Jack Edwards with a so is brought to buy bread and smoke shop precision fitness equipment M by the city of busting credit union coming up more with Jack. Including the most mercurial Bruin. Who Michael keeps thinking is get a gig going and any -- watch them play and now on the archery so confident we'll address his future next -- Jack Edwards W -- What -- it. Right. -- -- -- Okay. Pretty sure I heard that get -- -- call some of the -- rocky Drago fight. -- pretty sure I heard -- called some of the Iraqi Drago of I can be wrong about that it. He called the Ivan Drago fight Jack Edwards is -- -- in -- here on WEEI. By the way bad news coming in here on Rob Gronkowski this is great job that he's gonna have a fourth surgery on the arm. But he's got a disk issue and is back these could require surgery is well this coming. From my USA today we'll dig more into that about fifteen minutes room for four but bad news if your patriots fan and looking for Rob Gronkowski to be healthy an important part of the off. That picture well I think when you hear this news. I'm in the disk issue is is the one that gets your attention a back problem that it. That that caused him to slip through the second round in the first place the other problem in college I don't know if it's the same issue or something different. But this this let you know bad if you if you are patriots and you academies say there's no way they're counting on him. To contribute this year if he does its opponents. But there's no way it's pretty scary to sit here and -- your best offensive player outside of Tom -- yet you sit here and may you're talking about a fourth surgery on his arm. And and year talking about how possible back problem that this report is accurate. You can't. Knowing that information you can't count on him. For the 2013 season arsenal is that fair that an over reaction. I think that's I think that's not an overreaction I'm assuming this is an accurate report what will will dig more into this. In about fifteen missiles toppled the more hockey with Jack and the question we had Jack. And Michael notice some last night because I know it was a huge stylish -- guy you're always talking about a -- I do love so he's the guy you keep predicting is gonna be the difference maker the X-Factor in every series you have you watched him last night and I thought you were -- who I thought your gonna -- want to. -- -- couldn't believe how his plan -- Shawn -- it was one of his better games. And that was one of his better games in. Tyler -- really has been struggling to that he came up to that level. Jack I'm not sure -- it a few times elect Adam and that I didn't I'm not jumping on him saying he's not trying I think he is trying I don't think it's an effort issue. I was surprised at how he. Didn't have the strength. To make certain places that a fair statement or -- -- well and right now his -- a different job that it was when he was skating along with Patrice Bergeron and Brad Marchand and that's because he's on a hybrid line now and now when -- on. This the so called third line you know the telling line. Your job is set to generate offence if you tend. But most of all create positive energy. Finish the shift farther down the ice away from your goal and it's started and and turn it over to either the fourth line for. A big injection of energy or. More likely to roll it back to the virtual online word of the crate she line which is coming on next self. Slightly different role. But it's been pointed out by in my hockey mentor -- prickly that a -- floored never exactly knocked people over. But he would win the -- an awful lot along the wall. Tyler savings probably never going to over power people would take the puck away that doesn't mean that he can't be effective. And as a four checker and can't be effective as a defensive player he most certainly can it gets a crowd's attention more often than not. When he leverages somebody being gets underneath with a shoulder puts his shoulder on somebody's chest and and knocks the guy flat. But that only happens about half a dozen times a season. It's it's doubtful the Tyler Sagan will turn into Ryan Callahan and who planted a couple of Bruins last night with very good checked. But slightly sinking can be effective. In his own end of the ice when he puts his mind to it and when he screws his courage up to the -- that day is required to be an effective playoff player. He hasn't performed that level in the playoffs in last couple years so you know there's plenty of room for growth. -- guy easy as have you found -- guy who loses confidence easily I mean you look at them and this from a farmer you know better than than any of us. You look at -- mean it looks like a guy who doesn't have much confidence in himself. Is that accurate. IE I haven't picked up any outward loss of confidence may be occasionally in his ability to score worry gets frustrated with himself. If anything maybe it's too much in the other direction. He's. He's super confident in himself and that's okay but. It's important always to be is as humble and self critical as a guy like. Bergeron. A guy like Jonathan Toews. A guy like -- -- Nazi or just to round out the three cell looking nominees who were the the best defense of forwards. In the National Hockey League guys who look at their games and maybe they had 26 shifts in the game and they had 24 excellent shifts. And now -- -- scored on one -- the other ships and a guy hit the post. On another one of the ships and they think there was a lousy game. Eight probably couldn't hurt Sagan a look at his game that way rather than. Well you know they're gonna go in you know but -- I'm on Psycho analyzing professional athlete that's only. Tenuous ground at best for a as somebody who never played the game anywhere near that level. To be speculating about it but I don't I don't think he lacks self confidence and would you care to psychoanalyze germ or younger have. Well you know that's a physiological thing -- not a Psycho. And Alison you know they're going to be a fun psychoanalysis and while I am sure would be but but. The situation in Yonkers that you know you saw mormons -- last night. And a date with 23 minutes of ice time than you've ever seen. Aft from younger and eighteen minutes of even strength ice time and he looked. A little slow at times and that's okay because he's a tremendous comptroller of the park but. When Brad Marchand comes flying through the corner. On -- on its patented move where he's got the pocket of very hole of the blade of his stick and it seems as if it's attached with. David Tyree super glue or velcro or whatever it was on -- helmet. You've got to get on March John's way because he's gonna try to come off the half ports and give himself an option. Either the option to dish it to the low man who's in the cab of that flow or to go for the shot. And and at least three or four times since the beginning of game seven now. You auger has actually gotten in March John's way he's he's got to read his teammates a little bit better and I think that instead of having. His teammates -- him. He needs to go a little bit more toward them a little -- how do you balance that I mean he he's clearly still gifted in his own way and and I told you over and over he kinda makes me laugh when I -- some -- the pockets is always something funny bizarre sometimes good sometimes bad going on with him. What I noticed last night when you really get to see the whole. The whole -- when you're there a couple of times a one in particular when. They'd cleared. The Rangers had cleared the zone in the Bruins wanted to come back in and younger was stocks so far deep in the zone. And he wasn't exactly. Busting his -- to get back out clear so that they could come back in the how do you balance at what point is -- well I need somebody who can do that vs what you think he can give you. Well that's been the conundrum with yarder for a long time when he was with the Washington caps and they ended up. Basically eating his deal. When he was with the Washington caps. They actually played two different. Systems one for when he was on the ice and won one for when he wasn't on the ice. That's never gonna happen with the Boston Bowens and and it certainly isn't gonna happen in this incarnation of jogger. And you know they shouldn't be. It misconstrued as as a condemnation of the guy he can still fit -- he can still be an extremely effective player with a team. But. My sense is that he has to come a little bit more toward the team in the team has to adjusting him. Because too often last night he was in the way of the flow in the way you're describing as opposed to accelerating the flow which is what he's capable of doing. Let's -- -- call. And we've seen is on the board here wanted to grab it I think it takes is an interesting direction Kevin is in New Hampshire hi Kevin. Your -- Jack Edwards along with soccer -- They think that very jets you know you don't until well Emma -- belief shared -- -- recovering. And you know I had yet to see in our that they cannot stand when you're an ambassador of Saudi -- an extraordinarily skilled player. And now -- ears to hear it talked about saying now. Think the kids did have a great player out front and I think you know in nineteen and he is still a very young player and true. You know a couple of weeks ago is how great he lions -- -- -- his actual. You know Orton playing east and there wasn't turning out the operative numbers that are very badly -- And now you talked about shaken your -- you'd be in the same chase you know four years later. So you think people are talking about say in the way the same way they describe Kessel. Very similar. Yeah yeah -- and then you know Jack -- days over confident yeah. Is that may be that came prepared and it just so America are given out here. You know valid point and and I a jury account and from. But. To my mind Sagan has. Already shown that he's much more adaptable to a three's own game. Then -- ever indicated that he would be. You know it's that they've had similar trajectories in that they've both had. A really strong output a year early in their career. I council's last year with the bros I believe he had 36 goals. Sagan had 29. In a full season in 2012. But. That the the issue with Philip castle the issue with Philip Kessel was that he did not want to be with the Boston Bruins on him you know he's the player. Did not want to play for the Boston Bruins and he was a restricted free agent and the Bruins could force -- down -- throat. But they work in a force a guy who didn't wanna be there. To be there -- got something tremendous is compensation for a I understand where you're coming from and you know if you play it out it's -- what is it within the system. In which young outstanding scorers have to play that beats them down like that while it you know. In and forgive me if I'm putting words in your mouth but. I don't think that the system necessarily beats those players down. The biggest jump players ever make is when they finally get up to the National Hockey League whether it's making the transition from junior. As a Sagan did or from College Hockey as Cassel did or from the HL. Whenever the guys who make the jump that is a significant. And usually link the adjustment we don't expect to see Stephen stamp goes Sidney Crosby that type of scoring early and guys career. -- there so many other things he has to learn so as not to be a liability to his team. -- in handling it -- lot better than counseled that I'll say that but he still has -- ways to go. Jack it's a pleasure talking to you for an hour glad we're getting -- talks so much hockey a lot of fun last night after the first period which was not fun it was incredibly boring after the first period. A lot of fun last night expecting a lot of on the rest of the -- this is get a -- I guess -- gonna do this every afternoon following a game on a -- house and looking forward -- it sounds -- -- -- we got a little once we get -- technical -- figured out if it sounds like you're here even earlier in your home -- I'm always here. And I actually think our heads thanks Jack for -- and our objectives. They go there's Jack Edwards always brought to buy bread and smoke -- television Jack Nicholson there is always here in the city of Boston credit union -- we got this -- -- news. I'll redo the Adam show after tweet which hopefully. Will make you feel better about the fact that ground could having another surgery not -- his arm. But on a disk in his back. Bad news but maybe not as bad as it's announced Apple's -- for coming up salt -- W media.

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