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Yo Soy Traction! Rob Gronkowski now may need back surgery in addition to his 4th surgery on his injured wrist.

May 17, 2013|

We talk about the report that Rob Gronkowski may now be a candidate for back surgery with a disc problem. Is Gronk just an injury prone guy? Or is he not rehabbing proberly? Can the Pats build an offense around a guy who is so inconsistently on the field? We discuss.

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Just -- the news is getting better Rob Gronkowski armor there is word his back. Is once again acting up in court requires surgery as well. Patriots tight -- recently underwent an MRI on his back. To check out a disk issue he had dating back to last season -- person informed of gronkowski medical status pulled USA today sports the person. Who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the -- policy of not publicly detailing injury said the issue is with a different -- In the one needed to be shaved down via surgery you know nine and then a final decision on whether surgery will be required has not yet. In the may. The person also said the Gradkowski was she noted spine specialist Robert Watkins in the near future after next week's surgery to install a new plate in his forearm. Person said the hope is a surgery on his back is required compels you -- -- in the same time frame as his recovery from the arm injury. Which initially suffered in November. But has been prolonged because of an infection in the limb. -- -- after tweeting later gronkowski is back issue considered minor. Heard the super a source if he needs surgery it'd be during the timeframe he'd be -- -- arm surgery quote from person close to go wrong. He is going to be fine long term he's not worried about the short term I eat the start of training camp. OK -- -- what would doesn't doesn't bother me at all about Rob Gronkowski. Can hang out with as many porn stars and once. Go ahead he can do wrestling moves on stage with his brother it -- yes he can go on thank you Robin love that love the last two. He can hang out. He can be at red carpet red carpet events. What have -- say whatever you want to say do whatever you wanna do. I don't care. But what concerns me a little about Rob Gronkowski. And we talked about this a couple weeks ago. When the question was are you worried about was they it was April where Fenway Park Red Sox playing well OK everything is good. I'm not worried about its April. A long way from training camp. What concerns me now is that will remain in we're still talking about gronkowski surgeries. Surgeries to the armed. Possible surgery to the back. Just. What we. We could talk in a lot about his condition. His physical condition and I don't understand what went -- -- -- after saying this is supposedly miners not a big deal. But I'm starting to think that it might be a big deal. And that. You could be a little crazy to count on Rob Gronkowski being there for game one against buffalo. The question and not just for game one but in general and that's a question I'd ask people six or 777979. 37. Do you know count on Rob Gronkowski no reason to say game -- -- just in general. Do you know count on Rob Gronkowski -- you reached the point where. You don't think you can count Ottoman anything you get from him is a bonus. And you count on him. Do you believe that he's gonna be there for 1516. Games every year plus the playoffs do you believe the you can continue to build an offense. With him as a centerpiece of of of what you're doing it too tight end offense where he is. It difficult cover because if you wanna bring in an extra defensive back you use him and his run blocking skills if you wanna bring in an extra linebacker combat that. They use them as as as more of a pass receiver and there are very few linebackers who cover him is it safe as it makes sense. To continue to build around Rob Gronkowski. As a centerpiece of what you're doing offense. Doesn't make sense yes is it safe no. It makes sense to do just based on the physical specimen that he is you talk about why is it difficult cover there are faster tight end. There are big tight end but not many who are bigger he believes he's the biggest. He's not the fastest at just the combination of his size and his strength in his hands in his hands. It is really tough. To match up with him when he's healthy and that's. The only if we're to Rob Gronkowski -- healthy he would Dominic. I think that's been proven guys incumbent in Spain didn't get their cars don't come into the league. Like he did. And just do what he did it is not normal. He he is he is in many ways redefined that position Reinemund as -- better guys performed Tony Gonzales and -- -- great tight ends and we've seen them here in -- you know in New England before we saw Ben Coates even the guy coats took over for Maher call right very -- right and and we've seen Daniel Graham was -- -- probably not that sound like yet none of those guys competed the way he did it just because he plays the position with that. -- -- -- In an effortless manner -- able to get downfield catch the ball traffic. -- those diving catch is that very few other tight ends make and combine it with the nastiness and run blocking that he has. And then -- in the second tight end who plays with them and Aaron Hernandez and and and it's and I mean I remember when the Seahawks play the patriots last year talking about it from Seattle perspective. And and it just it was fine. Trying to figure out how you get a handle both of those two guys that are. -- -- -- 67260. Plus pounds. When when people talk about. LeBron James what a specimen isn't -- -- what if he played football at LeBron James played football or big rock. Just me out a match up nightmare getting in there and just in just running over people and catching everything thrown at what you brought up there. And you hope that he gets it and he'll get most of the time great hands. Great size. Great speed for a man that signs. So we actually okay. You building on and you keep building around him and you. You just said it makes dancing you're right I mean look as a as an athlete what he brings the table fantastic. If it's not -- as you just said to build around him and to count on him Heidi -- insurance you better have some good insurance but even the insurance you have isn't build around type of insurance right. Now you can have a couple of guys you can have Ballard on is that you can have Hernandez but. Duke built an offense that without Randy Moss and Wes Welker as your primary targets is now in many ways based on the matchup nightmares and a couple of items -- you're gonna have a fallback plan to handle you needed to go -- and what he gets 118 catches it's only just aren't. They burn that tape yeah. Talking about -- -- what -- -- -- -- hold on so what needs to be protested the Red Sox and win six out of nine on the road trip right now the Philippines they're on pace to do that if a pretty good about one out of three in Tampa they go into -- -- three Minnesota two out of three in Chicago -- won six games as -- now Michael that are paid is on pace -- pace and meanwhile as for Danny -- have you seen this commercial. These guys get attached underneath to secure its commercial out though because it was commercial because he's talented and because got Tom Brady throw a get all the ability to respond to public and Andy we have that. It will delay the commercial Danny -- dole commercial and it's not Amaral. All you people just wanna denigrate him because he's not precious Wes Welker he's just fine he's going to be very good as long as he's healthy and I do worries about -- the year ago period. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It any yet. It takes off on -- -- it -- no idea who. I don't know we have that you'll have shown no. Woody gets that 118. Catches this yours -- -- and looked about like Wes Welker to good start that's 177797. 837. -- on the -- hi Jim. That's a long time Michael let you search and that would dale saw her love your opinion and you kind of bring in particular for me -- -- No problem I do wanna say as far as yeah targets situation Boston goes to tell you go to my next door -- -- -- that -- He used to get we shingles. And that he -- for asylum -- from the bottom of the tournament but it is -- without. That's extremely. Just extremes I don't have that kind of the balls that I'll just say -- I Jim out of the balls I don't the balls. I think that is pointed out he -- however if you ordinary start -- -- me. Is that you can't be trapped -- a bottom picnic at the. Else -- then it will most of them about -- It's all DR -- situation goes. My big concern though not too worried about -- come -- -- arm of the pack whatever but. It's just it seemed like there's going to be sort of scenario and I don't know in -- mean if you get certain and here. In the ER two weeks three weeks there's going to be term creeping up I think. Those are the reason why they went -- to get ballot. From the Paris yeah there's kind of a backup plan for him. Earnhardt did not have these are the people on the field is not out of the game. You know I think I don't know what Jim I don't know if Ballard had anything to do with -- -- insurance. It was just the fact that. It was a good player value plan could gut player available and why not take them and it it because they don't want to overstate this but there was some disagreement. Clearly between. A Jerry Reese and Tom Coughlin -- Coughlin wanted to player and in Greece. Allow the player to be available for the patriots to scoop -- But I don't think anything to do with a -- he's grow uncle Ike will grow up like. You know we don't have him available. We can just plug them in -- different kinds of players. When you make of this Rob Gronkowski potentially -- needs surgery for his -- disk in his back according to USA today in addition to the fourth surgery which he needs to have on his arm and he still count -- is it safe to build an offense around them. I've -- to some of those questions -- more six point 777979837. Soccer hall W media. Majority knew that no not talking about is. Infection. In his arm talking about it disk in his back had an MRI according to USA today. May need surgery on a disk in his back different -- than the one that was operated on in 2009. So. You trust them. Can you build around it is it's safe scaled to build an offense. With Rob Gronkowski as your primary target. Anything more than the primary target when I look at a Michael you've watched more closely -- I the last few years but it's not just that he's a primary target offensively and Welker has been that for you. When it's that easy game changer. It was his position out there on the field the ability to run behind them or the rode him depending on how the defense. Reacts to put the defense in an awkward position where they have to react to you. He is a game change what does that count on. Just said something that is underrated about his game we focus so much on touchdowns he's got tons of touchdowns. At the beginning was -- of his NFL career but he's also a very good book no more than very good blocker at times it can be a devastating blocker. So he's a weapon all the way around whether you're on the ground with your running game or you're throwing to him. Or you're using him to free up somebody -- It's nonstop it's unrelenting with with Rob Gronkowski. And when you're able to put two tight ends out there you put the defense even more of a bind right I mean Hernandez is not as good blocker. As gronkowski is but he serviceable in the tight -- role especially as a second tight end in a formation. And then if you want to if you don't like elect the personnel that they have out there split -- so what would you do. What would you do. Knowing this in man -- in the good news is it today. So lots of things could change that is what you -- have April idea spent a lot of things can change. He has time to recover. And if you don't wanna look at that -- to say and I don't care that's made your January viewed this is really gonna. Set him back and he's not going to be available this season at least you know in May. If you've got to come up with a plan B plan C a robbery -- got a couple plans -- the -- -- -- -- have already done a great -- receivers -- that would have been number I mean number two number one would have been nature I've got a couple serviceable tight end backups that beyond just Hernandez and I do. Right you have Ballard. It's you that's a position you've addressed. And then beat upgrade your wide receivers I think they've replaced him and a replaced Welker with a Amendola I know it's an unpopular -- -- an upgrade. I don't know that that's true. It's prosecuted but I know it's not I don't think it's an upgrade on what you have the -- gates. Very possible that it's not a downgrade them excellence -- that what you're going to get from Welker in the next few years. Not what he -- -- in the past like always going to give you direct -- freeze or does that make since Noah Noah doesn't make them well let's is that you and I disagree that's fine but I don't. It's not about what Welker debut it's about what he can give you going forward in the -- what five years younger -- he he's similar type of players he's -- he hasn't gotten a chance to play with a legitimate quarterback he's playing Sam Bradford who moved very much the jury's still out on him right you can get similar production if not. -- production over the next few years that you were going to get with -- and I don't know I -- -- value added a couple of receivers are they society our speed and. It makes it sound like it sounds like. If you put a good player. And Welker spot -- he's gonna get similar results I think Wes Welker was -- a great position. With the patriots playing with Tom Brady and offense that was that was tailor made form. In addition he's a great player. So he's a great slot receiver I think I'm not gonna rip on Danny Amendola they've got a good player to give a good player. So he should have some production in the system but to add expect him to have to do similar things Wes Welker did I think is a -- on. But it's also not just about doing what Wes Welker did opponent saying it's about doing what Wes Welker was going to do. You -- what well what Welker did the last few years is incredible. We may not seen anybody make you think he wasn't he wouldn't have -- my -- told me it looked like I can with aging journalists here look what what makes you think that Wes Welker wasn't gonna do. In 2013. When he -- -- It would -- in 2012 fact that he's not here at the fact that they moved -- from on the fact that they went with them -- -- So the only the only doubt you had west Walker's game is that the patriots. And resign effective he was getting older that you were getting to a point where eventually -- and you're gonna start to a -- I wanted to back. And they want him back there were willing to pay form there's a lot of he said she said the comes out at the end of it what I know is that he is no longer here. I know that Belichick tends to move on from players just as they are on the costs bald losing it would be very very limited exceptions Adam Vinatieri probably being chief among them. Other than him. I'm not sure -- can come up with a patriots player that he is let go who has gone on to continue to do somewhere else what he had done in New England. Who else Seymour may be yeah isn't really that -- -- which it was short timely got married very sharp for the length of their guys had mentioned something Samuel. He left here had a good year. Were too. But then you don't get guys that are up -- six you're productive careers after they leave here the belief is Damien -- was probably guy who did that -- but he had to change positions right from senator attack that kept gaining -- became a garden like game in -- few times but but -- maybe did they get worse because he left no I don't know that they'll actually -- different argument that an -- addressing teen became -- but I look at I -- they don't. -- wanted to say I wanna might get a version of him. Five years younger who who who is in a very similar situation to Welker -- -- for -- we'll see I don't think he's a version west smoker but we'll find out. You've also upgraded your outside you vote upgrading with two to. A wide receivers. I'm will tell whether or not they are legit or they -- Chad Jackson -- docs but by all indications of what you heard from. The draft -- they actually like the two patriots picks -- wipers to you you've taken some. You've you've made some efforts to prepare yourself he's gronkowski. Is not going to be able to be counted on. But Michael he's what takes you from being good to being green almost by himself. Right I mean Hitler he takes Brady and and makes him such a better quarterback in such a more explosive and more importantly dynamic offense because you're not just having Brady drop back and -- over and over again. He allows you to put pressure on the defense in multiple you know in -- council is and force them to react to -- ways that they don't really feel comfortable doing. Now some techsters here who stated holiday -- last night saying that -- surgery is not a problem. One -- says. I had written in couple weeks later he was skiing again. So -- and not a doctor but I'm not a doctor anytime I hear anything wrong with a back -- get a little concerned I've seen too many people. While trying to walk around after seeing guys like Kevin Paul DuPont trying to walk around with a bad back and those guys are miserable I know -- not -- situation. Anything with a back is scary don't you think. I think so yeah but it Manning and I just it's just another another problem that we hadn't anticipated start but that matter -- turn that he's an east Hamptons are not -- All I eyewitness. Or let -- show this Saturday thanks and as we get into -- Don't count things I would be most concerned about respective. Offseason conditioning. You know because while I'm in -- while I understand the Nazis and that is that -- and the -- wound them. And to recover and to you know to kind of built. That rebuilding is also maintenance and -- training regiment that these guys have done their entire lives to maybe change at a fair level. And and that is one gronkowski futures citizens is excessive strength. The image you see if I understand what you're saying Mattie you're saying that not only do you worry about the surgery whether or not he's okay. But you worry about what he wasn't able to accomplish in a normal offseason. Yes exactly because this spring has been lingering for so -- with -- -- obviously he is not bad precedent that. You know I am you know there's not a lot of training that goes on I'm not so the back. Into the thing. You know it takes a lot of time so what I would worry about in terms of coming back anytime soon would be. Is it he does it is it is you know it's gonna be up to par. Well I think I think you'll be apart he's on the field. If he's on the field until that is wondering about though that is maybe he won't -- not a hero think it -- out if he's out there. I think he's going to be. He'll be in terms have been a great player -- -- -- but I hundreds or I think one of the things -- brings up the question is as the is it going to be out there well when is going to be out and does one thing lead to another right you're out there you're not able to practice normally because you've got the bad arm. And so when you do something new and not being in the kind of shape you -- DC -- back -- the and you got taken off season off because you're dealing with a tweet back NC go out there and maybe you're not in the peak physical condition that you -- -- and the next thing you know you got a hamstring issue or whatever it is. You do wonder of one thing and start to lead to another which is why some guys get that label is injury prone. Maybe one thing happens and it leads to a series of -- things happening because. At the Texas says people who have bad backs from being fat. Are totally different from back problems. An athlete and apple reversible duke is not fact he just happen to be the person I brought up is got a bad back but there's plenty of people backpacks and cut -- -- Yeah they still walk around and look incredibly uncomfortable all the time I love this guy how how about back Oprah Larry Burt. The disaster. Yeah boxer bad man when you gotta pat back it's hard to get those things crop -- at -- -- of the guys as I'm not a doctor. But I play one went with my wife. And I say he will be fine perfect script for you lucky you're what you're enjoy your return what are you guys they can you continue to do is to design your offense with Rob Gronkowski. As that touch point as that guy that puts the most pressure on your defense. That plus a -- hot about close Julianne that's not really about him but certainly speaks to him -- very positive way all coming up -- and -- W media. Gronkowski has gronkowski is get a potentially need surgery according to -- USA today because of a disk issue. It is back now it doesn't appear to serious according to multiple reports -- there's an -- chapters. Say he will still be back at the surgery recovery time would take place overlapping with the recovery for his arm. So they still -- think he'd be ready to go by the time training camp starts. But it just seems like things are adding up for. Yeah it. It's been an offseason where we've talked about everything except for with -- robbed and -- greenhouse tube top but everything except. What he's gonna. What is gonna just comes up often what he's gonna do on the field. And it's. Like -- -- closer to many camps many cancer next month. Training campus in July. We get closer to those those milestones. Those those checkpoints. Leading up to the NFL season -- a little more and more concern wasn't concerned last month. Because at that point this fourth surgery was a possibility was 5050s tonight and its fourth surgery. Two to deal with this infection. Now you've added an additional surgery. In the that we had talked about before with the back. You look at and you say what else. All we've been talking about -- ground is health -- you since November. Are you more concerned -- a disaster one that any of the arm surgeries. I mean the arm surgeries are weird knocking out a second time with the arm and all that's why I'm more concerned about -- and I doubt it's funny is that promise of much more concerned with the back any time the back is involved that I'm a sophomore concern. Plus there's history with him to -- and now this is the second disk that you worked in ominous back plus backs are scary anyway. Well IIIIII. Love gronkowski I love watching him play and again he's so dynamic nature offense different it's multi facet. But do you need to start to protect yourself in case the -- not ready to go 61777. On 79837. I knew I -- Maybe it's just a question. -- let's let's go I'm listening to us earlier that process again. I. Have not every game the most of them yes. These type -- grass grow good. As that it didn't do in the next 23 years. We can do well OK with the -- -- -- expect that it doesn't -- bad bad bad. Harris got Scott listen to our Welker gave you Scott I don't need -- watch welcome the last few years. I need to watch Welker the next few years. -- see the media requests drastically. I could do regret. Not much now although he did drop to the future classes that wouldn't have given. Us your questions got to watch a lot of rams games last year's. Do watch all the rams games. Do not okay so it's -- you know what Danny Amendola as a kind of play areas. I can you know I'm not that I must be getting material out of Pennsylvania is Wes Welker. There's probably -- little doubt the best I received the equipment. -- and you disagree with that the best he's had the best receiver deployed -- -- the best slot. A slot receiver to play. I -- didn't need to protect and like you know I don't. We're brainwashed I was OK you can actually means. And at 736. Welcome -- -- play. -- -- played the western world compare that. Look he's a great job Scott nobody's taken anything away from what Welker did in the -- that he had in this offense. And especially when you had Randy Moss on one side and Welker was on the other he was subject up up perfect. It for what the patriots were doing at the time and worked for Tom Brady needed to not knocking Wes Welker but the guy is getting older you have -- a similar type of player I believe Danny Amendola -- five years younger and cheaper. And and now you're gonna put him into that spot I think it's reasonable to assume that Welker doesn't have as much laughed while -- dole has a lot -- Afghanistan. I see a reason. -- too soon okay. We have played -- welcome or any type of politics in northern Rock Island Q would there were some -- and into the ground they don't -- the patriots and accounts its content particularly in Celtic. In go to net gonna look back to people on the Celtics. When you play as a player and an assistant okay that's an account I can Alter ego doesn't make a difference it's -- -- -- yeah. Yet but I'm not no matter what he did for NASCAR yeah. I your. -- And in the ability. To present -- -- in the next to me at that time removing your permission group that could. It's not -- -- got to take your taking this to -- Scott you've taken this too personal. God don't take this so personally. It's not personal Scott you're beautiful and and that's fine and we -- and yeah yeah yeah million not. I you're you're you're you're looking at Wes Welker because you love them and he's your guy and that's fine. It's okay love Wes Welker but that's not what this is about it's about moving forward it's about looking at the board the way Bill Belichick does. As chess pieces Michael. Yeah and also -- live with Scott main. We were talking about Gradkowski -- Rob Gronkowski and this is not really a Wes Welker thing may not know it's a ground -- hey this is this is about rock. And in that question is. -- you go as far as one of our techsters who says move on from crock he still has value move on from a would you go that -- Not -- trade him yes I know that I I would not be the potential upside is still so Ohio. Yeah it won't argue before. I mean you you would think pretty unique play yet if you thought his career was -- -- was coming to when and if you felt like. He he just doesn't have much football left in them or are no football left in them you start thinking that way you may -- trying to -- somebody but I don't see that. At all not not at his age and what he's still capable of and and just the dynamic aspects he brings to your offense -- in Norway I'm -- Is -- yet. Yeah I go to our Q lute -- Beckett I was ridiculous. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And you know added pieces like Donald Jones who burned you know slowed the last Jay Garner -- Yeah and and does not I will -- There are a lot of people mostly on our tour many of you who don't. Days isn't bring everything to the table every shot Kron yeah he's say he's he's a big guy who can catch but he is not is that I'm matchup nightmare. -- dropped out and about just what you have what happens when you put Ballard out there with Hernandez. While is that he still puts some pressure on the other side Ballard is a decent enough to receive certainly put -- -- he's a very good blocker so if you put it if drunk isn't ready to go work he misses a couple of weeks eagle Ballard and Hernandez. As you're tight end though you're not as effective as you would be withdrawn. But can you approximate that with him. Well a reasonable approximation. Well I would say is a reasonable -- approximation of croc. He's a good tight end in the NFL and you've got another one. In Hernandez and now the focus is keeping them help keeping him healthy to -- you only knock on both of these guys earn and losing ground. Thank you they stay on the field he keeps the guys on the field there they're both exceptional talent. So I don't think if you bring in Ballard. That you're gonna have somebody who with a light rock like Hernandez but it's it's a good player and here's the other question I have. Did the patriots go into the draft. Knowing more about -- then we -- This story in USA today OK they find out. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Ended that affect their draft strategy is that why it took a couple of receivers fairly early because that they -- got Ballard. We got Hernandez. We got -- -- Dolan went a little bit more because won't we won't be able to have the same type of -- that of approach that we've had in the past because. We don't know how consistently -- is going to be there for. Good text message here AT&T text line saying -- is the next mark Navarro these guys rise fast and then they breakdown. -- It's my favorite all players and and I think -- is a better player than before netherland before it was a group of our it was more like Ben -- though right. -- -- catch the ball to start rumbling down the field there were no moves to sort of -- and -- those. But rockets is so much he's such a more lead of what's interest being bigger and make -- -- just does everything so well. Never seen anything quite like another texas' not a Walker's broker and number of meals autos is bad material through it's available it's pretty easy to find -- brits and frank an -- I guess I don't -- -- -- today. I totally 100 current support everything bella checked pretty much does. And what Welker is not a patriot right now because. In -- franchise -- believed to have an -- of years. Intrinsic Munich you meant it turned it down. -- franchise and this year they offered a market value -- took a slap in the state. -- Belichick -- got. I have to say OK I think you're out you might think I am indoors upgrade or Welker and that's completely insane. Not an upgrade over what he's big and a potentially an upgrade over what he would be over the next few year. Always 32 though the other kid is like 2526. Older and I -- adult yeah. I don't think he has what is dollar and 25 Paula twice the price sex. -- injury prone to an agreement to break older. All you are separated shoulder that. That's just what it is now locked you know a lot of I did I do so I don't see how he's an upgrade I think. You know as well guarded -- Or better to market and -- -- -- a spell check incredible law isn't -- where you are but it it is not an upgrade. You know. Animals can't do we haven't that we haven't had run up. And and it is yet to grow up three years when we need to I mean it's ridiculous -- the perfect game at the and I'd rather have in the playoffs create the matchup nightmare in the playoffs and I think you've built around eighty. And great you get -- the -- for thirteen rated regular season. It's it's come quote -- in time we got any grunt out an alpha one more thing. I would look up for the game located out of military. What -- -- so what are called cobalt. You know up -- -- before the draft and I thought thought in the pack and take and they did. And I think I -- -- -- phenomenal created a couple of Belcher a quality guys now. OK Brett we -- -- Jimoh conversation and look out form he's got a well I like guys like garlic it was a fans who have sleepers like it yes so how what will watch. We'll keep our eyes on. Especially training camp -- was for show down there from and during training camp. And I always get a big key your two. During training camps teach him as a candidate to show -- state he's a big policy and it will see what he brings to the table -- in New Hampshire I'm Mike. They do you guys really -- in the polls -- -- Robert. Now in fact I said five time -- I had -- dynamic -- is potentially an upgrade over what Welker could be in the next few -- I like it. Staying -- and how many times as Welker did hit the target but aren't certain it -- -- -- -- -- -- -- he gets it every time some adult epidemic and he -- be out he'd ever play again. Are you sure -- had some injury problems but I'm not sure they are the result of being hit Danny Amendola has never got a chance to play with a very good quarterback he's been with Sam Bradford at the majority of his career and Bradford if you watch them. Is very -- Very very iffy as to who -- Wes Welker before he came to New England played with Brady was lost that's what he really was good all else want -- almost nobody was desperate for Wes Welker he was a good player who ballot check it out because he liked them. And thought he would fit specifically what they would do it I try the way it. And dole and I'll tell you I take too desperate for Wes Welker the patriots were. -- No you don't Wes Welker was you don't know what he's going to be. Showing -- -- gonna be win the only way -- -- Hillary over the next couple years I'll ask contract upon next year it's not just about one year it's about a cup. Of years now to got a process back on track based -- that you you have to you have to be a Bill Belichick -- -- either he's projecting. And you have to project here. What what do you think what what have you seen from wasteful government of birth certificate. Birth certificate the big one are gonna want and the fact that article let at least thirty to pocket 32. -- Did you see any drop off in Wes Welker in 2002. He certainly couple -- are. Or 2013. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- for just those you know not everybody just those two guys they look a little bigger than they should. The what does Michael that you and I don't know when the players about to break. We can try to guess we could try to wonder we could try to look at that their age and how many snaps they've taken all that and try to figure out when a player's gonna break down but we don't now. A coach is having a better idea of one players and a breakdown that we do of course it was soon despite his logic cannot that I trusted coach all the time all every time. But Belichick's got to pretty damn good track record of letting guys go when they seem to be near the top of their game occurred but actually aren't. Any calculus play along and let's play along with the with -- Belichick known. And and try to see what he season. And we go back only go back and look at some of them some of the moves he's made. Why did he -- Damien Woody articulate Damien Woody but it's just too much money or guard so much ago we'd like you. We like to have you back but to its order for our senior career is over and Richard Seymour would like Q. But not more than Vince Wilfork and we can't -- both -- you see you later lawyer -- go back okay you thought lawyer Malloy -- at the top of his game. What do go back a look at the 2002 season when he had no forced fumbles that no fumble recoveries and no interceptions. You can understand where Bill Belichick was coming from and then his salary cap number was higher. The patriots are comfortable with I don't think it's just the patriots move on from guys because they can't play anymore. The patriots move -- from guys because they think all things considered. We don't really think its work force Wes Welker was a little different than the other guys I mentioned. Because the patriots thought it was worth it for them to bring back Wes Welker they wanted him back. In what happened was Welker and his agent misread the market. But they there was nothing in Welker is gain. At the patriots were concerned so concerned by the they said. We don't want to hear at all but not that they didn't wanna hear but they wanted to hear if they really want -- here he'd be here. If it was if it was that big -- deal to them he would still be you know that's not true repatriated -- that big deal to -- they would have overpaid for -- still be here. I would say we need to have you here. But that that's what the -- they do well it is for the guy that absolutely -- -- overdrive if they -- if you must know somebody on your team that person will be on -- -- And I last guy I -- -- overpaid for and and really at the time we didn't think it was overpaying. Some -- can deal with Thomas. But we thought the market would be so outrageous for Thomas the patriots -- in a mix but he -- -- if you want him on your team he's on your team but they didn't want him that badly on the team's -- like they're willing to let him go. They were willing to let him go that's why is not here. I think they wanted to and they were not willing to Alter team their their team policy under Belichick and the only guy that they would do that for. Theoretically it's Tom Brady but what are they get criticism for Brady what a pretty -- criticism for. In a very strange. Column from Greg Doyle of -- Tom Brady you can take off. From the -- Ticket to -- your -- and -- -- -- this is not what they do they don't overpay for anybody even a Wes Welker. Got -- -- -- appear in twenty minutes and ran after that into the question jerky got a question any question that. You -- at the 379837. We will answer just before six. Warrior call some Bruins talk coming up as well. Got some sound from from dark -- ski from last night that I again speaks very well to workload -- -- rally built here Boston that's coming up soccer hall W media.

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