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Matt Bartkowski, Bruins D: Coaches and teammates have made him comfortable

May 17, 2013|

Bruins rookie defenseman Matt Bartkowski has emerged as one of the young stars of the team and he joins Mut and Tom Caron to discuss his role on the team, why he's confident, and the trade that almost sent him to Calgary.

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Jack Edwards on the call just. A couple of games ago Butler 937 WEEI recapping a game one win. In overtime once again Bruins three NL in overtimes this year one nothing series lead over the Rangers. Eastern Conference semifinal a couple of days off that will back on Sunday for game two and one of the standouts. The rookie Matt part -- keep playing. A time minutes last night. In the bruins' win and he joins us here on the AT&T hotline -- Matt -- up Mike and Tom ball scenario. It our doing great what goal what it's of that game last night I'm curious what the injuries and you expected to play was 26 almost 27 minutes. What you thought you might get in terms of ice time last -- Yeah I figure somewhere in there. Before the game the coaches talked to us ever played a lot of minutes and minority -- it was Johnny. Yet elegant lines but we're going to be playing quite a bit. Maggie you apply with Providence so it's not like you haven't been in in game actually you get in playoff action there and you jump in there for game seven against Toronto you score the goal the place just absolutely -- drops. I did did did the game that at all ever speed up on your did you feel like in control things throughout that whole line. I felt. Pretty control the more played the more cultural boycott and -- -- -- Pretty early kind of settled me down and I just gave me an opportunity for aggregate. You watched that game unfold. -- and it's for -- and there's eleven minutes left in the game. I'm and then all of a sudden the ice tilts for the rest of regulation through -- -- have you ever been part seeing witnessed anything like that. The closest thing I was be -- -- that was. What game four down at Providence actually this year against her you were down like. 43 with four minutes ago and scored two big goals. But it looks like a minute left so I mean that was the closest thing in our prayers that you compared the some like that the end game seven against Toronto assist. It is like everything came together at the start line and we pulled that off. At the stars -- word you're one of three different rookies -- -- and Torre and -- all in the lineup last night. How much it at the veterans talk you guys about that you mentioned Johnny boy chuck it was there where their conversations about when these three guys as part of this thing. You know how to approach it how much of the veterans involve the preparation that game last night that. A lot a lot of involvement a lot from the coaches or. The majority here and just on the I think part. A lot which which really helped turn the game -- you know what to -- in -- more -- -- So I mean that helped a lot and and been able to play the Toronto game for me and I'm sure doggie is well -- play a lot of minutes back into deftly Al. -- -- We're we're sitting here having this conversation about six weeks after. You're supposedly gone for -- again law. Now what what with those couple -- days like it was that your first real taste of of the business of hockey at that level like kind of Reading and hearing in -- -- thought they had to deal done how did you handle all that and what was the team like your organization like it sort of talking to you and every step of the way what was going on. Yeah I mean I was. I mean I I knew what was going on when -- let them play in the next game and and during the game you know targeted for media guys have been here about the trade of cement. A lot of people follows -- I thought it was done before -- nighter whenever it came up on stage so. Web site that he went to Pittsburgh. But then afterwards and captured all settled now kinda talked with Peter truly an -- reiterated -- They want me here they want me be a part of it it was carried it past form in the native wanna hear me. -- get matched up here in the ranger series with that that Callahan line and what type of problems Matt today. Offer up in terms of an offensive approach. They get up on news of really get past here. And our employees early are over the actual turn pucks over and it actually could fly so. They get three different looks on line which is you know it's pretty good and that I offensively for -- lose you know they'll block shots and -- Israel and they called virtual map so. A lot of different looks and you know -- different challenge every -- We -- different challenge for -- rookie Matt park house give the Bruins the from Toronto to the Rangers it just looks like it. Does not at all because a knock on the Rangers but Toronto looked faster to me it feels like when you know castle accompany route there they had a jump them in the Rangers don't is the speed. That if -- in the throttle offense what you saw last night from New York. Yeah they're -- it's so it's a little bit different a little bit. -- different game. They had you know carefully brought skiing guys like Eric and -- that the Rangers have -- -- compete to match can explode skating like access act like it it's pretty well but. Our big game that necessarily feel any slower bombardier it was a little bit different game. Maggie looked outside Pittsburgh right. Yet Europe penguins fan growing up. Area is is that where -- younger in your dressing we're about yeah. I remember. Drawn up watching him play and then. And what I don't know what year was -- -- giddy go away from the patent and it was like that heartbreak for the city it. I mean I just every -- not what you would do something something different every game was pretty amazing and now be able -- District pretty cool. You know how a long time ago when I was there in the -- host and the Bruins games on Allison and I Hal Gill was a rookie defenseman. And reduced -- house does he grew up here. And there's actually still ray Bork poster up on his wall which he hated that we found that out you know because he's a defensive pair with Ray -- so to have a younger post are you wrote on your -- an important yet. Yeah had a couple posters that merry or yarder and there are -- couple. Old Stanley Cup once they want it in the early ninety's you also have a DJ get an autograph -- -- and out of order -- direction actually when he got treated treat here on the -- on it which it ought not lower it. The vote like you -- -- Pittsburg outlet -- a lap that was the last game you played in -- Lleyton April and then you go back to Providence and as Tom mentioned your called back up here for these last. Through three playoff games that. What's that call like when you get the opportunity down -- Providence and your -- At DHL playoff level and get the call to say hey gonna come up as a potential play. In the NHL playoffs. I'm it's it's a great opportunity and it's what you are rather reporter being able to set them. In playoffs and hopefully performance and help him win and I mean it's what you want show everybody in the hockey world organization that she can do. And it was just great opportunity. Does amazing as we we talk about today guys and and and you've gotten. I an opportunity now is so what are forming close on 2500 but you know not even really -- prime hockey years yet so when you get this opportunity let's say it's ahead of schedule as you paid your dues you've worked hard. But you get thrown into this kind of limelight. You know do you take a moment and realize what a great opportunity this is for your you know future with this team. Yeah I mean it appears that second minute there -- at the beginning all right -- but now like I just. You know brought myself back down and and try to focus on. The whichever series we're in whether these are strong our dollar Rangers try to focus on what we have to do in that series finale of support. I don't know Don Sweeney had really good things to say about what you do in Providence and and having a guy who played. The position at the level he played at Yahoo! so involved as -- assistant GM. Has that been a good resource for him. Yeah it's definitely great resource LS. It's my third year now so I mean I've been in contact with them a lot and he teaches he's he's on the ice and Providence he every game so. -- could learn a lot from them. Telling you what he's he's watching the game and it's been awesome resource. The ranges and -- blocking their shots please tell me please tell me quote is not -- you guys jump part of char shots to work on that during practice. Her. Another -- though we. He told the back a little bit in practice should no we don't have -- but I thank god there. I got to ask you before we let you go and Amanda are our sources tell us that a few weeks back and you're enjoying a little time an edge on characterized on the fringe on -- -- Johnny's and you ran into Joseph we are producing here. And Johnny John Garrett who's so good at bringing people together awesome was saying yes -- you -- have Matalin Charlotte George got a big Allegiant -- for a couple -- at first didn't. Yeah yeah I need a different person actually at the bottom -- worry I came on the air here that. He mentioned -- I remembered and yet John good friend of mine and he tried set it up that lets it happen on all right now I guess. The best way you know John can -- L -- score goal in game seven I mean you don't need that kind of help anymore. Right.

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