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Andy Brickley, NESN: Keep Bartkowski in lineup

May 17, 2013|

Andy Brickley joins the show to discuss the Bruins Game 1 win over the Rangers, the play of the three young Bruins defensemen, and the fatigue Jagr has shown on the ice.

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Back and it Butler and ID 37 WEEI final day. Or lose in San Diego final showed they -- DO -- I've no idea Tom Caron has been great. To fill in all week thank you would get -- launched a lot better I -- sugar issues as I can Rosenthal and yeah. So did battle over the intern Tom might turn really about -- out front later than I usually -- -- -- that's right. He's violence -- -- I joining us on the AT&T hotline he joined us yesterday some overdue and his pre and post at the guard yesterday's great Indy Brinkley. Of nest and joining us first Obama's call again brick three overtime games in this series this thing is going the distance. Seemed like it two pretty evenly matched seems almost mirror images of each other a lot of aspects of their game. I don't think there's any surprise there was a one goal game when they're going to be over time and not more important series. Is anybody's guess but all probability seems to say that you know that fine line between winning and losing all the all over the. Brick we all talked a lot about the three rookie defenseman they are handled themselves pretty well last night dinner. They really did Daughtry -- -- -- skaters and that is that it's a leg up figure that. That you -- at you know how much this means how important it is. That inexperience some talent and working your favorite but -- can only get really good performances from those guys -- got a veteran guys. The play the same position in the lineup -- Chara was a monster only amounts. And boy check in with -- did their jobs over the loud those guys there at some level culture and and to play their game and put their strength Helio what took place in early in hockey and number more results from most guys they had no play. Off the glass and out you know in the big they're strong -- the little they wouldn't care the and -- they weren't very difficult bright and early argued. -- you talked yesterday about third man high against that block chop blocking defense of the Rangers how much of that did you see. Employed if at all by the Bruins offensively. So are probably -- half a dozen times they didn't get the wood got them there in the -- for the guy you know in the middle into high slot went on. It's it's spread out the you know the packet -- mentality I have -- low enough in the slot so. When you consider don't like that you were shot on goal and I think it was successful as a result of that. -- commercial. Opportunities when they try to rotate that's always really -- between Judy. You know he said here yesterday break aggregated news that Brad Marchand let the eyes of the morning skate obviously not only played but he gets the overtime winner as well. -- as these things go on as this long Stanley Cup playoff run continues. How important is that a guy who's a little bit snake bit maybe talk about -- going through right now but -- to get that goal and and feel good about his effort last and how important is for a guy like that. Well it's usually -- but he could have not scored last night not been here it still felt pretty good about his effort is being paid you know relative to what he'd done in the first seven. That we were talking about the hopes that. You know being instrumental in that game winner along listening and when we're going to be probably believes that it would have a carry over effect it sure seemed to. Up -- get a much better game we have a good skating game. And they -- still some time until the pot by boy he was there a lot better than it was at any time in the first seven playoff games should. We're talking -- brick did you feel the same way about Tyler Sega C a step forward for him brick in that game last night. -- -- -- it doesn't work being. Meaning he had some opportunities to build a power play got some good looks. You know I was guilty the bad mistake there on that tying goal lead. Period you -- see that happen you know you want to have that experience but even that situation to make a play. -- -- and operatives don't -- though it. Celebrate until all around. Which by the reason that they gave up as tying goal wasn't just his fault but the value of the microscope on him because he's the last one to make plates work. Overall not bad he's still a lot more room to grow to be better knows. -- Lundqvist that's missing comments after the game and the one that is getting a lot of play in New York is where he says you know can I scored overtime no is it frustrating. Yes and and you know I think a lot of people think oh my goodness that's going to be a big story there but but dressing rooms having goalies kind of tend to go off and say what they want don't -- Yeah that's -- -- he's gonna leave alone who have figured out for themselves and go about their business political about it. But I love goalies that are accountable. To take losses are circled on their shoulders and one could send a message there actually gotten ready to offer that Turkey will be better particularly -- this series. Go back to Sagan for second when he when he talked about his move back to that third line you know yarder got the elevation up as -- As you saw those play out over the course of an entire game again break the you feel like those two lines -- best or the weather set up now the -- skating with Bergeron -- Marchand and with the -- with Kelly pavlik on the third line. I do in the short term no doubt I would start thinking that way I give yard of the benefit that he's gonna contribute to that line. I think it's the combination and are better than Kelly intently. It put a little bit more emphasis on shaken to try to play it's during play his game and then they have the luxury to go. To that line as a threesome. You know if you need a game changer change momentum or just have a general feel and coached at the salute and that a that acting. Are you concerned at all about fatigue catching up the -- and I thought it was effective at times last night maybe you can see. You know deep into a shift he has trouble keeping up. Yeah targets aren't you know what they have pot possession from the Red Line down especially in the -- -- on the conditioning or. -- lack of speed is no longer an issue to some degree but overall sure you know what when your -- -- -- -- big guy 250. -- -- -- -- much faster -- too much younger game. You know when you know all those elements it's going to be difficult -- -- tricked him but you know he's part of the equation I don't think there's a better option that's not lined up. I'll -- you find ways to make sure that he's going to be contributor. We talked about Rick Nash yesterday in terms of maybe not scoring but doing everything else. I always think about the way the broad approach to brick could you see a pattern where they tried to get Chara out there and Rick Nash or was just -- like any other player offensively for the Rangers. No -- try to get matchup against him you know they want a -- on the actually in turn result essentially of membership basically with a total minutes. But the economic targets are against Nash is this because he's probably the biggest offensive threat. You know that -- strength and scoring ability charity matches up that's what the same time he could not seek. But he sent to group that's six and other rhythm of the game because you -- youngsters that would really just you on their way in and playing competence and play in this -- which is that you can gain by. You wanted to keep it in rhythm not over accused not worry about matchups and just play. So there was -- match -- but not to agree that it was you know every time national it jars. In terms of you talked about the rookies brick and it sounds like today Seidenberg is walking through practice a report that he was there walked into the exhuming the the dressing room what -- So if there's an opportunity for him to come back and play it a rookie standout your mind is that's the guy for sure war I know when he was signed -- -- back. He's gonna get the opportunity I'll just say for me it was part cal skip up the way that he played the minutes he played. We broke his stick he's -- the national big physical play he was the one that I said boy he's earned himself some more time in the series. Yeah Enron scandal to the numbers and while mine who you know don't typical quote it gets that's not very good in and that would be mystery -- -- -- -- he's definitely. The first guy in terms of the old stereo keep in the -- -- and I think depending on what you want next. You know wouldn't that make the decision on him to recruit you're probably Hamilton he's a little bit more. A -- period it looked at what side of the gimmick and that we playing with who and the back -- You know who should help our Powell play those two together on the -- flavor pressure because -- mobility. You know that's something that Boston doesn't have a hard though he -- the appointment on the power play so that was good look for Boston and will always enjoyed. Because they move to create more shooting lanes most. -- -- can't be the first guy and I I would -- cable and will be second crew there. Brigadier John to order LO what are you telling the team in these couple of days off what are you saying the Rangers after that overtime loss and I'm as he's getting spanked in overtime I thought it was a very even game -- sixty minutes but the Bruins seem to take into another gear in that OT what is toward -- tell the Rangers. Well he had he would agree with you we are pretty. After regulation and let them. I don't know I think it stay the course so we can be better in all areas of the union most of palpable dislike for opponents. You know each other learn each team held serve our home ice advantage -- -- -- until game seven so. You know they've been there before these uncharted waters we watched game one it could've gone either way even -- Boston was dominant over time but. You know he could not even have gotten over time it's still that the game being decided -- -- -- or pretty so. It won't stay the course get -- rest. You know work on a couple of things in the downturn but it's more stay the course and be better in every aspect again. Rick are you surprised that really from both sides that that first period wasn't more physical that you expect every one of these teams to come out and try to. Use that -- -- to set the tone get the energy gone. Now -- it didn't surprise and TCU thought it would be feeling out process for those people coming -- in a full seven game series. Specially arranged with the discipline that showed in game six and seven sort -- that was kind of scary although it's not stupid let's not get out of what we do best. Let's try to play the last -- our identity and and maybe that BP in this series -- -- -- to get more nasty little bit more physical is more hatred for one another but. First period didn't surprise me at all but I loved the pace in the third period we go to I mean that was perhaps. It was awesome pushed up power play doesn't result in anything but thought it set the tone they just peppered. Lundqvist their late and eventually get the game winner a beautiful Bergeron Marchand past -- we had some public via. Because they they robo camp that caught UN Jack I was curious week -- in Jack's vicinity on the overtime gold and do the same dignity jump up and start. Use in the sordid stabbing people and the overtime last night. No nothing demonstrative because we were gonna go on the air right away so we were in position watching the monitor. Meaning that for those old -- 62 in seventeen minutes whatever was before Marshall -- Soviet microphone to enhance. Staring at a camera late tradable and so there wasn't any of that that celebration that was so I used to enjoy so much. Well I speak for a lot of people I think we missed you last night in the game we loved you before and after the game brick and look for the coverage throughout the course of the series ball pre imposed. Would NASA and NASA and plus enjoy a couple of days and we'll see you Sunday prior to game number -- -- Broderick a -- and joins us every week and we get them. A little bit more during the post season -- studio and on my guess laden and studio. Again at some point during the playoffs on brick is theories on the eighteenth the hotline AT&T forgy LTE speeds. Up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible if they had. A video Jack -- talent you -- you know people at NASA and they -- web and it's have him. Have month camera for when they're getting escort these goals people watch that they did that so we can put all of that on our -- and plus. These have a live camera watching Jack watched the game Jack can't there. Is revving up there were in the pregame show -- they have like -- billboard stirring comeback after the game. That's actually really good idea. I think about that like I can watch NASA and plot picture and picture now Seattle little. Squared doubt now why -- game Jack not as a pitcher to pitcher so you have a little corner down there of Jack. Watching the game you're watching and you can look -- -- he rejects them. I would do that as a fan I'd be into that 6177797937. Is the phone a beacon -- the show right now it's the ATP text line. At 37937. All your phone calls on game one last night what stood out to you. What was the biggest the impact what gives you hope going for the get past the Rangers in 30 Eastern Conference final TC is -- mapped our cal ski. Will join us at 120 year on Sports Radio WEEI.

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