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Shawn Thornton on his message to Seguin in Game 7 against the Leafs

May 17, 2013|

Shawn joined the program to discuss another overtime win for the Bruins. When asked about Game 7 against Toronto, Thornton said that he would like to keep his specific comments in the dressing room private, but acknowledged that he encouraged Tyler Seguin to up his play and it paid off in overtime.

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Yeah that same Brad marsh and I would just about crawled off the ice from the morning skate scoring the game winner last night -- -- the Bruins up a one game tonight against the New York Rangers joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE trump or is on the -- good morning Sean how -- -- I'm gonna luck on the probably criticized this vote on the start chew up with a weird question I can call at the outset the hockey players don't complain they don't whine don't bitch and moan about injuries and bumps and bruises. But how do you feel when you put your feet on the floor in the morning after you play a game like you played last night. If you look at it it a couple bruises from you know. Their -- -- some questions about the book but not public later. Just right of the -- stuff right. Yeah are you think. Are you thinking at the start of overtime. -- that you're you're the better team the dominant team having the better night that. The only way they're going to be choose a lucky bounce and it's it could be one of those games that happened but if all stays the form goes to form you guys win that. But I was actually -- we put a lot of posts and I. I don't know how many times in. You know we definitely chances not certain at all but -- -- -- the land at all -- so. We talked about it we hear a lot of -- in overtime that put the pedal down. Circuit City eject from that. And it reasons -- won -- disrespectful the second -- one period that a -- particularly that of ourselves to -- and he's going to give up. The other the the post of the cross bars were certainly significant and and I know that the final score certainly is very very important how you play matters as well didn't feel. Much more one sided -- on the a 32 overtime win based on how you play vs how they played. There are I think that that is pretty open and so and so over time -- We stepped up I'd like that. All the guys were going well I think we. Wouldn't have any passengers at all. Everyone all lines going. The most part yes. You know you don't hear it but on the broadcast they'd -- talked about the fourth line over and over a lot of good in. The the bruins' fourth line is is their fourth line pride among you guys that you're not just that is trying to. Not a whole thing isn't until that two of them first or second line gets out there that you guys can actually forced the action may be even score. Once in awhile. So wait about what people anybody that's -- yes. I will we take pride. The card game week we talked about it before we gave Milwaukee. Significant that there. And the -- pretty good for one of the other side to motivate Europe. It Brad Richards that that they think -- makes -- -- -- -- -- For whatever it is an -- You mean all the fourth liners aren't they connect -- though. -- -- We are secure and we we know that. You know the more time -- spend -- offensive -- the better for us -- he -- interest article and playing around and fired too much either. Shot but I know you've probably heard some of the pregame talk and there was much concern about the young defensemen fill in for the injured defensemen were you surprised even a little bit at the solid play of Hamilton and crude -- -- last night because they were to use your term significant in that game. Get it -- I was little I thought maybe one of them out of three let out some jitters no -- particular but. -- and get your game seven of the terrible spectacular game 72. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He -- huge goal for the first shift the had a couple but interest skaters on a pick a -- ballot Arctic. Altria were unbelievable moment there -- -- place a little bit surprised receivable played well they're very capable play in the games but. You're in the should first playoff game in the second -- up in the -- -- those -- rated their unbelievable. You know shot was asked just last week I forgot to do when. -- there at sort of pep talk guess it wasn't mistaken before overtime in game seven what was said in the Sagan summit do you talk to -- communicate with a lot sort of there was a younger guys you -- you feel you have to have these conversations with. -- No. I can't really go into what was electorally that's stuff from the Dresser but. We. There there's a couple plays in the third creator our -- of the better of course a concern on the certain plays and told marks. I was covered in himself interns they'll. Try to work -- of -- uptight about how he's got the capabilities that he can. -- -- pick a pocket and they'll put you on the shoulders so. There's both a little pocket he responded over patent it recent sort that also. Do you think their efforts an issue with him sometimes. -- -- I think he's trying to think he. And he's got 35 shots on. I'll bet he's a little bit snake bit right now Tuesday he used pretty good on the power when I hear all the -- -- -- to make plays at our soccer. -- -- a lot of criticism that a lot but it was actually does better in school but a possible produce. Keating getting involved fox battling I think. Would you know we're here to sloppy got to go to groups those little insert. To get through I know like sixty years. -- The you're about to break out their Shawn Hill -- about it. Yup they are you you don't wanna show is that the Sagan I certainly respect that but just between the four of us -- tell -- what was up -- Marcia and at the morning skate because. By all accounts and -- a guess how he looked leaving the ice a lot of people thought he wouldn't play I think he plays best game in quite some time last night with the help on I'm guessing at a bad ice cube -- -- -- I think he I think it is ski anymore the more he's saving for the night. Like I -- he walked closer the other agree on somebody's. So are you. That hurt the room afterward. He was Moses basket. Yeah I told -- as such -- actually called them. It is remote third overtime scoring. Very sick obviously. He's played really well he's been. You view -- these competitors and salaries are polite -- Our proposal is too short to whatever it is -- if you want to win so I was -- -- -- low platelet production. Eight to talk about the psychological impact of posts and cross bars how is it not deflating. -- -- What I -- very latest on what other people at -- own without actually write your your. It's good look at. Get those chances. -- and things traders political. Little luckier -- technical and that would -- on the other side through suppose it all in coincided. The -- do about it except now I chuckled and all of. I assume you and your teammates think that wasn't the best Lundqvist you're gonna see in the series that you suspect he's going to be better gold forward. -- -- -- -- And it. He's -- up for the that we're here -- Australia. Unbelievable. He. I'm sure they'll springer re game on Sunday afternoon and laden. Did you feel like at the crowd was a little mellow at the beginning their show on the first period. Maybe it was angle from game seven but it felt kind of quiet or sonic -- a quiet. Like it warm up and pick up a certain music on I could barely hear. Have -- -- a little bit -- crumpled. But it will be a blogger and overtime in game seven. They -- -- -- I want her neighbor report to get dancing and again -- analytical they're yeah. Let everyone on your opponent. Your pocket and you're about. Yeah we well we -- is not what what is the strategy against the team that. That's known for blocking shots to say just let it go maybe you'll break his leg like Sharon did it -- -- -- Callahan. A couple of years ago or maybe you'll you know hit him in the face and and and and there we go on for the series -- -- -- -- -- go around and hope for deflection and what is the mindset for the team going against the shot blocking team. Data pocket walk through without. I've not really on the back -- too much less cycle rolls out there but. My thought process of trying that every pop through the more you get on -- the better chance you have bulk storage vault. I'm more waiting in breaking people's faces although it because it it can basically dumped. -- -- -- It all the I think the fact that the -- We -- guys do any of those team bonding things you get a weekend yet Friday and Saturday will there be any big dinner at some north and restaurant paint ball. -- I think we're as big ticket today to get some rest against the content such pride in the last month so we're getting as much rest as possible -- -- have to -- -- I probably will like coach in what some call. It -- practice. -- with victory Sunday who would recover it Morton but I picked. -- -- -- And so obviously the Rangers by -- guerrillas shot blocking you know dimensions. How how hard is that to buy into. What is the key to doing it successfully without getting killed and did do they do it reluctantly but they know they have to do -- you're playing on that team. I am not sure what. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've got a great shot blocker as sure I'm not sure how long have a lot of people completely office. As. The can't do with that particular I don't know what ought to shock for sure Rick sharp as a person you were broken but I believe if OPEC I don't know -- -- a good job. Look if you wanna be -- that and I'm sure you record the game watched just before the over before the end of the third period. Sega has blocked by Girardi and it is sick it's like you just Texas facing from the pocket be asked do it didn't hit it in the face but he is willing to take one in the face. Battered -- -- the plight of a successful the last two years since. That -- in the -- it in other all buying into the system. Ruin your modeling Korea and India and -- -- through the future and modeling and that would his rule whenever it if -- watch. Golf today bring you won't watch Pittsburgh all over tonight. -- -- Click here just to see where you know stores or whatever but now -- so lost a little bit. Will you watch after gulf. I don't know. In the city. -- -- -- -- -- Our producers don't see Star Trek if you want to -- What's what's on your DVR -- not a Star Trek geek are you. No -- actually. Better -- -- that's -- yeah I think here you know not applicable UAE following guide you have Ellen DVR. What following the at the show following all at about -- -- ratio -- -- does it -- that California Asian. Who. The show while there are -- the dark side -- like it -- get it. Our -- shot enjoy today off get your feet up that gets a Reston would you watch and 3 o'clock and Sunday afternoon. John Dennis and Callahan -- him on the AT&T -- AT&T four GL TE was speeds of the ten times faster than three GAT and T. -- --

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