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NESN's Barry Pederson on Bruins Rangers game one

May 17, 2013|

Barry joined the guys to help breakdown the Bruins overtime win last night in game one. Barry said that he has rarely seen a team dominate as much as the Bruins yet be forced to an overtime.

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One down three to go for the brewers who advanced joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE Eric Peterson joins us morning -- Howard you know. Good morning guys -- -- probably -- -- let the games I can take but -- Florida's. Or would you agree or I might misconstrue what -- watch last night that may seem like the most one sided overtime game I've ever seen. Yeah it was right up there and I think that John -- relatives in his brutal honesty he always does the best they respect. I thought the Bruins the key part of hockey game that allow them to kind of dominate the third and especially the overtime was. After around the pond gold went up 21. Early of that selected period. You know bad turnover by Bart -- they get had a really bad turnover of that -- last shift of the just second period a little surprised that he was even out there. The back a look at kind of the circumstances that the situation where you're normally gonna have your top offenders out there. And I he got caught both were made mistakes but that situation very that second period that to be able to come back and and that goalie W I was very aggressive. Barry maybe this is what the beauty of hockey is and that is and I've said this like three times today so far I've -- the prediction business I thought the rookie defenseman and a lot of people thought this as well might be the weak link in the chain based on marsh and leaving the morning skate. Bent over and in pain would be no factor well -- -- all the rookie defenseman played great Marcia Marcia played his best game in three weeks. Yeah they really did a public what march on -- -- line was pretty effective all night mart -- -- yarder. Blogger at the age of 41 gonna happen shorten up his Shipley was obviously getting very tired and spent toward the end of the game and toward the end of his -- was long -- Young kid put on believable on defense especially I thought heartfelt you -- two games in Rome he has. Looked. Definitely not out of place in fact they were tremendous voice carried the puck very authoritative and I thought he put the plate to them. Group that big power play goal but he looked very pop up there and Doug Hamilton. Look a lot more comfortable this game I thought that he did last game they did a tremendous job you're not going to be able to -- replace for a long period of time a lot of parents -- site Bergen does and read what that experience from the minute that they eat up and how hard they are play against the offensively but over a short period by the you can get by with some. You know maybe patchwork where you have young kids come in and the human spirit a great thing -- boy they sure did a great job. Filling in and being a major part of that was -- Why is it a problem cannot have Berenson Seidenberg in red and I mean the they had to be tired had to be -- we know they're hurt. We saw -- with that huge gaffe against the against Toronto that many young guys have to us get their feet wet at some point why not now. Well it just it's a situation where everyone makes mistakes Jerry -- You know he mentioned parents of the and so forth but when it comes to consistency under pressure. Side Bergen parent of -- residential -- it to at times this year the latter part on the stretch that you. You can count on. That experience you can count on they're dependability. And especially defensively they're bigger I think a little bit better a little stronger that means those one on one battles as the series wears on the pressure gets turned up the one on one battles -- about what's more difficult you wanna apple would be able to have some of these veterans get back -- line. You know what. It is a good match up for young defensemen to think about it America's the Rangers are offensively challenged and you have. -- of the of the best defensive defenseman. In the world out -- so it helps to be young guy I'll pick you tell me from your perspective there at the end of this game. What what has to happen for the Rangers to get back in what makes you think if you do think that the Rangers are gonna win a game or two or three or. Well I think two things one I think -- Lundqvist will be better. And I think it would you what the the start of the -- what I was kind of telling which really expect a little bit you know not only were you feeling. Kind of each other a little bit you're gonna get word. Get your way into the series but also yet to teams who spent a lot of energy and abolishing. In the previous round where the Rangers were down. Two games the Washington had a comeback win seven of course the -- and so effectively control after a 31 block that. But I get so much emotion of -- epic games seven. But I would look for Lundqvist to be better and I would also look for. You know -- -- to be stirred up a little bit more on Nash. And Callahan upfront they're gonna need more from the outline. I didn't think -- line played nearly as well their third line as they had the previous series that would look for them to the step on a little bit and I think defensively they have to build a more physical active -- and took it to them. It is a good job vote vote for checked it. But it wasn't only the 45 shots -- save -- what what -- either defensive -- blocked. It almost thirty. Attempts. And it would play good for five -- -- the -- crossbar so. The Bruins dominated I thought the last. Half of that third period and into the overtime. But as we saw the previous series the Bruins dominated game one as well now -- to come back and take their game to another level because you have to expect the Rangers to be better. You mentioned yard line play well Barack you -- is video -- series and last night at practice looks slow struggling Santa looks like a bad fit. Misty from my perspective. It sounds like you may think differently though. Yeah I do like I think his is probably -- pressing a little bit to whom much offensively. Which means he's staying on the act a little bit too long especially early the hockey game I mean he. He has got to conservative energy he's playing with the young guys that are obviously great shape it could skate like the win so we gonna have to be careful there. Yet protect the puck a little bit better than neutral zone. But it down. Lol it of the off that the Sony and he's using up so much energy because he's so wrong on the -- battling down Merrill wanna one. Trying to make some plays but no I disagree that is -- and I think it's a good live last night they're great opportunities. And I really thought it was a big point part of the power play as well he did a good job the power play looked very effective last night. And don't underestimate what that does for the confidence of years but you're -- to lions who dominate those -- -- that would nickel back of the ice they're competent able to make place. What does that make any sense for the Rangers to split up what I believe was their dominant defensive pairing for most of the regular season of Madonna and Girardi but McDonough mystery ailment and Girardi would -- auto is that because the Bruins present. Tool like one and one -- offensive lines. Yeah it though the 11 neighborhood have depth. -- -- -- -- with four lines and I think it's a situation where when you're playing Washington particularly feel -- you really just shut down oh that's good. But if you're really good opportunity outlook the Bruins were maybe duel with with capitol. But when you have this much depth as the Bruins have when they're playing their game and you're moving -- you know like -- -- they could take down the third line. Up -- one of his better games last night as well. That's a lot of pressure Governor Patrick you're gonna have to make sure that you have your depth spread out. He particularly the attacked in waves. I there are fewer coach. Would you want all your guys blocked shots and know it sounds commendable it sounds good. Gutsy courageous but doesn't make sense to have every guy I'm an opponent hundred mile per -- slap shots. -- looked -- but I don't want -- certainly John way of playing in they are the best that we saw a lot of that again almost 29 blocked it did get through. What they I think you can kind of counteract a little bit and you start to the pump -- which Doug Hamilton does very very well and showing a lot of security when he has that pocket you can hold on to give those big gift guide to go down now they're vulnerable. If you could make some plays but boy the heat of the moment they are exceptionally good at blocking shots but it also you can see it does cause some problems and things get through. You know they're getting deflect it a little bit luck -- may not be able to feel the we we got he thinks what I -- even if I'm clear shot Slotnick toward the end of that game -- looked like he was fighting a little bit normally you talk a lot of rebounds to go where they work. We'll be able to tactic control and forced them face off like he normally does so I would really expect. The feel much better game out of him. Come Sunday afternoon. But -- the other side of the court calling on the block shots situation if you defensemen taking that shot and gets blocked and and and rebounded back ordeal. You can't get caught up up bison and have them. With a breakaway. No you have to be careful -- could manage the puck to the coach always talks about making good decisions legality you don't even apple. When the Rangers give those both lanes. So that the puck get get through he doesn't really good job of recognizing that. And putting the puck in a situation where you won't get hurt when you'll fire at ten to fifteen feet wide and had all purpose. In the corner to the Bruins could then try and get that right because the last figure point that you're gonna wanna see is a flop shot. Blocked it and all the -- the breakaway at the other way. But I said earlier in the broadcast that my only regret from last night was that boy checks boycotts shot at the end of regulation didn't go win because I would have liked to have seen the controversy and figure out whether it was 00 or point one -- up puck -- what do you think would have -- Yeah I -- pretty well but but it would have counted -- what kind of deflected to. Much it would -- or somebody up I actually deflected -- -- -- it wasn't only the post shot. And a crop bars over the plate was going crazy last cited as they were. So Paula that the pipe and -- you can hear it throughout the building and the crowd was so into it but yeah I think that would political. Debilitating how loud deflating is it when your offensive player and you hit the crossbar or the post are you save GM close and I'm atom atom pointing -- not -- -- Dale -- got screwed. But I think to. The situation where you're you're just trying to get as many chances that you can't because you know you're all I've got to get better increase took a lot of time he'll seek guidance they -- maybe of that camp right now is that when you're -- -- law. In order you very rare that you see a player all the but bottom look up get hot normally what you'll see is a progression where. You start to do things better defensively you compete a little bit better which. The chance of Cobb and all the sudden -- pebble five or six -- after the game you don't over the boy the next game all of a sudden you start to get over the next. A couple of games things start to go your way so it is important to stay positive. But I just can't empathize and not that the Bruins have got to take their game to the next level because that we saw the last series the Rangers will be better the next game in the broke up about seven template. You sort of let me to my last question here what changes in game 2:3 o'clock on Sunday what will look different from both the Bruins and the Rangers -- What I think for the Bruins standpoint you it may look a little bit different on defense we just don't know that some of the veterans -- barely get back for that Sunday afternoon game. I think again one of the things that the quote is gonna want to applaud is gonna wanna emphasize these next two days -- get ready for a game two is puck management. I mean both of those goals. Were direct turnovers. By forward and afford to have the opportunity especially when you have young defense back there you. Have to manage the -- -- support you have to help them while you can't allow all numbered attacks. And -- give an opportunity to get it out or gated in and do the simple little things you've got to make those plays you can't put pressure on the young guys go out. -- -- inside information as to what was -- -- and in the morning skate because he's joking about it that he just didn't wanna participate in the morning skate. No I I have no idea like I was sitting at would that work and all the sudden. You know the kind of emailed -- and I am here in the march on -- like I had no clue what was going on so. It was great to see him play and I actually thought he looked. Really effective -- and two level now that carried over from that great feet seven that he played that last ownership with his line segment Bergeron. It carried over hopefully. The bill to get back going and I continued going the rest -- -- series. Good stuff Barry Peterson appreciate the title talk to down the road. There Gary Peterson -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline AT&T four GL TE was speeds up to ten times faster than three GAT and T rethink possible. Will be right back still come Kevin Paul -- plot 925 shop --

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