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Will Middlebrooks with Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien live from the dugout

May 17, 2013|

Will Middlebrooks hit a 3-run double in the top of the 9th inning to power the Red Sox to a 4-3 victory over the Rays tonight. He joined Joe & Dave after the final call live from the dugout.

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Our thanks well one of the biggest maybe the biggest that question at this season -- this. The bases loaded got here last strike you hit a changeup for the bases for double after a hundred miles an hour fastball awful you do that. Darman I know his changeup and that's just go through it the -- and you do me a fastball and a feel expected to change up there and about it and they're dugout front of them fell off. So you actually were looking for change absolutely I've faced -- if you time some of them. And that you really put good work -- the ball scooted. What was that I can and you hit that you put good wood out of the bar really scooted down the carpet dead did their playing -- shallow trying to you know -- Keep that run score from second so that helped too that could really get a good angle on him go for him. Well how are you feeling that the -- -- looks like lately you're putting some things together route -- -- you feeling better there you -- a bit of a slump but. They become out of it your in your own opinion. Yeah absolutely. You know the I felt like I've been around for two weeks for the -- results have been there but that's you know that's not always about that you know moving guys over seeing ten pitches. That's just sum -- put together good at bats and that's where it's worth it better for me. While you're driving the ball to right center to that's always a good sign you're staying on -- yeah absolutely yeah when I go well and had just had a part of over the Iowa. Well there's a great resilience about this team isn't there well I mean you guys have the ability come back and showed little on an April May's been a bit of a different story but. How much does a win like this help. That's huge especially on the road. You know Tampa's got a good bullpen so you know we had. 34 guys ahead of me particularly good at bats and dying get on basic is a really good pitcher go to closing games so both of them well. Well I know you've been asked if the injury might help you that your swing a little bit first about how are you feeling in what what about that that. Thing that people have been asking you about yeah I mean that's the war room is just pretty good group of Margaret and it just opens ago it was time authority. It's it's been better. Let's put there's really not feeling it right now -- I -- -- -- a couple of to go and we get along play covenant to Minneapolis but congratulations all right thanks guys -- okay thanks looking regulations will little -- lining a 12 changeup for a three run double in the ninth inning to win it for the Red Sox order three --

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