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Barry Melrose: The Bruins are the better team in this series

May 16, 2013|

We get analysis and a prediction of Bruins and Rangers from the great Barry Melrose of ESPN.

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Barry Melrose hockey guru hockey insider hockey analyst. -- ESPN kind enough to take a few minutes with us -- the AT&T hotline Barry what do you make of this series and you get the Bruins in seven but what do you make of it. All. Obviously injuries to the Bruins are big tractor. If those guys can play the resentment. Not going to be you know some that's going to be very interesting certainly helps in New York Rangers -- You know I like garlic you know Chara playing against whoever they feel as a dormitory direction he -- always do the job in that area. Obviously the -- drum line you play better -- it did in the air travel series -- have to score to Dixon he's not a creature line. But I you know -- that -- -- -- real aggressive physical. You know nasty series like Boston New York used to have. You know neither team has agreed offensive team they're both stressed defense first sort should be close checker -- grinding a lot of -- -- and that creates a lot of anger a lot of animosity so. You know hopefully it'll be you know a series that we can really get excited about. Well I -- follow Obama to dissent which team is more capable I don't and our great up into teams -- -- team is more capable. Of an offensive explosion in your opinion. Well I think of Rwanda more offensive depth obviously you -- -- Nash as a wild card because -- -- Great offensively. Times -- he certainly has been so far in the playoffs I don't think you know Bruins have a have a Rick Nash and -- team a guy that can you know music is a real you know walks out soccer player. The Bruins you know two guys Arctic and scored because you can check the guys and labels and -- -- But you know -- I think. Weapons why I think -- -- more. Obviously you don't Marchand. Seen guys -- to put parking and in this series that they didn't in the previous series but. You know big controlling national watching capital. That the Boston Bruins can do that that makes someone else score. That isn't quite as offensive minded as a national put some pressure on them. You know Barry you mention putting Chara against the Rangers dominant forward whoever that might be let's assume for a moment that it's a big guy like Nash. We saw -- chart try to match up against the speed of Phil Kessel on the last series now potentially against the size of Hillary match Rick Nash. Which which matchup do you like better for -- All sides. He you know eight Buick shell cleaning guys that are you know strong power forward that. Not worth -- and specialists -- destroying this. Is because meanness. -- all of you get most recently got a castle that's harder to get -- aren't so I think you'll love playing in a bigger forwarded that he could match physical strength where Jessica league go head to head -- -- much more so than not. Always worried about getting into a corporation -- capsules so I think hearing a lot of matchup with Nash. How would you describe the coaching matchup here. All very even. People want Stanley cups you know -- will know what it takes. They're also you know stressed defense first. The -- -- obviously you know injury wise -- look more beat up and media. New York great results although in New York Rangers look to be lost. But they're who wouldn't previous serious note just solid lineup so. I think it's I think it's pretty even matchup I think it pretty similar guys who believe in the same things so you know I don't think we're going to be here in you know. -- new option to design power play. Brought in by either one of these guys. That's too bad because watching the same power -- watch it for four years here is a lot of fun. I assure you that you guys let's look if you just wanna watch power play turnaround Pittsburgh in America -- while -- power. What a younger supposed to fix some of that and I got to be honest I'm not sure it's worked that way now he's got a plane on the second line at least for now with the Bergeron line instead of Tyler say again. Who do you think. Yeah army or younger is at this stage in his career. He's Smart. Veteran. Player is not a superstar anymore. He's you only need a twenty -- past. Whoever plays with a -- realize. Even got to the park more than players do today. Actually it was a different views -- he's he's a guy who still want to play like he did in in the nineties. But just can't do it anymore but still very Smart. And I liked it better on -- on line but that thought it was more effect on birds are a minority that has you what happened this again so you know that's sort of a catch 22 years -- orbit than you all again the actual. Some watches this series goes on. You said he holds the puck more. Then players do today what it and in European what is he trying to accomplish with that was the only two bucks a -- -- used to being able to beat one guy you sold under the pocket beating a guy. You know when he was when he was -- you reduce it's all part cold pocket and you'll torture apparently been -- spoke Bynum and and all the certainly got that he's got a great shot. -- -- lucky shot she's strong not parts of the net there's just. You know Bill. Harlow maybe eight he can't beat the heat or the forward upon them like he used to. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- coached in this league and and one of the questions that always comes up for coaches. I was gonna matchup with the other teams Lyme Disease is gonna throw his own lines out there whenever he wants to or is he going to try to match up one of his. Checking lines against the opponents best scoring line if your -- Julianne. How do you handle that is there is there's somebody you're concerned about from from a perspective where it's beyond just our I want Chara on the ice for him. I actually need to have the right forward line on the ice or you just rolling your lines and making them react to you. You know what I think the Rangers should capture back to the Bruins I think route thirteen I think. You know I don't think -- Rangers have a -- -- good -- -- Creature line I don't think the Rangers have a line is good news. -- front -- winner -- so. You what happens when you match a lot so worried about. Matching the Q&A keep your best players not guys. Called lucky because both decree queue line and the -- -- do you counsel. So he he can play them against anybody's hearts -- -- a big believer you know the other teams have to worry about me I should not storybook -- -- We'll talk play about the Bruins and Rangers going forward but I wanna go back a little bit to Monday night. What was your take on what you saw in those final five minutes from the Bruins were to come from three goals down in. In tied up in and win in overtime. Fire I think you got to remember I don't think approximate of it that to perhaps up to break away when it was 42. If that goals medical school and actually get into oversold brat deserves -- credit for not quitting. But I but root for players on a brutal little ones at that wouldn't quit but -- -- Lucci she was unbelievable. I thought that -- it was great that -- Bergeron is great about those three guys. I just said who are low but not accepting defeat I'm not that I'm not gonna lose. And I thought they brought all the rest the guys were on and -- -- -- certainly was fantastic salt. That is what my son and it will sitting in -- to bully who were -- -- and and want to got its two goals -- changes some mental makeup changes. Probably to also secure the two goal lead. I didn't want to group made its one goal lead. And Andrew bird troubled young team they have a lot of guys have been through a situation like this before the input on the -- -- That helped Boston Bruins also but I again to come back -- all it's amazing thing. Being able to keep drinking and motivating and believe in and it's they -- chat just pretty impressive. -- talk about -- for obvious reasons. Here when people. Try to analyze what is ceiling is they compare him to Cam -- that's a pretty huge comparison what you see do you see. Cam Neely and Lucic and if not -- court can he grow up to be -- respect. Bianca Terry O'Reilly. I I think he can be a better player -- Terry are -- but he got to troubled mind that you forget. Who is you forget why he's an NHL player is not interrupt -- because you count that. He's an original clerk has. Police stops and mean and nasty and he has talent and the minute you lose the top and mean and nasty part. He's just he's just a big -- that that doesn't go to an actor or or is dangerous playing it Steve left the cure something. And if you -- agent. And you see and you don't look for him in your plane to Boston Bruins. I mean he's not doing his job and I think this year he he forgot about why he was an NHL where and and that if you play that a smoker whose heart. Fighting and hitting him being at an enforcer being a tough guy his heart it's probably our way to make a living in the NHL we always reduced -- aren't gonna -- -- -- your nose dirty and just Oracle's. We all wish we are so council what we're not and and -- -- Lucci got back to that style of play the last ten minutes and you virtually unstoppable. And that's always a supply. -- coach a guy like that -- how do you try to get that out of him as often as possible or. If he can't do it every single night get something out of them on the nights when he's not crushing people all over the -- Are you got to go to number what you -- Norton pushes buttons is an apartment back into the kick in the butt so number one as a coach you have to realize. What makes him goal and you have to get the group. To motivate that means that. The guys and address -- -- to motivate them charged more than Bergeron has motivating guys you respect have to motivate them and I mean people are not giving you what you once. Players can access to either definitely part of you know they just they just can't Tocqueville I don't worry about it you know you're unions while they they can accept mediocre play out of me either once you have the group. Hard on. You don't -- -- the line because everybody wants to part of the group. Chara played 35 minutes in game seven he was immense as you mentioned. What have you seen a different guy this year as he is dominant as you remember him in the past. -- at times. But I think all Bruin team look like that this year timed it looked like the Boston Bruins won a Stanley Cup. At times it looked like the Boston Bruins are used to miss playoff so. The you know like I talked about but the Boston Bruins play like that that so that's really our. And that's her identity and and don't advocate -- style play going and -- they'll start looking more like -- -- you know liking -- -- anyway. Alex started to look like that in the won the cup to get nasty get Nagin talks. Round and cynical to do a lot of pain and -- also that's all they have to. The play in and you don't want to get back to that's those are looking like the bus route again. -- -- -- -- Well in -- the judgment got to become you know -- won the Stanley Cup thing to take a good game to static out. But he's he's certainly been none of the problems this year the Boston -- sites. You know to -- -- a couple of rough is whether everybody's had a couple rough in. So I I think he's been trying he played. He played pretty strong role you battle. And getting competed -- -- this we never quit now in military air impressive to me so I think -- have been -- in the judgment come all the during the playoffs. Peter Shirley said on the station yesterday that as long as he's here is general manager Claude Julien will be the coach. A what did you think of that statement and what do you think of -- coat overalls a coach. I would Peter and Mike you know when I coached. -- -- -- Could stall progress it's called. It's -- did say that it property do -- all -- all but could you know. The one thing I can understand that let people -- symbolic Claude Julien here's a guy who -- a -- -- where and you made the playoffs every year. And then he still you know getting crucified on he the radio on in the papers so. But you know it shifts the GM believes that in and hear that you mean -- and I applaud him because there -- a lot of loyalty in sports anymore. Well there are a lot of great stuff I think I agree with most everything you said today except that we we -- that we all wish we could be Phil -- -- gonna I gonna disagree on the -- I have very little interest in being Phil -- Every do you like regional -- I guarantee that. -- the paycheck he had no kidding but there's a lot of guys who make a pretty big paycheck now he seems to be spending -- -- -- -- that's why the face unfortunately these days Barry Melrose ESPN hockey aficionado guru expert analyst etc. thanks -- we appreciate it. They're very Barry Melrose -- the AT&T hotline there.

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