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Salk and Holley's Four at Four - 05/16/13

May 16, 2013|

Four topics we haven't touched upon today... all NY vs Boston based topics on deck!

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-- Now word excel and Ali swollen painful rate roller board or the. More fun cleaning. -- -- Well we -- -- currently. On sports radio and WE. What more tax I show up to work once every five days -- realize. Yes you are that's impressive we shall also -- you base. We have them. And another Boston -- New York series about to get underway I wanna know what is the best Boston -- New York. Rivalry. It's it's obviously now Red Sox and the news comes close that was. Necessity to. But -- -- like he is today. Like he is. That's not true dog thrown down to about two point and I wardrobe but things got good news. Not a complete open -- this -- Mind. And it's. Now about that the guy. Garrett wrote the producers under the bus. Records under the plots. The camera guys. And hilariously. He was on fox cameras around bonds. He was embarrassed that fox. Is showing eight fake moon on fox that network that's above -- all the -- coming up next on fox. He's dressing room cameras exposed and I think I. But it's Red Sox yankees as nuts are nothing could possibly come close the culmination of that means he treated the history going back forever from from Babe -- all the way up the months -- and is the clock and -- -- I thought through Pedro Martinez Curt Schilling Alex Rodriguez Derek Jeter partners. He says something -- It's it's. Ceiling isn't. Now they're flying off to the side. Union starts since a year ago. Attendance dirt is crazy yeah I just wish local guy just one note on that I know it's been now what nine years -- -- was your -- taken off. I don't wasn't thinking about it I'm not calling him out for what are we should take an office. -- you fight a guy we Wear a mask and he's not where questions were. Guys three inches from your face if you if you if you ask you c'mon c'mon c'mon c'mon here for refused to excuse me I. I wish I RD -- not know them there's no blame whatsoever for Jason Varitek. If you're absolutely right I'm not blaming him. But I like the image better be taken office masses to something a little tough especially when you watch hockey fights one guy who has the shield like somebody doesn't have won it just. I just wish it didn't happen that's. -- which New York team do you hate the most. What's New York seemed like hate the most. He had. For reasons stated earlier. They haven't accomplished. -- -- locked. Look at your record look at your franchise record take any that your period. In the history of the jets if you wanna play that game but you're on the last four years they've done this or this five year period they did that they haven't done anything. They talk more smacked anybody else the noise so it's yet by eight. Far but far I think I have three -- -- That I like. One was an attorney here bill repealed you mark you know the jets -- actually like your movement. I don't when he was it self deprecating digits -- what it was. Another -- also met him. And always the Yankees. If the Yankees beat the Rangers but. The other was by my editor for matter was jets fan but I had -- -- like him could -- Controlled the workflow. And and somebody else can remember but generally -- like. Text message to show up for work every five days -- few months and saying stupid things make Germany's Mikey Adam's definitely the case of W. A what sort of putting anybody and tonight there. I you know I hate the Yankees most. The -- -- -- definitely of course because the Yankees have the arrogance that goes with it let's -- some -- line after. Which means we don't throw sixty. It really is dead it's definitely the Yankees because of the history. I'll take the flip side of it is which New York team you hate the least. You -- either the islanders or or the Mets. Of the Mets aren't funny that you did not forget about the islanders' public and the Mets are so cute you for the Rangers you would never been to this. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Now but you hate the names or you hate the team I don't think that he -- the Nassau coliseum yes. Because it -- and I don't it looks like the dirt mall in in the mall rats. I'm gonna go across the street -- -- says that it where a couple of months ago you go across the street to the other moment like you'll see the woman with a third nipple. That's kind of what that was looks like the dirt ball they -- trying to escape forced to move to Brooklyn. Either -- or where they thought earlier. Or somebody grabbed the prospective Salk. Jack would eat your. They put a lot no kidding mask on or not what you're hearing what you wanna hear I'm not blaming -- that's. Where quarter. Right so today today WEEI host -- have challenged. This apparent act of fight. What is mascot I'll tell -- what I wouldn't go anywhere -- trying to fight there tactic has got the biggest -- no way -- -- -- between at least hated team your team built. -- -- -- -- that we were talking about New York State that it's actually the only football team from New York I'm now but that doesn't count. No way up line. New Yorkers only the bills about that I set I hit the bill you hit the sabres. I love the sabres uniform. But otherwise I yes the thing you tell me you love those black uniforms and -- -- buffalo and no I don't like our one stop at how various I like the moment that cross swords. New Yorkers have always claimed that they have the advantage over Boston and such things as food culture and women is there any game any validity to these going. It's okay bill. It's that it's the biggest city in the country right yeah I mean individually you take the borrows. It could take Brooklyn just let alone. Is much larger Boston Manhattan much larger than Boston got no errors. Should have that many people. You should have a little culture here OK you should have that. If you have. If you don't have good looking women. But that many people well. -- don't care if you don't there's something wrong and by the way. By the way that the only applies just talked about looking stat. I think it now applies to -- about -- -- now that everybody has spilled out of Manhattan -- yet hipster -- and it everybody I think guys. If you can't get a date. In New York City single man you can not get a date New York City it up you may -- have the words straight and there are all up if you're single straight man you're retired get out. It's true about the pizza. Fortune appears the numbers don't have any -- be true but here's the problem ever like look for ever go on vacation and look at trip advisor. Brady think you're gonna trip advisor you know that website right give your reviews of the of every restaurant in the world Avery yeah hotel in the world and it's always littered. With the reviews by New Yorkers. It looked at this place in order recount I thought stock from New York you know what good service is all about who had his place doesn't have your prisoner I -- know yet I cannot stand the plays and it's crap like that. It's always that so I know good restaurants because I'm from new York and this is not a good restaurant. Shot up sister Bethany Frankel percentage of -- that. Like or or who were you doing it better I don't know it's one of the real housewives of New York maybe. The analysts on it like there what's -- I don't -- that that your yes that's what I was doing so bold goal you know YouTube -- -- -- tell me that you don't like New York City. I'm going there tomorrow -- A relative as a friend okay. -- -- -- yet to pick out one defining moment of Boston offers New York rivalries what would be. Only one you'll get the brick -- -- -- I'd like a million only one. I'd have to say -- game seven. Game 72004. And -- a lot of misery. Lot of pain. And an almost guarantees don't like to think this way because you want more series to play but almost guaranteed that the Kursk. Was going to be over. And that there would be a championship. They'll be a World Series title for the first time in meaning meaning meaning meaning is there a moment is it -- Emery on the mound gets the last out pokey -- started chronic -- want I don't gonna hit a home run -- Funny I I kind of look at defining moments of Boston -- New York as pre 2004. And -- 2004. But the defining moment I think of pre 2004. Was the Bernie williams' home run game in chief -- in the bad call is it just symbolized everything that was aggravating about the two cities -- to the two teams economy right -- makes a bad call and it -- force that -- the Yankees admits that it's a bad does it again and calls -- -- -- in or not he -- a hobby yet in -- in the press conference where he admits it and then Bernie Williams it's the longest -- I think I've ever seen in my -- -- -- active in the game. And it just summarized. Everything that was horrible about being Red Sox in vs being the Yankees and it's time. -- Yeah you're right it's probably it's probably games. -- -- moment actually sums up what could be -- being what you mentioned earlier could be A-Rod purses it's apparent that it could be it could be that could make it also being could be -- going into the crowd the beat goes on which you have to go one. -- also won. Where you work product you're coasting at this point you're you're. You're still. In the you used to have the joy the Ecstasy of winning the World Series and it goes into the next year your home opener. 2005. And Mariano Rivera. -- -- him any tips -- jeopardy because it gave him -- for a allowing you to get that point that was a great in for blown -- when the first days of the great Boston New York moment I'll tell you what's another one you know I think a lot of people would say bucking dance is for our parents my parents generation and is that the moment. Pre 2004 Red Sox yankees. And listening to my dad was born in 78 so I don't remember the game but it just been told about it it was linked to my dad told the story the more defining moment is not didn't inning home run -- loop and tell -- -- in the zone within his right that he couldn't get. This Red Sox -- You do everything right they -- closes eyes fix on -- gloved the ball happens to find it notably the Yankees the Red Sox. Texas Tech Roberts. Oh our regards Dave Roberts that's what the -- are really wants closer an under cooking watching and real time they got it. Like look at the replays now man that could have been a Boston could have easily technical about it at that being in China -- book about the steal. That it's the fastest they've ever clock posada from from catching the ball to releasing it. They've never clocked anywhere close it was asked if he was on the and he still rock and still got -- now as one of the cool old habits. Of the good book. I don't know if Tom Warner and -- -- John -- agree but it was pretty good book. That it does that -- that I get -- -- -- you again for two days. If you -- to visit relatives should have more than four bodies it's viva for opponents question of six it for a characters keep asking Equity. One person in New York team. -- -- -- Fight one person on any New York's -- messages. To. -- Our historically are currently. Ever -- Public Jim -- I was on your team right now but I donors are vinyl -- grudgingly. Only only through the -- greeted T. With -- this team at least for me Jimmy king Leyritz spin in his bat every time calling himself the king. C'mon Jim player's house to be the guy -- I got a guy Paul O'Neill. -- -- -- -- I don't know and if you -- the accident that the. But. This is just talk crap about the deepest that we department deep visibility. Always has looked at defense case domino and -- definitely but we wanted to do suspect. -- -- So he had that would is that he was showing people -- house. Yes something in his house he was apparently. Reality show called query and yet. In my is that you watch. That I've touted friends I don't DVR my and my -- and watches the show called -- Apparently -- -- and our fight our fight Spike Lee not quick -- what you're right you're aware of now and he showed his bank gave up and.

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