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WEEI.com's DJ Bean previews the Bruins-Rangers series with Salk and Holley

May 16, 2013|

We look inside the Bruins and Rangers seires with WEEI.com's superb hockey scribe DJ Bean.

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Well I wanna come here before me so. I don't know what to tell -- countries he's excitable and answering your questions. He always is. Healthy and good luck guys. Close suck it up to the media announce he's making little jokes about. Courts. I like it. You respect somebody knows. He knows just how funny must be to handle. A member of the media look interior text messages here before we go to the garden's chicken and DJ being at the latest on Brad marsh and a left practice early today. I think it's probably 6040. People say patriots jets a bigger robbery the patriots giants was a really close. I think so too and in the text or broken down since interchangeable want to about the rivalry between the Celtics the next. And the Bruins and Rangers interchangeable the atmosphere where -- put the men and the Mets and emphatic about evenly to feature in the march heartbreaking loss of long time ago. Long time Bill Buckner game I think. The 37 years I think about. As quick map on your part with him for a 37 -- -- -- on what happened at the Bruins practice today Bruins morning skated as they lose Brad marsh and break time he does not come back out on the ice and yet -- says. What about his status for tonight DJ being WEEI dot com except it was 27 years are -- and policies Google has -- up between the west. I was alive for that I'm middle Huskers haven't yet I just 27 years ago I am not a result Rossdale math you said it's at a confidently that I bought it. AJ what's up man. Our guys what's up the marshes. Are clear at what happened as I was writing Bauer. Bit the pre department work on the -- Dragged. Who are with a quick draw. Goes well look at that in market doubled over in a after two on one drills heating up -- And we don't in Europe but boarding gate so the questions -- -- sort out the it. Durable or -- than anything. Out we were in the broad strip -- your players. He walked out all will if it'd be like overly hey look how well CIA air -- -- walked out with a mile -- would. Even kind of you know that but with the -- -- the guy is like walking with his hands up and go back where everybody is accused predator that he could show that you would not encumbered. And but -- the media afterwards Chileans breathing would use very erratic cryptic. When everybody's out the vote about market today. Each side you'll be there tonight or -- you -- yeah he's. Almost everything but he'll -- play in the game so. I take it -- it seems like he's okay -- -- he'll be yet but I wouldn't be surprised that yet but don't know for about that he she called Hubert. It's a lot that -- -- play the two close cuts because it's interesting I didn't even think of them as him trying to be cryptic but here the two the two quotes from -- they're very quick and pillars. -- kind of either tonight he'll be fine he'll be there tonight he doesn't say he'll be in the game you'll just be there and then there's this will be. The present your -- you might expect. You're gonna see him on the ice tonight does that mean just it was -- stayed around. He's he's he's -- he's saying so he's going to be okay that could be and I don't like public such conspiracy theorist but I mean that that's basically saying that. What. He did or what whatever injuries sustained were not like for it eventually you'll be okay. That he'll be on the it's so. They we saw and he voted team's six -- -- boat that went out on the -- for the Maple -- well there was absolutely built shot hell that you're gonna play that game. I mean maybe pulled it gamesmanship on quotes are like that that I I wouldn't be shocked I'm expecting in the play but I wouldn't be shocked if you and that he's sort of Bergen they're denied that. -- asked about the series in the second what you I know you were listening to our interview yesterday you tweeted about it I retreated to thank you for the support the right. It -- but that's right up -- -- said yesterday that as long as I'm here -- will be the coach what did you make of those comments. Well I made it it kind of let everyone thought going into game seven. If they lost its independence well -- that there are rumblings about my job as well. That's right I mean if if this thing ends up getting blown up it would just -- years. Quote you'd expect it would beyond that we're it is -- outside the realm of possibility think that if bit bigger was that big a -- that could have been IE they have lost that first round that your relatives have been -- as well personally I use. I really disagree with the idea of getting rid of quote because. I think he's Marty Schottenheimer and the fact that he always bring in the post season. Exit because -- in the fact that he can manipulate cup as well so I think that you'll always taken individually even more than bat I. One -- percent disagree with the idea. But surely. Ever being out in the next few years at least because I mean. He doesn't drop particularly well but he's exceptional GM who knows how to bring in the right guys in the look at 2010 and the guys that he brought it brought some some -- kill penalties cool they cannot decrypt Kelly. Which cleverly two of the biggest steps of that part eat them. Lady I agree with the I think surely has done a pretty good job the question would have been and and we'll play the -- -- -- -- a more time this was surely yesterday on the show and his comments about the future for -- Julianne -- I've I've felt strongly group are Cogent feel stronger Cogent and they had his job is safe and I know there's a lot of a lot of Internet traffic and talk radio. That they have all my job and his job but as long as I'm here -- -- think the relationship works with him in camp make of what happens if cam says okay. You sure about that unwilling to just let the coach go but if you wanna go -- on my guess that's a deal. Right that's why that quote we kind of interesting I mean he kind of hit a pop record Julian when he said that. Which I mean maybe that's just a vote of confidence in the surely thinking someone's got to give voter confidence -- might call it the opportunity would come. -- it's through the savvy media guides and in all how to stop it without the aid that's that would even think it. But. But also I mean. I just think it's that kind of package so that being like. If this thing that I support if this thing is to go out and about get that but surely would be noted meaty you know that. Target -- hand basket is that coming around to. How do you look at the Rangers -- the team that the Bruins should fear I mean how do you see this thing. Well I I have all year and this is I know that its board six match up but. It's really match up of who all are unbelievable under achievers this season. Going into the -- in the mean that the rightly or that the penguins were in the conversation sure but. People figured it would be it the the Rangers and the Bruins -- at the top. Of that eastern corporate raiders didn't do anything offensively they just patted down your order geysers start. -- are all out in the Bruins just kind of inexplicably. Under achieved it and get their injuries until the post season so. I still hear them because. On paper yeah minus Gabbert they've made that trade but they're deeper achieved now. In the end of the day you hear that Rangers always just because they've got the best school in the world and in front of the they've got the -- guys block Russia. I DDJ how do you beat him how do you beat Hendrick Lundqvist he's been murder against the Bruins when he won in seven -- -- -- -- -- -- yesterday six shut outs and thirty games. How do you beat them. Sport died from the front of the net -- you have to put spoke that bellowed the way which is the proper thing to do but if your physical team like the Bruins. You've got I could do you got you on the future gotten it -- or even Gregory Campbell the biggest Arab world he -- have to confirm that you've got to get guys. It played their strength in that respect in boot those guys aren't aren't -- said it's talked about trying to to beat Hendrick Lundqvist when you cut. Guys in front of a blocked shot even harder. In one girl said today yet no attention to have a -- -- -- the way to look at the flopped up a little harder when it comes against guys like you know charred body -- He's DJ -- he covers a brute force here WEEI dot com also does the odd man rush the best named podcast. Here on I don't -- That that was made by the way I was you -- Yeah that the first podcast but it was a -- and he and we spent maybe the first 25 minute our -- just a good bet it is. Well good job -- pot man -- -- it would DJ yesterday it's up to WEEI dot com we'll be doing more together throughout the playoff run -- -- thanks man -- USC -- night. -- DJ had been our Bruins guide WEEI dot com put bodies in front of the net. It's the one thing the Bruins struggled to do Michael probably more than anything else right hitch in the corners. But do they pay the price in front of the net to dictated to put bodies in front of Hendrick Lundqvist and and make it difficult for him to see the -- articulate this and we talked about game seven. We asked you guys how you feel about game seven. Talk at that time was a little. Angry whiny that there were that they were playing alone on his whiny and it was a great one. -- -- -- what I -- -- but the Red Sox in a few minutes ago triggered some people were nervous about that game seven. -- This and just looking forward to hockey you know -- are very thankful that there's a round to put the Bruins and we at that stage we get the just happy to be here stage right now I hope that the team does not that's not attempt and -- tournament that he thinks so I think PX I can't imagine feeling that way. You beat an inferior opponent in the in the Toronto maple you can't be happy to be here in an inferior. In order yours you I don't mean they're a lousy opponent they are inferior to the Brit -- -- better team you beat -- -- or better them. So so I don't I can't feel like. I'm just happy to be here this is fun whatever they are grab -- with house money I feel that way when he hit. They were better -- I had no idea understand -- for them I can understand why you feel that way because though there was this three goal deficit. With about ten minutes to -- -- never should have been in the position -- -- to say never should of but the reality was -- down three. In the third period and most of the time. You lose a game like that. Game seven you down three goals in the third period usually your season is over. And it was. So it's not do you feel that way you feel like you're playing with house money now. Just an act. Now the expectations -- our understanding right and where we're at right now is while I'm glad there's a game tonight I'm glad the Bruins are still playing. Playing the Rangers should be a great atmosphere. All that stuff out of the game starts resort to different after the first period. If they're up two zip -- -- tied it one you start thinking about the game but right now. After what I saw on Monday night. That unbelievable cup unbelievable comeback something I've never seen before haven't seen anything like that in a playoff game especially in game seven. -- -- I guess the the only thing that rivals that. In a big situation probably the equivalent. Because it wasn't the championship game was the bills and Oilers here. The game was over at at halftime that game was over. And they come back to win it with a backup quarterback shock. I've never music city miracles pretty close. That team we have over until the music city -- -- -- -- -- up the other day that's another where Eddie Lil Wayne -- playoff game right in all the sudden they come roaring back so or come back with one crazy I think my head as still as it is still spending a bit. Over what happened. I can't I can't watch that enough to put the third period on right now. The entire third period. I want to. Those last five minutes on -- again and again. And how many times have you guys. Watch that clip of -- that 38392. Clip of Jack Edwards with the winning call. Where he's going crazy they strapped him in and that brick for brick brick in their look at it gets fixed in his pocket square. As Jack is stabbing the imaginary -- bureaucrat in the cast. -- bad knees he's beat up from from years in the league and -- we -- walk out today and still and everything you can but bricks stand up I give credit Manny he's he took a lie he took a beating in the NHL for a long time in in a good way having just been a tough guy. And I'm not gonna regret for not -- -- around like Jack causes the Bruins came roaring back. In the game the other night -- -- for questions all Boston New York -- related for 44 that's coming up in twenty minutes for Barry Melrose at 430 up next. I will whine about the Red Sox and kind of an annoying way and we'll play the most important Jon Lester quote you've already hurt but in new way it's alcoholic WE.

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