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With Rangers vs Bruins, the NY-Boston rivalry is BACK ON!

May 16, 2013|

We talk about renewing the Bruins/Rangers rivalry and how the NY-Boston rivalry dynamic really works.

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It seems like it happens every year it happens more than ever year. Boston -- New York begins again tonight. Bruins and Rangers at the garden 730 will be hadn't over. Be there by the time the puck drops for the first time that you get going once again Bruins and Rangers we just had Celtics knicks you constantly have patriots jets. Red Sox yankees has become. It became such a big thing that it now was sort of jumped the shark and now it's kind of an annoying thing for most people around the country even some people here which -- which jumped the shark. Red Sox Yankee I don't hunt and just remains a national perspective it jumped the shark. Screw them most care are. No really. Made a -- -- you're looking had it yesterday retirement rivalries and talk about Al Alabama. Alabama and Auburn. Whether we in Massachusetts thinks it and we we think it's a great rivalry and I deeply care Alabama. Okay so it's their rivalry are busy burning to free gift if -- -- -- the other guy if we're tired of old and that doesn't mean anything. Throughout the country is tired of Red Sox yankees so. I don't think it's anywhere close to. Being diminished stated or anything. Well where you -- read on on Bruins Rangers so so we we start talking rivalries and and as we've talked a little bit over the last few months maybe dad I said this maybe I haven't rivalries are. If not my favorite thing in sports right near the top. I I love the whole idea of rivalries but I also think we at times. Try to force things to be rivalries that really aren't are quite Maple -- Bruins a little bit -- -- or we don't you know. Sometimes we only look at the history of -- we're not looking at the current thing like Red Sox yankees obviously is the greatest historical rivalry in baseball. But I don't know that there's any legitimate featured right now between the players what makes the rivalry truly great is when players don't like you just -- players are actually get after each other the fan -- is there was an -- of that part of the fun. When -- -- you know is fighting with Jason Varitek wore. You know Bernie Williams is is home run off rod -- you're getting back at them for this -- riot police on either side. And is that you -- a phantom tag you need something. Beyond the Norma. Pedro tossing Don Zimmer unique -- -- that. In order to really take it to the next level. But I do we have that. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Yeah you could benefit from that front that's they don't want kids food players who would take you. Our record of heart. -- Karim Garcia's record in the guy who beat the pizza delivery guy in the cut in public. Adam I don't know it was after the united then follows career quite -- I don't think you -- -- up the unarmed. It's thirty arguable that -- Nelson. Now and anchoring Garcia. Yeah. Ran in from the field the ball in his hands at the inevitable. Classic. Classic rock classic. Oh the nice thing about records Bruins Rangers is if you go back you one of the all time great moments in sports in terms of -- rivalry anger. And the Bruins team and the crowd in. Garden. Beat the guy with a few mean that stuff it is. Legendary happened today of course there'd be collect the nation but what happened in the -- -- that's just the opera. Last moment though that's the only thing it keeps me from real true. Rangers -- treaties happened in the division for a long time right. Really my entire life. A long Gabriel's. Eating so much more. -- via Pittsburgh over the last few years. -- theories it war war. On the ice. With Philadelphia it goes back to Jean Miller. You know I still is still Bruins committee is it enough drilling and have a gross Canadians by far head and shoulders he said the grub. You know -- Montreal so everybody else. If you didn't hit Montreal your father to Montreal in the father and my father does it yeah as a grandfather you much room is just the way my grandfather also hit -- That the Rangers do you hate the Rangers you really hate the New York Rangers. I hate their fans. I hate their fans because their fans at the same rotten people -- yankees fans they're the same rotten group of people that go to Yankee Stadium and then they go to to Rangers games at Madison Square Garden. They're pretty similar group of people they're entitled even though they don't really have any business and that's almost -- well worse -- here's de Diego fans have have entitlement that gently organizers are. Right he's Rangers fans have an entitlement that you just they don't even make sense. So I know I've never liked the Rangers I've always -- their fans have always hated the whole idea of all we turn off the -- at Madison Square Garden with the action on the score you. I've just I've always thought the whole. It is so typical. Of New York fans and their often summed up wiring. -- I would think. If you wanna talk about a fan base. That you can't stand. And have to be that yet. Have to be gentlemen the Rangers. Have some history they have some recent history they -- a championship. And the last twenty years your husband almost two years exactly but they still have a championship in the last twenty years. That yet talks don't want extra cash for it. -- had they done our daddy got it. So I would say only the Rangers. -- and yet. But maybe something happened to myself -- on their pay maybe indictment. Wait till they get out of Madison square are good -- wanted a garden tonight whenever that game maybe something will happen tonight there are you know back. He really shouldn't take that long you start seeing a few people those blue Rangers jerseys each should not take too long. I did find myself thinking about the four New York or not for sports and all the New York teams. How I feel about -- you guys can jump in 61777979837. Pocket rivalries top in Boston and New York quite a bit today Barry Melrose will join us at 430 to help us preview the series but. We are saying about the jets and their Boston fans who will say the jets more than I think the Yankees are always going to be. Ran in the just the history of the teams the Yankees if is they -- the house and they're set apart because they spend 200 million when nobody else does -- mean they're just. It is different from everybody and then -- respect and they want to respect about the jets. I have to respect the Yankees now I don't have to do that come on Alitalia -- -- -- -- as they've lost what how many rosters have been lost thirteen. For 123 World Series they've lost IQ. I don't respect half -- real impediment team look at the -- it loses that many worlds the surreal it's embarrassing is it not. At least twelve World Series they've lost somebody looked it up bigger comedy World Series of laws. Who knows -- well choke artists really right that's what they are. Of course before they blew the three game we know for there are ready choke artists -- already lost twelve were upstairs. Now I put the Yankees on a pedestal by themselves. The problem with the hitting the jets and Campbell and -- the jets. Is that I didn't hate them is acute. Was it -- O'Brien pat Ryan. That morning he doubled to regard Dave Freeman McNeil right. Layer Thomas and it was I suppose Al -- could gain altitude and nobody -- did you -- does the New York Stock Exchange marked ask that you can't hate those guys. But the party lovable group in some ways because there's sort of pathetic you don't really start to hate them not to 97 when Parcells there. Right -- Parcells because there at that point. As the only time. That you were somewhat envious of what they were go. You know he -- -- coach came down on one Saturday gather right either you're on -- at that time or -- -- side. So it was our -- you want if you aren't. That was that was I was close I was and at that time as the illusion of being the objective reporter no humor columnist dollars and it's -- reporter. So -- can see both sides of the issue. But most Koreans took a side. A lot of -- Parcells decided to an art whatever he does. Wherever he goes on when -- root for him he had. Not only was not only the Parcells and Belichick -- hands on the -- that Curtis Martin and common office so verbal images it felt so it was ultimately it was only time. The short stretch in history where you actually MB dejected. Like three years four years give me that just then after that forget it. -- an -- to Al -- jet northern Herm edwards' jets I don't think -- -- MB Eric Mangini jets. Nice start to -- important that global -- went to another level of maintaining. With spy gate. The MB there Rex Ryan jets he's entertaining. But you it do you think that they make the right free agent -- -- they take freeagent away from you free agents that you want like the Yankees do. Do they make Smart draft choices and you say I wish we -- thought that first no. They win the division known they went championships no not since 1969. So yeah you. I didn't have a really good legitimate -- -- -- I I was a I was not working in the media but he in around all one note too that that time. What Chad Pennington was there was there quarterback. And used to listen to guys like like Joseph Wiseman and in the what he would talk about Pennington was just in. Like Brady was so we year. Was the next thing -- -- he was so accurate -- all the little things. Just don't find a way to win guys are finally he didn't need to throw the ball fifty times game at that stage in his group you can just tell there was something different about them. And you hear about from announced -- Chad Pennington. Look at a laser guided. Accuracy. Of Chad Pennington this this -- guitar -- -- from thirty yards from the heartland of the biggest arm okay he's not he's not the biggest arm quarterback by it. Accuracy to what ever. -- act ever heard Chad Pennington -- I look much better on Brady is this the Chad Pennington and all they can talk about Pennington. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Hype machine -- -- don't the crazy thing is it. If you ask jets fans. And held to its employees they probably feel like. They don't get enough for the -- that the giants get more but the native I don't -- the giants and I'd be curious whether it -- text message here AT&T text like 379837. Where guys can hit the phones as well today 617779797. I'd be surprised if we found a lot of people our age really -- the giants but I wonder if there's a younger group of people that -- because my parents. The giants at all the audit report Beirut at Iowa or patriots exist right right. I don't hate them at all I was accused of rooting for the patriots but I also want to note my favorite player of all time I loved watching fills -- more Smart bookmark them on key is -- -- -- your favorite player of all your -- Player appeared happily able to mean -- while he's definitely side. Now he's my least favorite way out of time that no I don't -- bride. Or. Birth to -- it nice work. But he is if you -- them since to some. I find it hard. Like it's it's the part where my heart my brain collide -- you know I mean like when the guy that I grew up. I told you before it for favorite players Q3 of them turn out to be horrible horrible people yet. So Lawrence Taylor Lawrence Taylor Roger Clemens Mike Tyson like three of my absolute favorites. And I I've been able and ray Bork was the fourth these -- passed -- -- More on -- because he was he was by himself. Was -- what the answer. These questions about the -- -- him now. Now. -- you don't hate. If you remember the rally. Is then if that memory to remember industry and what we reached -- so yeah used them for two point. And then Klesko Boris defeats in the patriots here. I just for whatever reason as to which they'll happening karma is a bit trapped. After -- -- there. Shot themselves look at the absence of rubles the patriots lost more than one that's not at the ninth. But at the David Tyree catch out of luck. And -- couple years ago oil was distinctive Wes Welker catches the ball the -- -- credit. Mario Manningham made. After the rose delivers hero of the road through attached or it was -- but the pros and the best the Borough -- ever made in his wife ever now I have. -- -- That we New York me and we knew that we are very -- we didn't. -- -- And particularly. Mean we defeated the New England patriot. -- -- -- -- -- Yeah. And and I don't want it doesn't bother me as one -- the volume. Whether Michael Strahan talked to the giants at all. Well it's not not necessarily -- If the memories. It's a memories of of that hunting. I mean that 2007 you remember exactly -- technically it was 2008 at that point put your you remember exactly where you were Yuri you. Remember it in slow motion I do you remember report Ellis Hobbs scrambling. Scrambling to give back and you think there's no chance the only way. Is gonna work out as if Eli somehow over rose Plaxico Burress -- all by himself and the ball seemed to hang up there. About 25 seconds. And they just -- -- mean that was it but I don't know that it is at a giants thing or is that a the patriots were eighteen and no going to gain that's how wide and as cynical as. Always how I've -- you were the best team in the league and you found a way to lose the final game. Three guys had a chance for interceptions on that drive David Tyree makes the crazies catch anyone will ever see you never do it again a million years. And and I don't know. It's easy to hit the giants in their new uniforms because I hate the red I think they look stupid and they should go back to the old blue jerseys in the the blue giants home it's not the end wide but. I don't I don't promise of -- them and at the Mets are such a sad pathetic group of fans that you can't hate them they're so sad. Every year amendment one of my best friends and that's an every year I get the same text from -- email from him in the beginning in the year. Johansson and went thirty. -- thirty okay Rochester texts every year the -- sums it up perfectly. He says I hate the giants' -- when the jets the jets are like your little brother there'd it's like a little brother you know they're not gonna win. Little Brothers America beat you. Jets in the playoffs the jets in the playoffs a couple of tightly beach of the one time -- -- they beat you want to news that I agree. Now my little brother beat me in the backyard. Name me one. But -- There's still games to be played -- is that going to be to guide on the street -- my little brother and he were lucky to beat me and what what what happened they got a teacher at Michigan polls. -- -- Always Lou there was a lot of squawk you know after that -- on the starting right bullet that it would do little brother would do the same thing. Here's the difference though when the jets beat the patriots in that playoff game. I felt like the anger was toward the jets when the giants beat the patriots in both Super Bowls I felt like the anger was at the. Each other bigger was at the patriots when Milosevic jets June 2010. There's lot of anger not toward the patriots here. Evidence but it's going to be like that until this era is over. I think essentially what he's talking about new Yorker Baltimore Pittsburgh. Essentially. The patriots have reached the point where they lose but they're not beaten. It's like it's on them not the other team but when it's that you and it's a New York team. It's much worse. You'll every you'll lost it that New York team didn't beat you -- Austen Chamberlain. -- -- The word of the Rangers -- into all this with the Rangers in -- and I got it and giving him a seven game series where the Rangers beat in Alaska that question is talking -- next talked Ali or angry its New York have. WB. -- Well I'm not even concerned about going deep I'm concerned about game one. I'm not even looking in that direction. I think we have. As we've we went through the Washington series I'd settle with some lines that I think it's given us balance not only through the middle. Purchased through our lineup. So. I feel pretty couple of their lineup right now. I hate yourself. I hate yourself. -- garage. And -- should be ashamed of yourself if you want to if you wanna fire and daisies. Worst. -- At its worst off this is in the running. And talk enough about not then. And AM I right or virus. In my no wind so pieces were okay but this is this is in the bottom fives terrible. You say the social and so he saved by the lovely Alicia Keys so she can -- a little bit get some pipes yeah. Boston and New York tonight at the garden not a fake garden and -- New York the real -- here it's much more used to be true argument came to the Boston Garden vs Madison Square Garden. I always felt like you could make a decent argument that's the biggest problem. With a TD garden is is this is nice to buildings that is. You can't compare to Madison Square Garden has no history. Right in Madison Square Garden which is unfortunate. As I always felt like -- Madison Square Garden was more famous. The old Boston Garden had more personality and more almost more cash -- took off for the offer right now. It wasn't so glitzy. The way Madison Square Garden is immediately Madison Square Garden is good thing I think the idea that is got that smelly train station underneath him with the image got bars. -- when you're there may be it's not but the image of Madison Square Garden is one of its. -- there -- -- in eighty and of the -- asked to guard out of one square garden in New York in Boston Garden got the gallery gods but it was just a completely different I do right it was the exposed beams and people banging on man. It was way too small and cramped and hot sweaty smelly in that team coming off the ice apparently that rat running to -- exactly literally erect. It may not somebody you don't like but -- actual not getting a little bit and an actual -- and Jim is in New Hampshire what's going on Jim. I'm speechless. Shaking like you guys have rendered me speechless. How hard to know that the -- from the York a look at New Hampshire and I have never. It is all my years in New York twenty bite ears that seen. While student so sticker like axiom. That I feel like -- Can make. That's awesome doesn't suck and that that makes perfect sense why would you see one Boston doesn't -- Your different argument -- -- kind of talk you could see why the Boston doesn't -- Write it when you're in New York. -- We don't look at the other teams advanced so lucky that they're just another team. The you -- -- that is cool it off work because any. It felt like that in New York. -- so the Yankees don't really pay attention to the -- are these the Red Sox to the Yankees are just like the royals in the you know blue jays in the race. Yeah it WAL -- you wanna go at that c'mon -- is that really going to be argument Jim. Are weakening our our current. I hear this the jets definitely don't get out of you in their -- for the for the for the Patriots defense. You know you know you're right about him what's your argument for the gentleman here that described. To argue that we mean the patriots we want we accepted the patent. We wish we had a quarterback like Tom Brady you had -- A whole circle they don't have the answer to work to pick it that's cool oh definitely keep you could get an -- Right at -- Jim click on thought they not stop this out of school not that. Now what I don't collect analogies -- -- I caution and -- -- are calling shenanigans and use the producer Jim's not a real call right this is Atlanta so nobody actually. I've got to imagine this. Put it where I went to school. However Richard I'm sure it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And were both Jews and the bulls. With a little -- to. We don't worry about what. -- -- -- -- -- You knew that you were about to lose I'll use as you well let's -- I -- always on the ideologues and bags hat and it was a ultimately -- with the big appeared in the all. Are too big for you -- Yeah no you're right Jim you're absolutely right nobody in New York there's thank your marks in New York I'm sure he agrees I'm mark. Think yeah Jim and making things up. I've been out here for seventeen years now. It's nothing like now you know since it has no. -- all you know it you're in Manhattan on any given day you can't get -- more -- -- he had just so many transplants. But aren't you look at the rocks on game day true. -- out of control. We've seen leaving a -- Rangers. What what I what I originally. All the city is that. All of -- work for the guys who Milbury beat with his own shoe dated about ten years ago we and all this kind of actually on. The other side of the rivalries that you really like on the story. -- we -- any guy is on he's got to get beat with his own show on and that's something you could tell your children about. I guess I mean you tell your grandchildren but you know it. It is I guess it just kind of goes to -- like you know what the other side of the rivalry that you know he literally have a good karma that they deserve that. Yeah probably mean that the -- below -- -- them doing video editing. He was just like track in the whole parliament accused like to win it would not stop -- out of who wouldn't -- procurement and you've got a crazy guy. And yet you just told scores won't back in the day in new York and that in the seventies and eighties and how our control laws and yeah I think yeah I think he knew that he deserved issue that -- Thanks mark appreciate the phone call who doesn't deserve to shoot of that I shoots him dead. That's funny Georges in New Hampshire hi George. Hey what's happening -- -- -- I -- at all but you're gonna get a direct attributable RT. -- -- -- your true I was actually wondering if there but mostly hit -- -- -- -- and and I can tell you I would that oil well at the corporate at cal at. And Rhett -- and conduct. A big big ticket free spirit beat out there who know what it took about market. But it's partly. To try to there with a -- delight because like -- Everybody at the net there and look it. Up but yeah. Dollar probably I don't I don't know I hate the I don't know this does diss the Yankees hate the Mets more than the Red Sox. Eight the red or the Mets right. Well I think that. Should back up there. And I know a slop at church that. There's a lot of people out there with the pit stop production special it bird. You know preparation port au Prince -- I got. Out to repeat but not this year well -- -- There are other. LA chant started. And it was Boston's way of saying okay we don't like Philadelphia. If we don't we're not gonna have a chance to knock off the lakers you do force and maybe it's the same thing with. The Yankees back in -- 86. And the master plan the Red Sox in 86. They want to keep up those 1918 chance not only -- it -- why I think I think you're -- -- I think there was a lot of fair weather back and forth mostly that happens with kids yet when you come out come of age is the sports and who's good at that time. Vs who is I just keep coming back to this guy did that things Salk you know -- paint with me that if we're we're to have pain with a broad brush. In -- city the size of of Kansas City or Sacramento or Cleveland that's one thing I guess you can try to do that. No way to do that New York so maybe you -- -- to a fair weather fan or two but it -- city that big the biggest city in the country. You really feel like you had a pulse of what the fans were like. I think what his point is that over time the Mets fans come out of the Claudia out of the woodwork. Right in the and they kind of disappear when the Mets are good in the and the Yankees fans out of the woodwork and they kind of disappear. When they're going through a tough time in and maybe there are people who switch back and forth. But there's probably right to -- a little bit of everything that you would find in New York I just keep coming back to this idea that the jets don't care about the patriots. But the draft every year don't that tore all the jets fans show up specifically to boo whatever the patriots again I just in the part of their game. What jets and giants and this year the draft -- Jersey was. The -- and things that I know they weren't borrowing. That the gesture from Joseph Andrews David JoAnne drew ZA new Yorker he's representing the patriots. -- Harris -- Boston sucks chants at the NFL draft now and Andrews he said what he had to say and talking about Boston's strong and held up the Jersey. There was some applause there. But -- Kevin talks I think Kevin Faulk came out to announce the patriots draft pick their boat with the patriots -- new England and New York but they don't. There at all now they just they don't -- they're just above all that and that's exactly the kind of thing tickets under my skin about the whole New York plan. O'Leary we care about that you guys can opener Tuesday about the as we don't even care. Talking about. This to joke it's such it's such a port on arrogance. It is just exactly what I can't stand about Albany team stands at Bloomberg I Dan. They so I heard airport earlier and and I can honestly say that the one thing that New York -- and Boston and. Anti peace keeping him the ball -- -- can agree on is that Philadelphia into the -- in the face -- planet I spent seven years there. It didn't matter -- Kansas City Royals and if you were Cincinnati Bearcats all they needed you for no reason even if there's not arrival. I doubt CLO Philly fans I think that's great. I love that they hate everybody equally I love that anybody who comes in there they absolutely despise including their own team they're there equal opportunity and I actually. I've got all respect to the Philly fan I kind of like where their common for a. That's what I didn't like about it that they hated on their own team what simultaneously getting on your -- you know. Two years ago the game where. Young started and hit two good passes against the patriots that -- -- and have an option out. Oh record vote for the next week with those -- accident and young and venture and little its eagle to do to win we crushed -- You're an owner and and had you looked into them and then they still proceeded to short address their team. You know. And you -- honored -- -- At but yet it was in the I mean there at the II and -- saying that action but it's just it's infuriating to people out there. And here you're you're part and then two seconds later than trashed their -- you know what little respect that. You know what Dan and talk this is what we're finding out so far forty minutes then finding out that now people don't view the Rangers. The same way as they view the jets and the Yankees and the giants. It's as we haven't heard Rangers story like yeah I remember in the Rangers did this right the Rangers because they play like this is it in the opposite. You heard the general manager. A couple of days ago say we're mirror images news. There workload today. You have that that that listen listen the -- talking about John Tora. I don't John and I respect to him for who use what he has. Right now competitors and I. Just like him I have no intentions of -- -- and until this series is over. Simple as that but I certainly in respect him for what he's done and millions. And hasn't personality and can when those people that respect people for -- there. That's -- that's been done in the past. So that's that's glowed. Given all respected John -- saying hey America talked to won't put. A really respect the way he runs is operation there in New York loser too much respect in the series. Is it not real rivalries the whole Boston New York thing overblown when it comes to the Rangers there. Is -- too much respect from one side to the other we respect Hendrick Lundqvist is got a 21 and seven record against against the Bruins and Brett. We just respect them to put a lot of seven and how many -- -- was of the -- outpost -- 6030. Starts. Six shots and thirty starts against well there's there's too much respect that to 41. Taught me in five or six hours the game starts about five hours. Then. One period and in about six hours and we will see. -- rejected just drag it should be anywhere near as good as my performance over the last Tony five years they have as many don't know what this is I have. Nothing like beaten on the jets and get the opportunity. Even for a -- -- -- few shots or the giants aren't. Aren't princesses famously. A giants fan. And talk about the athlete that was the what that whole. Group of news. You would Darrelle Revis in the -- noticed is that they sent people. -- but but he he said when when -- hung up on them and we have some reference to why don't even talk about him. That's why don't even pay attention to them and interview him because he's known as energized. -- -- going to grow no one can have. That -- There's actually a gentlemen just. Went. I was stopped with the second detected what he'd get on in Florida. Right now the what did what -- and a -- -- you're telling him to hang up. He's been written for years. Escape from New York. Senator -- Yorkers he really care about the Rangers. Yes do they absolutely of course original six baby. Original six. Absolutely. How do you how much you would have bird. About the Rangers how how. It's constant it would be. If the Rangers. Had won as much as the islanders but they haven't. Point -- without it it's more important to. The rain -- to a war islanders are legendary but clearly there aren't even in New York team I mean there on Long Island but a different place different -- What I'm saying is we know about the islanders violators and now on the same level. As a renters we know about the -- here we give them respect for what they did. In the seventh. About it -- the Rangers. -- hitting. Talk about it then the world adult riders have never done that and airport 14 in the cup wins in the east I mean it's been forever for epic about how we talked about that. I thought you know the Pope was coming or something. And that was twenty years ago I don't feel like since then I hear a lot of rolling from New York as it is that. As the CD about the Rangers when the people like they're from New York that do they care about the raiders of course they do. That's -- to make you think what the teams in that area the devils. The Rangers the islanders by far and the other two had more success right. I'm not saying they don't have more fans I just wonder you know where they are in the pecking order in New York one. -- I don't know sports -- -- -- overall I compare are the Bruins right now here are arguably the most popular team in town we talked about their regular like you -- play it in the playoff -- but if -- if if the Bruins are gonna challenge for number one maybe they're not in maybe the patriots -- number one may be all they are -- Red Sox are always number one. But but the Bruins are at least right now going to be -- in a battle. For that spot of the Rangers even close in terms of hate -- your favorite team in town. How many New Yorkers say the Rangers is it just the fifteen to 20000 that show up the games that's it I'm real curious about that Davidson Maryann -- game. You know I'm up on the Yankees in the -- in Connecticut to live in New York sorry yeah yeah. And please -- to make radio blanket statement that yankees -- don't you care about the team when they're when they're on the downside is ridiculous. I actually didn't make that statement and I appreciate your comedy color color guard spokesman Joseph McNamara actually it was the color who made that comment and I think I wonder if there are some really -- and I crawled because you know I said I wonder if there are people I'm sure there are some but I did not. Anyway you don't make a blanket blanket statement like I need to blanket statement dated January regular Red Sox didn't think that it is across -- why don't bother talking -- -- -- -- -- live in Carolina where we even doing. Just -- why -- we even doing. -- they don't they don't list that they have -- years they don't listen they go by their own logic I don't know whether it's it's born from. From from from being entitled their entire life from the championships they won. From the fact that they spend more money than ever I don't know I'll play along and I don't understand where they compliment on first and -- -- along with them not to -- MC. Market leaders -- definitely is I just I don't I don't like it actually said that. Yeah that's right. That's right field. You bring go to this electorate still etc. bring out the -- David come behind grow up grow up New York. And it does in Boston -- Samantha. -- I'm so glad that I on the guy may of course what's going on -- Now I am running short on a ball right now prepared and I got married and I got here I heard every sports talk radio out just -- on New York. Give me your hair don't -- -- Talk about Michael. In the for a job at. Linked edited so I had talked about on the net average of ringgit Elliott and from then no -- in the right dump and not. Yeah well that and the other out there Ali I'm not talk about. And I got to say it rained at that and -- are more popular hockey. You can go to Q. -- -- -- popular hockey team -- some at this that your front you're from New York you -- in Boston you know who. I mean if they break it down if they say 1234. In town or her -- and eight -- medium teams. But the most popular team in New York is what the giants then exit giants yankees Rangers and it -- like. It would be thank you giant screen sure there aren't you can read user head of the jets. All my art that -- and I am a lifelong out and I talk about it obviously and I left. Other laughingstock. A New York I don't even want -- -- and I get there you look at that but we are laughing you are right now. Jets fans I -- you sound like a Mets fan right that's sort of the sat attic look at it to -- eighty mile an hour. All my mother -- and my -- the Red Sox and so I -- group trying to root everybody -- like in the all of in New York however. -- got go to Mac and all -- eat and -- it and don't really care about Matt and illegal anyway what does that chair. Nor -- I take out of this Michael went to New York is exhausting. It is exhausting to figure out New York. But there's so many different it's too big -- -- African teams this -- this team but not -- group of fans but -- late this group of fans. My mom like this team my dad like that team they -- hated this team that. It is exhausting. It's like -- it -- for thirty minutes just to hear somebody sports history of which teams they like which teams they hate which -- -- them it's exhausting. Or are you excited at least that they're playing at the that the Bruins are playing the Rangers. In this round did you is there are other than the Rangers or somebody else you want to see. You cattle like the idea of having Montreal hang around and then there could -- but I also really enjoyed watching what you'll lose so what's the -- was out of this is getting. This is good this is one of the teams you haven't played in the playoffs for a long time to there's something new about that and I think you know based on something that. Peter Peter surely was saying yesterday. That were built to Wear teams down and -- -- there. So. If you're -- to Wear teams down. You're you're -- let him have another team where you're -- right. In theory in theory in theory to the raiders are there they're used to that can they do that the Bruins are used to that because they do that. It opens up another dimension. Maybe both sides both sides have been looking for. For the for the -- for example. We've been talking about the Bruins don't have many pure scorers in the he had -- -- ten years ago. He would be that guy and if you have Tyler state if you would be asked him six or seven years. -- blow we'll be when he's 2728. But we've not right now at 21. Maybe with these teams. What the similarities between these teams maybe it doesn't turn into this grind it out series. Is something completely unexpected -- -- -- Tyler state in response in this series maybe you see Rick Nash who was who was asleep. In the first round for the Rangers. Maybe you see him step up. Well one of those baseball games ago expecting a picture's actually Roloson at EA hasn't exactly guys just they're so similar to opt for are so similar that their their their almost forced to do something else yeah. Look I'm I'm looking forward to being more to getting more familiar with the Rangers familiarity breeds contempt right that's that they say things in sports and and a lot of other places familiarity will breed contempt. And as much as there's a a normal and natural contempt for New York teams. That contempt for the Rangers hasn't been bred out of familiarity -- like he's just play -- an average number of times there's no one's the one defining moment of Bruins Rangers. What were you feel like gave everything they got violent and physical and -- took a cheap shot and you hate them for what they -- just hasn't happened. But -- order -- And with some of the guys and they got some guys in the team who can who can go a little bit they've got a really greedy captain account and there's some good players right I hope that it turns into that. I really hope that. We start to see a couple things just to mention one -- it is right you're talking like New York you said New York is exhausting texture on the ATP text sizes on an. New York is like junior -- New Yorkers like junior high to affect all these all the -- all these click. Although we know he's okay. She's okay but not. But it's also very -- site -- exile literally like -- an article logical or she likes me just play I'll go out there a and I'd like to do that it is -- a great point New York thank you text in New York is that junior high. Well what is New York what is New York Boston what is Bruins Rangers. Marked up today gives the call 61777930. Property for our results that -- up -- Yesterday you guys gave some great John -- impersonation. Today. Some New York stories of some Boston vs New York stories in and -- to be broad -- that can be anything that marked up happens WE -- live. I go there and click on it. Go to the open Mike. Open Mike icon in -- and say whatever you wanna stay in about ten seconds Terry Francona. John Ferrell close Julian on one side Bill Belichick on the other books when next sultan -- WB. The garden DJ being WEEI dot com Bruins writer will join us at 330 of them Barry Melrose at 430 ESPN hockey. I -- hockey guru hockey and Federer really he's just the only person and ESPN who does not what happened not understand -- -- Iran out OK I understand Dan. Elevated 12 bit wanna do with the NHL with the NHL wanted done for them and I get that. But why don't they have more. Hockey people is that told us the country doesn't care the rest of the country -- an -- -- -- -- not say if they don't -- they don't even consider it to be a major sport. It is akin to look cross rocket got New York. New York cares yes well but but do they even yeah that's the other thing -- do -- actually you know there's a group of people that care but does New York really care about hockey is or is it hot item their I don't know that it is. I'm not saying it's not I I really don't know but I know this too they don't know where it is you wanna see people saying nice things on Mike Keenan. New York why don't want their laws Mark Messier -- say Mark Messier I know that it was that the nineties is its steel. Is it still hopping in New York to be into the Rangers and talk about the Rangers are they talking about -- -- -- -- story hours. Of Bruins talk on the show for the last couple days are they doing that about the Rangers right now. I don't think they are I don't know I. I'm guessing they're not mean they got what he talked about all the time I would say neglected area are still moving and others have talked about but the Bruins with a hot team right now but I did I think I agree with I wonder if the Rangers are considered the hot team in New York out of New York cares about it Boston cares about it Detroit obviously Pittsburgh. It's a care Colorado. Number they care a little bit. I -- they do but I mean every -- of the football town right I mean every football the NFL. Owns this country in terms of the sports landscape and if you wanna look at ESPN as an example and how many people how many how many NFL analysts as the SP what's -- -- corporate. -- that's a different conversation. I think departed that is they have they have paid you know a lot of money. They paid tons of money to the NFL. To be partners with them and part of the contract is you have X amount shows them do this there's there's a lot of programming to fill. A lot of hours and yet they need people. So are you gonna do it all the time because that's -- your partner is partnered with the NHL I remember I remember watching. I gained seven I believe was in between was -- Vancouver in the Rangers in 94 and then they beat beat him at the garden. That was when he asked you watch I was watching that on yet ignore my I know that. Hockey used to be a popular and it was big -- busy you know it was a big deal for them but -- -- years ago it was more recently it was a big deal done on ESPN two. Out when they had it it was a bigger deal but my impression in talking to people and doing national shows that -- in Bristol is they just they don't they don't think it matters. They care that they look at they look at the other recent report. Recommend doing. -- -- -- -- -- That's where Brit comedy get it done and does that count you know oppression you know it didn't -- and so not let themselves in -- hormonal. And my experience between the board that's there -- the experience. In Bristol Connecticut. Town -- -- is the W -- gears just a few weeks. -- -- -- -- -- You're totally right -- Hannah Storm and I mean it's not trying to pace and -- to do WiMax -- -- things I didn't not fox. I've seen when -- before and -- -- reason I'm theories that are on TV to treat it. She looks. I've seen the picture that you keep above your desk of her and unit that it will shrine shrapnel shrine you have in your cubicle -- -- that. -- -- picture is on the show yesterday right we went over some of the sound from him and wanna come back. To something he said and most important thing he said about the he has continued future with him include -- and come back to. It's another thing about Claudette that was interesting and so closely resembled something else we heard on the show yesterday and I want to bring it up again this is Peter surely talking about some of clothes better strengths as a coach. A lot of the strength to quote is behind the scenes because I was gonna press conference yesterday and it talked about it. -- composure that he can instill the team while still. Playing. -- all playing intense player and I called the push and -- -- you really have to it's and desperate push. And you can't succeed in that -- when you when you don't have composure and that's what's important border coach. Composure pretty good lord let me let me play one more. -- -- and -- lets him. That's when I -- the composure right composure and consistency everything he does behind the scenes. It gets ripped at times right why would he wait so long to do is why would you wait to move change lines. Why would you wait to -- continuing to -- with this guy. Especially with older players know -- younger players -- in -- got a little bit less -- right but with the older players and there's a belief that quote is is somewhat stuck in his ways. Well we also John Ferrell on yesterday. And when I heard him say this. It it just sounds so similar to what we heard from Peter surely talking about club. Again I think we're still that part of the year were trying to maintain continuity. And not just reactionary moves because we've scuffled all the over the plate that that might becoming. But I think right now I think it's important for everybody in our club thus we know that their stability and don't packing. And we're going through a spell right now work you know what little we've got action cute in those. Given moment how similar is outside. Stability let's not overreact to what's happening right now -- I'm like Terry Francona. Yeah very much so. And I think most of the guys itself later Francona. It sounds like code. Merrill. Now it is not necessarily the case we're talking about this earlier. Than necessarily capital bill ballots are not so much. What doc. Doc Rivers. We know we just saw another Boston New York series. And not the Courtney Lee is is everything accordingly was part of his rotation when he announced in the playoffs. There wasn't one of those other -- new season. And we're gonna go back to the guys who got us here and help us now -- announced instead Courtney Lee is out of the rotation. He's been passed. By Jamal Crawford. He's been passed by Terrence Williams when Bill Belichick. We don't even really does make the announcement we don't even -- to start -- at the -- we just audio we just talked about it yesterday. Starting defensive tackle and -- has type two diabetes but starting defensive tackle -- cut. During the season. You'll see me a rotation. On the operative line a guy will lose his job and we don't saying we don't notice for a couple weeks. Are only a few players on the patriots. Who even deserve who even and can say I got that status critical is gonna leave me alone you mean Brady who has leeway OK Brady tank Wilfork. Jerod Mayo. -- Those four guys have leeway what happens -- Stephen relief he fumbles it later not cut but a case -- below our chamber let's audio and there. And other Wes Welker is gone. And -- with a little bit at the beginning of last year for a couple of games. So. It's I mean it is that may maybe it works better in baseball when he can't be can't have the Bill Belichick approach in your your playing a 162 games. I don't think you can look at -- your team team 25 guys and say. I won't mess with three or four guys the 221 watch out. You screw up you go for four. I don't expect to see your name and lineup next day it's tough to do that to be tough to do that baseball got the it's it's very it's almost impossible right and keep your team. -- probably not a surprise that as we talk about the differences between Belichick who who doesn't do that and and the and the more the the hockey and baseball coaches they guarantee contracts player Roland -- Belichick at the in the days the final barber. He wants to cut you -- later. Ramming you played really that he used servant his will and when he's done with the -- ceiling there. -- couple of exceptions as you just mentioned decide that he really needs and those guys get leeway. -- with somebody like clothes for the most part got guys with guaranteed contracts that that. They kind of run the show for the most part for certainly with John Farrell. The only guy we've heard him really say anything about has been has been Alfredo save as and then I guess a little bit of of this of a jab. -- Jarrod Saltalamacchia but nothing serious. Don't when you don't have when you don't have guarantee contracts vs when you do it completely changes your coaching style. Yeah at Texas as we forgot -- you're right absolutely Logan Mankins and another one of those guys who can be left alone and another techsters says. You know what what does it matter. That Kyle Love as type two diabetes the question. Answering. Asked a question they don't want it to me that that is the question of the hatred and do anything I don't wanted to that it that's the issue is. Was it a coincidence. That they released this guy. A day after a couple of days after we found out this news. What do they release him become the -- Johnson Hampton high jump. I don't think -- John. Anger that got me on the -- -- all you haters on the move on we can -- on other topics. Yeah okay. Oprah on her that you're talking earlier but you know the New York in the -- are at Boston rivalry beat Jack called you should come about when it kind of represented. -- but I wanted to talk a little bit about the short.

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