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It Is What It Is Cast: Examining the New England Patriots offseason

May 16, 2013|

In the latest edition of the "It Is What It Is" podcast, Chris Price and CSNNE's Mike Giardi take a look at the Patriots offseason on both sides of the ball, try and get a handle on which new guys will make an impact first, and whether or not the Patriots have altered their style when it comes to drafting and developing wide receivers.

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Are you ready for some football football. Is within these game. As fast forward. He is what you need is we Christopher price. -- -- -- -- -- This week we are joined by my journey from contest fortunate we pulled him away from Bruins coverage this week and I gotta say this semester off by saying this might. One of my favorite things about Bruins coverage is the Twitter by play between you and DJ being. You know what we have a lot of fun -- spent much time around those people. Other writers and stuff multi million people currently -- who have -- -- Now where it every day. -- we are committed to get tired of real quick to pieces. I incorrectly and it did quit a bit and yeah you -- the -- predictors so well -- It's good stuff and and I consider I appreciate it's a lot of fun to read -- it's fun to have tweet -- open turns out before after during games to see you guys pull back before they -- what are jumping the patriots stuff you're really well connected Derek fox for a -- talk about patriots. Jimmy your take on what's happened this week with the defensive tackle spot we saw yesterday were Teepen is actually Thursday -- Wednesday we saw the release a Kyle Love. And earlier in the week we saw them cut loose Brandon -- where does this team go from here first -- -- what your take on those moves towards whose team go from there when it comes to defensive tackle. You know certainly deployment for Kyle outlets that you developed into I might economic not a great player but a good -- where someone could go on apple alongside bin -- -- thought -- stop Britain -- tailed off a little bit the second half of last year. Well I spoke with you Dalia. Noted that -- -- -- got clarity in the portal like star for routine but obviously the diabetes. Out of debt under control really important for him and you know from all like being out there about it I'm not a doctor. A -- he could lose weight and that's going to be obviously an issue for someone news. Side it's certainly a big affidavit in the National Football League and forget Erica. I don't know. Obviously they must feel pretty good about what they've brought -- Ought to make a move flight data mean maybe not as good fit for the system and ballot he was. -- a year ago. It's still veteran guy a guy you're not and a -- -- Q all. Would lead me to believe that eight either not followed clamp down there or be they feel like what they have waiting in the wings. Is enough to make Brandon Deaderick. Not -- To the guys that are really look imported as a handful orgasm interest in -- obviously you know -- and mini -- gets together and we've received a full squad workouts in the in the spring and the summer and all that but I really wanna see now especially in the week what happens we really want -- here and simply they're really wanna -- Tommy -- -- Tommy Kelly -- Kelly really fascinates me because there -- -- who -- but we're used. You really for me in a perfect world for the patriots. You can get out of him what you got -- Gerard Warren a couple of years ago. Yeah maybe even more -- be admitted over more on its banks there you know there's one thing obviously -- always be in our. Will you -- that consistent effort com and added I don't know that -- -- -- that Oakland -- thing. Certainly it it's something that won't -- here so you're gonna have to show them from up from the start if he's going to be committed him to be -- him. All -- that the talent to exist and you can still play it is you know gone back and look at some of the all -- last couple years and yeah it's evident that what he would engage. You still have the physical skill set to do. Grip they've got that -- on the line and whether that it is to listen to what could break the table or maybe Elster. To get -- if you are just snapped off on off on a weekly basis which I think we would all agree would be a good thing on the first -- bit into the team. That support and I am on that obviously I'm not. Probably forgot that I look at the most I mean other than that Q that the two were rookie lot receivers in the guide circle on the board today you know. The first rock -- US yet not you're the top of the -- issues and obviously this itself got the -- -- a pretty big but obviously a year and what he brings to the table because. You know you -- from people some people say you but the first round -- -- got. This yet felt some fill -- the remote third football player what if you can contribute. All and bringing commander yet from a lot bring some you know. -- -- inability to do it without their from a different angle may be getting to the mat will be huge for this thing because like I don't I think pressuring the quarterback it means a a source subject of that group. I think union apart from world again for the patriots we talked about the big Gerard Warren Tommy Kelly comparison but. I think if you could get out -- -- -- what they got out of -- -- and part time basis a few years ago I think he'd be very happy with that as an interior pass -- presence. Yeah like I feel like that comparison a lot because they I think people forget. The couple might intrigue there at the end of the kind of impact he has an interior pass structure. I'm a guy who didn't have nearly the pedigree that armed that they come out of school -- The belt itself and I export is beside him. You know they even a time line them up on the nose and that that quick it may maybe underside of that quickness enabled him to wreak some Havoc inside and bomb that didn't complete like that I mean look we I think. We all expect gimmick don't -- better opera full economic program and working out and it's one of those guys that. And we took his shirt off -- that. You know you still saw that I am and I I don't think we're gonna see -- same -- moratorium. This summer so I think that obviously automatic high power as well I think dig -- guys got the ability to make that leap. I think sure it'll make the -- struck -- what better from the outside not hopman would go up from inside on that defense could take another. Could step forward this year a necessary step forward. I'm glad to bring -- Jones and -- terror because that leads me to my next question sometimes. Their biggest lead there's not so much going from college to your rookie year but that first year that second year how do you think those guys those two guys specifically. Are gonna do. How do you think they're set up right now two to go into that second Iraq I think they both. Are pretty good spot but I think really tell them to make that transition to continue to move all the players. I what a question that that it up to them that could take it to the next level because I think what we saw. -- from George W I -- hour. Are especially early on consistency. And ability to get the -- -- -- also. Are pretty solid against the run you know a guy. The progress that the -- adapt their players to do too much when they were a -- -- that's cool it's like what we want to be able. Unit that diplomat and and some -- I think maybe you're better off -- a -- in the and that's all I can do. -- deep threat he's -- the other stuff but that drubbing that could pass rusher. That might be why I know that course something something great in the league. But they don't has already shown the ability at least the first eight or nine games of the and it felt career. -- people. I like that I think. Training harder. In the program -- -- -- an -- coming off even with its you see brother. I think that's certainly going to be a benefit on because that the use of the of the physical freak I think what you are not yet. And I look at and say if you get -- double -- back next year I'd be rotten -- LIR. I think what our plans a and -- spacecraft -- -- -- -- -- may be where he was over they keep things but then our other time you saw him. Object make instinctive play I think it was Warner and the camera system in the middle on the sidelines. -- force a turnover he's. He's got that kind of I think what you need and ability. So bad you know you can be read on linebackers so that you can -- out there. I think even more so than Jones I'm really important you delete -- unique because I think. Are physically it's very -- it -- and I think you're Smart you're typical vocal in its view. I nor talking to guys during the latter part of the economic bracket but I'll take what -- -- -- -- one point and now Erica I'm definitely. One has that popular across the locker room and I -- my belt. Well and the like goes on for him he's certainly -- parties start that yard yard pharmacy that was you know we 1450. All but I just think you know you've got that extra year rubbed off in the film study in -- we work in. You'd be culpable in the system and more responsibility. I think he could be -- people -- clear about that. That is really exciting with a decent black eyed guy like him. I would bet that athleticism. And you do it you'll want to different things I think they're black like in my I've really look at -- in the league he makes. I thought it was fascinating to hear bill talked over draft weekend about Jamie Collins -- -- leading him to Donta hightower and that well you know we kind of got daunting into the system we kind of you'll figure out what he could do you know because he can do so many things trying to find something that he could do best. It can be a bit -- your colon struggled but you know of -- -- the freeze a part of a solution or process as a football player defined what this guy can do well what he can do well because he can do so many things to cross the border to matter plugging into the right system. Yeah yeah I mean definitely and -- the guy. Com got a school there or request from archer noted -- bring that energy level but obviously the physical -- Arm and I'm for here is that to -- it is an infant so. -- bit -- maybe don't feed him too much immediate. What are we good at right now how to we maximize that did you sense this year armed and you know. Obviously during the process is working on drills he's going to be working on techniques to refine other parts of the game but he can bring out motor. With that physical strength but he -- SP. To me you look like a guy who again capable wagon days or capable of getting after about current and with the way out of -- -- that football. But you don't do biggest thing he got so it is deeply at least do one of those things very well and bring other assets to the table that he becomes another piece of that possible. On the committee left no load on a guy like -- you that you I think it's you know opportunity to beat the dropper really terrific football player -- is vastly underrated across. We may be the most underrated guy across the league as far -- Pat and I my -- with him Harry is maybe at times he wears down maybe -- and between IR. -- you -- yeah I -- off the field produced ample maps now we're talking about over the course again because it's so important you want about they're pretty much -- but not without ample maps. To make a huge difference I think over the course of the year and when it is January -- that extra year -- at this -- it started with. Com I think sometimes -- Physically struggled at that point just because there's been so much out of them I think -- they can find a way to work that group. And yet a few snaps here and there are other guys can give him a little break that's only gonna make this team better when they need to be pattern that Odyssey. In the postseason where. They've been good but they haven't been able -- overall but right. You know that there seems to be the pieces are lining up and Aaron place here and maybe take that next step as a defense. And we're all agreed that. That's huge for them because I think what they want championships and a 10 -- for. They had a defense that at what occurs across the award and that's what -- -- a -- you seem to be building toward now. Which new offensive skill position player are you most interested in seeing -- it in Amendola is it Donald Jones is it. You know Mike Jenkins a throw him in there -- villager blunt as if they're one of the two rookie wide receivers I got I got admit I am really interested in seeing Amendola worked in this system but something about. Both Dobson and Jones strike me -- really intriguing. Yeah -- -- and obviously it in the spiral out front talking to Troy Brown Bob if Detroit notable landmarks of connection and you know got a great physical skills government -- just think it's it's. You know -- -- prepare like this because it got people like anatomy. But probably not got a good job with young wide receivers and -- -- a -- -- a good job with young wide receivers for a long time and it in depth and Beckham landed on me on the draft they go god it didn't work worthy of being trapped where they weren't given responsibility. All by now more than ever they believed at least one of these guys if not. All on the it's pretty it to Mo maybe he's another guy that can contribute what they ate somebody's got developed and be part of the roster long term and be. Guys we can play. At least what I think he's playing now arm. I'm talking about doing Brandon Lloyd W four catches and 900 plus yards which hit the threat out there be some of the -- and -- I think as you talk about obviously it but I think it on -- well make sure that the other it down on them and pay them out quickly and that it is. And we get -- example for awhile now all and so that -- use as an intriguing part to walk out they work in communicate. And need to spend extra time and you trust the man. And I look at and I thought -- taken down field. You know people consider what they want about Welker on the -- radiate from from the big drops. I'm one up what are you what and a drop what what -- you'd be you'd gone out one other great thing about him. Was. One of the many written about and -- -- ability and stand on the football field and be able practice weekly. Daily and acknowledge them or not they help the big -- but he he also did you a lot. That. Partly due here with the complexities of the offense and the position that he's stepping -- you all and issue that he's being at the bill. I'll see me is as -- -- anybody crystal what goes on because. They need to. I don't wanna say honor it's going to -- from them what they're gonna leave some there and that he kept all our. From him for the money and that is important for the -- wrapped in the feel. And when you look at the other guys the question mark about -- how and where -- gonna beat Seattle for training camp. Would be with infection in the played all that stuff and Hernandez's -- he had an issue staying healthy now coming up served really well there's. As chase his off season and so. -- or you can all -- what -- be there aren't even after it blew out at me. You'd been you there next to any and all and that I think critical for Amendola. As far as. The role but he Dan atrocity the bill would com and -- important. Of him in the offense with the other guys around -- -- well being injury question -- and threw an element and other guys controlled that it is ultimately guys that it ought to change. Should government be worried for his job they're firm offers employment here knowing what I mean I know he came back -- -- one year deal but you look at the way things have started to shake out. When you're looking at the bit depth chart and when it comes to wide receiver right now he figures to be well you know I would imagine it goes back out. But they bring Leon Washington in here who is it's still a pretty good kick returner and and you'll have a good return in in my estimation if it's starting to look like. Yeah they're fewer and fewer spots -- for -- to do what you can do. Yeah I would say that they have. Billups who used to. The -- but they've they've built that they create competition there and look I think we know all. Dot mcdaniels feels about Julian he called -- jewels I. I think we know our arms -- Obama become as a a pretty good working relationship with Julianne and as a -- local -- -- them as well. Also at the benefit the bat well again the guy he can't stay healthy at some point armed. You know we're not all of -- all you need to stay healthy and prove to them that it would be some of the -- relied on because that's not been a throughout a career and know that brought other people push him. They created some competition for the return position where as you know and -- -- I think you don't want a better one penalty. But like it's a degree I got Washington it will do one ball. We know your return is going to be. India are returner as well all the other pressure on him but I'd I'd -- -- -- -- to get them I think that can only help bring out arm. I shouldn't basically feel like yeah at the position warm and I think this create a situation where it's pretty evident to him you don't have a position more. You you talked about the drafting and development wide receive nothing to -- on when it comes to. Tom Brady's struggles in that department nor do I go back to that that particular price story where. Clearly the wide receiver was on the -- to the quarterback from the Daniel from jump street in and I -- a philosophy here so I will say this that the reintroduction of Brian Dave Ball under this coaching staff with some sort of see. A more office advisory role you know the last time they were able to successfully. Draft and develop wide receivers. Was when Brian -- was the wide receivers coach no I'm not saying that Chad O'Shea should be you'll be afraid for his job but. You have to imagine that stable. Is gonna have a role there in menu look at the kind of wide receivers that they drafted these are bigger guys these are more physical guys these are gonna put -- the court -- here. X receiver types who not don't have you know -- has a -- speed but you know they also have the size to over power. A defensive back who might trying get a little bit physical with a methodical and -- -- but I'm wondering basically overall. Are we seeing a little bit of a change in philosophy when it comes to identifying those wide receivers in May be drafted him in May be -- multiple. I I think that you're onto something merit I do you think it's a little bit of a different approach is that the the that they can I do like -- Black baseball influence here. I mean it's great you think -- that it was 2002 and they lack developed. What receivers and now of course Dion and and if you're in the addictive little bit longer than it did -- sort of -- writing and an improved his. The capabilities in the pre none of it and we haven't told a regular here and I'd like the idea yet besides I think there's one other thing about. And then dole is I think that he's not strictly going to be a lot guys think. You know there's a lot of talk about pushing for an outside guy an opportunity. You feel you you've dropped to build one of those guys could be outside got -- -- you're gonna see him pull on up outside a little bit more. I think they've they've not been afraid to use chewing him out sodomy that's not is that wolf -- they come out as well. Are -- bringing a guy like -- is no guarantee. Money. However the ability to play out but as well I think. I can't look at it like it myself I can get a break my heart all armed. An opposing defense is looking at who's in the aren't they come out of Norwalk was that a lot of Wear long Hernandez -- adult man. Whomever it may be good for me it's gotten from the outside is gonna slot here on out and respect to tell them the one side. Well I think pop up -- out he. Why -- they -- -- Hernandez why I think that. It's given himself more flexibly -- For -- what -- I don't know what the football -- -- it was -- true patriot what kind of locked into that slot and I think now. This sort of -- spat out and the gonna create a little bit more outlaw. Question mark in my defense is gonna come out an -- who's going where and how they're gonna approach and you know that that. It's about that production most of it -- got there on the field and attracted to meat lockers -- -- -- greatest assets loans that you would no doubt -- -- would become a minimum. The other guys to get the group that. We talk about the wide receivers in and how important it is that you know that they -- get on the same page with the quarterback but in my mind at least -- now it's all secondary because this is -- -- of a -- and based offense. In really in the end I think this team is going to go as far. As those two young tight -- can take a minute so important. It's obviously important when you look at their numbers but just they have to stay healthy in really -- mean. That's the -- that the core question about this team going into the 2013. Season Remington brought stay healthy can -- -- to stay healthy because if they can this team is obviously on the short list you know when you're talking about two bowl contenders. If they're not they're still in the discussion. But I don't know if they're that slam -- team to make it to say the FC championship. Yeah I would agree completely. A it's it's got Craig -- going of that I think what we're talking about the the Boston Celtics the last couple years the very core you know. Except these guys are young guys but it but they haven't proven that they can stay healthy Matt. And spent too much stock in the training room you know it's it's funny we look at that draft with Hernandez and gronkowski. And and they all automated and turn around if these -- long term extensions would. These -- guaranteed money. And it all looks good. And you say what the winning crap collapse. All we can definitely say that because they have to stay healthy men have to prove that there work. The money that the patriots give -- Allen and you know not having run out he down the stretch now doing all the stuff that he had been on and at this just. You know -- when he made it through the portions of the season. -- -- you know and he was nicked up and it took six weeks to play with it the -- would not stop them maybe they -- -- back that Seattle and then it was a. -- he's back little little bit there -- They're so critical to what they do and that sort changed their philosophy in robot that are all these guys that. Hard to duplicate that you know I -- -- either Jake Ballard made a lot of felt it was going to be healthy -- he beat you more what they thought it was -- it. From the start but he got -- down there and Jake Ballard and you know cells. -- All respect to them. Older dot strapped in terms of that -- -- of physical skill on the Mitt matches that they provide so. It's my outlook -- there on their good football players but they're not rock and are not Fernandez and very few people are. Have to stay open because really does. Mort -- -- to be going through them and without them the offense changes that maybe it's good enough to win in the regular season but when you start to see those. Property that is departure spot. In January. All I think we've seen that not having those guys helping change the way the offense looks and we knew that the production. And again that laughter in the post season and that offense that had -- caught lying on the ground to halt there. A lot -- that -- there and that starts the quarterback who I think. For upgraded the terrorism may -- is that the that the law congress and certainly in the conversation. As -- drop off in performances of some of these big games lately and that really is coming into crop that they -- Robin yeah. And that some of that lake view in seeing ghosts. -- -- You know that's. -- -- why don't we go to come full circle we're back the -- that it could be sent it to be better and because you're in tighter games now make your quarterback hasn't hit you over the top like. -- used to. I really right now you look at this defense and there are a couple of guys did that I wanted to get you do we do we just enough time to talk about when you look at this defense having right now the return to leave the addition of uterine -- and -- -- is going to be huge. And you look at Gallic Jimmy Collins I think this defense and and we talked about Tommy Kelly and an arms that the rest -- I think his defense now is it right now is better than it was opinion the lessons. I yeah I would I would absolutely agree -- I absolutely agree I don't think there's any question in my mind that says. On paper what what they've done here that there are better crew. That. That the that would be what what plane maker's outlook for the year to be able -- -- not we opened its LT. Are added year to build confidence and showed us in quite a bit arms stretched. You know you probably start the -- we also in the governor's the safety I think you can detect the vehicle -- they get put up at the argument that he probably. Could go to pro war this past year when he when it the movement. How well he solidified in fact they are never struggled at the other spot but now again creating more competition. Pretty open and here as a veteran guy respected guy and just tank. I'm Mike Agassi you know. The goal line -- in many regards we. You are happily huge -- -- we we had a chance to talked about a -- -- wrote what you yeah I'm just struck by the fact I mean he looks like you almost Mayo side. Yeah and and everybody thought so either cover linebacker well I think you have to cover linebacker. Odd that there are so that they're gonna utilizing. Organized here that's coming in the big nickel. Arms which you know that -- try to multiple times they're brother Victor green appears -- but it couldn't run anymore. People pay -- can't run as well you Q what I think if you look at some. And other that this -- numbers that support from -- bout drop I think he's still capable of doormat lol I think. I think as much as anything you've been brought here to be part of that mix. About equation and I think that the issue they struggle let me just look at what happened. In the AFC championship game. And the ability to attack the middle of the field. And the ability used and it had a mismatch situations against their linebackers -- smaller state. Ballot -- -- -- that can run and all that stuff. I think in many ways that I look at and will and as a direct response to what it did to them. Arm and the struggles and Evelyn court you are not the the big pickup for them now it's just got to prove that game. He says it is the -- says civilians and not the idea that would go gonna get a long way toward making that defense. Playoff caliber. Well what these -- shut down on the defense that it's a lot more years. Two and a half months until training camp starts. We sit here is a really period to lift the literally we -- at two weeks ago. We were writing you know farewell to the 2012 patriots as they lose to the Baltimore Ravens may have C championship game and you we turnarounds in OT gays are in the next couple weeks and then you hoping to get revved up for training camp to be in July and then. Four months from this week. We're back into the the regular season starts and so it's it's just it's this never ending news cycle. Yeah beat these -- I know that in many of them get paid handsomely so I know a lot of people back out there but they'll never stops and it's it is that demanding. Thing on the that they put their bodies through because there really is no off season right. You know some of these guys that -- victory in the solid setback -- -- back in the day normally you equipment and everything but now the way that the calendar turned in the NFL admitted at twelve month thing. Different guys did you know injury and certainly caught some important I'm. In the training room important Simon wayward on the it's a lot different than used to be in. It is it's Cummins pat you know start to warm up and you really do you start to think about how receiver on. They're going to be out there in the in the heat of July. I'll go one -- and we're going to be ratings. Beyond that the world that we're going to be look at an -- it -- and we're going to be seeing -- hightower made that jump that although the young wide receiver look you know. I didn't go -- to -- -- if you talk about doesn't get goose ought to get so fired up Ford meant. Yeah it's it is and that and that and looked up the bonus well strips and the -- then since 2001. Is that we're covering it seemed that. What the general we talked about it this Super Bowl contender central to global champion and effective. Barring a complete disaster you know they're -- decline in January we know they're -- -- well -- born. You know the -- there's there's a lot of hope and other places. Com there's a lot of excitement what we yet the that the whole world. In that you get that open. The new guys are excited to see now that you know what the end of the day what they are -- places and up to put them well enough to put themselves. As one of the top teams to it's impossible format that is -- it up itself. The fact that we're talking about this and we been talking about it since well I guess so one was surprised we're talking about it particularly -- -- is. Pretty precedent that a lot about the program that they run down -- well. He -- might -- -- you can catch -- Reverend Wright on Comcast sports net Mike I sincerely appreciate your time and look -- do it again very very soon. --

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