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Lou calls in from San Diego

May 16, 2013|

Lou is off for the week but he calls in to gloat about Stephen Drew's grand slam.

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I never thought I was disappointed at all you know was there was your level of and -- you think you're right because of the season looked over now sit around writing Dow -- -- -- talking about on Tuesday with Tom Caron. And it's what happens a -- you know what happens these lines and they make this. Ridiculous come back and I don't know I I don't mean to jump ugly -- caller but I I did not feel disappointed. And all of -- game I felt like I can't believe what I just saw its deal with the -- and that's. That's what I felt her I guess someone has taken some time off from my -- You hear the music I do hear that he's. And that is a slew in San Diego joining us next on Sports Radio -- year. -- music bought it in its -- the other people or gains have come -- all fired up and ready to go you gotta let it breathe a little bit and you go let the music creepy picture biopic Jolie. Going to. We lost we lost the caller I -- how old no we didn't I'm dispersants are delighted I don't pretend we lost you for a second go at. One -- you don't forget -- and I fly ball right center field this is they. Zobrist getting back by the wall there. My Grand Slam -- even. That dropped over the right center field fans just developed it 378. But we'll honor their moon. Later they do then nothing. I don't oh great day and -- a little -- and I'm a little Nicky yeah I don't know all I don't know what many I'm not quite sure we've reduced. Maybe it's hard to think Obama would he treat you should move right now where you Stephen -- would -- plan believe -- -- call -- -- -- -- -- would even be one more time -- give me again. And it's that we cannot fly ball right center field this is they got good Zobrist did. -- by the wall and that's. My Grand Slam -- Do you beautiful. They're so beautiful so big are we doing Greg good to get injured or you know Stephen Stephen -- when he was last sixty threes than 370 during that time in extra base hits seventeen RBIs. In eighteen games go back to April 24 and look -- ROT. Early on concern that pollute our team leading twelve RBIs in man. Would represent GAO already when did you also ballot when I see you all I don't know I couldn't think of a better representative. Can you make decisions people -- I don't know we get away goes -- night. Thought it -- playing defense let the fly home simply because it's powerful what you eat what is going on a little like I saw a guy. It's not a good we got now we have some young guys out there. Got a little towards her actions about a story I'm excited and -- tell you all the -- -- I think. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I'm not -- idea good -- quick one but it's okay I'm ready toward quality. But what college did you know even through -- -- your group. No are you leave people wondering underwear were you on Twitter the juror gas and finally. There are here you're enjoying it now what again we don't care about that we care about. -- any easy pageant is up the Stanley making good from the time you miss steered working so hard. It'd make it up her car where they could work into my car note issued here nobody. And you'll be ready to go forward AMBER Alert goes to lions. -- sea lions you know rather and one session penguins were always go. Hey Lou -- miss you miss some very important this week. Yeah by the way I I know I have kids came to me -- now I don't have kids. There -- -- series of. Now I don't have kids. I would be let down Mason right now if I did have a kid right I would be spending time with them in San Diego and not call this stupid -- bragging about Stephen Drew Griffin -- I forgot had a kid earlier in the week. Put the -- shelters and why did you what did you say that -- -- could talk to get -- -- -- -- -- -- I was -- I was -- he literally -- -- -- again. What did you think like you know it. You'll -- got 567 year old cared what every chemical blink and you don't like mr. Michael baby boy a year or whatever we're talking about your Edwards. Talk about sporting events and I was trying to say I've not taken my son to a sporting event yet Tom you have and somehow I said. I don't have a kid and there are events -- -- them. SC so IE that was the conversation I'm an idiot once again I have we'll have live -- son. I freaked out there for a second tweaked out and yes and here's its economy at home this now with the I don't. Have a kid's parents probably parents you're not. The question we do well I'd -- join the party on on Tuesday Luke is there was cannot make a zealot might kids they have to eleven instead of starting to the -- -- watched the game. Screw the -- up up up. Actually I'm -- worried about it appears that there won't get eighteen anyway right they don't get things going with what we don't hear. Well I listen as well educated and become world number one you're not awful it's beautiful whirlwind. Well but the way a lot of people want to know where you watching the game tonight UBS and hotel room is a house is a bar what do you do when. Thought my login no -- how straight arrow nice a -- did allow someone going -- going to -- could -- -- actually due to New York. -- -- will handle more I understand there any essentially actually don't like arrangement -- Mom can be brought to world who are guarding it went through our secure great -- Buick and a couple of hours thanks for call I think he grabbed junior drew gas and and enjoy the rescue time off. Oh boy we'll see you soon areas making up for lost time as a father.

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