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Andy Brickley, NESN: Hour 2

May 16, 2013|

Brickley previews Game 1 and the Bruins Rangers series with Mut and Tom Caron. Brick talks about Rangers coach John Tortorella, which line Chara will match up against, and why center ice is critical for the Bruins.

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Lunchtime -- Tom Caron control all week. There'll be joined by Andy prickly and studio -- is set for game one in this entire series brick joins us. Throughout the series and he's always brought to you by Toyota -- visit their all new. They -- -- -- their megaplex during the ongoing spring savings sales event Bob Draper Rick Calabria the entire crew. Come see with the buzz is all about at Toyota of Nashua and by -- mortgage people getting involved with brick today on Twitter at hey brick hash tag a brick. And the question was can -- while -- teach. Juror -- question Brecht is the rangers' style of play playing in the hands of Gallic Lucci seems the bruins' success or lack thereof will center around. Them and like you feel like that Nightline after Lucic might be more important in a series like this well obviously Lucic is important and you know he's kind of that tone setter from Boston especially try to establish that fore check and you know in that again that will to win the phrase gets used a ton at this time a year. So how they game plan for that line will be interesting so assuming that they get the top deep parent maybe -- top defensive line much the way liberal -- like to go Bergeron then his line and charity -- -- so. Yet now becomes one of the other matchups and -- who gets the advantage in those matchups and generally speaking Boston because of that strength down the middle of the belief in their full light system. They want to get into lions 34 against the sentiments five and six in May be against those Ford -- that -- is deep forest physical or his talent let's say. -- -- that's where your advantage can be but you know your best play is going to be your best player is right in the post season so Lou teaches a major factor as discreetly as is -- But again it's what are you gonna get out of that Bergeron -- who they gonna play against and and what's yeah argue gonna give view -- is your fourth line gonna be able meant to change all that stuff and again. Particularly with the fact the at three key defenseman. Beatrice and to see them the coaching match appear in terms of and always on the first series you try to match up with -- make sure char is on the -- do you think in this series brick. There's any matchup like that or either coach will try to get. -- at a terrible Madonna and Girardi before against the Bruins first line is there a while like after the Rangers where callable try to get -- matched up with. Nash Nash Nash I would think initially that's that's you know that's that's my inclination that. But that's the guy you wanna continue to neutralize certainly Washington game played for him you know he's a guy that can play either wing left or right that can be problematic if he's trying to get away from -- Russian out beautifully Charlie Campbell tonight get -- -- able to sign a lot. National slicing -- west when he gets those big you know big legs going you know they'll try to say he was side of the ice to the other should now coverage in angling becomes critical. But I would think initially that Sharon Nash Nash is probably the most dangerous offensive force pool -- averages says. -- for him to do on the back of the net. You know they had Nash in the -- part of the season I thought national Richards would be the natural combination surprised that that never was given more of a chance that the click. Knowing John Terrelle. You know public patience do you have when you put those two guys out there -- -- Richards finds himself almost -- the fourth line center right now they've just got to place I'll place so. Maybe Richards is at that point his career where it is enough deterioration or or -- jurors you know but enough tire tread on the -- right now to be an effective player. Where's -- is in the prime of his career so you gotta get it with somebody it's gonna get of the pocket. And play an up tempo game and then maybe that's not reached that streak it's interesting you mention. The Rangers team now looked like -- -- for the trading grabber and did you think you would get this sort of response where. The sort of on the verge of playoff money at bursts are the add John Morton is about fast good skaters that the dead on the defensive and he tells a big trade and don't have the sort of impact when they made those couple deals well there's two. Two variables going on at the same time you know the realization that with gnashing -- in the lineup they were really the office of dynamo that they thought they were going to be. Now they needed more depth they needed more balanced they needed more were you know sand -- I guess is the best phrase you know getting dialing dorsett comes in. But they wanted more down the middle -- has been a nice addition for them really to -- -- used to be rookie of the year the year for she when he got hurries off to awesome start. So that was a big trade but in conjunction with the was the elevated play legally. You know we saw them to whites at the beginning of the year is two games in the first three gets ranges and he looked like a guy that you know I don't know when he was doing Norah O clock -- but. He was at the Hendrick Lundqvist that we were used to seeing because his numbers so I popping against the Bruins. But he wasn't all that and you know in those first two out of the first three games so. Eagle make a deal the deadline. But that's a really good team that understood that it wasn't happening given the current roster make some changes but at the -- -- -- Israel have been having. Trouble scoring goals it really through the season but now in the playoffs the -- 2.2 nine game and that's with five in game seven imagine how long -- Prior to game seven I was saying earlier in the -- I think if if they have trouble scored tonight given the personality of the coaching and given me. The tendency -- to maybe start making moves right exact creep into the rangers' psyche early on if you can keep them off the board game one or at least you know make it real tough for them to get anything going I don't think so TC I don't and think they worry so much about how many goals this glory -- -- they worry more given their leadership meaning their coach that they gonna play the game they wanna play to their identity. Play it the right way be physical. And if it takes one gold winner two Eagles to win and -- three Eagles to win and we really get hot score four or five. That's okay with them but I don't think it affects your psyche the amount of goals the dish or it's just all about winning at this time. So than this question is going to be considered dumb on the other side Bloomquist success she talked about it two games notwithstanding. 117 into -- 167 goals against at 943 save percentage I was saying earlier. Paid a Bruins can get them they can feel like hey we get a couple goals -- one was tonight they can feel better about themselves be would I put that and a another crappy argument mutt category that it's not about psyche it's about winning this it's not -- like crappy to use your phrases but. It's the same mentality is what you have to have -- this time there especially the second round when you're looking at a mere image to some degree. Of the style hockey that you play and if it's the first team to three that wins so be it doesn't matter to these guys. All of that is that you play the game the right way and that's what they gonna focus on and not worry about the number of goals. 6177797937. The phone number and he Berkeley in the house he's taking your phone calls. As we get set for game one tonight Brandon is in Maine -- -- up with but Tom -- a brick what's going on. They got expect Michael. -- put the -- sort American I think we acquired op but here in the report of the playoffs started. That my understanding that yet our -- op -- that. -- -- That could be looked at that ruined -- Portland. Good indication of criminal I don't like it Benedict at the electorate org. And what -- -- -- -- -- I didn't know I'll let all of our elected -- out. Well sort of -- Soderbergh cable over obviously -- impressive resume for is a terrific offensive skills and his three's own ability you know in the Swedish completely. You try to transport those skills. To the NHL during the regular season and it was okay. It when you watched the plane broke it down to peel the onion NC or kind of the skeeter is easy good enough skated to be. Any age already. At 27 how much is his skating going to improve it is should he be at his peak really as a skater. Does he understands now how to play in a smaller brain that can -- deal with the physical aspects of the gain. You know that time and space that is not allowed at the NHL level relative to European leagues. And then you try to take that leveled NHL regular season play. And then -- amplify it in the post season and so my inclination is that. I don't think he's the first guy up there when it's not about replacing fall when it comes to put -- broad lineup together based on injuries a matchup depending what you wanna do so. I think he's a good player no doubt he's got some skills and at times it looked pretty good. Play with a guy like you -- because he understands that kind of mentality and kind of you know. There's no real. Or get a cycle -- of the third Mannheim and robbery go -- gonna post up it's not so much that it's almost freelance out there just get -- so. Audience a moment when he looked good like that but. My expectation is that unless they get really down and depleted the full position these indices so nobody is looking past tonight -- past the series let alone pass these playoffs but where does he factor to this team down the road next year beyond -- got lobbyists. -- -- the same kind of training camp -- like to see him you know get a regular scene is always a big yes if he's missed a friend but you know it's new players this new system -- its new -- is the sizes of drinks it's a new case it's it's totally new style you know he might watch a lot of HL hockey when you're in Europe it's equal here and the adjustments you have to make is a -- he needs training camp. Any needs conditioning NHL conditioning not European pro league conditioning it's totally different. So if he can get that that we'll have a better grasp on what this kid can offer and how much better he can be. I want no part in the Rangers -- and let the big -- is this the idea of him trying to figure out the musicality of this group you're gonna see in the for the two. Forces against each other eat meats and all folk whose been around listening for a light it's Dawkins was a tough scrap her. I'm OK so Bergen this mix in this series this poll and see if maybe Montreal may be a more skilled team it's not quite as physical. And I let him get thrown into the like game three in New York like Soderbergh trying to figure out. Okay how physical the Rangers going to be with me -- see that the Bruins. And all with the other and that's -- say you'll be the first man up and yeah diamonds and -- -- all pulled even that option of -- those guys on the on the fourth line let's say the energy line. It allows you to slide again like -- pie a could give you more with a great speed and it's a decent offensive skills that. To give you the versatility of some options you know if you need to make those adjustments based answered thanks I'll chance of that shoot out coming in for the less than what -- event -- we're at -- shoot out. Let's hope not doing this every a lot of overtime none better -- gave seven an Alitalia would receive validated in a shootout. We are using the hash tag -- brick on Twitter today to get you guys -- -- -- yuck what a question about Claude Juli talked about. The defensive system me as the responsibilities that system. Does that affect the offensive development of someone like Palestinian my guess is you give more questions about Tyler Sagan and his development and almost and a player on this team. Do you think -- system. Affects the development a player like say you have to learn the system where you're not gonna play and that's that there. Development -- it'll play double so you have to understand your responsibilities within the defense -- system the system in total. If you go to play and play regular so that's -- all -- ethical workload came into eat over team and organization that was just about dead last in goals against. -- -- -- that if we have a chance to win and we play defense first we turn defense in office and that hasn't wavered that hasn't changed he's evolved to coach. He's allowed the players to be a little bit more offensive creative. When they do you have the putt with a turnovers -- when they are created. But does it but it does it hurt the development of a guy like Tyler -- -- what's that last year when he angles top scorers on the team. If you don't think he's improved this year I'm not put that on -- a kind of player plain and simple. You can be an offensive player -- -- I was better than -- -- guy -- for the Boston. If you have the offensive skill set like that Tyler -- you should be a more productive player that you were this year. Steve it's their -- the mid eighteen -- to gain planted defeated the things that need it really offensive guy down in Tampa. He made adjustments to his game was just like baseball DC right between pitches figure when you weakness is on the attack him at all got to make the adjustment books out on a guy you're the book is out on Tyler said absolutely he's -- -- and one of these days to a -- take him down. I'm not gonna have numbers coming across the brewers beat 212 or three on threes gonna use that great speed the outside. -- -- take it that on Sony's gonna pull up attachment she's gonna shake that defenseman he's gonna hit some equally. One of these days he's gonna make that play and all of a side is gonna wait while I can use I could do a little bit more. And the mideast as a -- that all of a sudden. He beat that guy one on one is the guise of you know he's he's backed off I don't know what -- -- exactly dare I say the what what Phil -- bus when it comes down the wing and recognizes nothing there are asked brick but that he needs -- he stuck so much and that's series because. As a fan watching on TV over the building. Nobody else who got the -- maybe feel the way I felt watching Phil -- saying. That guy's dangerous and if he doesn't have it. He's gonna stop a cup back in the -- the ice and try to make a play now yeah and and that's a perfect example because maybe Cassel didn't have that as part of his arsenal the first couple years in the in the NHL but now he's developed so I'm hopeful that that. But Sega makes the necessary just to be more strict. It amazes me that there was even a debate about Sagan and and there was media called traded. On I heard some stock was at an immediate call is one guy well okay there may want -- earlier this week saying Tyler Sagan is never going to get -- It's a direct well I voted down because Oakland's art what I set the record wasn't on Tuesday I was on the -- On Tuesday. When I was sitting here I would look up. There -- eleven players on last year's big users roster older than Tyler. And you are not given up on any of that and you're a freshman at. Welcome to college with Jeff -- -- is though we get your phone calls at any Brinkley 61777979837. Jeff. I -- -- -- you know like everybody I mentioned that you would be Pratt are structurally and pay and walked away. Extremely confuse. Y and Z you -- you know. Almost you know blurted out -- a bomb. About that -- president out wage. Sort of -- -- a bit frustrated with the coaching out command in the next breath. You -- Edgar or I think year. You know -- a cure it will be here at reports that -- -- have been extremely. Didn't the but it apparently extremely. Demonstrative and important traits we think a lot of -- you know in the private quit the track here I. You know -- get -- We didn't win the other night and we talk about changes I mean she wouldn't and the general manager and -- Well I think -- -- as if Chicago can't -- you think Jeff would have a package deal change the picture rally in gloat. Didn't they -- all of a sudden when -- web page that are competent and end. I don't what do you -- it sounds like to leave it Arum is being completely differently. -- -- -- -- And I'll be -- it and that that shouldn't make. I've not heard maybe you guys have -- he says reports the camp felt differently I've only heard Camby supportive. Luxury Ellie and and -- publicly not. Tennessee reports the Jeff from -- just talked about and I I don't know how I say it's all playing the what if game yeah I hypothetical hypothetical if they lose game seven against Montreal two years ago -- you make a coaching change instead they were in the cup -- at the duck boat ride include -- -- a contract us. It's very simple you know hey if you wanna deal hypotheticals if the Bruins had lost to the Toronto Maple Leafs can't nearly sandlot. We take a look at the organization we evaluate everybody we make decisions from there -- sure releases look at. I hired this guy Claude -- -- and a terrific job I'm not rated pull a trigger on a coaching change right now I mean. Did you title fire their guy did did his duty Viles mollify you know Quenneville stability as -- Stanley cups that -- good coaches look at their track record of success. How the teams play. I'm more interested in what personnel changes you gonna make -- -- vehicle -- of the kick the can if things had gone bad for Boston I think that would be the most logical way to go. I'm not ready to pull the trailer on something like that and and I don't think that Peter short I think that's a message Peter surely is convey. More your phone calls with the Tom carries an all week for Lou any Berkeley's here as well 6177797937. And we give back. -- John total relish spoke and he oasis. Always -- and make you smile at some point -- a lot of shall hear from John zarrella. In -- press conference prior to game 1 that was this morning and more your preview on Rangers and Bruins don't. On a lighter note knowing what you know about coach -- grow up just wondering if he had any advice on asking questions might actually answer. While we want to come here before me so. I don't know what to tell your country's he's excited -- answering your questions. He always is. Healthier and good luck guys. Our -- DJ being of WEEI. Asking that question Taloqan was the rep Lewis TV guy. Asking -- how to approach John Terrelle -- -- 937 WEEI Tom Caron is here. Been here all week any Berkeley as well let's hear a little bit what John -- had to say earlier today over the golf. Well I think we've gotten better through the seven. It was fortunate for us game seven was our best game. Sort. I'm not sure if that's. Precedent to game born here but I feel -- both teams right on through our. And as we as -- answer properly struggled a bit. But other than that I felt we played really well and I -- a better series one. Well I'm not even concerned about going deep I'm concerned about game one. Not even looking in that direction. I think we have. As -- we went through the Washington series I've settled with some lines that I think is given some balance not only through the middle. But just through our lineup. So. I feel pretty comfortable with our lineup right now. Not gonna talk don't talk about the Rangers. -- -- -- No you know he he he he scored three goals and hopefully I mean what was in the regular season two of the playoffs but. He's given some good minutes he's he's had some injuries and I don't think he's in great shape just to have the time dismissed but. God expert and every -- team in the league he has experience and he is he has shown us. And I think it's going to be important here in this series that he can play along the wall and do the little things there. Could you won't play. If he doesn't. And I I say that. Half kidding way but he's he's a veteran guy he knows what it means. He it's not like this is new to him he he understands. What is rule is. And he doesn't want her to -- -- good teammate and I think that that comes into us thank. Some stuff from Doral earlier today partisan press conference we got it to this yesterday Britain. Rex Ryan gets a lot of credit not a lot of credit a lot of attention when he addresses the media is the jets head coach and I. What -- reason -- he is this character and I I hate when Rex Ryan talks -- just hot air. I love when Orel speaks of -- just honest and hoping it's there for show I think part of a package for the guy like Larry Brooks there is some. Entertainment there but he speaks his mind and I find him refreshing as a guy who -- would you wanna play for guys that honest about his players and about -- absolutely you wanna know -- your stand you don't wanna pig gained she don't want gamesmanship. You don't want to one coach tell you one thing in your head coach tell you another so. Well yeah as hockey plays you know sometimes you gotta be honest with some time yet to be brutally honest that he has both covered when it comes to deal with players let him know we you stand we shortcomings are. And why or why not. When it comes to playing. Playing in New York -- is there an advantage to having a sort of lightning rod as a coach I mean he will deflect a lot of that media scrutiny from his -- were absolutely as long as he acts the lightning rod did not you know put added pressure on -- gathered Larry feels the pressure played in new York and sometimes a brutal honesty goes in that direction and you wish. Sometimes you would -- yen you know he had been so forthcoming and so direct post. -- -- In this business that we're now real relative to being back in the day when I was playing I mean I love -- they -- find it highly entertaining but. But it pass but it's the it's the the purity of it because for the most part he is you know. Honestly blunt any wants questions that matter if you questions are just because you wanna be self talk -- whatever it is. Eighty something right or -- Just get right to it you know have some subs ST question and that he'd gladly answer why. It yesterday day before you the Rex Ryan out I try to try. That was -- couldn't think of the I think a lot of that is an act like it did I think it's authentic and it cost us about if you sped up these baseball games a little bit I think a lot better. In the first hour of the -- but I do think. It's an -- make it to -- -- really is but -- right is very much into the persona of -- -- To order I just think that's him speak from the gets frustrated it's angry as this temporary -- let's -- to -- right all the time either on a lot of opinions sir or how he ceased being looser -- -- different in the way someone else might see -- that has as much hockey that water activities. And it just doesn't -- Larry Brooks. And a lot of that let's let Brooke let's let brick -- as you guys been weighing in our populace poll question today at 37937. We have four. A two Motorola's best all time and grass probable on their favorite it was him he don't want any questions after post game witnesses text a -- like this. -- really -- and I am not taking any questions. We -- from the hit. And we need to move by so we're not gonna dissect you guys know we have to do your job. Will not answer the question it's let's. Like that would get text 8379370. -- goes after other teams and he did so on a couple these including. The Pittsburgh Penguins it's -- Our dirty hit -- it's just. I wonder what would happen if we -- whining stars over there when what happened. So nice to see what happens with the lead with this just no respect amongst players not. Six. Party think that happens to play like to ask the guy who did it ask them it's almost arrogant organizations and leak. They whine about this stuff all the time and look what happens. Answers. -- Haven't talked around. It's ridiculous. But he'll whine about some and also their own thing. Start with their two stars. He was not the only one he went after the what do think of -- Joseph Thornton and Joseph -- comments you know it surprised me. I've never heard players say that and you know -- a heck -- -- player but his -- popping off on our team and Joseph hasn't won a thing in this -- he could go down as a player he one of the better players in the league never to win any. And finally this is the one that I voted for this is the he gets into Larry Brooks and talks about fighting the meat doesn't get much better. It doesn't take -- third man I'm not gonna answering questions from you -- not know. Obama won't speculate that he speculate and your sarcastic as you can additionally are a world tour for. -- -- wanted to read for improvement and said I'm not taking her and answering your questions have you ever fought before -- you know him. Right -- check -- -- -- all of challenging him. You know read written. Red -- sticks up for his teammates the other night and you come to come out with some sarcastic article was coming. It was funny now but you know we'll probably give up on the bus stop most of the -- Next. -- -- second period home he could definitely a great representative of the city and we let these other good discourse stand somewhere else notably no I won't. That is the can text ABC your -- at 3793737937. Got a favorite brick 04 without question. -- At tremendous up -- that a car talk they know -- as we get back to your phone calls game one tonight Bob woody. She he. Yeah I know that works there right in the item that betting incident nine bill I don't follow in the one sentence. I would be a one -- explored in that many. And that was also when -- out as quick out or and they do want to bomb. Back in the day -- -- new law. -- at a personal interest and that team and diplomat America the food and our they've got to hit them and in -- I believe. So you think it will be able to wait thirty minutes and. No doubt in my mind that much like. Back in the -- balky or teams try to lay the puck at his caller all the time to take the body -- we're down overtime but there are certain players that can handle that they can handle the minutes that can handle the body contact. You take a look at the schedule yet a couple days' rest before game one a couple days in between game one and two that should work in -- favor. When -- that fit in we have the ability to a -- hits and not have a -- he doesn't rely on it for the speedy relies on body positions that position. Body contact. And and moving the puck and if you play that game when you play Smart. And you have the the conditioning at a certain level that the disease has it. You can handle thirty minutes a night but my expectation is that they get what they want and that's contributions from all six defensemen and can manage his minutes they keep it somewhere between twenty. There I thought game seven we talked about it the next day while you most impressed by you know Lucic coming out and just you know exerting his will over the last ten minutes of that game. But today char 35 minutes. Second game in two days flying that day. 34 ships over and over to I in front of the net on that time I mean to watch the guy who was the bedrock that all of this is built. Somehow step it up even another level team needed the most -- it was incredible I probably rode his bike to the game two and a half I. But there are some there were some instances though -- of you know when he was getting banged around or he was trying to initiate the contact you with it'll lose balance and fall down that -- -- happening have a lot shall. There were signs of fatigue in his game understandably three games in four nights and you know in the demand on this guy so -- -- it's even more amazing that he had the impact that he had at a critical time knowing. You know the work workload -- we'll also I give Toronto a little bit of Bob I think you guys talked about the spark on the broadcast it was couple more somebody lay like a really good hated char I feel like it was. It was you who said you don't see that all the time -- teams actually put a good hit on char and finished the -- almost worried about it let me -- back and it is a good job -- that -- -- I thought late necking in the game seven where they. The -- hard at hand but they recognize he is the go to guy Seidenberg out 37 seconds in. This guy means a lot to -- well you look at the people they finish their checks on him you know and knee Buick spectacle -- with limited ice time to make body contact which are you expecting guy like frat because he's a -- -- kid that. Did that really Kyle ousted -- gonna play for me you'd have to do these kinds of things. Group box -- they -- askew and Adam you know -- a small guy but he -- initial quick. He knows he's got a finishes checks are not gonna get the ice time that he wants van riemsdyk -- some. Epic battles which are trying to work the front of the net so they all targeted -- And it's Ronald first facets of the app front. There are very physical team to that was a tough challenge from Boston the match -- were impressive veto he had a you know had a really tip your hat to. Toronto what they're able to get dotted challenge Boston force you know seven games. This will be a different animal that the New York Rangers will be different animal they will finish their checks and they will target -- but we'll have a different feeling a different texture to. When you know you're playing a team like this brick itself physically match what you do is a different feeling on game day that it would be. And the Toronto series knowing that there are more physical team and they're gonna. Maybe be a lot like cue -- you do you prepare prepare prepare differently but they're different mental. Preparation heading into game you know is going to be. Very physical symbol of style play did you -- -- seven Washington Rangers it. -- to relish said that it was their biscuit into Switzerland so yeah. And there was so much discipline of the ranges especially game six and seven that they had a win and what might shut -- And they weren't over the top physical they took the bloody when it was there. But they weren't over the top seeded and -- they didn't. Play that reckless take the body and forget about the puck kind of fortunate the -- from time to time. Now maybe you'll see that more early in the series but what he gets down to crunch time. The Rangers try to play with as much discipline as the Bruins will try to play with when it comes -- body contact and not taking penalties even global -- please have struggled. He just -- wanna give your opponent that opportunity so I think you'll see more discipline in this series then that what re anticipating. At one point was a Juliet surely forget said that was before. The Toronto series using New York is an example of a matchup that that no easy match up to this point but maybe. Not the same John it was all. It's a different jobs but not the same challenges the speed to -- the music mirror image. It is because of that this is more dare style play whether they come out topples. But they can play almost a little more than a game rather worrying about matching up with speed and -- -- -- most of the body conscious thought it OpenId haven't disagreed open ice hits in the playoffs but it's a lot of the wall -- front of the net so how do you create. Those situations added to go back to one of the callers thought about the soft -- for the chip and chase kinda game and now. And I said it earlier that with the neutral zone becomes absolutely critical if you're playing a team that's who wins the battle center writes in order to. In order to play that every game we you're initiating the body contact. It applied to body contact to win your opponent down it's what happened to senator -- delete the eve of good break outs or good fore check. On you know -- in favor of which teams are -- rice is critical for boss. Jets to come back to mix in a couple more phone calls and any Berkeley he'll be here till 1 o'clock with the guys at 617779. 7937. On Twitter use the hash tag he brick at some of those as well and we come back we'll also let you know where you can see -- because the games go to NBC sports. Rick's gonna be all over this playoff run -- one's goals will pay about that in your phone calls next. If you just clarify. I think a lot of may -- Bruins fans got a little bit nervous when you know that the tweets are going out and things that that -- Had to be helped off the ice deep bump into somebody did he kind of just trip for some -- you tell us. I'm -- is going to be okay here's your money I -- It's all right so then apparently on the Twitter verse. -- -- -- By -- treats every now that Andy brick and that I just tweet -- don't know who thought that now and it's a golf club that's Peter -- world pockets we. Op. But there's that it's higher. Controversy fueled conspiracy theory is Edward. That if you listen to what Claude just that he never says it applies. Is that he'll be here. He'll be on the ice tonight which of course out there that are pretty outperform the QB Tyler -- act on the ice and up. It's -- is. -- was certainly -- I hired a high I don't let that asks marshals penalties that I have got a list but you know if you have a 140 characters does nothing. There's more than a few people dissecting that statement. The hash tag -- brick abuse and all show long Kevin wants to know Britain's got the break -- series. Against the Rangers their brew and or two that would fit Atmel. Why. Heidi defied breakout because if you're not expecting atomic goals and you measure a breakout -- a guy that scored its goals I don't think that's gonna happen this -- really don't it's going to be low scoring. -- -- -- you know 45 goal game consistently from. For either team for the men and -- talk to -- that there has been Hendrick Lundqvist but. I don't know -- break out but I will say that I am totally expecting my shots a -- farm or -- -- And I have to if they're gonna win right if we believe that that McDonough Girardi combinations gonna focus on that line you've talked about this trickle down effect they were so good. Marchand -- Bergeron during the regular season -- Bergeron continued that. Those two guys got to be -- finish and we so we talked about finishing in the throttle series and opportunities on driver missed the -- completely. Different game plan with a Lundqvist disease -- got -- these are -- -- is pure rebound. I trust you played this strikes you know I wanna see -- play a quicker game I wanna see him play with better puck handling skills passing skills Dorsey say you'd bring that great speed. You know don't asking him to be. You know -- got -- goes into the corners and wins one on one battles will be saying that. There are a lot of ways to -- one on one battles and and I don't like to use this reference a lot because I grew up heating the Montreal Canadians but when you watched a guy like -- to Florida let's say Palestinians in the flurry that. But buffalo wasn't a big guy what was his assets it was his quickness and speed you know his ability to create offense or the -- was up for grabs in the corner. He would win this year battles and it's how we want them. It allowed him to say you know lock up a little -- -- but I -- them in a far different sense that noted -- and separate the guys in the pocket walking out with. No it doesn't say -- -- that to -- -- speed usually what is usually quick hands. Understand. How to come at the puck so they you don't good paying off the puck and he's alert those things at. -- you when you you when you shared that. -- cliche. I had a goalie will stop when he's on his gamma -- will stop everything he -- I think that you know the Lundqvist doesn't about it. So high you get things in -- hot what can they do differently. To get him moving laterally to get even more going on front and well again I'll go back to that third -- I really like that concept in the offensive zone now you can should you go DDD now that -- -- -- post the post although the shots coming from a further -- -- he'll get along the goal line late in a way back in the batter's box to get a look at somebody. And but it but if you use that in the middle little bit now he's got to go post to the middle maybe they're another posted and then have that too. Being net front presence one in front of one off the -- you know a couple of shots just wide to get redirected their quality scoring chances backs him in. And it makes the Rangers have to reassess. -- -- -- -- -- Great point to bring up -- just affair watch it -- like it was a great but he is gonna stay back does is attempt autopsies Arctic -- -- you would push you out of the way he's gonna stay back and try to get a look at it and very rarely does he try to get out in front of the league you know the defenseman that's fronting the guy that's in front of him very rarely try to -- -- -- react to the -- By and I feel like with him the rebounds are never as Jackson likely -- negatives haven't -- that -- and they always say. Another became a drinking game are you aware of that now and that it was every -- does the right to participate after. I just sort of -- there there are trust me -- both games after a few Beers and while there's still drunk Bruins -- off of that juicy biggest. All is a rebounds when he watched -- to watch all the Casone at the Bruins games but. Against the capitals. Went to the side where they should never really an opportunity and you mentioned before haven't talked to grass you know why. The questions about -- grass should be over -- anyone questions number one goaltender he has been terrific in some of the saves that he made that series were. Tim Thomas like enter his abilities like cross on -- on and around he had a couple one on one was great against. While the two saves on -- put all the time Ross out of the loop cover laid off the bench one time high slide David deflected off our coast guess -- don't altered changed direction haven't talked to go about it. But to get that with the right -- the right side of his body but the wraparound after that I thought was a more challenging stop -- that back in the -- no idea -- it's gonna go. And it's tight and it's you know in the -- -- icy tunnel it's those two big stops but. I know he's not about individual awards. But it is about to you know signing a one year deal about validation and who you wire as a player as a goaltender -- you -- in this league and especially. On a team that -- the Eagles had to be real good as does every two. So it's about him and now he's played against the got a lot of people felt that -- to -- was better than this regular seasons in terms of being a vezina trophy finalists that little story within the within series' story -- is is critical in the overall growth of Tuukka -- in Indy career -- if you will was it was a game seven like that important for him -- yeah answers but to get -- -- in game seven absolutely absolutely and an end. And like a great ace on your staff -- You play against good teams you give up some runs but it's what do you do with the game on the line you know we gave up four goals yet they still win in overtime when he made the stops -- Full -- breakaway for global -- to break -- for Pratt and for a a little ball twice and all the time so both of the things you remember and that we get it to be kept to. The 41 breakaway. It was it looks a lot. Sitting their for what it's two seconds whatever really has but it was long enough want to drug -- I think everybody felt. This is it. I mean that was the moment that Mary watching the dagger -- Jack talked about later but itself and its common it to heart. I'd did you have time to register that whole motions wearing from the minute he steals the puck to the minute the struggles. I absolutely and because at that point you still say this time this time clocks not your ally but -- political no breakaway you know. Right up at the time that it takes to go and they'd seen playing you know a lifetime and you know. No goal -- still -- and now you feel like is still an opportunity have you witnessed anything like that. Now married and asking -- you know we don't not forget him -- -- seven. -- seals the deal when it comes to you know we rank this stuff but. We were part of that Bruins team against Hartford and McCain tried to talk out so that was pretty that was pretty memorable sure from a personal experience but nothing like that -- and you know just the effort by the guys just that I and I just love in the NHL post season. When teams are able to accomplish what you think he's just just can't get it -- that they do look. -- -- to space let's bleeping go week includes if you read lips you -- tell what he's saying in an energy that they had late now all that being said. We did know this we talked to the day afterwards we asked you about -- the end of the game and come back and everything. We had no idea until -- and posted the video and if you have not seen -- yet. Jack in brick are on what was got to go inside TV with the -- -- McCullough -- -- -- and wrote a -- -- again it's -- -- -- not seen the video -- FaceBook dot com. Slash WEEI FaceBook dot com slash WEEI where Jack is. Making a final call. And and the call is good. Many see the video. And you see Jack is acting out the words he's saying he takes a dagger like Jack takes a dagger. He sticks that someone's art knees go back and watch video. Concerned Randy britney's health unconcerned that he took the dagger that -- the imaginary dagger that Jack holding is gonna catch brick on the way by. And bricks going to be injured as part of this game seven where you. We OK did you fear for your life at all when Jack would instantly actual dagger pointing he's been -- -- so many times and so many big goals of that broadcast Booth it's you know. And as is as exciting as this was as -- as he was these are not uncharted waters trust me. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Appreciate shall be generated from the fifth or broadcast location that those lights go out at 77. That clock but it NBC pre game show and and -- and take the second half now on leading right separate -- drop. And it immediately falling the minute that the NBC goes will be live on the object in the locker room. Dale -- -- -- a couple hours. And then afterwards immediately afterwards right they're dressing room and up until he -- back. Post in and that's -- daily right after the at the -- coverage. -- game -- -- knuckle and to abuse the sound -- completely expo will be open from the Rangers. Do you think it's a long series at once and the Rangers Bruins six or seven that's absolutely line that it has my full expectation it and and I hope they don't does. I'll watch it on TV -- overall level line. And will -- more 1233 get a kind of recap what -- -- game thank you become an it expert is and a great but it -- Andy -- joining Asencio catch it tonight NASA and plus pre and post the route to get to -- we come back. We'll get you locked and loaded for game one tonight 6177797937. Month Lou keep --

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