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Andy Brickley, NESN: Hour 1

May 16, 2013|

Brickley previews Game 1 and the Bruins Rangers series with Mut and Tom Caron. Brick discusses Cam Neely's role on the team, the depleted defense, and how to attack the Ranges offensively.

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Our Jim Butler and ID 37 WEEI -- enjoy some well those are a couple of days off Tom Karen's been here all week. And thrilled to be joined in studio by Andy prickly who has joined us throughout the season. And lip locking -- -- in studio next couple hours to breakdown not just came -- of the series brick. Bruins Rangers man. The big big series in a rivalry that I I. Forty years between playoff games that seem right I want these these play a lot Boston New York I wanna be here -- you -- Jack watching you and -- -- these games now. All series yeah that's a bittersweet part is that with a new contract with -- NBC. Obviously all the regional cable are out after around one episode Jack and I. And not go the whole remote team would love to have series obviously. For all the obvious reasons but. If we can't broadcast it will certainly given all the coverage to does it deserves with pre and post game coverage and a leading greatness Daly so. All hands on deck everybody's fired up you know this being deemed day on most -- gaze on me at the morning skates whether -- broadcasting or not. But today was an opportunity for -- to -- studio spent a couple of I was talking pocket like Internet movement. Or I did I was saying before breaking and you know. It's just great you know take a minute to appreciate the last few years now you know and a normal rants about how the media didn't give this team the sports -- around here even notice such a great architect. I'm not to get into the whole you know who didn't get its due in August on a roll call the media members who blew off the sport. But just really appreciate what what they've been able to build over there over the last 34 years to the point now where you know this morning everybody wakes up in this -- think about the -- -- Peter surely but the jobs general manager -- in his first first things he wanted to do was really have a couple building -- couple -- to build around to send a message to the NHL hockey community that Boston. At a business plan -- a game plan to -- getting daily chart get a guy like Savard. And then start to build around them and actually -- some money out some big time money to get those two guys to come to Boston because -- reputation at that time. Wasn't the strongest one understands how the media turned a blind guy in world little slow to come back but. But the Bruins clearly had a plan and I think that the best sign of that to -- certainly. Was when they hide deep -- to be getting coach gave -- -- multiyear deal and it was just an absolute disaster and they weren't afraid to pull the plug on that deal. They bring in somebody also to me that said that they were all business. And of course anytime you bring a guy like hammered Donnie. I have an affinity for those guys because of my peers my contemporaries and I know how strong hockey guys they like -- as the face of the French and I said at that point you know I mean a huge that they've had you know stable ownership now for forty years whatever it's been. But to have that that Danny -- typed purse. You know somebody who stands in front and says from this. From from this desk down. This is what we stand for this is our business plan this is our mission statement who could do that advocate. And at the time that the general feeling was that you know whoever the representative of ownership was with a was mr. Jacobs or Charlie Jacobs a of those kinds of press conferences where they -- strengthened if they thought the -- was gonna canyon. Just to be the face -- handle the message the media message that needed be put out there. -- clearly mistaken because this is a guy that. Understood that job in the hours required for the job in the intensity required for that job if you wanna do the job right and that's really where he strength lies. And you talked to the people over at the nearly foundation in the Cam Neely house in the amazing work he's done over there. You know he again was not just the guys saying you can use my name for the golf tournament you know this guy who went in there and would sweat. You know and would tell me that when he did a little business -- -- innocent. About how proud he was that big big. Move their operating costs from 8% down to 7% you know he was that involved I just was able to chisel away another percent. For the cause of this guy's very hands on he obviously through those Philanthropic efforts and it became a real good businessman I got a brought a whole pack. Over and over again on the right and mr. -- has done it appears surely agree you wanted to give this guy and and and whether recipients of aid -- minus all the -- -- -- yes from what the -- of the terrific job he's done a deal he's put together. The message that's been sent the affected everybody has or a defined role on this team based on you know what you're skill -- is an and the players need to relish that role Mexicans that role that's why they've been so successful. But -- ability to allow Peter to do his job. Even though -- was the guy that was you know in between the boards in the NHL so it's a nice working relationship the only time it gets a little gray cloudy is when you don't have success. Well I guess -- speaker you guys know Camelot better than -- -- from the outside it added a layer of accountability to be -- -- guy. That was going to not only be able to speak to player personnel to have a player the Bruins wanna get but if McCain to a situation and it. In hearing candle last couple years he's willing to brick talk two way players want to go down there he's got. He's got some cachet base in the way that he played and the musicality and the way people respected around -- that if he gets to -- almost got to go down there. Can't can do that too I think that's a huge part of this thing you have to have a feel for when that time is and certainly not to do it to Austin and and you gotta think that Kim had a little conversation at some point late in the year with real changes include. You know -- Sometimes you coach can get on you we can try all kinds of different methods to either motivate you help you find your game whatever that terminology wanna use and that's when it's advantageous to have a guy like him to be able go down face to face. And clearly the players are aware of campus career who he is and obviously where he stands within the organization and but he can't -- too -- Because then you'd to start the leisure -- deleted deliver mass. Not thrilled to have any -- studio is going to be here taking your phone calls all day leading up into game one tonight Bruins and Rangers 617. 7797937. The phone number 61777979378. TT -- minus 379837. And on Twitter. Authorities the hash tag a brick I issues hashed AK Brittany mix in your Twitter questions over the course the next couple of hours and I plan to initially year. Say defensively this team is banged up but I guess I'll start with that more breaking news today that's a Brad marsh on. We -- effort -- to get more information folks in terms of what happened today at practice but Brad marsh on. Left practice according to -- reporters there it was a non contact injury looked to pull something and the reporters who were on ice. Also the same thing he appeared to be in pain. Prospector and the injury but if if this were injured -- keep out of the game Rick what how would the adjustment we may not want throw this at you but everyone's asking. How would they make and adjust the war that line look like martian on wasn't able to go in the game. All depends on how much they wanna keep before flying together all our do you take a piece of the third line of slighted in that slot I think that's the direction that they would go to try to keep that fourth line together. Knowing that the boy -- pretty physical pretty big that's pretty nice matchup if you wanna go that way so my expectation would be maybe take apparently you can play either wing as well as senator is versatility. Versatility is such an asset. As long as he's played well. But -- I would think that would be -- in -- reaction to -- up that third unit slide -- where -- on is you know and then you decide who you wanna be to come in little line up. Based on the matchup that you're looking for you know is Soderbergh ready to play an NHL play -- quite a value goes deep and awfully guy you can slide into that fourth line may be moved -- -- Up to that positions we have some number of options bud. -- -- that you don't you don't have to get into those options and that this is that something that's gonna keep -- and analyze the guy yarder yesterday and today. Back on they basically -- Sagan and younger guys how much of that is. Because -- trying to get Sega and going consistently and how much of anything -- -- and national Bergeron I was looking at the opposite way TC -- it's you know -- -- an -- yeah are eager you know he's not the player was in the mid ninety's but he still has some value -- some skill and it just was not happening playing with Kelly and heavily I don't know -- was -- not trusting. The ability to move the puck to those guys and get it back where he wants when he wants it. But if you line him up against the Bergeron all the Sonny moves the puck a little bit more than he had been moving it it only they would gain tackle and it's I because he was a pass the popular with the ports were opened. He still thought he could beat people one on one. If you have that ability you get that kind of attention -- drop people -- you now people open. If you have the willingness to move the puck in those situations because you play what you perceive to be more profits of skill guys like a Bergeron. Then now I think you get more out of -- and I think staking go to that. Other unit with Kelly heavily penalty kick in and -- -- -- on the outside and has pretty good high -- speed speed yeah absolutely went one yarder came off for the escaping an overtime. And Sagan was back out with -- climbers make a lot of people thought well -- gonna go back to that he's surprised yesterday when -- jogger was on them or not wasn't surprised at all you know and that's the luxury you have as a coach that you know you have to have a feel for the moment for what's happening where people's. Might sets out where their emotions are. You know if there was something said to -- particularly in between third period and overtime and as a coach get a feel wanted to get this guy on the -- with the right guys early in overtime because of the message was sent his direction. Maybe that's what happened. But not surprised to see you jogger back because you're you're looking at what you perceive to be at least a 567 game series here. So let's go with this lineup combination would get more out of yacht currency policy to react when the other group. And a follow up on younger -- there were a couple of occasions the last games of the series where. -- he ran directly into players with the -- sometimes and there was a play with Beverly where they almost in the same spot the same time. Is that just guys not and I'm not being played together for awhile that younger offensive frustration time to take over it was so weird to -- I got -- all those points such a pro. With the puck one end to his guy in the offensive -- yeah that's why he's he's a unique guy. To play with any I think he's gonna have a real strong hockey I Q when you have to be able to watch him play take a little time to watch video not the other team but just inaugural -- -- -- if I'm gonna play with this guy. And it's certainly be my approach. What adjustments to I have to make as a player based on how he wants the player how can I play to help him beat that player that he wants to be and and that's why people running to a got to do some like working in the civil war -- -- got to understand that you might be stubborn guy he's gonna play a certain wakes it's worked for obviously was -- -- Korea. There was a play behind the goal line and and I can't remember it's if that was -- -- at the united -- has the ability to make plays and beat people one on one with that -- direction moved behind the net. And yard was try to take the puck from him that's and I say it on the right he got -- -- that situation -- -- -- to the front of the net get open let my shot make the play but that's how much. Aren't once the window that's McDonough and Girardi you're going to be you know shut down tandem currently says the attempt. Of what the -- -- try to do who'd they keep making on the creature you line if your Toro no question no question certainly to stop the series. It ought to do is take a look at that series against Ronald -- create she's line which is a mean that they carry the offense you know legally only a one goal each game was still them that was the threat. It ought to make the difference is still put put pulls on the board so that would be my expectation. McDonough real strong skating as his Girardi they play physically enough the understand leverage position keeping to the perimeter. But they will be challenged if the chief brings the game that we expect to bring that he has brought through its first ever playoff games. I'll -- not so much but still very effective and got to give Philip Beck of the net and I think -- she -- to -- of the -- as -- we get in the post season. But that would be my expected -- expectations TC that you see that deep there against island where it's all your phone calls here today with any Berkeley Tom -- and as well 61777979837. About this team. And about this series Matt is in Chatham he's not up next with the anti Berkeley -- care. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Well I appreciate your comments first of wall and you know the beauty of what Jack and I are able to do we call -- game -- it's a visual medium and we have such an educated hockey fan base that my job is just tell you why things -- you can see it you know I'm not gonna make things up as we go so. But I do appreciated did and I love working with Jack we have an -- Dallas. That being said Tyler say in what he got to do to get it going I'm hoping and I think every Grotrian is hoping. That he was somewhat instrumental in the game winning goal in overtime that that will give a little boost the confidence. You almost kind of a race the board when you start -- second series you know what he played well he didn't play well the first series. You got a chance to be a difference makers series too that's routine sports of hockey and hockey -- the NHL playoff level. Is all about to head and I think the message that's coming clear is that. It might not have gone wealthy -- against Toronto. But we have the ability to move you around because he's such an important player for us we need you to produce so I think the pressures actually leave the -- around to. In effect that he knows how valuable he is huge at not only from the coaching staff coach except -- put pressure on that that's the we here at that your filter. You teammates are there almost in supportive manner. And I think what's happening right now with Tyler whether he plays with Bergeron or replaced with Kelly. It is you are so valuable to lots you have an opportunity be difference makers and be totally different matchups in this series for him. It may -- is it that's why I'm worried about Rick Nash that's -- exactly what has emotionally yeah. I talked to everybody got a new York and I he's not scoring obviously and he's paid a lot of money and and is expected to score goals. But they'll vitamin he is doing everything else well he has really accountable -- the defense of them involved the way he's buying American -- those -- America and that's why is the eyeball -- that's most important when you watch these playoff games it's not really about that statistical sheet at the end of the night to although that can't tell the story to. But Nash is such a danger you know it. Powerful launch tries ability carried a pocket -- -- one on one has an unbelievable shot. Wraparound we think he has no chance when his feet below the goal it but it all kinds of -- shoot off the wing its different screens re directs. And now if the Bruins unhealthy on the back in and get some green defenseman back there this have pretty good skill sets. But this is NHL playoff hockey -- with a dominant player coming at you and and that's that's something to be concerned about you mentioned that the teammates and Sagan to score back to -- -- that I love the fact that Sagan admits in that post game. Yes shot port had towards forming between third period and overtime -- that's about it Johnson what all that stays in the dressing room megawatt -- wanna talk about it's we admits yes. I it's worked for and that -- doesn't let that let Tyler now he's an important part of this team that a veteran on that team into the the veteran on this team. Is recognizing how important he is that he's got to contribute and let's try to motivate you. As best I can temper this overtime and that's been one issue on the strength -- -- -- cable from an assignment in that was his value to talk to Brian -- in what was almost always value to the ducks when they won the Stanley Cup that was. You know you have your top six or reader nine whatever it is always -- -- you have your you know your third fourth line guys are smaller subset there. That the elite players the top players they need their leaders. But the support of guys they need the leaders to -- -- -- point is that's very critical and with a broad look at -- make a deal at the deadline and looking for that -- height. Because not only was my great -- great players understood how to play and how to win in the post season he knew how to give a message to a fellow teammate -- is not that guy maybe -- could have been better at that but when they were trying to make an acquisition that was. The skills that they were looking for in the player that they were trying to. Not a better way to get set for game one in this rages through a series -- Berkeley hanging out Tom Karen as well as taking your phone calls at 617779. 7937. To get the ball on Twitter hash tag. Kate brick we'll talk more about this Rangers team we'll talk more about what this game one means but and Lou. You get any Berkeley Tom cared as well Sports Radio WE. I think I would probably feel more comfortable putting it seem like -- Rangers. I Turkey -- belt. To Wear teams down so. -- we are trying to figure out why we always going seven games and that's probably the reason we we. We're built to Wear teams down and and whether you you know you we -- that -- debatable but over the course you know like over the course of a series. With a heavy lifting that we do it generally result in the bin it defenders and -- team. Where captain there what's a byproduct of that turnovers and whatnot. And black kind of defending unfortunate which I think you saw that seventh game. Peter Shirley yesterday with salt and holly right here on 93 point seven WEEI all things Bruins and Rangers game one tonight game to the will back Sunday for a matinee in Boston Tom Karen in for -- throw that -- Berkeley. Here -- studio taking your phone calls at 6177797937. On Twitter use the hash tag came brick. It's emir tweets here in a second you agree with. Peter relevant here and talk about. Wanting to play. A physical teams of physical team and values the example maybe. Montreal -- the opposite and that a speed team that relies on speed and less as -- -- took to get their success on the ice. I think it's really difficult and as you got that says listen it's of that sound bite from Peter surely that -- to explain why you don't win game five game six and a half throttle away. You try to say why we play so many game sevens and and to have that kind of silver lining a positive aspect of it is yet that's the way they do play they do try to. We'd -- do try to roll four lines they do try to take the body every time it's there. But you know it was there was disappointment that they didn't put them away inside that. A more understandable that they don't animal -- six you know Toronto going back -- would have lost games 34 home life she expected him to be much better so. My expectation is that yet you have to support seems strangers Boston when they both played their best that should be pretty good war out there. And both teams try to -- it. I can't wait for game one because of the beauty of playoff hockey is you know the game with a league team the adjustments -- meek from game to game from period to period. Five on five play special teams match -- that you look for having a feel for who's playing who's not playing -- -- just that overall will to win and it -- when Peter made that point about Toronto and the difference in game seven. There were never variables and a third period just that will to win which was exemplified by -- -- -- display -- the -- and you know 234. Goals it'll go to goals prequel for. That will to win but he could see Toronto who was kind of in uncharted waters for a number of their players but because they all worn down. All the simplest little moves like Bergeron along the Blue Line moving laterally and now all of a sudden that -- casually into the net that bid earlier in the series. But these guys retired they're worn down they were little region because they weren't in the situation so that was submerged. And yes it was it's all part of it but wearing down your opponent is also a big part. And we talked about this Tuesday morning talk pretty you called in time here on the show that I thought as soon as Horton scored the gall. You were now in for the experience there is -- the Bruins would win the series is the reason I thought at 42 -- welcome back and win this because now you could see the grip on in and outs ought to stay. -- but -- you could just sing it in the way the -- -- -- -- in the offensive zone almost that entire time and the only the only flip side of that is you know with the Bruins find a way to continue to score in the UW school one -- 51 mobile 6970. Get to do. Do they have enough you don't get to -- time spent enough time for Jack. It was interest him because the minute overtime that play it's gonna -- Ronald all offseason -- -- -- once circle here let's. As the puck is land their -- on the able walked in and tackles back to -- losing your mind brick like you said in an on uncharted territory for team. Are -- Windsor Connecticut beacon -- -- Lucci just thought we get all your phone calls -- 61777979837. Press. They got it. They've wrecked our great job -- -- always appreciate your -- that remark that its listeners in the content. And I'm calling and I'm glad they played that -- culturally because. I called the absolute sheet and that he would he's sort of a microcosm of all the bigger things in perspective as somebody that's been played you know playing. On the team over the course of the -- and you know call me a lot of that game seven and that emotional. In which each green looking at Marshall Thursday. And you know the entire city really championing. You know is efforts. I still have some concern and reservations. Because if you looked equity in many see as well as other players were yeah -- -- Three of those four Toronto goals and and didn't look very good especially when you very sluggish -- slow. Well a lot of what seems to live in throughout the scene and and I'm just concerned going into a series against the Rangers more experienced. -- probably better coaching certainly better goaltending. I don't know that you know the rope a dope or that you know fifteen minutes. Inconsistent. You play -- hoping for a for a ten minute session of genius it is going to be a good formula I would much rather see. You know which each incident in. They note that playing a more consistent defense and not having Cuba you know to worry about. Having miracle at the end game I don't know I can it be the only one in the -- You know -- kind of bad Debbie -- Which each but you know I just and all that formula is something that I -- to trust you know vote. -- I understand we -- coming from a lot of that is result of what happened during the regular season and you know the word that I hate to use when you talk about a player's indifference and in Beilein had a lot of that this year and it was hard to really explain why. A guy that really emotional over achievers whole career was supposed to make this team is the eighteen year old is a thirty goal season 25 goal season. -- -- around the league is one of the best for checked that's great straight ahead speedy big guy -- a puck over because they're afraid he's gonna get Ronald are now all of a sudden he got offense Conant. And we didn't see that really a regular basis a consistent basis in fact we didn't see it for a long period time that school streaky at one goal of what 25 games or something ridiculous like that but. So I understand that that the reservation you have about. While -- is that consistency just because he's been awesome through seven games and was instrumental in game seven. You know is that gonna disappear again and and I understand that's coming from. But I don't expect that I really don't he has a firm grasp on how he needs to play where there was the year before he just wasn't executed it didn't -- -- -- him. He understands how important post season is in the legacy you leave as a player in the NHL and what it takes the -- because he won in 2011. And I think the deep you get into the playoffs and they'll be series win that you don't you get shut down his team's game plan for your line. And that's we need other guys to step up so he doesn't have to be. A dominant force shift after shift after shift he just asked the players -- and he does that good things or. Peter surely claims there is no switch. But I was saying. You know thirty games into this shortened season that to me the Bruins were playing like they thought there was -- switch they were sleepwalking through some of these regular season games. And -- -- we saw that again. And long stretches of that series against -- I I think subconsciously they didn't believe. Tickets are colonies to. -- we didn't think it would take down to the final ten and a half minutes of game seven but the seasonal -- but -- -- to me kinda personifies that there are games where you watch him and and you -- you know he can do more you know if that desperation comes into his game a little bitty becomes a different guy in yet. When the bell rings when the ultimate price is there to be paid he's willing to -- becomes a guy I -- Season this year this is an excuse making is just rationality and as players. You look at that 48 games schedule we've seen the schedule looks like you know loud. How grueling it's going to be in March and early April. And you try to get you try to wrap your mind around you know how you gonna go -- season and and they made. Page one assumption you know they they base they banked a lot of points early in the with a schedules favorable to them and and they were in a position of you know all right we're top eighteen clearly we wanna be atop fourteen that's our goal really want to win the division. But how hard we gonna go to make sure we have what we need in the tank come for post season and I and I whether you. Whether you were aware of those feelings as a player I'm sure they exist. And I think that's kind of what was happening with this team plus. Internally. You know this next wave of talent that's coming for the Bruins have been drafted and playing in Providence let's say that was really the push for any of those guys. To eliminate or reduce ice time for the established guys if you don't have an internal competition. For ice time. You kinda get that a difference that I'm talking about that that you know we're somewhat satisfied and you know will be a playoff team will be ready come April it's not even that. You expect every game to be like what he didn't keeps I think that's unrealistic the way he plays Tom alerted -- a video I'd never seen. When he played for the Vancouver. Giants the shift -- really goes out it and it's unrealistic to think every playoff game you're gonna get that but. What I wanna -- used to go fewer stretches whether it's -- three or four period with a three or four games. -- stretches between seeing that guy I don't think that's too much to ask the caller to set the aftermath. You need that -- -- every game on you're not it's not gonna get it's not physically possible but. More consistently see that guy IPO okay with is when he -- -- guy he is a beast he has a huge impact on every. This team does when he plays like that what's special. Ten minute moment. You know that that he needed to be this special player. Absolutely can't -- like that every night for sixty minutes or whatever twenty minutes you might play in the course of hockey that was that was a special. Special sequence for -- just absolutely refuse to -- are all concerned. About the I I fully expect will be -- really to play from -- she blinded. And even if their game planned against now -- the other production account from a necklace the -- on -- and that's been the focus. It'll all of us. I don't know last 34 games of the Toronto series is what you get in there you need the need those guys to produce. Erase the board stop global round two Rangers matchup to my got to play against you know my and the other is -- -- stroman who might go against. And how can I -- you know how can I played beat these guys that were on cancer. These two years ago. For much of last year and coming into this year I still believed. One of the big is -- -- the Bruins have over anybody is their offense of -- when they're online there aren't many teams like the third line out there like the Bruins -- and to your point even if they shut down the great -- line. They should be able to get scoring from those other two on the on this straight down the middle that's of the -- sure -- camp they talk about it all the time you know they tried to build their team to have that strength down the middle with some flexibility at some versatility where guys can play other positions and play with other players. And as we look at the series and I know get into a deeper into the show but you know the three inexperienced defenseman. And how best can we as ball would help those three guys. -- depression it's gonna come from the -- it's a great question we should discuss coming up after -- tell you this Claude Julian speaking to reporters as we're speaking here. Says that Brad Marchand is fine will be in the lineup -- on the defenseman saying that those guys weren't out here quote. Doesn't look good for them any of those three in red and Seidenberg or parents to lead us to our question coming up is. How do you account for that three different rookies in 192224. Against a pretty good ranger team we'll talk about that with your phone calls next. I mean -- tragic -- -- but I think also in our team does they've always seen -- if you can kill option isn't anything. I'll see you can't. All of last summer's most was that the -- you can. You know walking on everyone's enemy certainly enjoyed it but yeah and a hero around here accurate that it. Tyler Sagan earlier today is the Bruins skate case you -- the Brad Marchand left the skate in pain -- contacts. Was the report saying -- going to be OK you're gonna see him out on the ice tonight that is good news. The bad news comes on the offensive groupings -- it looks like parents Seidenberg read an all out for a least game one. But Lou 937 WEEI Tom Karen is here Indy -- here taken all your phone calls. So it looks like last couple days here voice -- Hamilton. Our -- -- boy chuck group McQuay obviously the big hit is no Seidenberg -- Seidenberg Chara pairing as good as it gets defensively but. I guess my question is how does this change things at all. For called the way he employs these these groupings by having three different rookies and open nineteen. Crew twenty que bark -- 24. All in the lineup for game one against the Rangers. Well first of all the three kids that you're referring to on defense. Let's look at their skills stuck there all real good skaters and -- strength is supposedly making that first could pass coming out of their own zone close decision making is involved there and VA don't have a lot of experience on the Blue Line in the post season. Mean that's -- a little bit that they are 'cause he's a good example of that you know having -- called up because of the parent situation. And be put at the line at the red being out lineup. You know he comes up from Providence but he was playing competing. American Hockey League playoffs but he's a really good skater. And he'll carry the puck until he's forced to make that first test which is what he should do. -- do a lot of that in a lot of minutes that he was asked to play in game seven yes he made some mistakes and you gotta make mistakes but. They're all good skaters supposedly all good puck movers and combined with the Rangers aren't as fast upfront as to. To Ronald got it on the fore check is quick is anybody in the league Beckett -- problems so these three guys I think they'll be able. Even though the Rangers come hard and finish checks of their heavy and they're strong and they Wear you down turf I think they have the advantage that it's not grow boss become -- down on is not -- was not legal counsel to take the body gets on. It forces you to make with that mistake so. I think there's less speed up front for the Rangers which gives them a little bit more time to evict it back make a play. It's what the networks and their advantage in the that the pair won with a veteran guy you know is a Smart play unit to the left right thing which is Smart. But there will be. Opportunities they have different combinations -- -- married to those payers. Of course of the gave special teams play UC number different look from the back end but. The biggest thing for me is if I were forward on this Bruins team what can I do to help these guys have an easier time. You know played against -- an established in their fore check and that is I gotta be awesome -- -- rights. It was going to be a lot of neutral zone play in the series in I have to be in position all the time I have to discourage any kind of carrion I get a discourage. Allowing the range to get it to that soft area with a defense backs off and wait for the back pressure in the forward so my back pressure has to be strong by positioning it's -- rice has to be stroked. And I got to be open every shift on the break outs. If I'm not open a file to Ohio lazy to get back or I'm not finding this team is gonna be really aren't these guys to beat that first past the department. Aaron Johnson and commit to the mix at all here and in those opinions about about that -- -- by that decision I think -- what I'm talking about -- his -- -- that he's been playing -- hasn't played quite awhile it will work real hard to be ready when called on -- -- -- match ups and in maybe you'll -- -- Johnson in the series of -- to you know long term -- of the -- going to be -- You know he's a god it's really been a seven defensemen all year any defense that is just an internal decision by the organization they think that that is the best opportunity based on the appalled at that point so what's the over under on Chara iced up. The other -- eyes hoping slept for about thirty hours following and they call us at the line you guys tell me thirty and a half minutes of ice time tonight over under coach Bob -- but it's under obviously if it's under that means we get contributions from I'm hoping the other -- -- -- don't know how -- it's over I don't know if this is a sixty minute team no longer. A -- -- you talk about accommodations changing the combination is concerned late in the game tie game one goal -- whatever it is are you trying to no longer have a -- -- used to remove the drug to veterans obviously game well the president -- on the -- for the opponent and win that first -- is if you -- gonna change on the fly it's all about who's coming next for the Rangers. You know it because actually -- -- -- really -- match -- in the -- season. But nobody you just can't keep going with the other three guys -- mean this is the way it is the site gain experience and you know you don't you don't. For to have three inexperienced defense -- in the line up at the same time but. This is the senior adults and show confidence and we're taking all your calls and on Twitter use the hash -- a brick and you guys have been great terms your questions for a brick and and Mike Daley had a suggestion Erie city wants chart in Lundqvist kitchen on every power play. From the start game one not of one minute to go in game seven your thoughts and use the hash tag he brick. Well it certainly worked on the -- -- title hockey game that was great strategy real good strategy by the Bruins but as far as my pol playing I -- Apollo plays it's such a source of disappointment for the Bruins team. I'm not in which our product that you know especially as arranges and try to take away every shooting laid out a little space that you get -- are stating you always so. No I'm not a fan of that I'd rather have him on the back in DP if he's gonna play public I'll play you know I'm looking -- him shoot the puck I think that's where he's so we know he can shoot a hundred in you know 78 miles and whatever it is -- boy it's obvious as heavy shot. So much talk already about -- the Rangers law of the block shots. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The other. -- freezes a guy a little bit anxious -- -- -- -- the board but. I have some ideas of some theories that I like to -- when you play against teams like the ranges and I -- third -- about real high between the two defenseman that high flat triangles. It opens up the way they have that pack mentality in the slot area -- creates a few more seems. I like the double barrel action in front of the net champion -- third guy high major guys a low one guy's trying to get fraudulent with the other guys off to the side. Because that's with a shooting lead in all probability is gonna be if these great shot blocking forwards and defensemen for the Rangers a lined up properly so. Have -- -- April and was its like people would find which side to be on the eyes would seem is outside the shot blocker. And he'll have ballroom of the third guy like if the Rangers are unsure -- who stay at third. If you. -- -- -- -- -- And is beyond -- coverage and it fits in with you you don't have the -- drift out -- between those two defenseman seat becomes a lot of times. They release you hoping the full read that. Switch off pick you up a lot of times that doesn't happen fast enough at least the shooting. Dexter says Rangers and blocking shots the Bruins at least initially should shoot high from the point at a mile an hour slap shot from char at the teeth. Might cause the Rangers think twice about what you'll see a -- stated it front that it's you know that's the game play -- we got -- and Dartmouth waiting patiently six point 77797937. Right -- up with that Tom Karen Andy prickly as well. I don't guys. This question -- with the director Greg since he's the hockey guys are on the one thing -- notices is a lot more of these this soft dumps if you will as opposed wraparound. Wondering if you could comment on what you get the better strategy that the stop. That soft blue and what better and got to get a better Chechnya -- -- -- a defenseman. And banging -- in and get in the park on the second question a comment. You watch a Western Conference game and it's like watching shadows around. The greens and so are honoring -- you to be like that government -- on Madison Square Garden. Is there a home ice advantage where. There's no set standard that you know -- four lighting -- -- -- And does that play in effect and to begin in your pin number. I don't know about standards for lighting and other standards for ice conditions obviously for -- size dimensions. You know you go to some of these buildings Lakewood while the series we just played against Toronto -- mean. It's so vibrant in -- diary can drive in regards awesome you go to Toronto it's -- lighting is awesome you know some of the newer buildings I don't know what the use for lighting but it's really really vibrant relative to some of the -- ability to down into Long Island for expect we'll be felt they -- such a need for a new building down there in the lighting is not that great but it's more -- ice conditions if you wanna talk about. And on hold reach advantage and you know massive quake has always been known for you know questionable ice puck on the edge bouncing all the time. I think she decision making what kind of -- she can take. Three on -- when you think he -- you know drop pass to the trailer. You're encouraged to shoot the -- because a lot of times that pass is really even those wide open could easily hop over the guy's stick so it affects your decision making the ice conditions is more. Worrisome to me as far as home ice advantage -- first question about the soft arms -- like to go to Japan chase. Relative to the wraparound the wraparound only good. If you're on the wide side of the ice may be making a line change and everybody you know the other two guys in the full line incumbent on the -- -- go to -- raptors that's right that's the closest area for your teammates have a chance to get the puck back. But the chip and chase is the hardest thing to defend you know with the rule changes that they made the defense can't write you off. He can't hold up your pardon go get that little pot that's chipped in. But you wanna keep pucks away from the goaltender. You wanna -- pucks in areas where you have an opportunity be the first one audit because defenseman is trying to stand you up he chipped it by him. He can't write you off to your opportunity get that puck first. Certainly exists so while you're right I think that's the better. Strategy when you come down and you don't have numbers coming across the Blue Line rather than hard rapper a lot of goal is a pretty good to get out the -- wraparound to set it up now with Sony can establish a -- Nothing better than talking hockey party game one with Andy Brittany who's going to be part of a pre pros -- set up for NASA and other games go to the did the network -- tell you how you can watch brick before and after these games throughout this series Tom Caron here as well all your -- call 617. 77979837. AT&T text like 37. 937 you'll hear from Claude -- John -- -- Speaking guy just a couple of minutes going here from -- we're gonna get cricket ball that are popular poll question gonna play bricks on the order roll all times -- the what his favorite isn't like that coaching style when a guy just says -- feels likes Indy -- with you guys Sports Radio WE yeah.

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