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Larry Lucchino on the Sox recent struggles

May 16, 2013|

Larry joined the program to discuss the teams recent struggles and informed the guys that it is still early in the season. Larry also said that he still has faith that Daniel bard can turn things around.

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Let's find out from Larry the front office report is brought to -- -- waterfront hotel and marina and -- -- -- look you know president -- the Boston Red Sox joins us on the AT&T hotline good morning mr. -- how are -- in morning. Pretty what it. -- -- -- -- we talk about the New York minute -- we're talking about was we don't mr. barge struggling important what does -- organizations -- -- And Tate and planned with mr. -- at this point after struggling. Again badly last night in Portland. Well we've been we've been. The general planets in our patients. The dead illness tremendous talent he's shown that big league level. You need to be an idea pitching and grew to appreciate. As a kind of pitches that he -- was. And now we think in regain that. But today it's and it takes patience and it takes some months. So specialized that tutoring attention in and hope you can bounce back -- but they are horrible time for him. Is that a psychological. Purely psychological thing -- does John Ferrell and the pitching gurus tell you it's me. As well Larry. Well and that's the hard for -- this effort I've told -- are both considerations. From time to time. But I think human nature being what it is after period adversity. That that he does experience 88 he would be -- uncommon for there to be some rates and issues that he had to address and regains confidence. Do you does he remind you of anyone we talked about the usual suspects Chuck Knoblauch recant kill mark all as you've been around longer than ever. So I sure hope not he had yet no less so there's those those you know you wouldn't name them on one hand carried the he is there -- four guys who have just did spot and they just never bounced back from it. But I don't think scandal is that that bullet point but I'm motel. And he probably can't play the outfield like -- -- so he's got no chance hey before we get to. This team obviously had a big win last and a big bust out game for the offense. I got to ask you were you involved at all in home Warner's. Response today and show on the seas column. On is I -- as reed Werner. And I I heard Larry's voice in this somewhere. Well I did Greece today is the draft is at this letter. Actually before it went out. And offered a couple of comments and opinions on the. And you I concurred unity you. Agreed with. Animal data certainly agreed with -- most of -- so yes. -- the 1 thing I am guessing even you've thought it was a little bit out of place was the Jackie Robinson. A person reference. You did did the one line -- had about the Dominican. Players the that. Miller again it does that that was a little bit of -- ethnic stereotyping of the -- sort of yeah I thought that was on that was. On unfortunate to be polite here. As a whole did you think the line of questioning the Shaughnessy had with Ortiz was out of out of line out of place. These. Are. As a general proposition. I think all -- hard questions can be raised by the media on that subject in particular. I put the presentation. Of the response. Presumed. Guilt. That was. Utterly appropriate to date has been. Guess there's at least six or seven times already this year I'm talking about your tests and blood tests are probably talking about hundreds of so last decade. And two and to ignore that that body of evidence -- to work and to presume instead. A kind of resolved but presumption of guilt I thought it was so it was it was extremely out there. Larry I think and in a strange way though I think Shaughnessy. -- Ortiz a favor by doing this I think you know by getting out there in the open because people whisper by the people do talk about it there's a suspicion in the air by Shaughnessy doing this I do think that -- sorties out a strange way. Well off I -- An exit and -- understand that -- -- -- just a question of again how it's presented how it's written that the home the nature of the and there may be -- used to examine that. It is in May in a more appropriate fairway without the ethnic and assumptions and the other kinds of language that was so loosely turnaround. Very much in the Dominican line -- -- back to -- and -- that was the focus of the article with a -- truly was not the focus of the article it was one sentence that -- a number of players from the -- Dominican. Have tested positive is is that not true. I don't remember they are the article -- -- tends -- flow right through my minds and I know that -- very much gray matter I can't. I don't remember the team referred to it once or twice but does it do you Wasilla tolerant country did it was a it was a outrageous. In my opinion. But you know what he is only defense -- best defense is what you just said they tested the past I mean it's like. What else can a -- say or do them. If if I'm Ortiz and clearly he's got a history. He did not pass but that was ten and eleven are. Noted -- says -- -- -- -- regarding that it is more than ambiguity. I remember that whole episode I quite well there -- something like 105. People who were tested and something like 87 of them tested positive a couple of 105 there were declared to be positive in this. That was there or whatever -- remaining members eighteen of them network. He is it characterizes false positives -- inconclusive or something like that in mind my understanding is they've it was a moment to that group. I thought he admitted that he -- cause we just wanted to go find out what for what he. I think he talked about that they need some of vitamins and supplements something a lot of -- speed. Ever ever ever admitted that he took steroids still essentially. But it's silly you don't believe it was vitamins supplements if it was a positive test. You think it was vitamins. Well we're not saying it was a positive test that's exactly the point I'm making it that's not it is. But -- in the record. Larry how much Uri a lopsided nine to win and the rough patch the Sox are going through right now but I guess having co aces like twelve and olestra buckled certainly helps. What does it was just most of the great pitching matchup last night just so unpredictable. Utterly unpredictable the game is. -- but it does. We sit at the beginning of the year you guys heard me say it ad nauseam that it is the game's all about pitching pitching pitching -- be curious to hear from you that's what percentage of of success of the baseball -- music is attributable pitching. Well we'll certainly the majority -- that would well that's but a number. 6474. Point 6% perfect men and Iran not -- intimate. Well well then you should be better I mean you're two races are -- -- feed -- so shouldn't you have clinched the division mine out. If we get it doesn't pitching you got to worry about and I don't just mean starting pitching and -- -- -- the top two and irritation I mean they. But you off. It is it is subjective thing but I think 6070%. Of the games determined that they -- cut some. Some people would take issue with that that's my mind in my mind it. Let all of this debt bears that out or not I think it tends to look at to lean in that direction the Red Sox when those two guys start Lester and buckle are fourteen and three. Yes not only were there were five if not evident in dumpsters been better than I ever thought and be honest yes he's a tough one and two -- three and one. I mean as so these struggles are strictly attributable to your losing your closers I mean. You've got the pitching it has been better than I ever thought it would be lenient. You still are our news and what is it to -- -- 99 losses in the last twelve games. -- -- -- You know you go through bad patches to Nazis and even when you win championships. Teams go through bad patches can't make him make -- except maybe. 84 tigers in 98 yankees this sort of. It did avoided bases but second Nicole -- kind of bad. Bad bad periods during the course of the season they're going to be even the winning teams in almost six or seven in a -- a couple of times during the year. So that if there's an inevitability to this always gotta we've just got to maintain some perspective and some patience which it. And do everything or. That we can't do it right through those times but to think you're going to avoid them entirely is just not. I don't believe the Yankees have lost three in a -- yet. You with -- it was a -- texas' worst shocked you learn. It does a little bit not I'm not that there. In first but that there and first despite the decimation. Of injuries haven't even when there are. Help the team. Well most of the public for talking about the Yankees Red Sox at the bottom position. And now -- and it was a less than healthy team and just -- him that I would point to -- pitching -- that it -- critical determinant is the it's the relative health of the club. Throughout the course of the season particularly in comparison to other clubs and stick -- with respect to its stars. And the Yankees. It has some serious injuries has started the year yet they enabled to a to -- until the men and put together pretty good ballclub. And Larry -- -- out tomorrow at at the bottom of the standings is it just as surprising the Toronto having done all they did in the offseason that to change that team. Finds himself the last place a -- out. I sure it is but once again look at the injury factors -- payments -- different team win the race is playing church stuff then when he is not. It says -- -- they've had this year of the injuries as well and a whole bunch of of of new players that had to coalesce -- -- into a team. So a lot by the way it's still our leader Mittal may. And don't write those guys you know they started to get the last few games they've got some of command has been a tremendous offensive line -- And I just think it's it's too early to write that law. When you see teams that have payrolls such as the angels and the Dodgers and the blue jays. And spending as much as they spent and assembling the stars they've assembled does that make at all and all three or last place I'm sorry that via angels are not their -- left Houston's last place. Does that make you an anyway rethink. Methodology here. I'm not really not really it's. Third -- kind of parity is it has submerged and in baseball and the last a decade ago or so it's that's undeniable. And I I think they've done there are going to be clumps of with a high payrolls are gonna win it closing low payrolls are gonna win that's just the those are just facts of life and they -- in the new baseball. Regime. We have the wherewithal financially because of the sport and our fans. Two to be at the end. Upper end all the payrolls in baseball. And -- and that's where Halloween and intended -- on this we are. Supported as we have been supported. And luckily we're gonna we're gonna run our team. This is every and we do it is about winning and we try to raise revenue in order to have enough money to that it could have played strong payroll. And that's. That's what we don't wanna be an exception. We don't want people club that. And I just put it together because they get lucky with that little payroll that's not the kind of support we have from our fans and that's not the way -- -- that's not what we're -- -- as a as -- course of action. -- easily made the case that. Ellsbury was the best player -- baseball 201132. Home runs is a PS was 922 years since then a 500 bats is OPS is 682 is five home runs you surprised at that. I'm a little surprised that the at the start. That to go he's gotten off to put them once again. And I and -- sorry resort to this post jail time but it is only mid may and there's a tendency to take those you have to you have to. -- time and right and his columns of the to to reach conclusions and earlier on in the year and -- they've -- -- -- -- -- there. -- -- greater legitimacy but I haven't last statement Jacoby Ellsbury we're we're a different team. When he is when he is hitting and running and and playing defense the the way he's capable planes. In agony and here media painting them very critical of the Jacoby Ellsbury I love this team when he is when he spinning and playing also there. Our Larry thinks the time to catch up but you talk to down the road. Thank you Larry and AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE the front office report is brought to -- Salem waterfront hotel and arena. And by the slippery Cruces will be right back.

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