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The Bruins get ready for game one against the Rangers

May 16, 2013|

D&C opened the show previewing the Rangers Bruins series, John and Kirk both picked the Rangers while Gerry thinks the Bruins will take the series. The guys also poked fun at OJ's most recent defense for armed robbery.

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-- you may be richer our -- I say that if it's if it. Pack up taking owners don't start now c'mon why you have to get along yeah -- On assembled to hear -- -- four hours before -- road dancers and say things that the city's hockey highlights of this little impact. -- -- yeah -- -- -- again we should creep I excel looks tremendous. I read I read you go to the website. And I dot com we got a man do that -- read right now as we good -- reading. -- get -- reader you know it occurred to me yesterday as we were talking with the Bruins on important that tough guys in the national hockey. When they know there is a mother tough guy waiting for them that night on the opposing team. It's gotta fill you with you know dread and -- thing when you wake up in the morning going nights at night you know you gotta put your face in front of somebody's fist. Hopefully rearrange somebody else's face with your fist. And doesn't mind set today seem to apply to every member of the Bruins and every member of the Rangers know what kind of physical death violent. Painful series this is going to be it's gonna be heavy game as many as they play they will be heavy games. Played in front. Played in the quarters. Played in the boards on the board hit the boards there will be pain there will be suffering and quote the movie title there will be blood but how much. Paper yeah will be sandpaper for shorten. -- that you vicinity. When -- wake up in the morning which are important when you're -- -- when you're a fighter -- -- -- In David and -- right Judy Miller. Christmas Island at the butterflies -- -- think about the guy you have to fight the last fight to happen. You know you're not really looking forward -- is a tough tough job. Well the Rangers as has given -- writes about today have a tough tough job it's what they do with what they do every game lay out in front of slap shots. It's part of the job when you play for -- to Motorola. They are going to be laying out in one of the hardest laps showed in the NHL the hardest lunch and NHL history. These guys their captain Ryan Callahan knows that he's going to be Atlanta defenseman know they're going to be land out and occasionally they're gonna take one. I don't like Marc -- did maybe in the eyeball -- that has to be too many more. Dread. In your mind your heart in knowing how to fight and only -- a fight I mean. Fighters fight that's what they do usually they come out of it OK maybe with a sore handsome sort -- may do little opera bruise. The thought that you might end up like your teammate Marc Staal. In -- with blurred vision months later or -- or worse some in human and -- that. Lose and I you'd kind of like Sidney Crosby could end or it could end up just what will solve your body. -- -- -- Yes it is a tough tough job and I can't imagine it's they can go in this game. I'm definitely feel my body and might face in front of the day and it was -- -- don't know if that's what they do -- decide what you are gonna. Because they're just gonna do it it's gonna hurt to be done I've pulled all the New York ranger footage from the regular season -- faulted block shots. 776. Block shots during the regular season that was six to. In the national -- so five teams did more than a Rangers -- And I counted all the seven playoff games against the caps have checked -- You know counted although -- 161. Which leads all playoff teams -- 161. Block shots and seven game. -- Seven that's 23 very good 23. Game. Dominated have a regular season at 7764. So there -- remote. How many hundreds of comedy hit the playoffs that your pads you know lake Villa hit a real hard part not ads. The answer is not all of the men and mean think about it. I know this in part to some guys this but the number one requirement is all's you have to have the guts to do. But you'd turn your face away. You know generally. Mean. You try. But you don't wanna turn your body away because -- you know on the back your legs there's no pads on the front in the -- on the knees. On your back is no pads no I mean that this. -- that's a problem in the shoulder down but does that that those. The soft underbelly is there. So a good chance that the percentage would be. But the is that probably a 60407030. Chance that it doesn't it. Plastic right Bret Hart some plastics that will hurt that it will hit flesh and bone. And you skate off in agony right. The -- comes over you know -- -- view of minute and then. And back -- action after Mecca there. That's the way it works and it's going to be a very frustrating team to play against when those shots are getting through to Lundqvist and then when they do it's Lundqvist -- doctor Alex Ovechkin yes. -- one shot on goal and we've. In the last game in the guy who who shoots pucks at the net in his sleep and he couldn't get a show got to shop rates could get a shot. To the net and I know how particularly is a few things can happen you block Russia and in could be nice clean blocker could end up. -- -- some party you and misdirected men up front on the -- and costing your team. State you know they practices where we think about this morning when we were color but this new read about it and practices. Do you practice. Issued just practicing and you have someone fired as hard as they hear from the point out and you lay out. In you so the 700 those -- gained a block 776. -- -- -- work on the offseason to get better and and confident and whether you -- work total -- yeah I'm just gonna left handed shot slick obvious in the have softer parks for practice things like that's -- -- -- As true as -- pucks -- these buttons are at a capsule like the parks to throw a media. In the audience at our College Hockey. Just -- park there's well there's there's also another aspect of but the Bruins have to be worried about as well if if you are firing from point. And it takes it weird bounce you can gets caught flat footed and a breakaway and then going the other way. -- -- in the dimensional have to pay attention to right in the Bruins defenseman that's the big story Canadian. We're the first to discuss this but this is going to be but twelve. Our prison and you gonna -- -- the name -- coast -- dates the -- as you can and embark on a -- about a thousand as between now. And when the puck currently exposure -- -- no drug -- whatever his name is you'll hear that a lot too but. The pressure's on I think. If we assume that the three veterans are playing in the pressure's going to be on the road the young yet and newbies in it is interesting thing Doug Hamilton of the real skilled guy in. Ago great potential that kind of a skinny guy who's not relieved and in the trenches it was body yet. -- just fine in January but. Against the Rangers in -- industry in late may. Which up to questions of him in and opponents asks more and in a crucial situation I think both the what to expect or -- he talked about it he's he's got its eyes wide open going -- game one tonight. We're going to be physical series and Steve we just have to focus on knocking shots blocked in the idea -- -- and talk us. Do you focus on not -- getting shots blocked. He -- the park on a guy has lined up from block. English slide it. The other so capitals didn't think this. When they -- 161 blocked in seven games you'd try to you know try to avoid it at all. I don't think always try to avoid third times it is unleash it blast the especially if it's a good player France's minister David Ryan Callahan. And laying out front if you hope it. Catches flesh and it affects him and how how -- we asked this when they played in January you know can you do now a year yeah -- -- do they do and it but but if they do all year. And we see them in this series in Lebanon and pain or skating -- campaign over and over and over again. And you have to agree text -- it's not always the best strategy if -- were every team would do it. Ryan Callahan eighteen blocks in the seven game series Brian Boyle eleven in six games. Dan Girardi 24 blocked shots in the seven game series against. Washington. And -- auto twentieth Madonna eighteen. And -- fifteen so -- not just one guy doing this they're all had this ingrained sort of mentality that. Crazy coached 41 right. You can't what they do -- it's gonna be ugly this is going to be you know racers. You can't play forum and I mean did -- John -- on Monday lay out in front of pucks. And yarder didn't play for him US and India but. Could -- auger platform. I would argue that doesn't even hit into the seat come to -- that platform you can't play. -- and -- I mean you know signed yarder trade for yarder. The block shots or eight people I guess give you the right -- to get traded their to the Rangers -- -- not the right guy must be thinking. -- gonna do this too but it's so scary. I wouldn't. It's I guess it's something if you or whoever any -- gallon and you've been doing since your sixteen. Probably he probably take a lot of pucks in a lot of soft spots and it's just part of that job. Good feeling about the bruins' ability to vanquish these guys in five or six or seven but about this this is a a much more. Aggressive defense of hockey team than the Bruins faced in the first round and much more penalties yet they have him goaltender that's much better. Then primer. I think last check the Bruins are sort of offensively challenged to begin with and scuffling for awhile yes -- that the stuff that that. Bothered you going to playoffs didn't change and I predicting disputed ballots at predicting hockey is tough. I'm predicting the rangers' John nine guaranteeing or interest when this year's flu since nineteen that's a curtain inning Garrett what does that mean he's never right. I don't believe it's actually it go the other way -- props at the stuff that worked in the regular season didn't change. Did you watch Milan Lucic against him yes for four minutes right what changed it from four minutes public the other end and and what what brought that six -- gonna have two periods what happened the switch went on. And who won the Bruins won their way and the Bruins beating an average team he says this games and the process 31 lead. There he meta data record in the Rangers the tired and flipped -- which in game. What we thought well all better now and was one guy for four minutes of the third period and overtime it was an entire team that dominated. Game one and what I think Gary caught up in the. Just Lucic right you confident -- play well on the series. Yes yes I think you know you can blame him but -- -- now's the time when you step up and he he didn't in the regular season because as the regular -- Three wins there now 41 in in in game seven dollar and Douglas plant before that he was planned and I don't knew what when -- -- but has a work. Love that question the playoffs are more important you can knock guys. We're playing hard in the rail in the playoffs not the regular season but it happens it Sega boy are in the playoffs. I think like carbonneau -- It's and so on I think the bigger sample system -- bigger bigger samples sent here. What happened in the last three games of of the previous series they scored a goal in game five a goal in game six and a goal in the first two and a half periods of game number seven to me that seems to carry the day much more than some sort of miraculous explosion by -- each. You know in or sought miraculous is a serious and he was version of you that. All the time is it maddeningly. Inconsistent yes yes that's what closed rail against the Czech -- thing. But why would you expect. Is Jacqueline good one behind the battle and don't forget the -- why wouldn't expect Jacqueline listeners just doctor -- yeah you'll want guys to -- It's amazing everyone refers to Jacqueline but no one really knows the story. It was Hyde was a doctor he is on is -- monster well yeah but he also was not a doctor it. -- he wasn't directly lost this Ph.D. turned America wants to get practiced -- a better example of inject one you know like someone -- relevant that people know. A guy who just changes. Elect turns and where will -- opened. Have you ever seen the move OJ. When does he go. OJ it was and I don't think he's good for awhile -- Arafat pearl who could -- if we have had. We have to get to coach's defense because I'm kind of I know I'm coming arise when a meal for the Ecstasy and why this is better than insanity defense yet analysts -- this anti. Which checked out legal experts get hairy men Mike McCann obviously. This is solid legal strategy this -- the projectiles the current us. They usually defenses no officer I haven't had any addict -- you haven't drank this is I like a lot. It is that that's why I didn't drive yet she and we went CAC out of the front I didn't drive to commit armed robbery. That's his defense. That's I think -- support my theory that he just wanted to get on the cell. He's wants fresh. This I'll appeal and they said you can come up with a regional -- is. 22 rob you didn't know what I was doing. Always. Believe that. Drunkenness was the guy yeah well the problem as he said his his attorney didn't use that fact didn't present that back. As part of his defense that's what he wants a new trial I love you didn't say hey. I love bugle at three judge them 500000. Dollars. And didn't even try yeah it because you -- just Yale Galanter and to me this he was. Probably -- About technology paid the piper here. On the gonna help him get off again. Did you know that it was the first time taken yes yeah yeah and before you read that you knew we never took the breath and I didn't know that -- now -- I thought in the -- century wasn't yet guess it was a question the civil trial -- at bat -- you can you can do. You have to and civil right is that -- -- -- not to stand against not -- the robbery the armed robbery he never took this now and now he's -- optic and it was a lot like because he said convict hey. I'm OJ I like is that a lot of there is a female judge -- like energy turns on the charm and obviously it's a totally secular you know he's taken second is the completeness of that's what that's what guys like OJ thing like like Roger Clemens like grove all the -- or take guys is that their whole life. And people have been listening to everything they say right now our notebooks and tape recorder some and so they think it matters with dates in matters of profound it's intelligent. OJ -- ago on a real Smart. I'm real -- but we'll articulate I can do he has looked. Like a different OJ but he sounds like the old coach. Well he -- For us it was it was an act I don't think. It is. We've -- that lots. Secure. Almost. Who cares more earlier this well. All these. Was this. It's. It's. You know you can lose your -- -- walls and hit you'll see we'll open. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Reyes of exit question. Do you think that you were acting legally here you were doing. And why is that. When I vote them all. It's okay Greg. Front of the whole. Acknowledge to myself. Even -- -- Still. We don't know. It. Tocchet at about -- idea OJ got kind of emotional. Songs off pictures of him with. The color -- and murder via you know that would get me a little choked up. -- it is you know what it is honestly. Not to. There just the punishment does not fit the crime he could do 33 years yes steel in his old joke from some on the sleeve but it works for me but it's okay by media. I hope the judge let some -- -- some questions. That's OK you can don't go back to sell -- to normal Chile what is what is the yeah you're right it's not fair for steals on it just 33 years but this is like poetic justice it is I guess that it's our poetic justice it's just in the end. Would that be enough for the -- why justice. Oh boy that's a good start yet it's I don't think he's -- -- now you've seen them. She hasn't looked great. Does that sound good I'll -- I do you have that feeling like he's never gonna die like he's he's Satan he's never gone and you know of assault amazing -- -- -- or ultimately gets away with it. You know he's eating girls again he's playing golf he's Livan only he's so dumb he can't help himself doing it is -- -- -- of that mentality make your stuff this hardship sleazy guy in the they get to stuff I know where is he brings big guys with guns he calls them -- like offensive -- let's have a big guys at the big guys like Reggie McKenzie you know write the electric electric company. You know lead blocking for him he goes in like a bad -- And -- -- money in my and a two and thirty years for that it's. I love the fact it is just seems. Over the top a little too much of that for the stable give him at least -- -- Think about the somebody stole stuff you know where it is. -- -- -- That's illegal now. Pictures of you with a woman you love than I am trying but -- head off -- whatever let's talk it out any details here. Pictures of you with your with your kids you know you're right. The that you abandon your wife to humor. Aside beside the point pictures and know you -- you McKenzie in. Some efforts -- is probably in the -- doesn't -- to go get your stuff oh and if it's wrong it. You misdemeanor quotes anyway to get a kick. It hard to open at. And he's gonna do the rest of his life and you know what's great about it nobody thinks there Ron Goldman does and that. That they might get -- Palin it. 61777979837. Dale Arnold joins us in the 7 o'clock hour talk Bruins hockey Rangers hockey Larry Lucchino 8 o'clock hour Larry X. Ortiz best friend from the New York Post we'll talk with him as well your phone calls next with a thousand -- Are there. You got a slightly mad I get married he lied lied -- lied.

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