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Would the real Red Sox please stand up?

May 15, 2013|

What will 2013 be? Is it more like April? Or more like May? We discuss.

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Good afternoon everybody saw it all here on WEEI WEEI dot com as well. A lot of people coming on the show a lot of important people. Stop and by the the phone lines today John Farrell Jon -- a half hour to thirty manager your Red Sox. Although you may want to disassociate from them right now why is that while there. To a nine last eleven and -- -- -- closely that the -- with the second team they wanted to disassociate with them but he will be was at 230. I get to censor him his due to what he does next what what a manager and possibly do. Deposed team out of the details in the they seem to be in right now and then at 3 o'clock we are working on this for a little while -- Sharell. GM of the Bruins will join us at 3 o'clock we should have an extended conversation. With your general manager Peter surely get a sense has to just how dire things were in game four or game seven rather the other night with a few minutes laughed verses where they are right now. You said an extended conversation with Peter surely you -- not -- an extended conversation with John Ferrell and it can probably tell -- you. Where were both teams are right now the Bruins couldn't be happier. Starting the second round tomorrow at home vs the Rangers. And the Red Sox on the road a nine game trip. I saw someone. On TVA. They were going to win six of nine that would atlas. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know man and I have a TV like as seen at what is commander. Our bracket and are probably over forever -- this -- idea I have floor models always out of form the ones that go and they were Warner huge humongous my -- still hasn't -- basement part don't want -- living in the -- part TV park console whatever. And all I had at the one that has the remote control that has it's gonna get a few bullets to break it literally -- -- -- it's got power. Aren't exactly a lot child down yet. One buttons for volume you have about one bundle of your one buttons for volume had that when it goes to different levels like volume level one volume level to volume level three and it would -- to sort things. And then it had a zoom button. -- you can -- man you could zoom in who. It was terrible it was useless you zoom in and -- and Alec UHF and up and happen. And it would be so close that you just be pixel they did not Iraq. -- TV is from it was one of the first. Of course. You know one of the one of those bachelor things ovals -- those crazy bachelors. So won the first thing they did. There's like 20032004. It was right we -- -- 2004. Because it was a week. For the playoffs started for the baseball playoffs started -- I think an upgrade time I got to upgrade my TV the playoffs each day so I've had this TV for about nine years old -- got a pretty good time though violent. If -- -- -- -- I think its -- time now you're you're coming up why is it. And BP to milk and ice. I like it. The -- of duke blue wants a -- it was -- shall -- our play of the use of electric Danica three LCD now. It means all of those Liggett group the little Tokyo and and -- help you put out there in the air may be needed to TV at home and tell your wife you've heard on the radio that we needed to TV we do. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- But you know something something. Watching one days. Heard this -- of -- not a good time there it is equipment but the had to think about what with the new TVs are now in new TV. And she called someone. Hey everybody to picture TV for like -- sixty dollars. OK I just. -- -- -- the Michigan spent a grandparent or whatever that. Well whether there are no matter how many TV -- watching on last night forgetting about whatever -- -- said the Red Sox went six game in this road trip mr. him look like at the moment that's gonna happen. You did also see this very. -- -- it on its story position -- -- very. This device that -- -- excellent and a high towering pop up. Up by the catwalk when we get down -- -- Al in -- this away and it passes not at all. When they can't watch it. -- -- Fair nobody that's -- hit that time. But it does blockbuster action movie -- -- that hangs over. And is now on the carpet rolled up the dirt and Mike Napoli did the right thing. He didn't pick it up and it's not all that stuff rolling it fair ground. Who runs scored on the way. They could not have had worse luck there last night are you watch the way the whole thing happens and put themselves in position I don't wanna blame blockade they didn't lose because of bad luck and we scored three runs and they gave up when he runs besides just the two that scored on the catwalk single. But the ball goes that high up in the air. It happens to be two outs of the runners advance and you don't have a you don't have an infield fly ruling affect they can both come all the way around to score without fear. And then when it does bounce after Napoli misses it. You give it a little chance OK -- weird spit in the balls obviously gonna bring it back foul. And it doesn't tickets all the way to the dirt and doesn't go over there and the foul territory it's padlock. You put yourself in position once again. To lose the game and and now that's becoming a bit more have a opinion like. Lots of things that one how many games have been lost by the opposition in Tropicana Field -- you can say it's bad luck in the in the what's bad luck last night for the Red Sox. I'm guessing that the opposition. Is hurt more by Tropicana Field in the rays and the rays played there more than anybody else I mean it's it's just a joke of the stadium. You sure that he had out walkers I mean somebody at a 100% sure that it hit something I know Joseph is the only and it was and maybe did but it. If you also just been so high -- lost in the white background up there that he just missed an art but think about two things to -- catwalk behind now. Walk at a stadium and then. The that they'll light though the roof of the place in Florida understand it rains all the time and you don't know it's unpredictable. But at the beginning of the broadcast last night. Dave O'Brien says it's a shame there were playing baseball side because the perfect night for baseball at that time the game time game time was eighty -- Eighty degrees in Florida in your inside baseball outside anyway column that don't tell me there's a nice domed stadium because I think they also. Don't say you like to retractable roofs though where you can just all I -- I guess that makes it better makes a better retractable Russa pretty sweet. I haven't been out of safeguard them into Millar fielded some of the others but it's pretty austere but it still feels like outside -- can close it whenever you need to yet you go with that I just hate when it's -- hate baseball being played I did too but Els and a NASCAR being delayed three hours before they actually play yet. That's one here's the other thing that the larger question and get away from last night's game. Now you're talking about a stretch of games. They blocked they've lost nine of eleven you've mentioned it earlier beginning. -- you'll let me give you the stats on this and it and it leads to a bigger question -- -- last year and a second before John -- At 230 Peter -- at 3 o'clock to 19 in their last eleven that includes the sweep in Texas and it's not like Dave played great teams other than three in Texas Toronto -- -- lousy. I'm Minnesota's been lousy just one game against Tampa but 21219. They've been outscored. 67. Up 36 -- in those eleven games that they are giving up just over six runs per game and scoring just over three. In those not in those 09 losses. Four of them have been close. Five of them have been legit blowouts and over their two wins -- a five nothing shot -- we're Lester was dominant at the one hitter. And then you have a a close when -- had to go to extra innings and by the game up -- and finally come through in the in the extra frames so for close losses one close win five blow. Losses are so what are we have we have. Just the slump coming teams want all the time in baseball nine of eleven. You can have really good teams that go through stretches like that and and teams that are outscored 67 -- 36. Or. Is this something a little deeper this something scarier. Is this who they are. Today is this this hasn't happened against. The best teams in the league in one good team in there Texas. -- Toronto's a bad bad baseball pitcher. Minnesota if you don't wanna come a bad baseball team they're below average baseball team. They're young baseball -- Italy's. And in Mimi picked by the Tampa. -- as -- -- -- one game but Tampa is when they lost understand just if you display -- winnable game is getting out more to really help you were notable. But they have -- Ever wonder -- -- plot let's start let's try to dig in your question here we have some timing of a fifteen minutes before -- and you guys get involved as well 61777979837. It it is probably the most important question about the Red Sox right now we can go back and forth about batting orders her changing this thing -- changing that thing up and we can do some of the barrel as well. But US that the key question is this just baseball. You just slumps sometimes have a bad ten or eleven games stretch or are the Red Sox back. And I were I I don't believe their bad I don't believe a bad team has a month like the Red Sox did to start the I don't believe I think there -- good team. And I I understand the old adage of you're never as good as you are -- you you're never as good as you -- when you -- you're never as bad as you -- when you lose some of that is true. And obviously the jokes about a 124 wins are probably going to write out the window and Alex Taylor. But I don't think this is these 5060 ED win team I think they're still good I think -- the baseball team. I still think their playoff baseball team and their playoff team than anything can happen once you get their specially with Lester and Buchholz and hopefully Dempster. Doctor in the rotation down OK. I think they're good team. Especially when you look at their top two guys. Are in a pitch in the in the rotation. So bad teams don't have Lester -- industrial. Why is this happening there good team. But why does rise as good team getting drilled by bad teams. What do you think what's the number one reason. Maybe they are beyond Lester and Buchholz -- they -- that this is why they're good in not great. Beyond Lester and buckles may -- it is not that strong. That pitching is broken down. And you can look at the rotation. If your Lackey last night okay open our great union Dempster in his last start of a five home runs. Do Brock had a start skipped David Alan Webster that was a terrible start due -- comes into that game we didn't do great you. Look at their -- situation we've lost two closers to injury. And the other closer -- is ala. Hasn't stepped in and done what you expect them to do but on the flip side you have that many opportunities because they've been outscored 67 to 36. I just think the pitching a broken down. Why -- could you did could you be a good team can you be a good team. -- -- Terrific pitchers. In the rest of Europe and the rest of your staff being shaky probably yeah I think you can give me good to remember that denigrate when you remember back before I got on to my high horse with this 94 wins that I believe the Red Sox were and how. And and the idea of them being a contender that that was the initial conversation we had heading into the season right -- and I think they're gonna be good team 88 to ninety wins. And I said you know what Michael I really need to see more than two guys pitch before I buy into that. I wanna see what Ryan Dempster is in the American league for full season. I wanna see whether Felix to brought his legit and I wanna see whether all of these reports that John Lackey is actually back. Are accurate before so yes this is a good rotation. Exercises is losing streak Bobby peaceful May -- yes no I think some of that is just maybe three of the games. Is Lackey back. He's somewhere in between can be a fourth starter capable one I think so. Is -- brought to okay. I don't know about now that's a legit concern and I wonder whether or not they need to make a change -- the -- starter and frankly I'd still be -- down Webster taken a few more starts and only had one bad one. But I'd like to know whether Albert and that was that he's adequate or whether he just happen to have his bad outing his second start in the bigs and let's see what he has the next time if he continued to show some faith and him. And then Dempster is a huge. I don't really know what Ryan Dempster as I've watched him pitch he's inconsistent when he's good he's great when he's bad he's awful. I guess that makes him a fairly typical number three starter when he's good he's great when he that is awful. Yeah I think the pitching has broken down but also amid the Olympic and look at that stat and it's it's eleven games -- -- you -- about. About just over three runs a game. In eleven games. And we can't -- -- it is okay you're an American League -- I don't think that's gonna get it done and you'd look at that lineup look at this offense. What do you what you expect from will metal Brooks. What do you expect from David Ortiz and incentives for different reasons may meadowbrook is the young players who has really gone through a horrendous -- coming out of little little bit. John Farrell told us last week these -- our basement some -- ago this is Augusta with a woman Brooks -- gonna stick with him what do you expect to get. That's one. Of the other one with David Ortiz. I know in a home run. But after the game is talking about this injury another injury that he's than he has in the -- he's had a for a long time. And you rely on both of those guys can you rely on David Ortiz because of his age in this injury history. Can you rely on will will -- Brooks because -- -- the other way and let me ask -- is the lack of and lack of experience. Let me answer your question with another question -- choice yes I mean I don't know that how much of a choice you have to what is my other choice. Go outside organizations start looking around. You're not currently around you're not gonna look around and get a middle of the order guy that you're gonna rely on in the middle of the in the early parts of the season like -- that they just they're not -- her -- over army do you consider what RSS and that's -- Comes back to an adequate to -- asking her questions. And we'll get to an -- -- You consider will -- Brooks a middle of the order bat I think he ultimately can me. Right I mean if he is what he's supposed to be you should be eight -- number five or six at the middle of the order bat I bet it was seventh last night. -- I mean he's not right now he is clearly not hitting the ball well but you see the power you see the stroke you see what he's capable of and I think that it will middle Brooks once he grows into being a pro ball player he still does not even have a full year yet in the big leagues. At that point I think you should be a very good number six -- I think that's my ceiling or what I would expect him to be would see a pretty solid third race -- -- -- retirement this team and we're saying we're both saying the team is good but. Think that the government -- heart. -- they will -- Brooks is a middle of the order guy or could be a middle of the order guys are playing. Not hitting. Got David Ortiz. Who hit a home run last night but has talked about. Another injury that we weren't aware of an oblique injury which are scared to right. Because the -- and swinging yeah. And it turns out the oblique is important that if you need to generate more power based or power hitter especially if it doesn't bother him too much bearing on the inside fastball last and there's another guy we have mentioned and that's Mike Napoli. Mike Napoli this on base machine this. This guy whose swing is perfect for Fenway Park he's perfect for this lineup he's not walking. Mike Napoli is not getting on base so we're talking about a good team we're going to write to the heart of the order. And I still learning the Jacoby open area. There's suggestions that department talking -- Bradford before the show. And in Bradford is mentioning in 2009 that dropped him. From the top spot in the lineup for a bit because he's struggling against lefties and then they put them back up atop the lineup. We're talking about that stuff. We're still saying the Red Sox are good somethings missed well that's a lot of questions -- good -- On the other hand we watched them play until ten days ago and they fantastic until two weeks ago. Then I mean almost everything was the same the only real major difference. Was the issue is a close there hadn't really cropped up -- -- Hanrahan was hurt. You still -- -- -- and that makes you better team in May -- if your -- the closer position you win one or two of these games that you lost in the last couple weeks and instead of being 219. Your four and seven and it's a bad stretch but it's not a god awful stretch. We saw them win with this line. Our guys a slump and right now we know that baseball is up and down it's still only middle of may right. So I'm still will write it out a little bit I'm not writing the team offered -- like that is at the time to juggle. That's a question for John for Alaskan coming up there in a few minutes as quickly grabbed him was in New Hampshire -- him. Hey guys thanks second across -- show. There's like I ever saw expand but this team in a US senate they've got a lot of guys that are sort of could be -- what they have never bed and probably won't each. And a lot of wait until -- -- so he wouldn't really gets hurt. Wait until this comes back. Just too many courses and there's no I'm not guys that are that that -- I think it's a really good point template. Don't most teams have that issue. Are absolutely -- spirits and we we talk a word number by starters. You can say it about every team intimately Smart about -- number -- start without. That I'm I'm not as concerned about our number I starter has an appropriate number war. Which I think they're going to be as serviceable at any keying out there I just don't think that the -- are in a sport not run on a consistent basis. To make this team anything more than hopefully. Collapsed while -- in the play. Yeah I I know they've they've struggled score runs an attempt. But that's driving the issue for me I think that will that'll take care of yourself -- in what people are getting out of this way. Well last night I was shocked by this and shame on me for not being up on its sooner. Let listening to our our pregame show in the beginning of the broadcast last night. They were talking Joseph and Joseph and Dave were talking about to happen how Tampa. Has done it differently this year there's been a stretch of games where Tampa is averaging. The five and a half runs per game ninth they hit the number again last I have five runs last night. They were. There this whole block of a stretch of games with the leading the league in runs scored. Race. James Loney and now you saw him here you were thoroughly unimpressed. You should have been thoroughly unimpressed. James Loney is hitting the cult hero if he turns into the the next equivalent of Carlos Pena who comes -- looks like he's never going to be anything at first baseman goes the Tampa and becomes the beast of the dailies that will be really -- you know what but it will be the third time to dampen down. They've done it -- Pena they got -- with Pena. They've they're doing it right now with -- And there was the first Kotchman. -- got. Favorite -- -- there one -- hit three parties don't need to think about that I had to watch him for full season or two in Seattle is literally the the most painful baseball player I've watched rather -- additional tickets at the same time there -- a lot of really bad baseball players in the talent was there but you're right so they figured it well and taking an -- you look at them is that because they're supposed to -- Genesis I don't know I don't know what it it -- -- -- work and for the Marlins but you're right. And is very aggravating when you see it last night you see Jose Molina run around the bases like like attract star. House always that dude. How slow I asked us who wins him and Ortiz with a bat with the bad Achilles. Forty yard dash we got Ortiz used to are you sure there's what do I have to slide. The news and Al -- is still Ortiz I don't know it's very iffy maybe that's a question we can ask John -- we got some serious questions form what can he do. The team is obviously slumping bad baseball over the last eleven games textures of -- -- -- power another question hasn't happened yet and your ask him to hit in the three spot 20 so and he's almost hitting at a position. Where you'd at least think OK maybe the average goes down but the power goes up. Hasn't happened all questions for the skipper joins us -- ex alcoholic WEEI.

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