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Salk and Holley's Miked Up and Answer the Question - 05/15/13

May 15, 2013|

Sauce Man stylings!

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And you won't -- Analysts negativity that's in this town sucks it's my job yeah. -- -- -- Dial 6177793535. And they sitting room and now my job to wake up until Monday you know I'll rephrase -- maybe don't really -- us we solve -- holly. Yeah Mike -- brought to you by AT&T WEEI lives available on your iPhone your -- device brought you by AT&T official wireless provider of your Boston Bruins the most orgy coverage. In New England it's the question jerk right after that we get the saucepan and for that. Yeah we definitely got -- that -- coming -- -- it to the question -- got a big night -- filling in for writer is not -- bush segment. Now now now everybody got it -- -- minutes or not. Com -- over here. It applies to all you don't want it and our uncle Mo whatever. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- First let's do was to Mike -- and when we got. I assure you guys and -- up 400 Blues Traveler. Pork chops and apple sauce by the original -- Please nobody thought it was a -- -- bank. That the guy from yesterday guy we thought was you know he -- like the other -- he still sounds like the more than -- I think he sounds mostly like they are -- when he start off -- sound like Geiger. You know I can't figure -- out. Jon Stewart Rachel meadow dressed in drag spurs made -- -- -- Jon Stewart's truck and drag -- don't get the answer. While bar -- Don't let them and how is Carol and while. Don't give withdrawn it's a difference for -- I don't think Jon Stewart Jon Stewart funny -- -- John Stewart's -- you know what I think Jon Stewart's funny that I never watch -- show. Do you have any sense what's not funny as it. Most people -- won't target him for political news and it's just -- we -- the other side trying to fool anybody who's not doing it. Hard news here he is doing a show on Comedy Central right he's not calling that comedy is not calling it's something news that he's calling it Comedy Central. It's hard to hide behind. -- actually. Growing up but they've had what happened I thought -- go. And this message now as far as great to madam is concerned. Do you stop the Rachel and I told telecommuters and stopped. Just stop with the -- the map. How it sucks yeah wanted to read -- number 51 -- About 1450000. And start aren't that it friendly way that's what -- get a -- And that 141000. I didn't do that 97. The year before Pedro to more than. Fourteen -- imagine only -- now showing up at bat well you know what there comes a time where every organization is riding -- you think you're never getting hit the -- It's hard to it even with -- all that it's impossible to see that. Go into Greinke. Yankees. Patent battle but from my steroids present. That could be my equipment. Get the debate because. It. If I'm -- people got sick. Yes unbelievable. I think that he's go to -- -- Heavily and they and. How horrible. Unbelievable in Italy and they cannot win. -- And discuss your kids to -- -- them Tuesday. That was last week just kids -- -- -- that and -- -- seeded Hingis has some kids. Don't. It would be it carpet that ever happened. 10. And message yesterday he had a four piece band. In the dugout yesterday or in the clubhouse. Let me. That's his thing but that's not a thing in his tail what does that have to do with it it -- let's just yet let's keep it real keeps it loose. I get to hit the walk. Tell Jose Molina if that makes it from first from home to discuss it repaired 12 seconds that I -- brings everybody closer together you know what we did talk to Jason. Get a bad in here how about that wolf we we -- man. -- -- -- Loosen up the atmosphere a little bit morale will be an all time high let's bring in a -- people priced are arguing about which man now -- you know it was -- to play the drums on the not out west in Orlando and Atlanta area bridge. A lot of respect for their their craftsmanship put -- on a regular stuff a little different incidents -- most of -- you'll do is explain it to you you'll occasionally immigrants from. For the most part. -- -- -- It was it was funny when it was one unique. Beast. -- at. Its collapse after. Ours. -- -- -- You know put my what's the greatest act of carpet or they go about arbiter you know that in public and I'm not sure that the value target. And that message you went to Harvard has not ideal McGill would -- -- -- has -- -- tough to have. And -- on the guys intelligence when he went to Harvard itself and outside -- -- -- -- -- -- that's a tough argument to -- Boy it's all about. Did it rate it a contract well it never did it all of a bit more birds -- -- -- -- taken yet. And actually legal standing in his country it's a contrast it's on all of it's correct what are your holiday is like here eating anniversary. It doesn't while but it would be considered a gift because it was your dating anniversary -- holiday. But that's the only -- but things. It it takes a ring does it take a ring to secure a -- to secure a woman's hand in marriage. Yes that's what it takes you think so tell us you don't think you're right. Your wife wouldn't marry you he said you know -- And if this -- I love dealing with the rest I let my life reviewed but I'm not making much money right now. I know. Did the woman for me happy playing. It's not a simple low for her some symbol of -- or to see your. -- -- -- -- He honored her offer all night long he would -- an offer. And the message you. They always play without a doubt that -- predicted that -- rattle around with a contract. It's not every. Aspect every got to get array and then. Like that pop that about it that that delegate and best. And that that anger. Down is he's speaking from experience I don't know from experts as well actually -- not been hurt. He's been hurt the most object to any point in exile it's a great white people sick. What it was and what -- -- women would constantly be feeding people for years and years of waiting to get a ring that they can make 121000 dollars off of it perhaps I years' worth of effort. Mind here stop engagement studio last year's -- But the -- last five years. If you didn't -- ring and you break up before you married. Yet to give it back if there was a thousand dollar 2000 hell 8000 dollar ring yet to give it back to. And in Mario Williams case. It wasn't 800000. Dollar ring. 800000. Dollars was wrong was -- they make 1000 dollar rings but can you get your diamond ring for a thousand -- again figuring. But is that a diamond ring I don't know. I imagine you can't. -- -- I am going to activate your question I think that the person getting dumped -- -- get to keep Kate whether. And start. Except Andy I think that any kind of act any differently you can cheat. When you're not married west of course you can. -- those mental benefits and younger and younger and she kind of agree -- appoint whoever does the dumping of the cheating. They don't deserve to keep the ring I think that's -- Republicans got eighteen -- sizes and never got -- ordering just the wedding ring. It's always a talking point when we meet people are talking points if they think your cheap now see that's that's a beautiful relationship right I'm so proud of you guys. Good luck -- you going toward. Is it easy solution to the hole and hit it right there. It's caused to -- sick. And -- that. I was definitely should have that on balance like who's gonna know. Would you know -- you know the difference if you saw I don't know anything about it don't know anything about all this stuff. Just -- -- getting married did Jacob the jeweler you know it you know what I was told they picked that one detail that. -- it is a -- stop use the word thought that the -- is the words -- That's. Brought I'm -- thought we got some other problem for a couple of -- saw -- -- software that. -- We couldn't be less like this or other than that one hole in which you vulture is getting a -- -- let me answer your question yes so what does that bring you get the girls like him. Who knows all now that's it now you've been happy times there are not Robert tuchman something different you -- defending the family name this differently traditions here it's not about the money. Try to cash that is what if you give the game looming in -- -- -- I don't get out of the family heirloom ring you're gonna cheat on well it does happen right -- didn't know what was gonna happen next question. I'm not gonna do about -- it's precedent. We don't know what club -- And that the -- propped up like you don't ruin it and maybe do it better the food there. It's. Why did. -- -- -- And that message will be a much better for -- without so much better it's okay it's not a good sauce made out of -- to announce first of all that you're doing an imitation of -- -- although I do like the fact that he said his name is this all enemies I -- I don't. Think about what sports or. And that message when -- first leg of the morning. Again. Salzman says a lot of things all the -- -- -- dollar earlier rates on -- ability boys so -- -- -- dollar. Yet -- accurate -- though it's suited. Probably. They are good at what you dealt because I got to do that WE yeah as sports black dog got nauseated -- -- -- from. Pop pop pop. The after the maybe it was a good -- so are you applaud the beauty yeah I'd darn job. It was a bull easily colors the league. Thanks for calling assaults movie boat plane today at 45 Star Trek into the dark. This. This kind of wrecked yet I -- I -- -- on from there any couldn't repeat any of but I don't I don't like the writing on -- this is found this out that if you do that movie phone would be important. Yeah exactly I was expecting something that's off my talk about. -- jarred sauce CA a registered sex offender in all fifty states and that's the sports flash. On a registered. You're -- that was. And imitate other that was just hops. That was pretty legit I do have the -- -- -- -- -- money that was my -- Howard played the indeed the official wireless provider of the Boston bruins' most forgy coverage in New England answer the question here. It's time for answers the question -- answer the question with -- and Alex is the big question. So would you be years not answering anything and everything I'll answer that question it's answer the question what. -- brought you by AAR asks a restoration specialist at your property your facilities manager or insurance -- call -- the -- -- have a disaster restoration game plan in place 8774611111. Or they are answer dot com sauce made is with us. For into the question injured today -- man you. -- -- gentlemen almost ladies on the roads electrical announcer I guess so. -- we know scenario would be sold to go to wrap the Hokies on Michael and yes awesome man. What would yours be would you care to give us an optical offers all. I'd love to do Johnny Cash Johnny the -- wrapped all around you remember red river -- Brett Brackett. I just need to be in I was freestyle you know poker you've got to be right now you've got a -- -- anything on that we won this place. I know going into this one promises on Tuesday next one please it is and I'll tell anyone ever actually -- so. -- as anybody ever resounding I have definitely. I would be a couple of times now much admired my bike go to would be anything. By -- in my melodies for example. But take seven -- -- that a man alive at seven more Brothers who think they can probably take several more before I go for mine and that's what he wanted to heated -- but things got easy does it do with easy that's what I'm -- -- -- -- that -- in a -- -- -- My -- -- -- like down. The whole thing don't know. That makes you ask him Republicans though were what does yesterday there's Robert Frost. It is rooted there's -- and use -- any better. And it struck him please god please. And please do it coupled. No crown -- of the questions please anytime you have to pick one to -- Would you like the Yankees and yet expand Canadian span for lakers. Just -- you feel sorry for. Anderson and today's fans most likely never -- lakers are a threat. Beating the Yankees they'll be the worst of that group I think I think the Canadian stamp -- -- categorically state that jets. Next question you always get derivative. -- Jerks all what is the whole morning crew hate you that your. The more greatly. Portions of a concern -- what did you do that we said anything about them -- I quickly now maybe that's one. And some garlic -- knowing little Brothers like hey I'll just keep being annoying into the arms of oh did you kiss the ring you -- just you know during your busy hammering. Is there ring councils and the 785000. Dollar play Mario Williams given the rating that have penis lol hey you. -- that's. Always true that they they hate you -- war of words about what you are out there Erica. No crown jewel of the question please jerks who is a better hitter Wade -- or Tony -- -- man. We cannot go into one company clutch situation a single one. Of. We're both really good got I gotta go -- dogs are gonna go away. Defining hitter I mean neither guy was a great all and you won't have enough power to go back and look at weblogs have more power next well yes it -- ago on what -- Tony growing respect -- -- -- -- at the end. Is it. -- like belong to a class of guys that all had a huge rear -- him Terry Pendleton. To reply Kirby -- right still kind of have the exact same body and we -- Are kind of collect those guys don't really of course it to our kids and anyone who looks like. And Jose Molina has got a future and the that's for its next question. About what is the best rivalry in sports today. Today today all of mean let's -- one guy's got a and a as the top one. You like to -- yankees Red Sox and I didn't really it might be a Laker Celtic Alabama Auburn. Alabama Auburn and all -- -- -- -- you know but they were just history to freeze like two years ago evident here and there. Spill. Now I don't know about down. Michigan Ohio State then. -- -- -- It keeps thinking I'll think they've been nothing in -- crap to me that question please. Jerks why not soccer. I love soccer columnist time in Asia I love what I'm talking -- -- ever been to a Grateful Dead concert. Never know no thing but is there I wouldn't even if I repeat it is isn't Ellis editor in the fish is just the and here you have to have result. I have been able to look like a dirty hippies and all indeed been a part of me you know. -- for you knowing that your. -- -- -- -- what's -- -- just about the words. And good good fun times girls who lose that's that's what it's. -- that are also probably aware that you oils and they'll think it's called Benihana -- Did I common enact the moment answer hack -- -- I would never actually say it's true of but I would never -- This promotes Austin assessments us of this announcement -- socialist way too much. We'll do it for today -- North Carolina. Yeah. Yes Brian that's probably the right answer that question. Nick Diaz and Georges saint -- USC. USC people do as ravens. Manny Pacquiao Floyd man -- a way that's never gonna apple Brady Manning. That's a great rival degrading Brady exaggerated some of the questions a personal right that that might be the one tiger and Sergio now -- bill and now. Lindsay Vaughn and that other chick who like to Wear the Tierra. Julie. Mancuso and Q so yes thanks -- them are already here so -- man has. Red Sox pregame and post game tonight. Yeah I'll be doing the Red Sox front counselor joked sickly or Dave O'Brien in the pre and post which of course begins here on the Red Sox -- we re Irish unit will be six point 50 see you then her Mike Adams tell them will be back tomorrow at 2 o'clock Barry Melrose at 430. --

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