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Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli joins Salk and Holley

May 15, 2013|

We check in with Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli, who talks Bruins and Leafs, looks ahead to Bruins and Rangers and explains that Claude Julien is his guy at coach as long as he is here as GM.

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Off to the thrill of game seven on Monday night we all get ready for game one against the Rangers tomorrow at the garden Bruins once again. With -- home ice advantage of the wait for this and excited to talk to Peter -- Bruins general manager takes a few minutes with us via the AT&T hotline Peter how -- I'm good guys think to me. Thanks for being with us it was obviously an amazing amazing evening on Monday night but after a an emotional seven game series what did you see over the course -- those seven games. Well I thought I saw a lot of different types of schemes. That we had we are -- to a good -- that we use. -- with a couple lineup change. Changes they. They changed the complexion of the older of their deal and helped put a puck a little better and you saw them. You saw him start coming into their own. Specifically getting wild -- period. And we we we had a lot of chances but we couldn't. We couldn't finish we couldn't. Find a way to get Canada net front presence so called down to seven games. In the seventh game and you that you witnessed the other night -- Slow start brought by pretty good finish. There are a lot of people have said in the aftermath hey I left the game or turn the game off I was so disappointed we know he didn't leave we saw you on TV celebrating but. At -- one. -- what were your thoughts were you already thinking about next year and in thinking about that process. Well. Yes what is not -- but that process is just simply. Ask that you wrote the exit meetings. Was speaking about this summer they -- -- signing guys freeagent so. And I'm making decisions that I -- Certainly if it wasn't -- -- -- wanted to be clear as to what. I've I've I've felt strongly group are Cogent feel stronger Cogent. And his job is safe and I know there's a lot of a lot of Internet traffic and talk radio. That data well my job and his job but a lot of time here is jobs -- Well it's interesting Milan Lucic it sounds like was thinking about some of the exact same stuff final of the you've heard the cut from after the game that -- play for you quickly are you looking at the clockwise down without a period left 41. You know you start to hear yourself. Since the end of of of this group here and and because it probably would have little if if if we didn't win this game but. They had a belief that this was going to be the end of the group I mean how how accurate is Milan. Well I don't think if you go year to year and in our group sort of speak out there's been changes every year so. I was probably accurate one way or the other end Tuesday's can't keep everybody out fine but I know what what -- I was saying him. And if there is no way these. Need the decision that we make them on the roster in the team and they're tough decisions then especially with the cap going down so. When you when you suffered disappointing loss like that you look on you look on the roster and ultimately that's probably what -- usually do. Well I think some of the chatter. About your coach. Stems from the fact that not talk radio that's what we do that's part of it and columnist and all that stuff but the other part is. Looking at some inconsistency of the team down the stretch and in this series clone himself said. This is they Jacqueline. Jekyll and Hyde team. What why is why has the team been inconsistent in your opinion do you play. Hello well -- status. You look firstly whip -- quote I mean he's had a lot of issues this year challenging issues that he's had to do what other team. From you know a lot of guys have and I think it when you have a short she's been you know practice you do have to do I've witnessed it before I went missing this year. Yeah -- you don't know what to kick you can't work on things voters as a child and everybody has. Quitting her coach. Like. Again the talk radio and the Internet stuff is as part of the business she can't used to whenever there's hypocrisy it seemed to have. Wrong door so when you get used to it but. Yeah I can't as a manager I can't forget. That is quote has been a coach here he's got the second most wins in the playoffs 2008. Next to Mike Babcock so. Like he's been producing consistently so what if he's he's a terrific coach and I know every year position that we have to change that by. This year's no different and this year's no different them and it I was alluding to earlier. You don't. You can't -- normally I keep trends and our through our practices during game. And you can identify. There's obvious thing and everybody -- but I can identify where the team is going in certain directions. He is I can't this year he's just hard to do it where it. Which appears to this season and has been always been scheduled. And that's not accused that's just reality and those are challenges that we have so you have anybody consistent. I'm telling you that that's one of the reasons why we've been. Bruins general manager Peter surely -- here on WEEI -- Holley show. When you're looking at a coaching his responsibilities. I would think it would include everything from how we sets the lines. How he motivates the players. Is his defense system is offensive system the power play the penalty kill etc. will Wear -- strengths and weaknesses among those different qualities. It is indeed. A lot of the strength of quote in behind the scenes because I was. They did a press conference yesterday and I talked about. The composure that he can instill the team while still. Playing. Playing all playing in tenth place I called the push and that if you really have to it's it's a desperate push. And you can't succeed. In that push when you when you don't have portrait maps. What's important -- -- coach the persona and the composure he's still in the team. -- and why is quoted an excellent he's he's loyal and protective of those players and and you see. The ability to to make -- little -- everyone climbers on line changes all the time but often that can be. W damaging when you change -- to but. That it that it wouldn't want little nuances that timeout. That -- radical changes via. Even you know even even the other night the -- get you rookie defenseman. And -- hard not -- but by that he had to play big minutes in the past that the large task. That that was that was that he was very good -- so. You know like he is. His record speaks result of the entities. To that easy to. Dissect anybody's record and find negative points but you know this guys -- top. We keep in the past every year we're in the second round I don't know how many times he's got his second Mo Williams I I just. Unfair and I know it comes with the territory but so strong about quote that. And think about that great series that you just have with. With Toronto. And look at Phil Kessel a guy that. What was here for awhile and it seemed that you had a big decision make with -- he's going to be signing -- long term were crate she. I have my read on that is incorrect please correct me and that went on this I wonder what you've thought of both guys in this series and did you see anything from castle that surprise you in the series if he is pretty good. He had a very good year my keys even so -- so I've been watching him all year and -- that wasn't surprising. He's played better against that in the regular season game to game. And -- he's got a very that your views. You -- shooter first -- Is that even passed the puck very well this year so he's he's grown as a player. And and that certainly was when we traded him it was a game that is -- 35 or equal score were trading. Most secret about that. The years your comment I'm currently vs -- I have to go back to what you really like that it was Stearns all want to run up behind. Will -- things that I won't get into but it -- that -- that what that decision. And what their way in just it just your take on Craig she leads all. And it -- through referred through the first round let everybody in the NHL in scoring. Scoring obviously was the strength in this series. What else did you see from from -- you know in the first round. Well we've worked with David. You you can see. You can see a real intense determination. And he's not sent -- player and meaning mechanisms and he's he's got -- -- -- the strength of his game is pigeon. And dad and anticipation her passing. And sometimes those players get get typecast. It's that doctor Claire. Look what I saw what David is different and David -- and as a result courier he he really he can really vehicle really. Player down low in the offensive zone in his own way and what I see that and I saw that how serious I know his game can get beyond. And and that's what I and he you know I think you know -- -- -- we're we're good too but David really really short stuff this year. -- like sit next to camp during a playoff hockey game. Well you're just talking earlier play. But we're gonna essentially the next series and he's history you know you controlling your motion a lot better as you like. And you know or you know we reach her own person he's he's excitable and he's so emotional on. But you know we're all emotional I don't know him that. Jimmy betting on the other side -- you were jumping up and down so he she should be part of this this this -- to. What does that dynamic like behind the scenes day you're the general manager he's the president you're the one is who's tasked with going out -- -- in building eighteen building a roster were. What does that dynamic like between the two of you in the front office. Well there's there's the you know why there is done between Jamie -- in the track -- work together and we all have different views but now we. -- has strong view and I strong view of most of time we agree sometimes you just accurately talked about it the same -- that the dynamic -- a group like your. You're only as strong as people are out of view him and so we oh we know wanna win. And we -- want to build a championship team that. It. High stakes poker in town tourism. What what you know expectations and and we wanna -- sort of this. If I would imagine it like any any productive. -- higher level executives what they have there. There there opinions of what they respect -- or else. Are you talk about winning -- championship got to get through the rangers' first urges say yesterday there are some similarities between you and them. Could you elaborate on what those similarities are. Yeah the other they made it play all the heavy game so they're pretty. That are you know they're not as. Check these sort of speak offensively -- -- trial or high scoring team they're really -- to talk. I think he could say that it but I as far as you know we don't have. We don't score a lot of -- Eagles on the rusher Ers are. Are we scored at least workaholic Japanese video content bunches. You -- YouTube generally want to hear your own -- first and I think that's part of what the Rangers try to. They have. Solid but not flashy defenseman. And that that that move the puck efficiently. Bob good team that we we played earlier a little bit -- contributor actually pretty big trade. We've made where they actually -- more for more rappers are and to our -- and him and -- give -- some depth down the middle. And -- has been a good song sort department and to respect you can work fine compliment is pretty kit so they've they've they've actually become more like. With that treated so it'll be. It'll be a battle. Albeit physical battle. And don't be to be a lot of grinding. Do you like your team against another team that looks like get it and not the Toronto's entirely different but there's a lot of speed they did not play as physically in the series is I think we would all expect the Rangers to. Do you like your teams match up better against a a mirror image or -- -- more like like Toronto. Well. The question idea. You know like in seven games. I Turkey -- belt. To Wear teams down so. I was. We are trying to figure out why we always go to seven games and that's probably the reason we we were built to Wear teams down and and whether you you know you we did that trial is debatable but over the course you know like over the course of a series. With a heavy lifting that we do it generally result in the bin that it defenders and the other team. Where -- to -- what the byproduct. Turnovers and whatnot. And black kind of defending unfortunate which I think you saw that seventh game. Rangers -- the fame and a tough question I don't -- I think there's so they're they're you know they're bigger they can. Withstand that wearing down so. I think I would probably -- triple -- -- to Rangers -- give you do you know market expected to defend against some. Is that why you've had so many seven game series over the course of the last few years. I I think so I think so let us that's what I was alluding to the the way that we're built the wrong couple lines and wearing him it took down the team you know obviously we haven't had great success on the power play. So. Are you strangers and terrific at -- it's been terrific and I think it just -- these functional where immunity now. That's funny image in the power play and other Rangers in the first round were two for 28 on the power play. Sounds familiar we've talked on and on about why the Bruins have struggled the Rangers struggling -- are too. It is it something that is it something that you spent a lot of time analyzing. Or do you just say this is who we are we may struggle on the power play I'm OK with it what you read on it. -- You know yeah yeah yeah we've brought in some players. That we felt that help our power play jagr helped our power play obviously -- I don't know if I mean we got this pastors -- might have been more than -- amendment to. You know I like like -- but for the last game a lot of like good movement and our power play and we've got a good back to her chances. Back to California -- you've got. It was -- it is percentage. Rate. The other guys are pretty are. Good news there's two teams that have meant to partly at -- so. You know intuitively it could happen apparently it's gonna help you but. -- like you know like simple look at her career apparently been shown -- and and you know I would open -- approach. You mentioned your -- -- -- what he's done for the power play talking Peter surely here on WEEI. Back to the trade deadline and and sort of the crazy situation that happened first with the trade for again -- and then ultimately what ended up happening with younger but but specifically with the again. If you could go back and do that all over how would you do would differently would you do with the same way what happened. Well I certainly wouldn't do any differently. And I think I think what happened. Well I know what happened but what what became I became so public is because there's some weeks somewhere. And that's what happens when you have players no trade clause that -- become involved it has become involved and the more people that know put an impending trade. The more likelihood that people become public. And trades like -- Follow part don't happen. A lot of a lot of a lot of different occasions. So I wouldn't that certainly would do anything differently. The reason everyone knew it was true reasons mentioned. And and I would I would do it differently lead. -- -- -- -- -- -- Certainly it would doing differently. Paul area it's good to get a chance to talk to you we certainly appreciated the other night was about. That's about as crazy as I've ever been in any building in any and you did any sporting event any single moment in -- sporting event that was crazier than those last couple minutes. I've never have never been. No I've never been part of it and I -- I was racking my brain news the other morning -- both have ever seen anything like pat and these -- and stuff in golf where guys come from you know. Behind him but that kind of have that team event that low for a play I've never no never. Most pretty amazing to be in the building let's hope we don't need to get down 41. And -- the same thing again and game seven against the Rangers thanks for being with us we appreciate it. Aric thank you aren't there you go there is at Peter surely kind of take a few minutes there via the AT&T hotline and other there's one there's one line from him their Michael that really stands out to me probably more than any other. Welcome back here in just set -- all doubts rockaholic W via.

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