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Pod Man Rush: Previewing the Bruins-Rangers playoff series

May 15, 2013|

DJ Bean is joined by Mike Salk as the two discuss the state of the Bruins as they enter the Eastern Conference semifinals against the Rangers. Topics discussed include the Bruins' banged-up blue line, the disappearance of Tyler Seguin and the challenging task of beating Henrik Lundqvist.

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Do stuff. A million rush it. Covering everything Boston Bruins in the NHL. Then -- on W we. Oh I don't want no food. Then beat the girls who get those jobs from being welcomed the latest episode of odd man rush. Joining me this week. Is the great Mike saw Mike thanks for coming on of course how could it not be as the time -- in this writes this is playoff time in right and taken on a New York team ranger I mean it's it's. There's a good time to be Bruins -- to guitar and B Bruins fans -- -- be hockey fan in general just to get the original six things. Thankfully Bruins fans have survived Monday night and now with Thursday coming up -- got the Rangers and as we make an attempt to try to previewing this series Mike. Yeah we talk about the Rangers but what I look at right now is the Bruins and the offensively they're banged up. Emotionally one way or the other they have to be banged up they have to be affected. By -- what they've gone through all season with how consistent they've been. And be that like they kind of got a slap in the face of this what's gonna take for this team to move in the post yes so what. So which one affects the more I -- and I think you almost have to start with the physical ailments right I mean whatever is going on with Brad marsh and I don't know that any of us are gonna know until after the playoffs if we even find out then -- but he hasn't been the same guy so so maybe put. Put half. Half star next to him and an injury report and then know everything you've got -- you defensive corps. Is it a little easier. Against in a Rangers team that is not explosive they're good they're good rotten and take nothing away from them their very good team but they're not explore can't. Underlined -- their not explosive thing enough but has yet he brought in Nash they had Gabbert. They have Richards in this the team that. -- called upon made this point all the time and it was balls on dead accurate. Why did they bring in all that offensive talent within if if John -- -- -- system. Doesn't play to those strengths so yeah I've got some names do you fear Richards and Nash certainly among them but those two of a year. Have added that tough go of it in the system and be done nothing thus far in the playoffs though. I mean Nash is gonna scare you I mean yeah -- -- all he was a target of the Bruins who had all the conversations -- impossible whether or not Rick -- should come here whether it was worth giving up the farm in order again -- I think they probably made the right decision in not trading as much as it would cost them to get them. But he's still really good player now fortunately for you you got the best defenseman in this in the series right -- if there's one if there's one thing to take out of the Toronto series to take out of the Bruins in general it's. And which are still incredibly good at one thing especially and that is taking the best player out of a series now did he do a 100% with castle. Null and maybe that was even a tougher match up form because of the speed of -- I don't know that that's a great matchup for Chara. But shouldn't you of all things in -- charge you be good that isn't stopping someone like Nash number one on that list yes. And Nash the Tampa guided going back the capitals series he's the -- the game plan around that 88 you have your top defenseman on him at all times but beat. Whether it's a sport or somebody else you've got somebody else kind of take him out of the play and that's the capitals were able to do now can you do it now with the data chart and whoever's out there whether it's Doug Hamilton as his defense apart -- who we saw. In in practice and act kind of takes us back to it your biggest point earlier on which is. The Bruins being banged up outweighs whatever at the hell's going on with them psychologically. At the end of the day. I look at the of those Peru and practicing today and icu. Wade Redden skating around a little bit before practice starts and getting off the ice I see no interference -- no Dennis Seidenberg. Without parents we were astonished by what a big loss that was right in game two when he was suspended against -- to think. It's one guy that -- people in the trouble with some things around it will be five. As it turns out losing a left shot defenseman for this defense was critical now there without three. Yeah and and their second best defensive player and Dennis Seidenberg grammys had kind of a mediocre year by his standards but still the guy that you would trust. When char is not on the ice and and paired with Chara in key situations it clearly hurts them. I think you bring up a huge point which is watching them play Toronto they are the better team they they they -- Toronto had to match up with the Bruins -- the Bruins could roll out whatever line they wanted to they want to get to -- on to -- much more of a defensive -- thing but from a line perspective I never felt like -- was trying to play match ups and trying to force. His will and or or or to say all right you've got this guy on the -- I've got to make sure that I take. -- mom I wonder compound there were overpowered us right -- they were overpowered maybe as far as speed goes but when you have as you said before when you have a guy like Chara who. -- duty outsider really put you anywhere but we're Zdeno Chara is because he's such a planet out there. Then you have an advantage there now wonder with New York if that changes the -- had to play Washington in this round -- maybe you've got to make sure the Bergeron line or perjure himself. Is out there against Ovechkin all the time because he's that good right you can't just have jury probably need someone like -- running great defense -- -- on him all the time or maybe you designate Chris Kelly or militarily or whatever way you wanna handle someone Michael that is now want him on the ice against them all the time. Is Nash good enough for -- And I know he's a really good player but are the Bruins better off playing -- game and forcing New York to react to them or did they need to react to the Rangers. Well I think it depends on how blind -- -- I mean if you stay you put the -- line which as it stands right now. Is Bergeron between -- and in younger which we'll get a little bit that you put him against. The national line. The Rangers right now are a little deeper than they were certainly for the trade deadline when they swapped out Mary Gabbert for a few pieces which. Their births are among them have been huge bass player for the right by their best of nine points so far which -- -- for David creature being in the series in the series you'd say while those are really great numbers. There -- a bit of a deeper team right now the Rangers offensively though how do you match up with them when -- you're -- -- on defense and be. Count I mean. Look that that believes. Had three good lines right depending on where they moved things the Rangers right now are the same weight but they're more physical more bruising style that you saw before. Beliefs I just continued to say we're gonna control the pace where they were gonna control this series and our three lines are good enough that we really don't care which one you roll out there against them we're not going to try to match up on Nash we've got chart take care of that. And and other than that. You react to us yours you're gonna have to figure what you wanna do it -- each Cree chief. And and and and Horton. We are not going to play matchup you've got to play matchups to us in there that they -- that's the best line in the series I really believe that. Wear whatever you do with Nash went Callahan is playing with a man and I fear Brian Callahan prod more -- than anybody and a -- he's just one of those guys who pays the price who does all the dirty work who's always seems to find a way. Just when you feel like he's down and out that's when he comes back scores a big goal as a big assist. But the weight that you each played in the from the last series in the way he seems to the mentality he seems to have right now even when the Bruins didn't play that well he was out there hitting. And I don't wanna say I believe that for a one I did not -- -- say I believe that -- I did not but the only thing that gave -- any hope at all was. Hey even as badly as they played his -- it basically is they play in this in this game. At least they've been hitting. At least have a meeting in the corners -- pay the price to go to the front of the net they made a lot of mistakes but Lucic crushed people. For sixty full minutes in that game skated straight ahead. Bury people in the corners he just hoped that maybe that would start to Wear down the least by the end of the game I don't know that that add in the factor not whether -- discount -- himself when he got worried at the end I think probably all of those things are relevant. But of Lucic can do that to this New York team. And -- chief continues to play his game and you get more of a contribution from the second line that would be the way I think you can win but -- the strangest team is so much better than two -- Right I was gonna say we'll be the issue there is and that the from the garrison. Pairing is buying for Toronto for enough. Still -- -- on top pairing and you kind of -- the Rangers aren't that way the Rangers have one of the best defensive pairings in the game with Brian McDonough. In danger RD so. That's going to be a bit of a problem for this top Bruins know they play those two guys together -- sought today that did toward -- split them up a little bit may be wondering if he needs to have one of those guys out against the -- she line. And one of the mount against the Bergeron line and -- Arnold depends I mean you're just talking before it depends on how the Rangers look offensively what you gonna do offensively with the Bruins the exact same way with the Rangers defense how they're gonna go. In the Boston offense because I've got news for you that first line has been sensational for the bruins' David critique is the best player on the ice. Me on the teach probably. He's with the -- you know char and Tuukka Rask is probably the bruins' second best player so far in this post season the question is what the hell do you have after that. Patrice Bergeron was heroic. In in game seven absolutely how -- Sagan -- yet to show up I mean. I'm here and people saying only thing came through when it counted he beat the price in front of the net -- Good for him here it was the first thing he did the entire series and he was he was in front of the net try to get loose puck what else would he be doing and that's -- for. Well I guess I think he should have the credit for the fourth goal I'm pretty sure he tipped it never -- -- a million times I know I can't tell for -- -- but if you decided to credit him instead of -- Charlotte back goal wouldn't be as surprised all the sudden his series at least looks a little differently yes assisted on the game winner and actually scored at that the tying goal and they really needed it. He's a mystery man I mean the Bruins are mystery and and Sagan is as much a mystery is any of them. I don't know that this is a better match up for him then then Toronto was coming you would -- I definitely don't against Toronto would have been that would suited his game a little better so what's going on with MRI I don't know the answer to it. But but if there's any thing any. I'm not only -- the word momentum like surely get -- like the word momentum right but if there's any sense of confidence to be gained from what they did in the in the final a few minutes against Toronto. Hopefully he's the guy that takes that. And you gotta hope that they don't go the other way and say see we can just turn this on any time right win because they can't against New York. Honestly that's my concern with this Bruins team I think they come out of that they say wow. I cannot but it's it's like playing chicken with the train you know it's like it's like the -- keep doing it like they'd be just barely survive and -- like -- it's almost like they get a rush out of it like. Let's see if we can fall down 521 in game seven against the Rangers and he began back from that. It's unbelievable the steam but they haven't made things -- on themselves all year so nothing surprised me getting back to the getting back to the Sagan thing. I mean. You said he is a mystery. And to meet -- mr. right but wouldn't that series against the leafs against the a fast slop sloppy defensive team. Wouldn't that be where he emerges. I guess you would think so but then you wonder if it may be he he may be his game really is more suited to playing against somebody who's trying to be more physical against him are say what you want about beliefs and -- -- a lot about the month unimpressed by the team in general though I think they're going to be. Good for the next few years -- -- they were ready this year and I think they need to a series changing goalie but they were fat. Fast right and maybe maybe he does work out better against a team it's gonna try to push around. And he's just too fast for them and he'll be arguably the fastest guy on the ice in this series -- obviously in the last series. It is are there many New York players that are going to be faster than him. Right now and I've been -- -- but have been at the end of the day it's also a matter of of beating Henrik Lundqvist in those guys are gonna pack it in so maybe you'll still see you. Those numbers were Sagan attempts a bunch of shots on goal but they won't get through in whom god knows what angle of the from that'll probably -- all the Bruins. Yeah an interesting to see if he does -- to keep that line together whether or not younger starts to work with them you know we play the sound of -- -- on our show the other night at the other day. A say in. -- is different from everyone else right -- got to watch film on him and really learn how to play with a minute and then maybe that makes -- not an ideal trade deadline acquisition because he can't just slot in. The way any other right Winger would maybe maybe you need it a little bit more time to learn how to play them. I don't know that I love them with Bergeron and Sagan I think I prefer him back with -- -- but but if you -- I think I'd like. Kelly however Lee and and and Marchand together if you were or were Sagan together if you were going to play matchups if you -- to try to push that line out as a as a true checking line. Eight there you know a third line at that point would -- -- and down right and allow them to be a true checking line but I don't think you need to do that against the Rangers are just reunited her -- -- to line -- -- happened. Yeah I was surprised the Julie made the moves he -- especially with younger because I mean I think as you said it takes for ever not only for him to get used to play with other guys but for other guys to get used to playing with himself. I thought no way they were kind of handcuffed to that Kelly parlay -- thing. And and apparently not but will ended here and hopefully Mike as I thank you for joining me here will be able to do. More of these down the road while the Bruins are still in -- thanks to Michael -- for producing things to you for listening and will talk to you soon.

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