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Watertown officers MacLellan and Reynolds part two

May 15, 2013|

The officers continued their discussion on the night they came upon the terrorists on the streets of Watertown. They discussed the 6 inch tree that just may have saved their lives.

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Welcome back it's Dennis and Callahan are AT&T text line at 379237. Has lit up as we are very proud very pleased. Welcome Watertown police officers Joseph Reynolds and sergeant John McClellan. Joseph Reynolds with the first on the scene on laurel street at the shoot out the OK corral. And -- sergeant John McClellan was about ten seconds behind. In no particular order the Tex lines of Watertown PD thank you for everything guys have done your true heroes. You should be very proud. Great interview which -- on TV you guys have balls of steel says that you notice to you remain in balls of steel via via balls of steel. To put your life in harm's way especially the kind of resistance you faced extremely selfless you guys are heroes. That it wants a strong work boy strong work thank you operator's revenue respect for all of you now. All eyes are open you can talk with them sergeant McClellan and officer Reynolds at 6177797937. About the chronology -- this point. The entire thing from you Joseph who were first on the scene to the end when he was tackled and handcuffed was. Eight minutes to eight minutes it's like eight that is he -- -- -- -- like eight seconds where does seem like. To me on some news that went by a fat and it would have happened you know a month that things around in our how did you think you were dead and in point. I want no I didn't you know one point so yours in. -- how did it come to a close so we have we have the tackler coming up on the on the flank cracked thought if you -- six feet away in both. The officer and the terrorist run out of ammunition at the same time. Essentially. And camera and throws his gun aside sergeant yup it's -- in the biceps and apple when he decides to do Jerod Mayo and tackle. You guys Joseph Johnson you you do it was good that Junior Seau was good at that. Action against threats morals you get in number in and jump on the -- mixture with the Asian games in Boston I'm talking but I don't I got -- -- -- SA as well and the six. On our tackle. -- take us beyond that sleep on the ground. He's handcuffed. You city with a strong terrorist resisted even the gunshot wounds tell us about the car and and how he got the nickname tackle first you're probably wasn't. It wasn't cup yet what I'm with sergeant -- least takes into the ground. I look at MySpace such bombs on let's. Get -- and try to get awful. As we have to come -- we have to -- So -- yellow. You know cover us down range we sort of a bad guy down range I don't know if he's got on I don't know if he's got a novel went on the young puke right -- don't know OK and we don't know what he's going -- -- -- what he's gearing up for. So a lot I yellow column -- cover us so we Scott Geoff Scott outside computers has -- I'm. And I'm trying to -- Grab the other rom uses I'm out of out of the ammunition I don't have you know we we we could have shot him at that point another bullet right couldn't. On so we use some distraction or techniques trying to get him trying to get him his hands out from under him. Any strikes we could use mom in and I cajole yell out such which out here he comes. Now I looked to my left bank and I'm gonna see someone walking on the street with their Rommel -- going to be. Shoot -- But it's that SUV and I can hear -- can hear reverend Brad and all of a sudden it's. Right on top so he's he's turnaround and you turn he did comes back to the cruisers correct yup. What do you think his motivation -- is his intent was at that point I truly believe that he thought. That was three police offices in the -- street view and not his brother in he was trying to kill. That's my thought a hot. Com I you know there was people -- officer down opposite down -- I'm thinking he thought we would even doing CP -- trying to open a brother officer on the ground and and down he comes out all of us I try to tell sergeant -- says it. -- -- to disengage get off from write it off from I push off and I fought with the handcuffed at this point -- still has still not Hancock now and -- pews at least. With the a lot of Hodges did I mean his nose gets raped by the size of the -- rules and could hit the foam. Well I'm not the vehicle. I mean almost looked like it was gonna tip over it was it was movements much of the ended the bawdy whose stock under the and he dragged about forty feet fifty feet of forty are a lot of. Yeah and and then what and then the suvs gone in Europe other your fellow officer pursuit. What do you do with that -- the carcass of terrorist number one. Such -- police. Grabs him again to two archery and golf on this I'm. And also reynolds' jumps and at that point I'd I I was. I was told that it was an officer down at that point I was going to. Investigate and figure out what I could do to help without an ambulance and whatnot but also Ronald. Would you ciento -- a badly wounded terrorist one month -- and and no need and well we know he was the movement. It was stolen who's still trying to rustle of the food you cook couldn't believe it and you handcuff them yes I got my handcuffs incited shoes grabbed grip on the left -- and even if that is the Russell. Really was he talking. I think is -- morning. To -- -- percent of the hospital even though you've pretty much knew there was no reason for that correct yes. Protocol was six of phone calls -- and say hello to. Officer Reynolds in this sergeant McLaughlin Vicky is -- where Vicki good morning. Hi guys. I'm just wanna say god bless. Lot of county police and everyone who was there my daughter's. My -- -- -- -- -- her backyard was adjacent. To the Pope died. I didn't hospital at the time being operated on and I I felt safe enough. That she went there I couldn't get depressed she couldn't get to me. But there -- police everywhere and it just. When I hear people say -- not -- they didn't have that says that this is light and gas. This is totally wiped that debt and may give it everything they could. To keep the people that count states that say thank god bless you well. I've ever seen and have you noticed a difference in terms of the public's. Reception of what you are and who you are I mean it was very heartwarming to see. The applause and the parade and celebration when when these guys were debts and on the dugout at Fenway yeah I think -- noticed that yeah yeah the tribute ABC at 888 change what people think about cops in these in this day and age based on what's what what happened that night. I do light. Especially I mean everywhere you you're going town I mean neighbors and my neighbors bacon meat stuffed and cookies in my house and Kate -- I mean jerk who's -- it's it is good to be part of something -- did that makes the public. Like the police again -- you know that most people my age you most people do like us you know I mean obviously -- We have -- bad -- don't doubt it will definitely -- -- yeah I thought that it. I mean we have a job that you know it's not very is if -- and then enough. That day. The mean you've saved Richard Donahue did you know. -- one of the guys 01 of the guys tell me what you did that helped save Richard Donohue the MB PM PT police officer who was badly gravely wounded. -- after him. Untruth and myself and handcuffed and won -- that was my first I want actually took a breath and kind of tomorrow on is that is that at that moment. I -- awfully down -- councilman shot. That and the cruise -- right there he's in grad phonetic bag option. Ain't -- grand old Malia. To the driver anyway. Off -- has lain down. At that time awesome man who wanted to -- I think it was a troopers and two -- so within that world rule -- -- will program and -- -- was -- is not his -- that struck in the area in the used to. Just to hold down the blood you know nationals fast. So what I did I grab the oxygen -- -- -- form. I think in the -- opera stage troop and they they would do impressions. The wasn't till afterwards and it was such a chaotic scene that I knew that off some analysts at -- -- old old but you didn't think. Richard on he was gonna. Make. In the he was he was conscious of the beginning and then you could tell that he you know stuff news will greatly give you know that that it's there. And since then you've seen them yet when and -- That along. -- a week after. He was still pretty. There and sleep and both myself and courtroom in the ambulance and drove him to. -- -- -- Yeah -- often men actually drove him to -- drawn to -- the trustees in drool well I'll Mike in -- -- next morning Mike. -- -- intimate -- well. Let's come here from Long Island dead. Australia a pleasure gentlemen talk with the officers and I were -- you -- all. It would about the Bruins but but now these gentlemen -- other -- -- at all it's thanks so much for a polish -- and jump well don't go out last. I texture for the Portland fives as we are in New Hampshire we want to have a Barbeque and a tech Carty the officers of the eleventh -- there a man and a half. You you. Know that they had plans for those by bombs and that pressure cooker bomb you know what kind of damage -- pressure cooker bomb. Can do if you thought about that while double what you possibly prevented. Assume like everyone else you read in the paper. That they were in the New York. Yeah it's it's it's great. I mean that the stuff that happened in Boston with the families and me. Brothers and whole families getting ripped apart I mean I would never as a police upside noble want to see that happen again and to be part of something and it. Possibly could've stopped. More carnage by these people I mean -- I'm very proud of my offices. They they all all of them that night -- all six of them and myself. They they didn't they get a wonderful job I'm in a week I couldn't ask framing that I could not ask for an. Any post traumatic situations for either one -- you. Nightmares not sleeping disease to elect Paul has gone on like Jacob -- -- I tell you know I -- if it. That's its. I think you know I I think it's normal to have some sleep and brought presence as a conflict out but you -- did the department is really released. Com mutual that we we spoke to the right people right after the incident and and they've made it clear analysts that what do we need. You don't just ask them -- will get in them did to the best people will you be the time that you need in. And they don't want awful now which one of the to a -- called chief Devoe said I'm sorry I really screwed up cruiser and and that doctorate troubles that you -- it had to be made up -- do you like new post. Yeah yeah -- have been passed that. Gun that that they are fifteen yeah I did you say and what we make these -- so hard well I'd I'd I'd like to blame it on the mechanism but I'd -- prices price of user error more than more than anything you know I. I've tried it. Since then and haven't had a -- one. People involved in the search for. -- Joseph Carr. And I mean. Did you take any shots with a -- to. No we we got sent to staging area did your duty for the -- we were relieved of duty com for a couple weeks. -- -- -- -- -- you at the Fenway or argue well what and when people went to the garden -- the Fenway one but I but I did go to the about some. They went to the garden and the Celtics when liberals are like oh we're all in all three teams at -- patriots approve implants were to do -- is that the highlight. You know at these events and here in the the applause and no one went to prevent to. Spin off some. I mean I -- to -- is I mean if you think about it did. The people that possibly would have been her in my arms in all I mean that's that's huge Jimmy one Evan doll will never know. Where they were gonna goal what they wouldn't do but. It's pretty safe to say that there was going to be some grieving families all this some way you know whether it be in New York -- A police officer of the tried to stop them on the highway that didn't know what they have all right whatever whenever maybe I mean it is just could have been horrible. So we wrap it up with this I'm guessing that littering and jaywalking arrest and stops and admonitions probably aren't quite as exciting as they might have been prior to all of this happening -- -- Your your police career and probably calmed down a lot I guess that's okay with you but. You know. Summit for jaywalking to littering just listen to it anymore and back to the community policing exactly. He deserved I'm now it's only just begun for a peek at what's the award for courage and valor. George -- medal of valor. -- -- -- -- you're nominated him in probably nominate you -- there's a lifesaving award and and and odds of -- and off some men and hopefully. It's officer Joseph Reynolds it's sergeant John -- from the Watertown police department a pleasure and honor to be -- look at your face to face in and talked Tuesday thanks for covenant thank you very much we'll take a quick break -- packet.

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