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Watertown officers MacLellan and Reynolds on being the first on the scene with the terrorists

May 15, 2013|

The two Watertown officers who arrived on the scene first discussed their harrowing night. They said that there were 5 bombs deployed and 3 exploded. They added that it was the first time in their careers of law enforcement that they fired a gun at a suspect.

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I've been looking forward. To do in this interview for a long long time and it is finally here. Joining us in the studio which are still on on constancy could see these American heroes are on my immediate left is Joseph Reynolds. And in the middle is John McClellan. Watertown police officers who were -- first on the scene. That fateful night on laurel street in Watertown. And in my estimation and I don't think there's anything that would deny this. These are the gentleman or part of the force that prevented more death more destruction more bombs more tragedy. Because they did what they needed to do. To stop these two terrorists. Patrolman -- patrol one McLaughlin welcome good to see here he said let's do well let's do this chronologically -- Joseph you were the first on the scene. Us a 88 little timeline. And back up you know five minutes six minutes seven minutes in terms of when you do you needed to go somewhere and do something. That was important based on what the calls were on the radio and when it happened at the gas station. It will during a roll call we in the nowhere made aware of the shooting in. The ninety off chocolate uncle. So who made aware -- that general call. While we studied Russian government -- was on the road and -- night. Neither feasible dispatch for a black receive those project with the apostle and then on. So at that point freedom. Who's over it over the radio we received and the candidate they gave the dispatch that it is on Dexter have -- And that's I sun sentinel to -- expects that outlet roll call was it suggested to use that these might be. The terrorists who were responsible for the Boston Marathon bombing or it was just separate ends instances in a month Yahoo! several -- didn't -- him yeah. And you didn't know even after you exchanged gunfire we -- I didn't think we I mean we didn't figure until afterwards. McClellan told me that you know laws like -- in -- -- -- -- these guys when it was when did you find out the left of the shooting but maybe now after a -- after you on this this terrorist. You just it was a run -- the old carjacker who was by his life that that's what we've done an effort like we said we thought it was just you know carjacking that mean he's just take off on the country's. -- Art so so you are behind. The Mercedes SUV correct on laurel street in in Watertown. You'd turn on the blues. We do we didn't I do when they told Michael's sudden -- and had a vehicle though looking for he -- we don't turn on from the -- -- we have back up as you know. It's going to be -- sure those on and -- -- focus to what happened at that point oh win win when you came upon the viewer behind them by what Mike. Two were three or four collings yeah ads for like 1015 out of a spot unit -- and there are -- yet what happens so -- and the kind of slowdown and kind of -- -- an -- on them. -- for a sudden call crucial. And the funeral stop they stopped. The status -- put into pockets -- appropriately collect right. Is in Finland remote racism and is that walking to a shoot them well. And you need that you blues on at this point now. Seductively they commit beat -- his way out of this first time yes but I don't know. At a at Penney's fire. At Aetna windshield he had the windshield wants the at the for did you feel this is what this one of the shots went by you here and you think maybe it. It's maybe after it was I don't know -- -- priests are real so you back up at that point. Yes my first how fast how far. Probably about thirty thank on the -- my first and -- the way back -- we'll -- -- and he keep walking toward you. At that time aids he's kept walking towards me. And that's -- -- on in warm. Now the other brother Stillman car nobody -- -- long one guy at a car that point there was two vehicles has followed they were news and his brother on and on and yet the SUV and use drugs on the front of them the eighties -- -- that at that time and means in the Raleigh. -- No. Augusta McClellan your. Urgent talks start on ten seconds ten minutes five minutes behind both ten seconds I I told them to law. When I got close enough and I saw his crews -- and I saw the Mercedes in front of it I said okay joint light -- In which means turn on you turn on your blue lights right know that we want in the pool and out as soon as I -- light them up. I'm coming around the corner and -- also -- and in reverse coming back I heard what I thought to be gunshots -- I heard him say shot five the dispatch. Was taken by surprise and they said repeat doubt is that -- fight night on the -- and -- shots fired shots five shots I don't really like to -- it and yeah. And when to dispersed exchanged fire. -- -- -- -- -- Reynolds was exchanging fire with -- -- -- not as soon as I came around the corner he was yeah -- Duel with the driver's door open news and is Albert. I believe he would emptied one clip at that point. Due back up. Apart tobacco outlets at thirty and then put in Parker does leave not putter and pocket and it might do all these net covering that's when we're changing and five. Now this is something you've never done it never that we talked the boss. The chief security is number of buyers and neither you guys have -- -- go a long way gunfight at the OK corral. You know -- trading from you know the cat is it just instinct take over I think it was more instinct well obviously western received. I mean did you start crime for him other than. -- not that I do. Notes and you know he he you. Open the door -- your your your shooting. Over the window. Between the window that. Cool. And -- -- and are you good shot when you go to the range. One in your -- you know. -- have to. In the yeah we got a couple how many times -- and eight and nine and eight or nine times. He was one resilient terrorist -- and yes a final and now when. You drive. Who turns the with the current and let's go sort of all you do sergeant yes and have yet to sell that on what -- die -- Bruce Willis did that right that we. A nudge from minus. I took around to the windshield as soon as I -- as soon as I could might put my vehicle -- -- we around compete for the middle windshield. And that's kind of one abroad and into a real serious side I heard the pops tonight I heard him say shots Biden. Really didn't come into. Now. I guess I just didn't realize that you know the gravity as a Jewish German polite. Actually felt the glass on my face. Get down to down load up on the engine underneath the dashboard on Donna and -- need to watch for tonight -- Did a series of things to try to get my patrol rifle. AF fifteens in the vehicle. Com I tried I tried to at least two or three times I couldn't get it out here that I could hear the bullets hit in the my vehicle. I said it's too big of vehicles mall lit up. I have to get rid of this vehicle and so I made the decision that very quickly as a minute a minute try to either distract these guys possibly at them with a vehicle. Put it in drive I bailed out of the vehicle. Com. Ever to Ghana rifle -- And help but if I couldn't get out and I know he's not and he's never again right now the vehicle in drive is rolling. On the hill toward him towards them it was a flat nice flat street yeah and tribal. Three to five miles now and engage in the -- -- it on the so they're thinking computer guidance you're there right and they're trying to kill you because they think in this vehicle that definitely happened Bruce Willis I remember. They're just unloading on the windshield of wild side the side analysts and the and the when she saw how many shots at the -- take. I'm not positive exactly how many how many rounds that were -- there all the -- that -- so essentially. That helped them deplete. There arsenal. Round correct every -- went to -- Did you have done it hookup correct now -- next what happens and we get to get them -- wispy where Kimmel and -- and speed. It's my favorite part of what happens next. Oh when unfortunately. We don't yet. Tree for color. I -- nose dive in and meet you which we do. Both you know -- in the world and I'm taking shots you know they're yelling to -- and kind of to look at anchor of the tree wasn't that -- -- is that true why literature it's it's true true loser small I you know there was there was a sequoia enemy that. I did very well written. It did it's served its purpose to continue and that's one the first on the -- thrown at a hospital -- pipe on followed those. And a homeless. And I side that we can move move out and -- We can -- back into it into the back yeah we came back go in bomb exploded. -- -- back at them. Continue on for a good couple minutes. And they threw the pressure -- they use are going in the -- right. I didn't even known to the front got the pressure cooker -- and rule would actually -- -- So that was in the Honda which -- -- -- be -- should be put things right so you do have a good view it now. And their two put on for proposed to go off and to know that right yeah that I believe that's been the it was five all together. Re re exploded. To where and exploded when it's all along you you were there first you were there ten seconds later much later until the cavalry arrived in a minute two minutes five minutes three minutes. Into the fire fight we had two more options shall Watertown sudden jump usually got. Was I burglar with Tom attack -- attack Libya first he was the you resort in the first half patrols who -- which the -- that that's my position the last out. Yeah thankfully yeah -- to report and the police station in cyberspace we had to re type it. So it's going to be an out -- quarter twelve. Being an -- 123 -- he's going up the driveway to ease with a couple of blocks away from the police station. He has -- the carjacked. Vehicle is in Watertown and pinging it we have no idea whose time has no idea about 55 or who these guys were. And he says ominous on had not way Imus not -- not -- in case. They have these guys bail out in the next set of buys them in my personal car will be able pulled right up on these guys in to me that's. That's The Herald -- this guy didn't have to be right. Ultimately worked sixteen hour shift price had another detailed 7 o'clock in the morning here it is is it did. Up past midnight -- -- nominal goal and see if I can help these guys out. I'm a half come on. A lot of time and half right so how does this thing play itself out at that point. You're behind a tree. You're behind a car you've set the cruiser forward they've unloaded a clip. And a half in your cruiser. The reinforcements ratios have arrived the gun fight continues the pipe bombs are thrown the pressure cooker bomb is thrown. How does it how does that end he starts walking well towards you was like death by police -- suicide by police in your estimation. Well the southern -- -- -- -- brilliant move -- flanked him down so when he showed up he liked him down you know he went down side. Like the backyard and also OK we did as a team came from him throughout the other -- side of the house it was and he just he started shooting at them. And that at that plan ending and in north side that it had it was down and lose you know continue in the conflict. And then you know lawsuit Hamlin was you know he started he walked over the -- of huge -- they -- of their own and literally you know. Sixty feet away just doesn't shoot unit 66 or eight feet. The amendment of the pressure cooker bomb on me at point if I -- if such impunity would stand here against the wall the backdrop would be yellow house there is it. Koch bullets or on the walls. Pulp fiction get all the future. Thank god man and man at that point Amylin runs out of rounds and a couple of CU and who huge release. The tackler makes his move on and and and could be a cheap shot him -- -- chose to attack columns that. I think that it shoes at reasonable to -- so the ball at yeah. And that's and that's when ten when he threw his -- weapon and it's -- news struck by. And -- -- run packages that run towards. So on the street coming towards the world and still shoot them. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And then I got jumped on top I was really down. -- More of I was afraid Kasagic usually I'm on the what I'm thinking is this guy's throwing bombs at us right -- as a novel one has advice to seven or one off your. And I am thinking if unless we get these this kid's hands. We're as good as dead so that's my thought was -- a strong terrorists at that point Barry useless Mary really -- and shot. Multiple time let's take a break a look so beautiful -- you can join us at 6177797937. To say hello to. Officers Reynolds and McClellan from Watertown police department many more questions comes will be right back.

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