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Bruins enforcer Shawn Thornton on the Rangers series

May 15, 2013|

Shawn joined the program to discuss the miracle win in game 7 Monday night and to help preview the Rangers series. Shawn said that Zdeno Chara's work ethic is unmatched and that he did think about it possibly being the last game with the same group had they not succeeded in their comeback.

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Joining us on the AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE from the Boston Bruins mr. trump or John good morning how -- I'm fine I just -- your head and and I know this is sort of like conjecture but which game seven. You'll worse or the Rangers sets you up in better shape for game one of this next series their five nothing walk in the park. Or your miracle on ice gripe about and and an emotional win in overtime which -- you think sets up the team better for game number one in series number two. Neither. All the series is that but no matter what happens it is ability to clear the slate. Optical pick I think -- walked in certain executives and other regulators but. For us pretty emotional. Over time obviously -- emotional comeback. Real tough to forget about that and get started. On the -- Yeah I was I was gonna ask you has there been any discussion about a let down theory because -- certainly exist in sports -- -- huge wins we've seen the Celtics blow up the lakers in the NBA finals and then come back and not play as well. Is that something you have to guard against an emotional letdown. -- in the opposite. Thought whatsoever. Ordered -- -- about. -- but minutes. The first what. At all but I think they're more focused on. What ineptitude not. What we already did and I can imagine. What it -- in an elected I would think it meant that we just focus on all. Not a negative stuff. Eight Lucic said that at one point in the in the third period and -- 4241. He looked around thought on this roster these guys were not going to be known this is it for us in a room. This is the end. Obviously had a big part make it sure wasn't the end but it did you ever have that big picture moment we looked around. When I was 41 and said while it's all over for this group. And if -- had a few times. This series the last series and it. Happens everywhere not just hear you about the success that. Expect it to obviously. Things happen. That's the nature of the but the peace with what professional sport so. I thought about it. I I don't about the possible impact solutions and a lot but at the game but it let -- like the old -- We almost did when you -- and right turn on the base and a base coming and you and you look pretty upset after that we feel like. That you had a chance to make a difference to stop this name them to the spark this come back and him. Yeah. -- role in. If you had up I don't know football and what I don't see where it hit it well. It. And as opposed it and that I didn't see the public wants so. -- -- -- -- Almost almost kind of like story your score -- But almost. Let me -- this we started the -- talking about baseball injuries vs -- injuries and I think -- John asked the you know the hockey players look at these guys and -- I mean do you guys ever sit around the locker room and seeing guys mix and mix -- missing a game -- -- -- a sprained finger -- -- bleak a pair of us all it. You guys ever sort of look at that Lafferty you'd just never think about it. Adequate. I'll be honest we've talked about it. Especially we get it there -- a couple traders put that -- over in between blocker so all we ask questions about. Difference or so I've -- with little bleak. Injury we can still places not all rotation out of -- but all of the apartment a little different -- about it here. Reserve. But so as we can produce that they're running into each other restore. Enter before the departure. You're you are the people in Boston or make a list of toughest athlete should be like top five in everyone's mind it at least right now who do you look at as in your mind who would be the toughest guy. You've seen play or played -- if I mean and and and why. All we're talking. And I was guessing you work Olympic tennis player that was just an -- that. Audience physically that -- -- saying that I have a lot of respect for. It might not get. I get the notoriety. I think golfers are -- but most that would help which are there they're there on their own record but if you were rigorously worked odd about -- so. Look at today's as part of -- physically. Played -- guy anymore. Leiter C you know laid -- a -- in the -- shell. -- the block shots they. They -- to brokerage. Mark Recchi. This year up. I picture. If it can excel. He. That play -- Putin the night before before income. Capacity. Literally throw up at court for Russia. I think there's there's the guys that are pretty -- direct to perform its Carolina failure is. It -- back yet. China has -- -- it is so. Just shock is there a code of honor in the dressing room the sort of sets the the the -- culture the National Hockey League. Terms of toughness and and fighting through things and playing through -- Or you're here if you don't. What you guys are going to be all over use your if your adult life and Ellis up there -- you do it especially. You do what are they got them. Our broken bald cap. You know. Suck it up. He's an apt to do whatever they let it play -- -- vote and a recruiter injury purposes. At any injuries aside just in terms of fatigue and exhaustion. Do you even as a couple guys you are. Look at char and C 36 minutes with you know Ference and written in Seidenberg after the first shipped out in an amazed at at 36 minutes of that's kind of intense yelled defense work on the ice. No only because it says it is work ethic in the last six years. He's a phenomenal shape that -- Ever since I and -- -- takes more prices conditioning that anybody had ever seen so up for him to play 36 minutes -- a pretty adequate fortieth in the he's he's a special -- like. You know Julian stocked -- check on hide stuff a lot people have. What's your theory why exists and is something you just go away I mean what is the the the reason for the inconsistency here last I guess you know 68 weeks. Turns -- a little bit different technical audience yeah. -- little different -- myself -- and we have to be a partnership. It but does he get up for. Well there are seven games -- at night -- we're playing yet did you try but it. It's not easy sell off. Also there's no I don't have an answer that we should be ready to call -- to inflict. We have a little bit of success. And TV land a little bit to the outlook but. We have to crawl back out of -- -- We have a crawl. -- like -- along well. I'm sure that'll be addressed it we gotta get back just played the way we wanna play but it's set or in. That is trying to budget -- their only point benefiting their psychological. They. Well lockers in the -- people -- credit for so. Yes we we have played in the past our ability at all times every night but you're not gonna dominate in the sixty minute to look out. John does the import of every single game in the playoffs change from the regular season and the reason I ask that is Toronto had the most fighting majors in the National Hockey League in the shortened season. But not much of that took place during this during this. A particular series is that because each game is more important or give any theory as to why that would -- that took place. Up. There are made it out proceed in the -- three legit heavyweight picture every player bigger ball game one of that McLaren was out the rest. Well what else are Frazier -- that awful lot also peso -- don't. Basically you know. Another forty or whatever. Fighting majors one network operator assault. -- -- Berkshire. Also playoffs. Sometimes decide that ought to. It's more heat of the moment that the they were down to nothing try to change about some. There and -- you kind of need that some of because of the law Altman. It's a populist sit in at night puppet -- wants O'Brien got a request -- -- -- your team guard. In the cleanup should be going it shouldn't you don't need that so that's more heat of the battle stopped for others. Do you do you wake up during the regular season knowing that you're gonna go that particular night and dreading the fact that that's part of your job is. Yes and now I wake up in the morning knowing that it sort of a possibility I -- to -- -- -- thought -- it anymore. I didn't realize over the years if I focus. I'll play hockey the fighting part I've always. Okay so I would have put up a spot -- -- had a picture itself and -- focus on. Try to contribute on the ice in other ways so. But a lot of focus a lot of my preparation into that but in the back on line you know at any given night Atlanta. Get off Wasilla and not -- -- This. -- just brought a lot of a lot of great things in place so China Britain. Are you did you look at that ranges and and and come I know them. At least didn't play all their their fighters do you look at the Rangers and there's our guy in on the ranges that you might have to go with -- you prepare for that. I haven't looked. They're they're. -- the roster I don't know that it as part. It goes -- -- -- -- -- you know I get away from what -- Whitman. About the -- very focused -- -- -- -- rhetoric China's basic got a lot of. Do you look at the series everyone says will be physically violent and -- will be. It will be there will be pain involved is that a good thing for sharp -- does that mean your your role is is is more vital to this team. They say that for every playoff series starts this should be specific physical play up and so that believes it. If so that would put Montreal up yours going created but it got the rover -- so. It's the playoffs it is physical but we like that we should receive for escalation physical work workplace fertilizer I -- -- -- Don't let it soak -- some great. I -- -- and Oshiomogho fought him. I'll never -- it was but he so there -- -- -- either let certainly fifteen here isn't -- are the Bruntlett I was page oddly Liggett that a law. He's leading media biting magic and explain to shut final question for eight -- continue. Resolving your mind or resolve for us in our minds how after just just. Beat the snot out of each other for seven games. You guys go shaken hands in the line and and look at each other in the guy and -- demand shaken hands. There are a lot of people could do that say I'm I'm a sportsman enough to be able to do that after what I just went through you know the last seven games in the last ten days. Got I'm sure more typical light note or -- when you lose. It's easier what you -- it to do that but I. There's. We can't stand -- or played it to each other but there's there's a certain powers suspect that we have urged other there's an underlying. At all. Respect reserves. Where when the tradition. Of what the playoffs. Here's -- Shakespeare and that everything else -- that the window -- But here they went. That -- -- music has great job with a partner Clayton. When you move on -- -- got that in. Does not like you help us -- around celebrating it probably won't let them stop -- all -- up everything. Check out. Well people always ask us asked me over the years you know -- players of them the best guys the nicest guys easiest to deal with and the answer is obvious. Always obvious it's hockey guys and if they'll say you know give me an example. I got a great one I know you weren't. Do it for publicity I know you weren't happy it went public. But I saw you today visited gentleman. That was a pretty impressive show on you were on your it was a day after a game. You were sore he was in the middle of that -- that grind we plan every night or or every you know every other at least. You were on your fourth hospital you there was no camera -- U the Bruins person which he was not taken pictures that we're not call in the papers. It ended up going pub because of me but I don't care you deserved it. It was it was a pretty impressive a pretty a cool thing you did that day. Well thank senators. That's -- pretty good -- but there's so. Why does everyone is -- What is it I Don Hewitt has it would use you know. But like he's -- now a lot of publicity all the time what our guys were were pretty critical. Doctor no what is -- legislators -- out. Like Jeff does that negate what harder out of -- -- -- quality. Right that was that was Andrew Ference and -- you know one against -- his name yet. We got we've got some guys with. But very narcissistic don't cook broccoli and India opened up the publicity due to terrific duke we're -- you don't like about. Well you -- have Jeff back with a banner could you blew that game you didn't win that I don't know how you lost tonight that -- gonna win at like eight to one. But you didn't win that game and have them back and make up for that. Help popular I don't get it all the -- probably -- -- -- Shawn -- best of luck Purcell the Rangers up thanks for the time this morning good luck against the Rangers and -- don't forget to duck. A Shawn Thornton -- Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outline AT&T four GL TE. More phone calls doesn't Callahan and the Watertown police officers Reynolds and McClellan in studio. Not -- hats to him we got on the other thing he did and is what you -- began to -- important easily -- just -- is he going with -- I live down in there and in that area I'll come see you yet. And to think any ethnic every ethnic group says that and not do what he did you get in on just one day you know if someone sees you he's Spalding Johnson that area. -- -- -- On this you know and hockey players that walks and it says hi you -- man you're seeing him right over an -- into the reason he did his thing. Was this time he's not with any handler and -- PR person just walks and dropped it -- -- going to mean. A little thing he says that's not a lot but in you and I and unseen. Some players go see the Jimmy Fund kids some guilt is not ask a lot in some guys still don't. Your phone calls next what are some police officer rattled and McClellan at 9 o'clock.

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