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Rangers analyst Dave Maloney previews the series

May 15, 2013|

Dave Maloney joined the program to preview the Bruins Rangers second round series. Dave told the guys that Rask will have to play like Tim Thomas to get past the great Henrik Lundqvist and told the boys to get ready for a Tortorella rant.

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It surprised me. I've never heard players say that and you know -- a heck of a player but his -- popping off on our team and join -- one thing in this -- he could go down as a player he one of the better players and we've never went any. That's already talked about four and can't wait until he goes off public gulf war much. But Joseph Thornton yes not John now. Don't -- that show that never never never. I they've Maloney needs no introduction he spent eleven seasons in the National Hockey League all the 52 games of his career with the New York Rangers. He is of course now the -- Working in the rangers' radio blew the play about play partner Kenny Albert I believe he was the youngest ever captain. Of the New York Rangers Dave Maloney joins us on the AT&T -- AT&T forgy LTE good morning mr. -- how are you. Or we're doing fine -- I just off the top of my head which game seven. Sets up these two teams better a five nothing walk in the park don't break a sweat for the New York Rangers. Or a ball to the wall historic miracle for the Boston Bruins. Where are certainly out little momentum and emotion standpoint that Bruin victory -- Stomp it out you know we had a -- Washington area yet at the Verizon Center that has the score posted at 41. And we're on the slingbox wanted to go out spots and -- them and then all of a sudden now it's war. Dirty or war I was pretty electric or start your your failures. If flattened scores were choreographed and that's why -- -- it. You know it's -- -- new immune you know what part of -- lost little bit -- your stories to save Iraq made at that point not install. What -- -- There are people plant and get back in the building to record. Do you do you look at this Rangers team -- say they have the ability the potential to go all the way -- and beyond this series is -- -- potential cup winning team are they. Just happy to get around to. I don't think they're just happy to get to ground zero I think you know important intimacy I thought that the Bruins Hertzberg. Rangers and under some for a wonderful fires in the order seems torn Eastern Conference. Now what Allan has the Rangers had a second make over the trade deadline whether trade is -- Mary Garrard to Columbus and and then there are right all came on board an -- real -- this that much different ranger. And -- came actually that the brewer saw earlier this season at least reaching Claiborne and other I think we're a little more skill than they work. Sure there as gritty as they work. All the polls and actually lost a lot of experts -- that's up to the a pretty good series so weird question are the day top contender. I'm not sure I'm not sure but I I do I think he deserved to be where Iraq. Did give us a sense of how you think this thing is going to play out my guess is we're not gonna see a lot of 54 hockey games here. And if indeed it is eight you know balls to the wall grind. Does Lundqvist not give the Rangers the advantage here as good as to grass displayed. -- out pretty hard to argue where. The fact that he might be your best quality assured me my conference record -- You know I know no they re pretty well got a couple -- felt there -- -- but I. The you know it all is said and done doesn't come down to a goaltender matchup I think it's abroad are -- -- play with that swagger. That's so important they're in their surgical. Presents their river iron ultimately won the cup two years ago. That the Bruins are pretty -- more formidable or can anyone over the course seven games. I think the course is and the Bruins score won't when they need to call. And that certainly did in game seven. The Rangers I don't think are intimidated by the physical presence of the dorms. I'm sort really sets up to be a close. That recent gains in. The regular season certainly would indicate. And it's just going to be you know like L playoff hockey I think we triggering the group. The Rangers win this series David Richards and Nash. Produces pour -- they did the first round. I don't I think it becomes increasingly more difficult. Particular effort national board. Brad Richards -- the -- with the fact that he is where is in his career. He can turn -- at that point except the fact that he might be. That's for flotation. That means you're gonna play a protester started their player stepped onto their player. And Boston's own Brian Boyle -- the -- browser. -- -- Google of course what really good well where's salt. You know but I don't think you know the longer you goal oriented towards shut down the stretch it would change approaching important aren't. Nobody should be. The greens are less likely to move on and they're pretty good the first round. And probably not that good in insurgents your score. It was good he was so he's playing -- Broussard and grow to more skilled guys. -- -- of the observational that are marked here and there are going to be better with Rick Nash and he -- at six. You're another local guy Chris -- how much is he play as the on the fourth line now is a day. Yeah it did in game six when Ryan -- production costs. It's been a bit of a frustrating year for Chris Kreider. All of lol your let's talk more -- was cheered time and time again any. He got a taste blacks in the playoffs. Being a good player port that was a magical mystery tour war. Chris -- don't think he had any idea what was going on which is good. I unitary state you're saying there is going to be good NHL player. -- we continue to connect it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Set -- action furthering his first goal it. Coast Guard is going to be flying he might not mean they're yeah. And -- pulled out of the lineup -- suspicions are part you'll stay here. We're talk we're Dave baloney the former New York Rangers captain and defenseman. Dave if if you're toward umbrella. Who were issue on the Bruins team. Oh I think -- archer. I mean the big guys that are obviously changed and who cheats. -- that started right away and I we presents under blue line. The Rangers without mark smaller corners deep on the Blue Line when it comes to legitimate. All star caliber defender. And the -- -- like martial -- what kind of emotions -- -- it is evil trying to. Pastors -- and integrate and serve them for the Rangers thank. I think like that I could turow will never admit that there's even an opponent out there let alone. Individuals on the -- I think those guys there are ample -- might be the most underrated player -- the national hockey great. There's every reason they're actively discouraging. There's torture of a cop and current. So I think you know all the known characters are going to continue to be. You know objects on the way glittering opens and attached to the extra. When we saw them play the -- regular season's been three months since they've played. -- we always say. Asked the question can you play like that all year we used to be viable in May. When you're when you're captain has thrown his body in front a slap shots in in in -- and December January February. What is your take on that Dave do you think toward a real -- too much of his guys in the regular season and how they how they hold enough now that it's mid day. Well at the -- -- there's no question the culture of this vote sort of wrote it is just what you describe. Led by right now and then and an election schedule argue right. And then people like that but I take guests to talk about the second maple reduced in Portugal in -- saint. At the trigger -- this is remorse guilt in -- or -- well. And I think somewhere along the way. -- perhaps. Go back -- New -- You guys up close and personal records where. There's certainly. That that mentality you know Bryant didn't block and be physical. I think it was a big part of our success. What you need your skill. So I edge -- yet source saying here's why all the culture Rangers. Remain stored relic reverend. -- economic play deeper into their life. You know start with some -- little -- stop for a year there it's. There our guard now -- charred more up the Blue Line gives the new dimension -- While -- stole. -- categorized as the watched film Rangers are I think more skilled and now they have a better chance of making a play. And I don't think you can just to watch bill -- I think you got to have skill and the -- little more skilled. Obviously the -- -- bank double bit with with Seidenberg get a defenseman public the rangers' other install this or anything significant on the injury front. Well ranked well ripe old big bodies. That was an important acquisition. At the trade deadline. He'll be -- in this series. Forget it did not skate yesterday that they target -- -- suspicions are. Well we'll know disclosed on I would be surprised of views on. Average -- all the or listen. Obama preparing go from blue line should mention. The Rangers are the same team they could be with stolen -- -- playing all start -- hockey. I'm not sure works and works well. Well how well you know he played one game -- in the caps serious. Is it again -- for you isn't a game time thing we use looked on in hell is he gonna play in a. Well it sounds like. It is you know as -- everyday practice every day. I know going into game -- right up to a game time. There was a -- or at least that he was going to -- Characters there's not a quarter percent and here is not comfortable playing -- let's go to our percent. And he here and everybody respects that now. -- create start -- or in March here in game seven and I just I do not -- he's ready to play. Dave Gilani. Claude Julian even close Julien called his team a Jekyll and Hyde Park and team. -- that's schizophrenic nature of some days good some days bad you think this is a team that is built to win sixteen games in the cup. -- yes. Are you guys hear you I don't yeah I I I do. Coming out there in the year ago player role and he argued -- up on your march -- you worry. States and the Rangers are moving forward Jerry are you cannot compete against Pittsburgh. Are -- -- and competed and sale. And the health premier circuit repeal -- -- members of the lineup that's a that's a different look. Now -- in it and the other thing you have to wonders what they want. A big part of -- -- team went all the way it was Tim Thomas. And Tim thomas' role can -- beat Tim Thomas. You know I -- and that's the question that effort in. Sort you know I think there are a lot of things. With the Bruins lineup figure out the lights. And there's not that big difference. Between McCain so I think are still having any -- Arctic -- -- architecture cable -- Europe are. How healthy are they get the bigger question is -- rats eat that important actor. That Tim Thomas was what they want. His -- one last question installs he's good enough is important enough to be Willis Reed that if he came back would it be emotional lift. Yeah it's. He he's very well like character that. The culture of the Rangers starter -- toward zarrella they all have a bit -- commercial which is no surprise that. John and and they are very tight it's very tight group despite what we also from the outside. He is able to build that kind of vote once for all also -- I think he would rather relish in the fact that being however -- -- An important part of that stall stall at very low -- very well respect in the locker room. And should he return or if he returns is no question. The rest of looked around he's been around long enough. He has so much respect ours here. And I think also in the league to be an inspiration the artists displaying. Capabilities. And now whether that happens all you know aisle -- long term that would certainly be -- -- Gilani spent follow up question you -- spent eleven seasons in the National Hockey League you've been around the block a couple of times if you were -- if you were somebody looking for a new place to land. Which were -- system -- you worse so much is required of you to sacrifice her body and block shots and play the way you want you to play. -- that attractive place for you to go or would -- be easier places for you to play. We're out there we're certainly easier places like. But I'm not sure that there are many other players that will -- places that would work systems or god. That would give you a better chance Lipton. There -- ultimately. I think at the end of the day you have to look at it. Is that are a part where -- Those are demand that you beat your. In a lot of cases the guys end up wearing our most experts now. That. Sure harder easier places like. Or are your hopes to before it absolutely. But that beings. Does this guy the man out of view and Betsy gave you a chance to work. And I think he got. I really do hurt a lot of white everywhere else sees and we at all are are mostly of respect -- experts. Perhaps -- -- part of but at the end of the day key after watch out for years and being around here. He built in this record. And electorate that whatever that is. They're award for all all water all up. Are we got some odd forty Jeb was before the series is over -- yeah we're at it out at the. Well we're there will be. There'll be a moment where you lose -- and you know you. That's what they're about it is -- -- loses by -- but he gets here he'll regret he doesn't regret. A lot of currency gets up in that situation you would figure this particular victory error. He kept it -- get beyond that by now what everybody has personality and perhaps the league needs more personalities there's no question I would stay -- You know probably had a he'll have a daughter Ella melt parents felt like I'm sure over the course -- -- it wouldn't -- Good stuff -- able -- former ranger captain in defense appreciate the time this morning thanks for affiliates and what's happening with New York Rangers. There's no problem guy pleasure. Oh we we do this again. -- absolutely Dave Odom -- Dennis and Callahan -- AT&T hotline AT&T forgy LTE.

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