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Hockey players are far tougher then baseball players

May 15, 2013|

The guys opened the show discussing David Ortiz's most recent oblique strain which led to the comparison of baseball players and hockey players. The decision was unanimous that hockey guys are far tougher than baseball players.

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All my heart almost -- of its socket last night. Push toward -- with the Bruins coach has yet close yes I do -- -- so much more fun like I said I know Mike -- the -- you know he's been doing this public -- is she asks. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Source atlas the Mike Francis in -- -- home for about an hour and a half yesterday. Could not have been more boring I mean he turned him in two. -- -- So so so princess I didn't care and I was just asking like what's the key to the series all that I can't even get to the Bruin seniors who spent about a half an hour on -- Caps and what they did -- in and you know it was just bland. Finally gets to the end that's asthma I was gonna treat the media but doesn't release for any time on it. Didn't get a goal at all didn't get him in noise at all it was very dispute and poke the bear what do we would have done a much better job yeah forty. And we're trying we're trying to -- would -- -- they're trying to get to forty on Pakistani you know all his old friends from high school -- you are -- old teammates and Concord Carlisle and you Maine we're -- there maybe we -- compel his friends who were listening to us now cold -- you say you -- quality yeah they they they like Q -- weren't big fans big big fans we look forward to this and it'll be good post game. Pregame mid Ceres stuff is gonna happen. Not not scoring goals or anything was. There are going to be goals but that's what you hope for but there's going to be some action it's going to be violent it's going to be -- coach. Will be out at the refs and yelled at similar in the bill look into the glass and may be on the -- that be good. There are two things I -- at some point in this series forty is gonna get pissed at somebody or something or some call or some some thing. And that'll be good for us here's the other thing I know -- over much in fact that as I said yesterday. I am totally completely 100%. Out of the prediction business of National Hockey League Stanley Cup Playoffs. There's nobody knows right but I do -- -- -- the only thing I know stupid but here's what I do know. The Bruins. Are looking at the Red Sox. And -- They're look and I don't mean wins and losses that we hot start colds are out of me -- I'm just talking about. Injuries. Now I I know the thing in in Boston is all the teams to be you know secret mystic. Oh the Bruins won the Red Sox to succeed in the patriots won the Celtics to succeed and everybody and Robert Kraft goes to a Celtics game and wick goes to a Bruins all -- -- -- pretend their -- they -- just exactly to pretend to root for each other. But here's what I know for sure. The Bruins this morning our look at the Red Sox and say and do you sit down BP. Biggest set down to me. I mean are you kidding me yeah David Ortiz. It's not the shot of the problem anymore it's an old bleak. Bleak fat. -- -- It's up and loves -- and -- -- yet correct -- -- out tomorrow probably. Yeah to have friends just -- that like how how are you all bleak this morning. Zdeno its -- or at all. Johnny boy chuck. -- -- -- -- -- Easier for Borchardt that they would doesn't hurt the -- that muscle right all right it would part of the is the irony is dining and -- in the job guarantees the baseball players. Act like their tougher to the hockey players and talk and no hope -- that. -- -- -- -- And you see him and go -- perfectly -- the document walker -- and locker -- dragged out cubic dragging his leg and blood behind him and is I'm flying banging -- -- they don't write a part of hypocrisy -- idea. The idea that there hurt doesn't it to their -- that this is supposed to feel. It's a seat and the rest of the list that I'm missing something. We get Bailey with a biceps or biceps which is the new -- its -- we have had ahead with a tendon. We have Miller Brooks -- programs we have Ross would they -- bruise. Racer at how many people on the Boston Bruins roster. Having clawed and bruised right now other -- all of all of it well. I'll get victory in with ribs we have -- broke two ribs and we have David Ortiz. Now suggesting that his old leak. Is the reason he went like all great teams in in in in in. Homestand thank goodness because when the NASA cameras -- it look like a leg foot problem and he was stretching his feet -- or his legs. At least it looked like a love handle and -- and here we go eat the Achilles are Barkin. And you know what they're already. Circling the drain it's already. Looking bleak but if Ortiz after hitting a three run homer right have pulled up lame -- Achilles problem you know ho -- Graham he would field today. Around the Boston Red Sox. It would feel like over a mean Ortiz crawl this issue yet -- -- drop yeah yeah as Gary distinct is it is done his part I mean he's he's. Kept them afloat my -- may be incorrect but it's nine losses. In the last eleven games in 9/11. 05 games over 500 and I believe this is the same team that started when he wins in the first 28 games. There are only one game up on campus in the loss column Tampa is breathing down their neck tonight and who's -- first place and who's in Britain. The Yankees that Yang asked that won't last little injured guys come back. That's currently on the -- rod comes back they can't keep up. -- it's it's not good right now your Boston Red Sox -- key interest you look at him Tuesday. He looks good. Group John Lackey can look he's Treo pro in free and easy it is DO has pointed out. Just like in the results should not beaten you know it looked at run support Buccaneers were forced pocket breaks and I think you have an and an injury to. Napoli it's -- that we're spread through him he has holes stared program. By lack got to shut up when and you talk about I discovered the if you missed that there was a pop up in the infield. Napoli (%expletive) that the growth and cost highest pop up of all time. But Napoli lost that it landed. Napoli lost and soda Pedroia Broadway and Pedroia takes the blame and should do because. He's got to be their first -- -- know that that might get lost in mean he has the step in and catch the thing he's a gold glove second baseman. He doesn't catch it does double file -- things right there. After the game Napoli says. You're probably asking the wrong guy a -- but that because I can't play defense. I haven't played first for so long and I don't like fly balls either. That's a problem but that's Mike Napoli your first Mick and Keith Hernandez said that he doesn't like fly balls. And he can't play defense and legacies and being a wise ass and a being so self deprecating but still. It's -- kind of play that you've got to make him an ice yes and it's not that tough you have to fall ball. You don't see a lot of that -- -- -- -- it was in on the flies to track thirty. The -- see a lot of first baseman to be single to Carlos Pena was a lot of balls no ceiling -- roof. Don't don't you give Lackey a little bit of credit I mean I know he looked out of I know east area but he didn't do the usual Lackey don't know and slowly you -- is he sorry that boulevard way -- couldn't think straight about way. This game what lasted about an hour and a half of the -- took out all the trips to the -- LeBron made. To elect him out of that crisp 314 -- -- and and the fans were Boland and at the Umpqua -- and their rule they're violating here because -- -- -- skip going to my own thing and one -- a fastball. To occur this little wiggle -- in his changeup and when I tap my leg that -- I want it on the outside part of the plate. Well or whatever but they could it can't actually search on Saltalamacchia. In the same -- maybe he should be catch him because Lackey can't stand -- our way. Maybe it's typical when we were the Yale things to know -- program. Was Jacoby Ellsbury not his locker that day when he went to see Ortiz. Good at least one by a master -- did it 32 home runs last year the -- one this year you're what one last challenge out to shows a critic and and how the conversation drop old Dominican thing. Right yeah right. Although white American always an Indian he's native Americans he's you know whatever -- cancellation is whatever Liz Warren is you know -- for the fourth son you know that what it what is it kind Indian music. I'm only now does I don't care as a matter to me dots not elderly would go on which one felt it would not -- Now. Kind of know this -- Cherokee right yes in and -- is now. The -- -- -- -- area is for refute their stride at -- -- you don't have any ethnic -- Component. It is a big Vietnam big history of news Americans steroid use and things might well might now. But anyways for you -- percent of -- 350 right now is one home run just one extra base -- the last three weeks if form of last year yet what -- what happened this guy. Good question is the best player in baseball to be as. So what you're doing is you're turning the narrative on its year from David who did so well you can't believe it right to Ellsbury who's doing so poorly and Campbell. That's I don't -- just that you like it's like a wanna do it right you can't win I -- but -- it's it's baffling this guy. You know lawyer in the off season was contractors can do this right that he's been. Awful so far -- already we are presently good you stealing bases but where's the hitter all you hearing is he has to stay healthy if he stays healthy he'll be -- He -- maybe as a globally he has and part of history at Columbia he stayed healthy just doesn't hit anymore. So he what you're saying is it's time to bring Jackie Bradley opened them and place yeah I think so yeah thanks Alan Ball on the jacket keep -- did you bring about what doctor for twenty days I think you get an exit from I -- I thank I'll look at it I think Scott -- and resist -- league -- the American League. In two categories actually every ball basis that's one. In the passes yes this whatever rebellion and you know. At bats and plate appearances well 180 politically gets -- sport -- -- -- that it leads the -- at bats. Is that the last thing you thought Ellsbury would lead and we need people in the plane missed in the day here we talk about these guys we thought there right talk what Napoli Ortiz Pedroia all these guys you forget. How good Ellsbury was the year and it's almost like it didn't exist exactly picked up right baseball -- tonight -- what I mean he's helped. He led the league in total bases. In 2000 he was gonna be MVP and that was going to have huge 364. Total bases it's like. You know Jim Rice distort. That's some he is 74. In the American League in slugging percentage this morning one ahead of behind Josh Hamilton -- had a Carlos Pena. He's 74. Excellent. Public health agency like a hundred. That's not good so we're turning the blamed if more home runs the last week. But that 2011 year four to five cents you sit -- for -- last year in in 320 frequent appearances. Our Ellsbury as well all brought in six one home run and thirteen RBIs in how many games one and thirteen RBI and -- we extrapolate his numbers to see what. Scott -- and sell at the end of the year it has played in the how many game thirty nice play every game. 3039. So called forties where forty times fours so 160 right work 25% of the way through the season. That four triples -- in the league in that too -- so we're looking at four home runs. And twelve wins 52 RBI. Host that is more expensive holes in the home runs are you that. Dead Boller David Ortiz would ever prefer to have more home runs I mean -- triples and implement it ought not zeal that's true that is already bad and here SK. -- I haven't heard anybody say such a quiet and that's the thing. You know glued to player wants a great place to such a quiet sent a -- believe a player and a big market for big big big team like this. He managers in good times and bad to do it quietly yeah you know what also -- quietly he'll leave quietly at the end. Won't be a big deal won't be paid -- on new Yorker. Papelbon go to Philly you'll just be Ellsbury in Mondale studies signed with you know Seattle -- the difference is we won't be. What about this right I mean if this guy with with four runs and 52 -- BI at the end of the season. Who's done virtually nothing to help this baseball team other and steal some bases and have a lot of at bats. Will anybody be upset about this we UB longing for -- well -- just never lie. In city loves it here is always wants to play here each you know he's never gone through that he's never said anything that I know. Now he's quiet he says the zero you get a read them. It's like the reporters aboard and two they just stay away from this room -- -- -- -- and and believe boring Lee in question will be what Jackie Bradley. -- center here next year maybe. Victor -- please send -- bright rental player right I don't know but. Move onto plan B or move on to the next phase and Ellsbury will quietly go away and you'll remember that guy and 2011 who finished second. In the NB grade Obama but my point is -- -- when he left here we thought he would have a you know a a a walk away year that would make you long for the Jacoby Ellsbury -- still right. I -- -- -- maybe maybe not be surprising but it's day 21 I made 1515. It's been months since the marathon. It's thought that that's right one month anniversary -- this further what seems further away the marathon. Thing. Or the Celtics actually being involved in the policies the Celtics knicks series seem like a year ago and then and it'll be an -- extra guitar. We talk about small victory is arguably small victory of the team and it eliminated due I remember getting taunted by -- fans on Twitter. Because they said the next and mean the Celtics obviously worse but. That next team wasn't and I mean I think you agree with -- and maybe win one game in round two Mia. -- they might have you know Gary watch ransom be paid the money of the scoring champ in my. Spike Lee is as a mascot but the -- there awful if you want advertisement for rebuilding the Celtics forget the series against the knicks watched the team to be the next play this pacers team and realize you're not as -- of them are gonna get any dreams of putting these guys back together next year right -- making a run look at the knicks play the the next. Awful the second best player is JR Smith. Point 182% by the way yes it's like if you against Celtics he's done thing and if you want a good chuckle refute the nodded Jason Kidd fan and am I'm so over the world a -- of the numbers of last. Of its assets Celtics leadership in the policy in the post season. He hasn't scored a basket he can't score he can hit the shot cantonal AMP can't get the line I mean. He is done you watching you give that a tree you're watching Willie Mays and Mets uniform and do you think it is wise that. It is what it. He and it tree with a escalate that can get a basket but he's -- in in in in this league and it's it's too bad you know -- Portugal and -- looking at this. Pacers knicks series it tells you how far away from reality of the Celtics being. Championship driven bright that they really -- this pacers team that seemed to your team right gonna play Miami right moves in -- or dilute the success. We gotta dismantle office. Yeah and -- -- sure but it's yet trickier than -- and I'm sure he'd like to an ideal world right he would like to but -- Easier said than done -- -- -- -- he would love to blow it up -- everybody -- sign everybody and all that but. Much much easier said than done it with Theo. Covets Ellsberg it's a good question so that text those that -- the same thing yeah you know -- guns don't ever feel and what little they have a center field. The cubs no idea I know you weaken again but. -- good. Does he need replaced. It -- know what the old people lead moist. He and his game two against the Celtics game one against the Celtics went two for six game to want it to. You're on 12345678. Straight games without a basket. That's do and he's played -- -- played 2636. When he won. 1617242016. Minutes a game he's played. He just can't score in the can't -- three with that is all for eighteen -- and -- Sox terrible they suck they're terrible basket and the Celtics lost them in how many. 16 Austin six. I did nothing -- Gary wash -- but I think you should probably take your two lost. -- really -- you watch this guy play I think most valuable player in the Libya speaks stinks like iron or watch a lot of wouldn't want a moment team I mean. Denver it's no better without a -- about an hour ago season -- win in the they don't get to the second round either the knicks get the second but it's not the NBA playoffs this is just to have the credit. Bill Russell shall we give LeBron an MVP thing rights over car. Carmelo. Just a matter of us as he'll stand positive. You know women and -- game taken in one game at a town booming. We know we've got to remain. You know even more confident and at this point it's. Because who come -- you know to Thursday's game when no confidence. Didn't mean donated easy walk away with a victory. Yeah. That's your that's your leader that you have -- Ben Stiller and would be in his daughter -- John McEnroe John McEnroe analysts almost regal and like he had 6177797937. AT&T text line 379 -- 37. Rangers color analyst Dave Maloney will join us in the 7 o'clock hour Sean will join us in the 8 o'clock hour. What are town police officers deported this very much. Reynolds and the -- officers Reynolds -- will join us in studio and -- o'clock hour and we are going to give away -- tickets as well. I leave view as we go to the break with this question. If god said. If the judge said if your wife says. You can only use one hand. Hand would be a OJ had that decision if it. At that next.

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